The Best Adam Godley Quotes

[first lines]
Pogo: [narrating] On the 12th hour of the first day of October 1989, 43 women around the world gave birth. This was unusual only in the fact that none of these women had been pregnant when the day first began. Sir Reginald Hargreeves, eccentric billionaire and adventurer, resolved to locate and adopt as many of the children as possible.
Sir: [to one of the mothers] Extraordinary! How much do you want for it?
Title: He got seven of them.

- Okay.
Pogo: Like I said, master Luther, number five hasn't lived in this room since he was a boy.
- Yeah, I know, but we need to warn him.
- He doesn't even know we were attacked.
- He doesn't know they're looking for him, he doesn't know...
Diego: What are you doing here?

Willy: I sure hope no part of him gets left behind.
Mr. Teavee: What do you mean?
Willy: Uh, well... sometimes only half of the little pieces find their way through. If you had to choose only one half of your son, which one would it be?
Mr. Teavee: What kind of a question is that?
Willy: No need to snap, just a question.

Willy: Let's go put him in the taffy puller!
Mr. Teavee: [horrified] Taffy puller?
Willy: Hey, that was my idea!

Pogo: More importantly, thanks to you and your brothers, she's still with us.
- Grace and I can take it from here, master Luther.
- Go. Rest.
- You're the last person I would trust here.
- I'm not going anywhere.

Catherine: [about the American Revolution] Building a country from the ground up, from first enlightenment principles, without the mud of the past dragging you backwards. All men and women equal, letting all pursue their happiness as they see fit!
Archbishop: I just heard a pretty good description of anarchy.

Louis: Associates, they're like grains of sand. They need pressure and heat to shape them into Chihuly glass. Memos from a distant land don't shape shit into shit.
Nigel: Nonsense. I attended boarding school from the tender age of four, during which time I received weekly memos from my father.
Louis: Yeah, and look how you turned out.
Nigel: Graduating summa cum laude from both Cambridge and Harvard is quite the failure. Your parents' choice to "homeschool," much better.
Louis: Okay, that was only till I was ten, and my mother's science fair was legendary.
Nigel: You must be so proud of your uncontested blue ribbons.
Louis: Okay, you know what, I'm not gonna let you shatter the glass that I spent years blowing, and I'm certainly not gonna let the likes of you tell me who I can and cannot blow.

Aunt: Darling, you're alive!
Peter: Yes, but get this: she fucking stabbed me five times!
Archbishop: You look very well for that.

Catherine: Shit! We cannot carry him out there, murdered! We just can't!
Archbishop: We'll drop him from a window. He'll land, someone will find him and think it random.
Orlo: We don't need your help. You are not a part of this.
Archbishop: Of course. I shall stay clear of the seamless working of this new machinery of government.

- Need a word with Pogo.
- Ain't no Pogo here, pumpkin.
- Okay.
- So I suggest you get your ass off my property before I call a truant officer.
Pogo: It's okay, Tammy. Let the boy in.

- Are those explosions coming f...
Pogo: Vanya.
- We need to get to safety outside the academy.
- Don't forget mom!
- Yeah...
Luther: Pogo.
- Now!

Louis: You're Barbara L. Tottingham.
Nigel: I hardly made it difficult to figure out.
Louis: Barbara L. Tottingham - B. L. T. - which is a sandwich.
Nigel: And what does one put on a B. L. T. ?
Louis: Mayonnaise, invented by the French.
Nigel: Which points directly to another French sandwich.
Louis: Of course, the monte cristo, as in the Count of Monte Cristo. How did I not see that? It was staring me right in the face.
Nigel: Indeed it was. The count returned from the dead, as I am now returned from the banishment to which you sentenced me... as quartermaster.
Louis: I would ask you how you did it, but I know you wouldn't tell me, because I wouldn't tell you.
Nigel: What I will tell you is that during my time in the wilderness...
Louis: It was three days.
Nigel: And nights! I endeavored to discover what perquisites you value most in this firm - your beloved Bran bars. You're never going to have them.
Louis: I can buy them myself.
Nigel: Even if you were willing to buy them yourself - which we both know you aren't - you'll never eat them on Pearson Darby grounds.

Catherine: You do not have any ideological position. You merely analyze a situation, what you wish to win, and how you would arrange the circumstances to that. No morality, no philosophy, just win.
Archbishop: It's warming to be seen, isn't it?
Aunt: Indeed!

[Walter has just given Elliot and Gretchen $9.72 million in cash, to be given to Walter's son after Walter's death]
Elliott: So what happens next?
Walter: I guess we shake on it. And I leave.
[He shakes hand with Elliott and Gretchen]
Walter: I can trust you to do this?
Elliott: Yes. Absolutely you can.
[Walter turns to the window and signals to someone. Two laser dots appear on Gretchen and Elliot's chests, they gasp]
Walter: Don't move. Don't dare move a muscle. You don't want them to think that you're trying to get away. Just breathe. Just this afternoon, I had an extra $200,000 that I would have loved dearly to leave on top of this table. Instead, I gave it to the two best hit men west of the Mississippi. Now, whatever happens to me tomorrow, they'll still be out there, keeping tabs. And if, for *any* reason, that my children do not get this money, a kind of... countdown will begin. Maybe a day or so later, maybe a week, a year, when you're going for a walk in Santa Fe or Manhattan or Prague, wherever. And you're... talking about your stock prices... without a worry in the world, and then suddenly, you'll hear the scrape of a footstep behind you, and before you can even turn around... pop!
[He pokes Elliott and Gretchen in the back of their necks, making them scream]
Walter: Darkness.
[putting his arms around Elliott and Gretchen]
Walter: Cheer up, beautiful people. This is where you get to make it right.

Archbishop: And, How is your relationship with the Lord our God?
Catherine: We've had no trouble.

Archbishop: May I apologise Orlo for your injury? Although you were trying to kill me. Point is, your poisoness intent and murderous actions still do not reach my fondness for you. As I know, Russia was in your heart.
Orlo: I wish a knife was in your heart.