The Best Candlemaker Quotes

- 46 acorn street. You should come.
- You're giving me an ultimatum.
- Leave niles.
- Or lose your post as primary.
- This is not a negotiation, Jane.
- Candlemaker?
Candlemaker: Don't talk to me.
- Talk to your little girl friends.

- Danny needs us.
Candlemaker: No more prison.
- What?
- What does that mean?
- No... more... prison.
[Kiss] Stay frosty, we're close.

Candlemaker: Do it.
- Dorothy, be free.
- Dorothy?
- I don't know what to do, Danny.
[Tearfully] I can't go back.

- If it isn't the little killer.
- You're not Jane.
- Not as dumb as you look, ape shape.
- Where is she? What have you done to her?
Candlemaker: Jane is in trouble.
- Is he here?

Candlemaker: It's time.
[Herschel] Armageddon, it's happening at the dietel county fair!
- Dorothy needs help.
- She can't hold back the candlemaker.
- And all of humanity is about to go up in wax!
- Come, girl, and meet your fate.
[Crying] Dorothy!

- You'll never grow up.
- I should've known. Jesus forgives.
- Yeah.
Candlemaker: Unfortunately, for you,
- I'm not Jesus.
Cliff: What the fuck?

- Where I began as a whisper,
- I am now a roar and it is you who breathes in my world.
- No! This isn't fair.
Candlemaker: No, clear girl.
- Not fair, but fate.

- Danny's my friend.
- And I'm not listening to you anymore.
Candlemaker: Danny prison.
- Danny get better,
- Dorothy go back to prison.
- Stop.
Candlemaker: Dorothy grown-up.
- Dorothy be free.

- You don't have to worry about that.
Niles: I need one more day.
- Today is Dorothy day.
- Can I go to the fair?
- Yes.
Candlemaker: It's time, Dorothy.
- It's time.

Candlemaker: Dorothy sees truth.
- Yes.
- I think I do now.

Candlemaker: Our friend is dead.
- Manny!
Candlemaker: Make a wish.
[Sobbing] Dorothy, I'm... I'm sorry.
[Sputters] I'm...
Candlemaker: Make a wish.