The Best Catherine Carlen Quotes

The: As you guessed, this is an intervention.
Crazy: Your face is an intervention.

- That rumbling have anything to do with your moron buddies?
- What do you think?
- Come on. Get back to work, everyone.
- I'm no one's bitch.
- Now get back up there.
Dr. Harrison: Come on, get back to work.

Dolly: Oh, Danny! This is so exciting! I've never done it in a judge's office! How did you get a key?
Dan: Well, when the judge wasn't looking, I "borrowed" his and made a wax impression of it.
[They are unaware that Harry is trapped on the ledge outside, and can hear every word.]
Dolly: Oh-ho! Would he be mad if he found out?
Dan: Hey, what Howdy Doody doesn't know, won't hurt me.

Dr. Harrison: Oh, wow.
[Harry] Huh.
[Jane] Uh-oh.
- That's a fucking dada bird.
[All] Oh.
- Oh, no.
[Sobbing] Oh, adult Kay's gone!
- What the fuck are we gonna do now, Jane?