The Best Abi Monterey Quotes

Dorothy: I know being a grown-up is hard. And sometimes you have to yell to get all the bad feelings out.
Crazy: Yeah, well, being a grown-up doesn't give you a pass on being an asshole.

- It's niles caulder. And your friends.
- Merely your enablers.
- That's not true.
- There is no half measure here, Jane.
- Leave niles.
- Or lose your post as primary.
Dorothy: Ready or not, here I come.

Dorothy: Larry, why did you arrange our dead friends at the dining room table?
Larry: Because leaving them jammed in the shipping boxes was weird and morbid, and seriously, Dorothy.
Dorothy: And they don't look weird and morbid now?

Niles: Dorothy?
- Being a little busybody, are we?
- It's fine, we were just...
- Why don't you go out and play and let Jane and I have a little grown-up chat?
- But darling was just saying that...
Niles: Just a moment, sweetheart.
Dorothy: Okay.

Larry: Does it matter to any of you that the chief thinks we're not ready?
[Agent] Captain trainor!
Larry: What's going on?
- I'm sending you back where you belong.
- Baby doll?
- Your dad is a bad man.
- Baby doll, let me out.
- No!
Dorothy: Stop, stop, stop!

[Cliff quietly] You little shit.
Niles: Dorothy.
- Dorothy!
Niles: Dorothy.
Dorothy: I didn't do it.
- It was the candlemaker.
- I'm sorry. I'm leaving.
Cliff: What the fuck?

Dorothy: [describing Robotman] Tall as a house, mad as a lion. Big funny tin man, with lots of pretty fast cars. And lots of not-so-pretty words.

- Look, I'm sorry, Rita.
- He can't help. Not with this.
Cliff: Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!
Dorothy: What are you doing?
[Clift] Uh... nothing.
- I know what you're up to.
- You're going to feed the rats.
[Clift] Sure.
- Can I come?
Cliff: Nope.

[Creature] Make... wish.
Dorothy: He wants me to make a wish.
- You must keep him back.
- I can't!
- You must!
[Creature] Make wish.
- You have to send him back, you have to!
- No, no, no.
- Don't make me lock you away again!

Dorothy: I could make a wish...
- Dorothy... never, ever...
- Not for me, not for anything.
- Do you understand me?
Dorothy: Yes.
- I'm sorry.