The Best Dan Donohue Quotes

Chanel: You have to prove that Zayday and that pencil-necked Grace are the killers, and do it fast!
Detective: You do realize we're detectives from Scotland Yard?
Chanel: Um, yeah! Duh!
Detective: Therefore we have no jurisdiction in the United States.

Thomas: I did not authorize this.
Deke: I know. I did. I say who's an astronaut. Who goes up and when.
Thomas: Well, congratulations. You just made Nixon's shitlist.

Deke: You have any idea how hard I've been working to get these women ready? They have been busting their butts doing every goddamn thing I ask.
Thomas: Well, he's seen the light. What can I say? With the Soviets on our heels, he doesn't want any distractions. And the polling didn't help. Turns out Americans don't really wanna watch women dying in fiery plane crashes.

Thomas: We need a win. Sputnik. Gagarin. Leonov. Belikova. The president's not interested in another second-place finish. It's bad enough that our girl's accident is plastered all over the news. We have an election coming up, and the way it looks, it's probably gonna be against Ted Kennedy.
Deke: Should be a nice, clean fight.
Thomas: The president wants to give the American people something to cheer about.
Frank: A Kennedy landslide?
Thomas: Laugh all you want, but Nixon's the only reason this program still exists. Apollo 15 will locate a usable site. And the president will announce that mankind's first permanently manned base on the moon will be flying the star-spangled banner. Congratulations, gentlemen, you're going to make history.

Kim: [to Tillman] Stay down! I said, stay down!
Russell: She broke my arm!
Alvin: I'll break the other one.

Shorty: The press called them the Mercury 13. Each was an experienced pilot with hundreds or thousands of hours of flight time. Each passed the entire battery of physical and psychological tests given the original Mercury 7 male astronauts. Program was killed before they could attend flight training in Pensacola.
Deke: I remember. John Glenn really hated that whole thing.
Thomas: Well, Glenn's not flying anymore. And he's a Democrat, so his opinion doesn't matter.

Detective: Miss Oberlin, you have to understand the only reason we're here is because we were told you had information regarding a death threat against the Duchess of Cambridge.
Chanel: First of all, I'm an American. I don't have to understand anything. And furthermore, I do have information regarding a death threat against the Duchess of Cambridge. If you don't prove that Zayday and Grace are the killers, I'm gonna kill the Duchess myself!

Thomas: Beginning with Apollo 12, we will be scouting for the location of a permanent military installation on the moon.
Wernher: Absolutely not. We're a scientific program, not a playground for G. I. Joe.
Thomas: Wernher, this is a good thing. Nixon's doubling down on the program. Our budgets will go up exponentially. We can bring in three, four more classes of astronauts. What do you think, Deke?
Wernher: Well, I could sure use the extra manpower, but I don't know, 12's flight is right around the corner.
Thomas: Yeah, we may need to move that up a tad.
Wernher: Thomas, listen to me. We cannot allow this encroachment. I've seen it before. My Aggregat 4, it was designed for low Earth orbit. When the Wehrmacht saw its potential, it became the V-2, a terrible weapon. We cannot allow space to become another battlefield.
Thomas: It already is.

Deke: Anybody tell the president that we don't have any female astronauts?
Thomas: Well, I think he's aware. Every newspaper, magazine, talk show and newscast is pointing it out on a daily basis.