The Best Benjamin Weaver Quotes

- Stop! Out of bounds!
- Out of bounds!
- -No point. Out of bounds.
- -All right, let's go, Robby. Stay focused.
Referee: Ready?
- And fight!
- Hai!

Referee: That's 2-1, Diaz.
- That's all right, baby.
- Two more, and mama is back in the finals!
- -You got it!
- -Offense!
- -Stay on offense!
- -[referee] Fighting positions. Ready?
- -And fight!
- -Hai!
- Focus! Focus!

- Bow.
- Fighting positions.
- Ready?
- And fight!
- -[grunting]
- -[Hawk] Hawk!
Referee: One point, Hawk.

Referee: Fighting positions.
- -Let's go, Bert! No mercy!
- -Come on, Bert! You got this!
- Fight!
- Let's go, Bert! No mercy, Bert!
- -Oh!
- -[referee] Three points!
Daryl: And that brings us to the quarterfinals.

Daryl: Whoever wins the next point will be our new champion!
- It's 2-2. Next point wins.
- Hai!
Referee: OK, good luck to both of you.
- -Ready?
- -Go, Miguel!
- And fight!