30 Best Alan Ritchson Quotes

Jack: Don't sleep with your head where it's expected to be.

Jack: Never trust a weapon you haven't personally test-fired.

Josephine: What did I always tell you, hmm? I want to hear it.
Joe: I don't need to solve all the world's problems. Solving some of them is more than enough.
Josephine: And Reacher, you have the strength of three men. What will you do with with all that strength?
Jack: I'm going to do the right thing, Mom.
Josephine: I know you will. You always have. Even when what was right was unpleasant.

Jack: [Eating prison breakfast] You should eat. You look like hell.
Paul: That's 'cause I saw you gouge a man's eyes out.
Jack: He started it.

[repeated line]
Jack: In an investigation, details matter.

Frances: You do not mess with the Special Investigators.
Jack: You do not mess with the Special Investigators.

Jesse: Based on the amount of sand that was displaced and the depth of the hole, I bet you we're looking at more than one killer.
Ryan: You think there's killers?
Jesse: Yeah.
Ryan: I tell you what I think. Sandman over here's buddies drank a copious amount of alcohol, they buried him as a prank, then they took off. They thought he'd get free, tide came in...
[short whistle with the "beheading" gesture]
Ryan: ...that's it.
Paul: [flashback] Guys! Come on! It's not funny! Somebody help!
[swallowing sea water, he coughs as the tide washes in]
Paul: Somebody help!
Jesse: Well, accident or not, we still need to figure out who did this. Let's get to work.

Oscar: You said Hubble didn't tell you anything in jail.
Jack: I lied.

Jack: Hell, no wonder Sharon left you.
Oscar: You keep my wife's name out of your mouth.

Spivey: [At prison intake of Hubble and Reacher] Drop them drawers, bend over and spread.
Jack: No.

Jack: So, you're living above a smoke shop when you're trying to quit smoking? Wearing a tweed suit in Georgia in the summer? Taking a job in the middle of nowhere? It's all some kind of penance for you not being able to save your wife?
Oscar: Something like that.
Jack: Well, that's stupid. And if you really think that, you're stupid.
Oscar: Fuck you.
Jack: I like it when you curse. You should do it more often.
Oscar: Double fuck you twice.

Judy: [motioning toward desk phone] I will ruin your life with one phone call.
Jack: I'll end your life with one phone.

Jack: [Examining 1st victim's scarred left hand] We were wrestling. i pinned him against the stove. Didn't know my mother had just turned it off. That's how my brother got this scar.

Oscar: The dung has officially hit the fan.
Jack: "The dung." Just curse, Finlay.

Jack: Bad people should get what's coming to them. No apologies.

Jack: Just thinking maybe my brother told me about Blind Blake for a reason. Thinking about him lying in that morgue. Thinking I'm supposed to do something about it.
Oscar: Like what?
Jack: I guess I'll find everybody responsible, and kill every last one of them.

Jack: A hundred thousand years ago, there were people who stayed by the campfire and people who wandered. I'm pretty sure I'm a direct descendant of the wandering type.

Jack: Love the smell of gasoline.

Oscar: Reacher, come with me.
Jack: No.
Oscar: Excuse me?
Jack: Not until you let these zip ties come off. We both know I didn't kill anybody, and they are uncomfortable.
Oscar: [turns to officer Roscoe] Get the box cutter.
Jack: That's okay. I got it.
[tears off the zip ties that cuffs his wrist, then picks them up from the ground]
Jack: You guys recycle?

Roscoe: [Giving mug of coffee to Reacher in jail cell] Assumed you liked it black.
Jack: How'd you figure?
Roscoe: Seem like a non-nonsense kind of guy. Cream and sugar are nonsense.

Jack: [Reacher's first line, six and a half minutes in] I don't need a lawyer.
Oscar: He speaks.
Jack: When he wants to.
Oscar: And why don't you need a lawyer?
Jack: Because I didn't kill anybody... At least not recently... and not in this town.

Oscar: What if I'm thinking I'm sitting across from a man who doesn't mind killing and who has the knowledge and training to murder someone and cover it up?
Jack: You'd be right. But not this murder.

KJ: You know, uh, you and my friend Emmitt here, you actually got something in common. Both played college football. Old Emmitt here was Georgia State's starting tight end for three years. According to your records, you played one game for Army. What happened, man? You couldn't hack it?
Jack: They kicked me off.
KJ: For what?
Jack: Being too violent.

Jack: Got a gun?
Oscar: Yeah. Snubnose 38.
Jack: Better than crying for help.

Jack: [When 5 guys confront hi in prison shower room] If you boys knew what's about to happen to you, you'd leave now. So I'll give you to the count of three. One...
[Reacher headbutts first guy before he even gets to 'two.']

Graham: You're about to get your ass kicked
Jack: No. I'm just gonna break the hands of 3 drunk kids
Graham: There's 4 of us here
Jack: One of you's got to drive to the hospital

Aimes: You know I'll send a freight train down a dirt road.

Jack: [Riding back from prison with Roscoe] I'm gonna need some new clothes first. Lockup's made me a bit gamey.
Roscoe: Oh, we got a Merl's Men shop in town.
Jack: I don't need anything that fancy. Just T-shirt and jeans. I travel light.

Roscoe: You know I was recruited by the FBI and Central Intelligence? Scored a 99th percentile in IQ, but only an 80% on the psych eval. You want to know why, you condescending asshole?
Jack: Interpersonal skills?

Oscar: Maybe he was dirty.
Oscar: Maybe...
Jack: Think real hard before you finish that sentence.
Jack: It'll determine how well your jaw works for the rest of your life.