The Best David Fury Quotes

[Sunnydale, 2001]
Mustard: [singing, off-screen] Oh, no / Mustard on my shirt.
Parking: [singing, off-screen] Mustard / I'll never get it out.
Mustard: [singing, off-screen] My favorite dress shirt.
Parking: [singing, off-screen] Dry-clean it.
Mustard: [singing, off-screen] How could you serve...
Mustard: [singing, off-screen] Mustard.

Olivia: you're not going to find another firm that's done more high level consulting work for a relatively "small" pharmaceutical company like yours: remember my firmed helped the Governor craft a plan to swap property taxes for sales taxes in his last federal form, tell me that didn't save Dexter Carr bundle?
Arthur: Oh, it did but "specifically" looking to hire "you", I need to know what you yourself can do
Olivia: Whatever you need: you know my accomplishments, you've seen my résumé
Arthur: I mean White House "influence." Considering your family
Olivia: We're not lobbyists, it states that clearly in the contract
Arthur: I just thought you had the President's ear?
Olivia: I don't. Is that going to be a problem?
Aaron: [Walking up to them, to Olivia] excuse me
Olivia: Do I know you?
Aaron: [while showing her his Secret Service badge] my name is Aaron Pierce: your office told me you'd be here, I've been dispatched at the request of the President
Olivia: Your credentials say you're "retired." Perhaps no one informed you I refused Secret Service protection months ago?
Aaron: I'm aware of that ma'am, this is a "special circumstance"
Olivia: Well, as you can see I'm a little busy right now: this isn't a good time
Aaron: I'm sorry, I'm afraid I have to insist
Arthur: [to Olivia] really, it's alright
Olivia: [to Arthur] no, it's not "alright"
Olivia: [to Aaron] what is it that's so important for my mother to steer me away while I'm trying to do business?
Aaron: I'm not at liberty to say ma'am, that information is "confidential"
Arthur: [Standing up to leave, to Olivia] we can make this up another time, we'll be in touch

Mustard: [singing] They got... the mustard... out!