The Best Cobra Kai, Season 4, Episode 2 Quotes

Daniel: Ambition without knowledge is like a boat on dry land.

- Mrs. LaRusso.
- Found that Gouda.
- Last one too. Must be your lucky day.
- Oh, thank you.
- Remember, not all kids are as lucky as yours.
- Sweet.

- you have two choices.
- You let it tear you down or you let it build you up.
- Sometimes a step backwards… opens a new path forward.
- Now, what happened?

- ♪ Can't sleep
- Gotta get into something ♪
- ♪ I can't sleep
- Gotta get into something ♪
- ♪ Whoa ♪
- ♪ Woo! ♪
- ♪ Whoa ♪
- ♪ Woo! ♪

Johnny: Smooth as a Smurf's ass, right?

- Miyagi-Do may seem boring, but don't forget it saved your ass a few weeks ago from Kreese.
- And that wasn't the first time.
- -Come on, who's the loser now?
- -You suck!
- Hi-yah!
- Nobody was more badass than Mr. Miyagi.

Johnny: Some kids need a little aggression.

Daniel: Come on, Johnny, time to wake up. I'm ready for Eagle Fang training. That sounded as ridiculous out loud as I thought it would.

- Nice moves, new kid.
- What do you call that? The loser limbo?
- No, no, no, no. I think it's called the I'm-trying-not-to-shit-my-pants dance.
- Good one, LaRusso!

- All right, LaRusso. Let's see your moves.
- Yeah! Bust out some of that Miyagi shit.
- -I, uh…
- -Come on, LaPusso!
- -Don't call me that.
- -Then hit him!
- Come on!
[boy] Do it!

- Excuse me. Do you have any Klare Melk Truffle Gouda?
- Let me go look.
- Oh. Shit.

- Put your fangs in those balls. That's it.
- -That's it!
- -Come on!
- -Let's go, LaRusso! You got this! Yeah!
- -Yeah!
- That's what I'm talking about!
- Soar like an eagle, baby!
- Yeah, keep going!
- Yeah!

- LaRusso, Thompson, you're in too.
- Let's go!
- All right. Sub out!
Zack: 'Sup, Slade?
- Ha. Look who it is.
- I'll cover the ballerina.

- {\an8}[message notification beeps]
- Dope shirt, by the way.

- ♪ Breakin' out of hell ♪
- -[Daniel grunting]
- -[man groaning]
Johnny: Kick ass!
- Nice work, LaRusso.
- Way to assert your dominance.
- Where the hell were you?
- No be there.

John: When something bad happens, you have two choices. You let it tear you down or you let it build you up. Sometimes a step backwards... opens a new path forward.

- You shouldn't have to be, but you are.
- Can you rise to that for me?
- -Yeah, Dad.
- -[father] I love you, champ.
- I miss you.
- Love you too.
- Bye.

Tory: This place got a B on the health inspection. They hide the sign so you can't see it. And I saw one of the cooks dip his balls in the miso.

- It's locked.
Zack: Hey, there's a hole!
- Go, go, go!
- Where'd he go?
- I don't know. Come on, this way!

- -[Anthony] Hey.
- -Stop it.
- You gotta post that.
- No, don't! Don't!
- -Oh shit! He just broke your phone.
- -You gonna let him get away with that?
- I wasn't trying to break it.
- You guys were being assholes.
- What did you just call us?

Johnny: The human response to danger is fight or flight, but an eagle's response is fight and flight.

[Diego] Man, just do it.
Zack: Balboa Park.
- Yeah.
- Where do you wanna go?
Zack: He has no clue.
[Diego] This is gonna be great.

- to hear all about the illustrious history and wise teachings of the Eagle Fang.
- {\an8}[video game beeping]
- {\an8}Check this out.
- {\an8}[soft rock music plays]
- Mm.