The Best Bill McKinney Quotes

Arcady: 5,000 in gold. Take it. Leave me be.
Jonah: It ain't about money, boy. It's about justice. And I aim to serve you some.

Arkady: You! I don't believe it!
Jonah: Guess I'm just a bad penny.
Arkady: Why are you doing this?
Jonah: Because I don't like you.

Sheriff: Well, well. Jonah Hex, his own bad self. Been here five minutes and you ain't killed nobody nor set nothing on fire. Slipping, ain't you?
Jonah: I'm still a little bushed.
Sheriff: Fact is, you look a little past it, Hex. Not tied, just all used up.
Jonah: Well, when I get pushed, I can still shoot a fly out from between its wings. Provided the light's right, of course, and it's a big plump fly.

Arcady: It would appear we have ourselves a government spy. A rather disreputable-looking one, at that. Well, Mr. Spy... I'd say your plan has failed, and the railroad is doomed.
Jonah: I ain't no spy. I'm Jonah Hex. And I don't give a tinker's cuss about no railroad. I've come to get you, Arcady Duvall, on account of what you done to that girl back east.
Arcady: You mean to say you've tracked me across twelve states because of that?
Jonah: Well, there's also the matter of a $200 reward.

[Doc and Marty are about to hijack the train]
Doc: Reach!
Engineer: Is this a holdup?
Doc: It's a science experiment! Stop the train just before you hit the switch track up ahead!

Arcady: I'll chop you to pieces.
Jonah: Talk, talk, talk.

Barmaid: Good luck, Jonah Hex.
Jonah: Right nice sentiment, Ma'am. But I never cotton much to luck. I like to make my own.

Arkady: You're either a liar or a fool.
Jonah: I've been known to be foolish, but ain't nobody calls me a liar and goes to bed happy.

Deputy: [referring to the mistreatment of Rambo] I was just talking to Mitch, and he said that Gault and a couple of the deputies were... a little hard on the guy.
State Police Capt. Dave Kern: Assholes!
Teasle: It doesn't make one goddamn bit of difference, Dave, and you know it! If one of my deputies... gets out of line with a prisoner then the prisoner comes to me with it. And if I find out it's like he says I kick the deputy's ass! *Me*! The *Law*! People start fucking around with the law then all hell breaks loose! Whatever possessed God in heaven to make a man like Rambo?
Trautman: God didn't make Rambo, I made him!

Lt. Columbo: Say, that's delicious. I never tasted chili like that before.
Luke: That's a special recipe made out of squirrel meat. That good, ain't it?
Lt. Columbo: [pause] Hmm. Yeah, that explains it.

State Police Capt. Dave Kern: Why didn't you leave the kid alone in the first place?
Teasle: Dammit, Dave, you think this kid just waltzed into town, announced he was a Medal Of Honor winner, and then I just leaned on him for the hell of it? I tried to do him a favor, I treated him like he was one of my neighbor's kids. I did my job, Dave, I booked him for vagrancy and resisting arrest.
State Police Capt. Dave Kern: You seem pretty motivated on this one.
Teasle: Why don't you go out there and take a look at what's left of my men? You'll see how motivated I am, Dave, and if that doesn't do it for you why don't you go have a talk with Art Gault's widow?
State Police Capt. Dave Kern: All right, Will, I read you. Listen, I got twenty-five men I can bring up from Monroe.
Teasle: [calming down] All right Dave, I can use them. We've got a lot of ground to cover.

Jonah: I'm gettin' too old for this.

Sheriff: I ain't got nothing on you, Hex. Yet. Just remember them wanted posters say "dead or alive." You might try alive this time.
Jonah: First time for everything.

Trautman: I came to get my boy.
State Police Capt. Dave Kern: *Your BOY*?
Trautman: I recruited him. I trained him. I commanded him for three years in Vietnam. I'd say that makes him mine.

Jonah: You, by any chance, seen this feller?
Barmaid: You a bounty hunter?
Jonah: Just to pay for my piano lessons.
Barmaid: I know that two-bit skunk. He hurt one of my girls real bad.
Jonah: [tossing some coins on the table] If you could point me in his general direction, I'd appreciate it.
Barmaid: That I can and will.
[sliding them back]
Barmaid: And this one's on the house.

[Marty and Doc are asking how fast the train could go]
Marty: Do you think it's possible to get it up to... 90?
Engineer: Ha! 90? Tarnation, son, who'd ever need to be in such a hurry?
Doc: Well, it's just a little bet he and I have, that's all. Theoretically speaking, could it be done?
Engineer: Well, I suppose if you had a straight stretch of track with a level grade, and you weren't haulin' no cars behind you, and if you can get the fire hot enough, and I'm talkin' about hotter than the blazes of hell and damnation itself... then yes, it might be possible to get her up that fast.

Barmaid: Duvall comes into town now and then. Starts fights, bothers my girls, challenges men to duels.
Jonah: I'm aware of his habits, missy. What I ain't aware of is where he's holed up.
Barmaid: Strange thing, that. He ain't staying at the hotel, and the next town's 50 miles away.
Jonah: Sounds like he likes to sleep on the ground with the rest of the snakes.
Barmaid: He ain't the type. More the clean sheets sort. And he first showed up in town 'bout the time folks started seeing the sky monster.
Jonah: The what?
Barmaid: No one knows what it is. And the sheriff's too yellow to investigate. It only comes out at night. Like a big bolt or a log in the sky. 'Bout the same time it showed, folks started seeing lights in the...
[lights flicker in a nearby cave]
Barmaid: Get down! The way I figure, that glow might some way tie in with the sky monster. And Duvall.
Jonah: Reckon so. I think you'd better start back now, missy. Got a feeling things might get loud and busy soon.

Arkady: Let me live, please!
Jonah: I will. Only because it's too much trouble to hull your stinkin' carcass back east.

Arkady: You cannot defeat me. I am a Heidelberg fencing champion.
Jonah: My heart's all a-flutter.