The Best Billy Malone Quotes

Travis: Sure, cupcake, I can fix it for you. I take cash, grass or ass. And I'm good on cash and grass.
Abby: Dude, I'm 16.
Eric: Yeah, me too.
Travis: [to Eric] Nobody wants to fuck you, shitstain.
Eric: Noted.

Vincent: New time, new tune. Not what I want anymore.
Dan: So then, uh, tell me, what do you want or, uh, desire?
Vincent: [Thinks Dan is hitting on him] I'm married, pal.

Vincent: I found out later he was a purebred Mastiff, so I started taking him to all the shows. He loves the shows.
Dan: You're not in the competition database.
Lucifer: Daniel, that's my line.
[to Frederick]
Lucifer: You're not in the competition database.