250 Best Dennis Haysbert Quotes

God: My child, the darker the darkness, the brighter the light.

President: Jack?
Jack: Yes Sir
President: Is there anything you want me to do?
Jack: Please make sure my daughter is safe Sir. Tell her that I love her
President: I'll do that
Jack: Thank you Mr. President
President: Jack...
Jack: Mr. President, please you don't need to say anything Sir. There's only one right choice to make and you've made it
President: [Before hanging up] I'm sorry Jack

President: What's going on with Jack Bauer?
Wayne: The operation wasn't completely successful: they do have Saunders' daughter but they were unable to remain covert
President: Saunders knows we have her?
Wayne: No, not yet but CTU is estimating he'll find out within the hour
President: What's Jack's plan?
Wayne: Use Saunders' daughter to try to locate him. Listen, the deadline for his next demand will be up in fifteen minutes. Now giving this guy a list on every foreign operative on our payroll is an act of treason
President: I know that but he'll release more of the virus if we don't
Wayne: So, what'd you want to do?
President: I want to see what Bauer gets out of Saunders' daughter first

Wayne: I just spoke to Anne's ex-husband: all Ted Packer wants is money. If we pay him off, he'll recant before this debate
President: That's blackmail
Wayne: That's business
President: I don't think so
Wayne: It's a hell of a lot cheaper than trying to defend against this allegation which is going to hurt you
President: I've faced down worse lies. I think I've earned some credibility
Wayne: You saw the polls this morning because Keeler is closing the gap. Now this race is much closer than it should be, listen, I know it's distasteful but in cost-benefit terms it's a no brainer
President: Anne won't think so
Wayne: Anne doesn't have to know
President: I can't keep it from her
Wayne: That's your choice but if it comes out, Anne will find herself on the front page of every newspaper in this country and she's not Sherry, she's not equipped to handle that kind of scrutiny and you will not be able to protect her from it. Now between this debate and the threat of this outbreak, you have enough to worry about. Don't be a martyr, keep it simple. We could have the money within the hour
President: Do it

Eric: [Referring to preventing the bomb from exploding in CTU] sir we did everything we could
President: If only had Bauer called earlier, just a few minutes. We could've saved those people
Eric: Until we know more, I'd like to go over my evacuation plan for LA, it's on your desk
President: [Before leaving the conference room] I'll call you when I'm ready to meet on it
Eric: Thank you sir
Lynne: [Talking privately] those people are dead because of you. I wanted to tell the President
Eric: But you didn't
Lynne: Because of you. You made sure that I couldn't get through to him
Eric: As far as I know Bauer never called. You were the one who spoke to him
Lynne: Are you blackmailing me?
Eric: I'm protecting the President. Whatever you know or whatever you think you know, I suggest you keep it to yourself

Vice: If military strikes do not occur imminently casualties to American soldiers will increase by tens of thousands of lives. That analysis is undisputed.
President: The risk of attacking innocent countries is unacceptable. We have to be sure.
Vice: Everybody is sure, Mr. President. Everybody but you.
President: Well, as it happens, I'm the only one who counts.

Dr. Anne Packard: Is everything ok?
President: We had to make some fast choices and I couldn't do that when I was on stage. Yes, everything's ok now
Dr. Anne Packard: You sure?
President: It's just "damage control"
Dr. Anne Packard: I'm sorry, I still can't believe Keeler would say those lies in an national debate
President: You don't have to apologize for anything: we didn't "sink" to their level and in the long run, it's going to pay off
Dr. Anne Packard: I hope your right
President: I'm more concerned about you. You've only been brought into this because of me
Dr. Anne Packard: I'm fine
President: Yes you are
Wayne: [Walking up to them, to David] Jerry's scheduled a press conference. Their expecting your statement this evening
President: Fine
Wayne: We've got to give a response to Keeler's accusations about Anne
President: What did the quick polls tell us?
Wayne: Well, I'm not going to lie to you. We got hit hard, voters who were on the fence may have just fallen into Keeler's camp
Dr. Anne Packard: That is ridiculous, once they find out Ted was lying...
Wayne: [Interrupts her] and how are they supposed to do that? I mean it's "he said, she said." This is politics, not medicine so do me a favor and stay out of it
Dr. Anne Packard: Stay out of it? I am "it"
President: [Stands up] that's enough
President: [to Wayne] you have to be patient, Anne's not going anywhere and we're not changing our strategy
Wayne: David, we really...
President: [Interrupts him] right now, it's Mr. President
Wayne: [Before walking away] yes Sir, Mr. President

President: [Over the phone] what?
Stephen: I enjoyed your press conference Mr. President: it's good to know "The sky's not falling"
President: What'd you want?
Stephen: To give you your next assignment: a sort of "preliminary action" to "clear the decks" for the "main event" to come. There's man Ryan Chappelle: Regional Director of CTU
President: Yeah, what about him?
Stephen: I want him killed
President: What?
Stephen: 7am, have his body delivered to the train yard downtown just off the main line
President: That is out of the question
Stephen: What a shame. Before you decide, you might want to drop by the Chandler Plaza Hotel take a good look at what's happening. Then imagine the same event happening at hundreds of locations all over the country
President: [Before Stephen hangs up] you're insane

Dr. Anne Packard: Wayne said you wanted to see me: what's wrong?
President: Keeler, his bringing your ex-husband into this debate: the SEC's investigation into his company
Dr. Anne Packard: He was convicted and served his sentence, you know that
President: I know what you told me
Dr. Anne Packard: I told you everything there is to know. Ted's company was introducing a hypertension drug...
President: [Interrupts her] and you reviewed the research?
Dr. Anne Packard: Yes
President: Which turned out later to have been fabricated?
Dr. Anne Packard: Which Ted knew at the time and I didn't
President: Now's Ted's claiming you both knew
Dr. Anne Packard: He can't reverse himself eight years after his given sworn testimony
President: Well, he is. And his willing to go on the record with the press
Dr. Anne Packard: I don't know what to say except his a liar
President: It's your word against his
Dr. Anne Packard: You have reason to be suspicious. God knows you've been betrayed by some of the people you trusted most, but I'm not Sherry. I told you the whole truth once and I'm not going to defend it because anything less would be complete trust between us
President: I do trust you
Dr. Anne Packard: You should

Lynne: Before you go to your press conference, Rayburn wanted me to give you this updated damage projection
President: These casualty figures are higher
Lynne: Sir, they've all but ruled out dirty bombs and conventional weapons: they feel we're actually dealing with a nuclear bomb

President: [Giving a statement to the press] my fellow Americans: good evening. A few hours ago I had to terminate the Presidential debate, to handle at the time was a national security threat. I can't reveal to you at this time, the details surrounding the situation. Those will be forthcoming in the next few hours, let me assure you the dangers that existed a few hours ago has passed. America is safe, the American people are safe. I apologize to my opponent Senator Keeler and to the millions of you who expected to see us engage in the issues. The debate will be rescheduled, I'd like to thank you all for your patience and understanding, good night

President: [Handing him Keeler's play book] I hope you can get a refund
Wayne: A refund?
President: From whomever sold you that load of crap
Wayne: Keeler is going to use this against you in this debate, now ignoring it is not going to make it go away
President: Neither will dignifying it with a response
Wayne: His going to "claim" Anne perjured herself in case you've forgotten is a felony
President: Anne is no felon
Wayne: The allegation itself is enough to damage you. Now come on please think, you know you can't go into this debate without some kind of response
President: What'd you propose?
Wayne: Talk to Anne: make sure she's told you everything
President: She has told me everything
Wayne: Are you sure?
President: Ever since I started seeing Anne, you've taken every chance to undermine our relationship just because you don't like her
Wayne: Absolutely right, I don't like her. This isn't about me and Anne, this is about you and Anne. Now if she has nothing to hide, then fine she has nothing to hide. You better find out before you face off with Keeler on national television

Vice: [Through video conference] I'm sorry for the delay: the man you're about to see is not entirely well. In fact it's taken him a great deal of courage to join us at all. Roger Stanton, head of the Nation Security Agency. Roger, thank you for speaking with us
Roger: Yes of course, sorry if I seem a bit tired, you see I was tortured for several hours at the operations complex by order of the President of the United States
President: And why were you tortured Roger?
Roger: Because you thought I knew more than I was saying about the location of the nuclear bomb. As if the head of the NSA would withhold anything from the President
President: You're lying Roger. This may work for a while, eventually the truth will come out
Roger: I have nothing to fear from the truth Mr. President
Vice: Be as brief as possible Mr. Stanton, tell us what happened to you today
Roger: I arrived at the OC to find out my assistant director Eric Rayburn have been dismissed by the President
Vice: What was the reason given for Mr. Rayburn's firing?
Roger: Eric wanted to bring the military into the equation right away, the President was reluctant to contemplate the use of military action
President: That's not true
Roger: In the next few hours I worked for the President as best I could. He was indecisive, erratic, and as I said terrified to think of military engagement. And a little after six this evening, I arrested on the charge of treason. I was taken to a small window-less room, the President after accused me of knowing more about the bomb than I was telling him
Vice: Is that true?
Roger: Of course not. In fairness to the President, I think he genuinely believed it to be true
Vice: And why would he hold such a belief?
Roger: David Palmer is a decent man, maybe his too decent for the times we live in. He wanted to avoid war at any cost. If he could prove to himself and Americans in finding the bomb, then he would have a good reason not to use military force against any foreign country

God: Children. You know I hate it when you fight.

President: Yeah?
Mike: I need to speak with you: it concerns national security
President: As I'm not the Commander in Chief anymore, I don't see how that would be relevant
Mike: We have a problem with the Turkish government, our stealth bombers are nearing their airspace, and unfortunately one of their fighters spotted us a few minutes ago
President: So ask the Prime Minister for the fly over, he should agree
Mike: The Secretary of State has spoken to him. He said he would grant us this on one condition
President: What's the condition?
Mike: He wants a personal request and assurances from the President
President: The Prime Minister hasn't been told I've been removed from Office
Mike: That couldn't happen, not before the American people know
President: [Sarcastically] now that wouldn't be right now would it?
Mike: Now that the bombers have been spotted, it's more critical than ever they get to their targets quickly. Any detour would take them over unfriendly skies
President: You want me to speak to the Prime Minister under the pretense that I'm still the President?
Mike: Yes. This mission is going to continue regardless Sir, this phone call no matter how distasteful for you, could prevent those planes from being attacked. We only have minutes Sir

Jonas: [to the FBI agents] You, you, and you... panic. The rest of you come with me.

Jonas: You been training for this moment your entire life. The universe has been conspiring, if you think about it, to put you right here, right now. Off you go, we're all waitin' on ya.

Vice: [Through video conference with the Cabinet Members] the airborne squadrons have been in a holding pattern since President Palmer called off the attack: they just re-fueled. If we want to resume the operation, we need to come to a conclusion now
President: A few more minutes. This is the difference between peace and war Mr. Prescott
Vice: It's also a pattern that's reoccurring in the last few hours. Everything will change once Mr. Bauer calls, just never quite happens
President: [Standing aside to answer an urgent call] this is President Palmer
Ryan: Mr. President Palmer, this is Ryan Chappelle
President: Hello Ryan
Ryan: I have Jack Bauer on the line, he'll give you an update
Jack: Mr. President, I found the chip, unfortunately it's been very badly damaged
President: Is it in good enough shape to prove the Cypress recording was forged?
Jack: Sir, I'm afraid in its current condition, it doesn't prove much of anything
President: Can it be repaired?
Jack: No Sir, I'm sorry. We have been following other leads. About an hour ago, I was captured and tortured by men who wanted the chip. They worked for a Peter Kingsley. I believe his part of the group that's behind the bomb. I think they've been manipulating today's events to start this war Sir
President: What?
Jack: To improve the value of their oil contracts in the Caspian Sea and control the oil coming out of the Middle East
President: But I need something concrete. I need evidence
Jack: Mr. President, I understand. Right now I'm checking up the address on who we believe engineered the Cypress recording for Kingsley. I'm sorry Sir but it's the best we've got
President: Everything you've seen, are you absolutely convinced the Cypress recording was forged?
Jack: Yes Sir. Absolutely
President: [Before hanging up] alright Jack, thank you
President: [Returning to the video conference with the Cabinet Members] the evidence I was hoping for is not yet available. I believe it will be in the near future
Vice: When Mr. President?
President: I don't know
Vice: Meanwhile the window for a surprise attack is rapidly closing. It's time to vote
Mike: Mr. Vice President, if you can indulge me for just one minute?
Mike: [Standing to the side to talk privately] Mr. President, this Bauer "thing" is an illusion, a mirage. Every time you get near it, it moves further away. For your sake and for the country, authorize the attack. All of this will go away
President: And a lot of people, Americans and non-Americans will die for no reason
Mike: We don't know that Mr. President

President: Bauer says he doesn't know who this man is
Wayne: But he knows Bauer?
President: Apparently
Wayne: How's that possible?
President: I don't know: all I know is that their doing everything they can to find this man
Wayne: Did he give Bauer any indication of what he wants?
President: No, but he controls enough of the virus to wipe out a significant portion of this country's population. So, whatever he wants, we don't have much choice but to give it to him. At least for now

President: [Meeting privately while Wayne stands nearby] please have a seat
Police: Thank you Sir
President: I realize this is an irregular hour for a meeting
Police: The circumstances are irregular Mr. President
President: Yes they are, I assume you've been briefed on the Milliken case?
Police: I know Julia Milliken stated Mrs. Palmer contributed to the death of Alan Milliken by withholding his medication. Mrs. Palmer indicated to our detectives she was not at the Milliken residence earlier this evening, that she was here with you. Mr. President, my question is: was she?
President: Yes she was
Police: Thank you Mr. President
President: [Shaking hands, before Wayne escorts him out of the room] thank you Chief Hendrix
Police: [while talking outside the President's office] is there any reason you can think of that prompted Mrs. Milliken to accuse Mrs. Palmer?
Wayne: People do inexplicable things in a moment of crisis Chief
Police: Yeah
Wayne: Good night
Police: Good night

Mike: I waited until the meeting broke to tell you that the Governor called from Sacramento
President: What's going on now?
Mike: More people are hitting the streets: the government wants you to dispatch the National Guard like you did in Murrieta
Lynne: Mr. President, Tony Almeida from CTU is holding for you on the emergency SAT COM network
President: Why on SAT COM?
Lynne: Since news of the bomb got out network circuits have been completely overloaded. Ninety percent of all systems went down a few minutes ago
Mike: I can talk to Almeida if you want
President: [to Mike] put him on speaker
President: Mr. Almeida, this is President Palmer. You're also on with Mike Novick and Lynne Kresge
Tony: Mr. President, Jack Bauer just called with some new information and the truth is I'm a little conflicted about contacting you with this but he "claims", he has evidence that the Cypress recording is counterfeit
President: What kind of evidence?
Lynne: Source recording on three Middle Eastern men on the audio which were then re-edited
President: Have these been authenticated?
Tony: Not yet. We're getting it soon
President: How soon?
Tony: Within the hour Sir
Mike: Mr. Almeida, your confidence in Jack Bauer is curious. An hour ago you told me he assaulted CTU personnel and took illegal custody of a witness
Lynne: Sir, Jack had no choice under the circumstances
Mike: I don't follow
Tony: The man who had the evidence would not have turned it over if Jack involved CTU
President: Mr. Almeida, what makes you so sure that this is any more real than the Cypress recording?
Tony: That's just it Sir. I'm not
President: Thank you for your candor, Mr. Almeida. I'll take this information under advisement
Tony: [Before hanging up] thank you Mr. President

Jonas: This is my house, here, which means that's your house, there.
Bob: I don't even have a key.
Jonas: Well, there's not much crime in this neighborhood.

President: [after talking to Tony Almeida over the phone] there's evidence that there's three governments in the Middle East behind this bomb
Mike: Yes Sir, I gathered that
President: We could be at war soon, and once it begins, there's no guarantee that it will be limited to only these three countries. I've been thinking all day about something Lincoln said during the Civil War: "I claim not to controlled events, but confess plainly that events controlled me." It's bad enough someone tried to smuggle a nuclear weapon into this country, worse that they succeeded. Once this bomb actually goes off, my options will narrow very, very quickly

David: [Over the phone] are you at the consulate yet?
Jack: Yes Sir, we've taken a position across the street: they've agreed to release Lee?
David: Not quickly enough, I've just learned the nuclear may be set off at any moment, is there any doubt in your mind that Lee is working with Marwan?
Jack: No Sir, the emails he sent leaves no room for doubt
David: We have to get Lee out now and find out what he knows
Jack: Yes Sir
David: No one connected with the government can admit to knowing anything about this: ever. If you're caught, you'll be tried in a Chinese court under Chinese law
Jack: I understand
David: If it was anyone else, I'd ask if you were sure about this, with you I already know the answer. God bless you, good luck

Jack: [Jack is on the phone with the President discussing who will fly the bomb] We have a few volunteers, Sir. President. All of them good men.
President: Whoever it is, tell him he has the undying gratitude of every citizen of this country and tell him we will take care of whatever family he leaves behind.
Jack: Yes Sir, I will.
[the president ends by asking to call him back when the plane is in the air]
George: Funny, huh. I don't see any volunteers, when's the last time you flew a plane?
Jack: I can get it in the air and put it down, George.
George: So can I. I'm current, I'm instrument rated, and I'm going to be dead by the end of the day anyway
Jack: The problem is you could be dead any minute
George: I can hang on for another half hour: that's all we need right?
Jack: If you blacked out and this plane went down before it got to desert a lot of people are going to die and I know you don't want that
George: Come on Jack
Jack: I know what you're trying to do. But I have to say no

President: [Over the phone with Mike Novick standing nearby] we both know you've been one of the most outspoken opponents to my decision to call off the attack
Vice: Any criticism I may have had have been expressed behind closed doors: out of reach of any public scrutiny
President: I know we haven't had a chance to talk one on one since this all began but if you have something to tell me go ahead
Vice: There's nothing Sir
President: My door's always open. If you have something to say, I'd expect you to bring it to me first
Vice: Of course Mr. President
President: [Before hanging up] thanks for getting back to me
President: [to Mike] I still don't trust him
Mike: What'd you want me to do?
Aaron: I'm sorry to interrupt Sir
President: What is it?
Aaron: Lynne Kresge is injured, she fell down some stairs
President: What happened?
Aaron: We're still not sure. It appears she may have been running from a fire from one of the upstairs rooms
President: Is she ok?
Aaron: On site physician says she's critical
President: Show me where

Wayne: [Referring to David's memoir] everything works for me up until the chapter on your first campaign. I'm sorry but I think it's a little long winded, I think we can cut that down by half so why don't we start with the paragraph...
Wayne: [after noticing David respond] you didn't hear a word I just said did you?
David: Yeah, I was listening
Wayne: No, you weren't
David: Your right, I'm sorry
Wayne: Are you ok?
David: I could use a break
Wayne: What's going on?
David: What'd you mean?
Wayne: I mean you've been distracted since you got to Los Angeles. I don't know: it's like your somewhere else?
David: Writing my memoirs, maybe it's put me in a melancholy mood?
Wayne: Is it all that is?
David: [Nods] yeah
Wayne: I'm your brother, whatever it is, you can tell me
David: [Rubs his neck] it's alright

President: [Talking privately] eleven vials of the virus are unaccounted for: what's Homeland Security's assessment?
Joseph: Sir, we believe the threat level should be raised to Red
President: Do it, what about domestic air travel?
Joseph: It is our suggestion that flights be grounded and airports closed
Wayne: Mr. President, if your concern is to avoid panic, stopping air traffic might have the opposite effect
Joseph: That's better than allowing the wide spread release of the virus
Wayne: [to David] if you shut down those airports, you won't be able to explain its Legionnaires' disease
Joseph: We're talking security issues Mr. President. We are not talking about "public relations"
Wayne: How the public relates to this is a security issue
Joseph: Mr. President, we also advocate shutting down interstate rail and bus traffic in the interest of...
Wayne: [Interrupts him] listen, whoever has these vials could already be in their cars. Now we can't shut down every single highway...
Joseph: [Interrupts him] Mr. President...
President: [to O'Laughlin] alert the airlines to a possible nationwide shutdown but wait for my authorization
Joseph: [Before leaving the room] yes Sir

Lynne: Sir, I just got off with the Secretary of Defense: he wants to know how much longer you plan to give Jack Bauer to produce that tape before he fulfills safety orders?
President: As far as I'm concerned, Jack Bauer will have up until the time the planes start releasing bombs
Lynne: Well, from the Secretary's point of view, that's tying DOD's hands. He claims the longer it takes for you to lock down a decision, the less flexibility he has and he may very well want to launch a pre-strike...
President: [Interrupts her] there will be no pre-strikes on this mission. We're going to utilize every moment we have to be thorough
Lynne: His not going to like that Sir
President: That's his problem
Lynne: I understand
Mike: [Walking up to them] Sir, there's a situation that requires your immediate attention
President: What Mike?
Mike: Civil unrest is starting to tip up and down the east coast. The area I'm most concerned about is outside Atlanta
President: [while they walk into a conference room] what's going on there?
Mike: Some militias joining forces. Their getting aggressive in one of the suburbs
President: Is this racially motivated?
Mike: Absolutely. The demographics of the area are predominately Middle Eastern

Tony: [Over the speakerphone] what've you got?
Bill: The second satellite pass is complete: we were unable to detect the missile with thermal imaging, there's just too much radiant heat from ground sources
David: This is President Palmer, is there a chance another satellite pass will find the missile?
Bill: The more data we have Mr. President, the better but a more intensive pass will take two to three hours
David: And we expect the missile to find its target before then?
Bill: Yes Sir, we do
David: Alright make sure FBI is on a real time link with all local emergency channels
Bill: Yes Sir, I'll get that done right now
David: I also want you to compile disaster scenarios for the urban centers within range of the missile
Bill: Sir, that's twenty of the largest cities in this country
David: I'm aware of that. I want death rates, fallout patterns, and emergency response predictions for all of them
Bill: Yes Sir, I'll take care of that right now

Sherry: I just want you to know I'm leaving
President: [Closes the door to the conference room] this leverage you have with Milliken
Sherry: I told you it's better that you don't know the details right now
President: Alright, Aaron told me you refused Secret Service escort?
Sherry: Yes, that's only because the person I'm going to see might get scared. Don't worry about me, I can take care of myself
President: I know you can
Sherry: I still believe in your Presidency and if Alan Milliken is threatening your ability to lead this country, he will be stopped

Lucifer: Hmm.
God: Son?
- Uh... and your dad.
Penelope: Chloe?
- And my mom.
- Ah... ready for our double-Decker date?

Mike: [Over a speakerphone] we're all here: go ahead
Bill: I'm afraid Marwan's associate, the woman we hoped would help us locate the missile, has killed herself and one of our agents
President: Oh my God
David: Did she leave behind any physical evidence that could help us?
Bill: It doesn't appear so
President: So what is CTU going to do now to find the missile?
Bill: Mr. President, at this point, CTU no longer has any reasonable expectation of finding the missile before it reaches its target
President: This is it: it's going to happen. What do we do?
David: At this point, we have no choice but to alert all state and federal agencies and focusing all of our resources on managing the aftermath
President: [to David] but we don't even know the missile's target
David: No, we can "assume" it will be a major city but no matter what the target is, there will be wide spread panic across this country: we need to mobilize the Army and the National Guard in every state and draw a declaration of Martial law
President: Yes, we need to do that
Mike: Bill, all federal agencies need to prepare for the aftermath of a nuclear attack. CTU's priority should be "disaster management." Redeploy your people now
Bill: [Before hanging up] understood

President: Update me
Lynne: CTU Los Angeles is yielding the most promising leads: they raided a warehouse this morning within city limits and they found weapons grade nuclear material. Langley is using satellite playback as we speak to determine who was there
President: Suspect was killed?
Lynne: There was a shootout, Division is having a hard time ID'ing the body
President: What's this?
Lynne: Apparently Jack Bauer is still in the investigation
President: I thought he was dismissed after he completed this morning's assignment?
Lynne: No, his heading the team that's tracking Mamud Faheen and Nina Meyers, the woman you granted immunity to this morning, she's helping them
President: [Surprised] Jack Bauer and Nina Meyers are working together?
Lynne: Yes Sir, I believe he volunteered

Lynne: Sir, the press is starting to ask questions: they know you cut your fishing trip short and they'd like to know why
Lynne: [after the President sighs] if you'd like I can get Jenny to take care of it
President: No, I better take care of it myself
Lynne: Yes Sir
Eric: Sir, we've got a lot to cover
President: I have to deal with the press
Eric: Sir, we have a serious situation here. Taking a time out to coddle the media
President: What you don't get Eric is once the rumor mill starts, then we've got two problems: the last thing we need mass hysteria

Senator: Sorry to wake you like this, Mike, but something's come up. I was hoping to keep you out of it.
Mike: I'm your Chief of Staff, David. I shouldn't be kept out of anything.
Senator: It was a private matter.
Mike: You're running for president. Nothing's private anymore.

President: When did FBI get this call?
Wayne: About twenty minutes ago
President: And we don't know who we're dealing with?
Wayne: No it was a scrambled voice: on an open line. All we know is what he said, they want Salazar or their going to release the virus
President: What's your take on this? Do we cancel the debate?
Wayne: So far, DOD, the Pentagon, and CTU haven't recommended raising the alert level but they discussing whether or not if we should stay in Los Angeles

President: What is it?
Wayne: I just got off the phone with one of my sources over at Keeler's headquarters. Sherry was there: meeting privately with Keeler
President: When?
Wayne: Just now
President: Meeting Keeler about what?
Wayne: He didn't know so I was hoping you'd have some idea?
President: I don't know what she was doing but we can't worry about that now there are dying here in Los Angeles
Wayne: Yeah, I don't like it, so let me put someone on this
Wayne: No, we brought Sherry in to fix a problem and look what happened. Just let it be, we'll hear soon enough

Mike: [Over the phone] I'm sorry to disturb you so late
David: No, I've been up all night following the news: this is a tragic day for our country
Mike: Yes, may I ask when you received your last intelligence briefing?
David: Three hours ago why?
Mike: Since then, the terrorists behind today's events, Habib Marwan has taken possession of a nuclear warhead
David: [Stands up] my God, how?
Mike: Well, he recovered the football in the wreckage of Air Force One and he used it to track and steal a warhead. President Logan feels he needs "help"
David: What kind of help?
Mike: Substantial
David: I'm not sure what you're asking me to do
Mike: President Logan is requesting you run the effort to recover the stolen weapon: you'll be in place to make whatever decisions you need to be made. A crisis is looming, hard choices need to be made, by the President's own admission, he feels he may not be up to the task. This country is very possibly facing the worst terrorist act in its history. We need your leadership
David: Before I do anything, I want to speak to President Logan face to face
Mike: Fair enough I'll notify your Secret Service detail to bring you to the White House

Lynne: [while handing him a file folder] Sir, this is Jenny's statement to the press about the CTU bombing: I took a quick pass but we can go over it when you get a chance alright?
President: [as she's leaving the room] were you ever going to tell me? About the thirty minutes Jack Bauer called and the time you finally warned CTU. I am the President of the United States, did you think I wouldn't find out? What possible reason could you have had for keeping this information from me?
Lynne: Sir, I tried to tell you
President: Not hard enough
Lynne: Sir, when Jack Bauer called you were with the press corp. I desperately tried to get a message to you
President: Good. Now after we had found out CTU had been hit you still kept from me the fact that you knew thirty minutes earlier
Lynne: [Shaking her head] Sir, you're right. There is no excuse, none
President: After Jack Bauer called, did you tell anyone else? You told Rayburn didn't you? And he was the one who wanted you to keep it from me. That's why you two were arguing before
Lynne: Sir, I think under the circumstances, I think it would be best I tender my resignation... .
President: [Interrupts her] I'll decide what's best
Lynne: Yes Sir
President: As much as I appreciate the gesture, I don't have time to appease your guilty conscience. I still trust you and I still trust that you will tell me everything that happened

President: [Firing him] you're out Eric: effective immediately
Eric: Sir, if this is about...
President: [Interrupts him] you know exactly what this is about. You lied to me
Eric: Is that what Lynn told you?
President: Lynn didn't have to tell me anything
Eric: You can't dismiss me now Sir, not now. Not in the middle of a crisis. You need me here
President: I need someone I can trust
Eric: I made a decision you couldn't make
President: I'm the only one who could make it. Now twenty-seven people are dead
Eric: Collateral damage Sir. Regrettable but necessary so Jack Bauer can get to Joseph Wald
President: [Signaling to the Secret Service agent to enter the room] get him out of here. Mr. Armus is waiting for him

President: This Office isn't above the law: how could I justify the murder of an innocent man?
Wayne: We're fighting a war, Ryan Chappelle is not a civilian
President: I still can't order him to be killed
Wayne: So what's the alternative? Yes I know, it's extreme. I realize that but it's the only move we have here. Look at what's happening right down at the Chandler Plaza Hotel, this man Saunders has proved to you he will use this virus to inflict mass causalities if you don't do what he says
President: How long am I suppose to let Saunders dictate my actions? How long do I allow him to hold this country hostage?
Wayne: Until we catch him
President: What if we don't?
Wayne: We will but until you do, your only option is to sacrifice Chappelle

President: Ok what did Wieland want?
Lynne: His sniffing around. I think his putting it together
President: How could he be putting it together? I just found out myself less than an hour ago
Lynne: I'm sure he doesn't know the details but you know Wieland, he knows everyone and they all owe him
President: [sighs] ok keep your eye on him for now. We start going out our way to put off the press it'll backfire. They'll know something's up
Lynne: I agree
President: I have to get back to the OC

Tony: [During a conference call] Mr. President?
President: Mr. Almeida, I understand we may have a way to locate this man Stephen Saunders?
Tony: Yes Sir, we do, however my technical staff just informed me to do so properly, it may take fifteen minutes, possibly longer
President: So there's no way to get to him in the next few minutes?
Jack: No Sir, there's not
President: Ok gentlemen: time is upon us, having considered all the possible scenarios I see no choice but to "draw our line in the sand." I will not given in to Saunders' latest demand
Jack: Mr. President, I hope you understand that leaves us only one option and that's to use Stephen Saunders' daughter as a hostage, and hope that'll stop him
President: I understand, alright gentlemen get to it
Wayne: [after ending the conference call] are you sure we're doing the right thing?
President: The only thing I'm sure of is we cannot let this country be taken over by this mad man

President: What's the latest on the hotel?
Wayne: It's still unknown how much of the virus was released or how many people were exposed: now I think you want to make a preemptive announcement on how to deal with the outbreak
President: No, I'm not making an announcement until the facts are known
Wayne: I just heard from LAPD, they consider Sherry to be a flight risk. They have a warrant for her arrest, if you don't back her alibi that she was with you when Milliken died
President: You mean lie?
Wayne: There is nothing to think about here
President: Perjury and obstruction of justice are nothing to think about?
Wayne: You have the most powerful legal apparatus in the world at your disposal. Now you let call the AG's office and this so called "problem" disappears
President: No, it just widens the conspiracy and it'll never hold
Wayne: Are you going to let everything you've accomplished and I do mean everything because of what? Because of Sherry's "indiscretion"?
President: Listen to yourself, calling murder an "indiscretion"?
Wayne: Oh, for God's sake. Grow up!
President: Who do you think you're talking to?
Wayne: To an ex-President unless you do the only thing that makes sense here. Now Sherry said if she goes down she'll take you down with her
President: Then do your job and make sure that doesn't happen
Wayne: Then stop tying my hands
President: I want to see the Chief of Police
Wayne: Damn it, we can stonewall, we can survive this
President: Get him out of bed and bring him directly to me

Wayne: I just got off the phone with CTU. Bauer's near a place called Las Nieves. Delta teams are scrambling now
President: When does CTU expect to intercept the virus from the Ukrainians?
Wayne: As soon as Bauer gives them the signal. Tony Almeida said their giving us updates every fifteen minutes
Wayne: [after answering his phone then handing it to him] Wayne Palmer, yeah hold on. David, its Anne she says it's important
President: [Over the phone] Anne?
Dr. Anne Packard: Its Ted: he just committed suicide
President: Oh, I'm so sorry. Are you alright?
Dr. Anne Packard: No, not really no. I was with him when he did it
President: What were you doing there?
Dr. Anne Packard: He asked to see me, he said he was sorry and wanted to make things right
President: Did you call the police?
Dr. Anne Packard: Yes, they're here now
President: What can I do to help?
Dr. Anne Packard: here's something I need to give you, something Ted wanted me to give you
President: What's that?
Dr. Anne Packard: It's letters exonerating me from any connection to the falsified research data. That's why I came here in the first place, he wanted to give them to me
President: And you have these letters?
Dr. Anne Packard: Yes I do. So I'll be in the clear and hopefully it puts an end to the negative fallout to you as well
President: That's second to your well being
Dr. Anne Packard: I'll be ok. I'll come over as soon as I'm done here
President: [Before hanging up] good, I'll see you then

Ryan: So, you're telling me that Bauer's been playing a game with us all this time?
Tony: It's no "game."
Ryan: But his back undercover with the Salazar's? And they trust him?
Tony: That's what we're counting on, yeah
Ryan: I'm your boss, you should've come to me first
Tony: Look, you'll understand everything once I explained it to the President, after that if you feel I acted inappropriately, you can do what you've got to do
Ryan: I will. Count on it
Chloe: [while handing him the phone] the President's coming in over the line
Tony: Mr. President, this Tony Almeida, Director of CTU Los Angeles
President: Mr. Almeida
Tony: Thank you for taking my call
President: [Over the speakerphone] you're also on with my Chief of Staff: Wayne Palmer. I was told this was an urgent matter?
Tony: Yes Sir, it is. It's also fairly complex so I'll keep it as clear and concise as I can
President: Go on
Tony: Sir, everything that's happened today from the infected body at Health Services to Ramon Salazar's prison break has been of an elaborate sting operation
President: Sting operation?
Tony: Yes Sir. Planned and executed by Jack Bauer, agent Gael Ortega and myself
President: Elaborate Mr. Almeida
Tony: Jack Bauer wanted to fill you in on the situation himself Sir
President: Jack Bauer is a fugitive from the law
Tony: If you'll indulge me Sir, there's a video file you need to see. It's on a designated CTU server. You can access the file pass code Delta three, Delta five nine
Jack: [On a prerecorded video] Mr. President, the fact that you're viewing this now means that I've successfully completed the first phase of secret operation. Contrary to what you've been lead to believe, the Salazar's are not in possession of the Cordilla virus. The idea that they are is a lie I promoted deliberately in an order to achieve a more important goal. Please, Sir, let me explain. About a month ago I learned from a contact that a group of scientists from the Ukraine were trying to sell a weaponized virus on the open market. They were looking for a buyer with cash and creditability. I only managed to get their interest when I suggested the Salazar's as potential buyers. As long as I could get the Salazar's to agree, CTU would seize the virus as the sale took place. Our goal was to remove the virus stockpile from the marketplace because Mr. President, it is without a doubt the most lethal threat we have ever faced but all of this hinged on me convincing the Salazar's that I had switched sides and the only way to gain their trust was to break Ramon Salazar out of prison. Mr. President, I'm sorry for deceiving you but I assure you it was a benign deception and I assume complete responsibility for my actions. Sir, if things went wrong, you would've been exposed personally, legally, and politically and this was the only way I could see to avoid that risk but now it's time for you to know the truth and I'm asking you to allow CTU Director Almeida to coordinate an interdiction with the military so we can take possession of this virus and keep it from our enemies, thank you Mr. President

Wayne: Secret Service just received a phone call from the West Los Angeles Police Department: Alan Milliken is dead
President: What?
Wayne: He was found fifteen minutes ago in his home. All signs point to a heart attack
President: It isn't possible
Wayne: Well, "apparently", it is. You told me Sherry was on her way over there an hour ago?
President: She changed her mind, made some phone calls from her car, and came straight back here
Wayne: Is that what she told you?
President: Yeah
Wayne: And where is she now?
President: Resting

President: What'd you think? You think I'm unfit to fulfill my duties as President?
Aaron: Sir, I'm under orders not to discuss this with you
President: Are you under orders not to listen?
Aaron: No Sir
President: I assume you remember Jack Bauer?
Aaron: [Nods]
Aaron: He believes the Cypress recording: the single piece of evidence that is propelling us into war with the Middle East was fabricated. I've been removed from Office because I believe in Bauer. If it wasn't for Jack, Los Angeles would be a killing field right now. Still, Prescott and the Cabinet refuse to believe he might be right. If Jack finds the evidence after the planes drop their payloads, it'll be too late. We will be at war with three innocent countries
Aaron: Well I'm sure when Jack Bauer finds the evidence, Vice President Prescott will, I mean the "President", will recall the bombers
President: [Smiles] I thought you were under orders not to speak to me?
Aaron: [Stands up] I'm doing my best Sir
President: Your "best" would be to help me
Aaron: By doing what?
President: I need to talk to Jack Bauer, find out if his secured the evidence. If I remember correctly, you have a son in the navy?
Aaron: Yes Sir I do
President: Fine thing to defend one's country. You should be proud, let's make sure the cause his fighting for is the just one. Get me a SAT phone, I need a secure line

President: I asked you here to help me: not make things worse. I did not want you going to Alan Milliken's house
Sherry: Relax, I didn't go there
President: You didn't go?
Sherry: No
President: [Leans forward on his desk] when we spoke on the phone, you told me it was crucial you speak to Julia in person
Sherry: Yes, and I changed my mind. I spoke to her over the phone
President: About what?
Sherry: About Kelly's disappearance, I asked her if she would check Alan's cell phone and see if there were any recently made calls
President: And?
Sherry: [Shrugs] she wouldn't do it
President: You don't take no for an answer, what aren't you telling me?
Sherry: Nothing, I swear
President: What've you been up to since we last talked if you weren't at Milliken's?
Sherry: Making calls
President: You could've made them from here
Sherry: Yes but I didn't. I parked on the side of the road, I started making calls because I didn't want to wait. I told you we have a small window of opportunity here, I wanted to exploit the fact that Milliken may not have had time to cover his tracks when he had someone grab Kelly
President: Alright, I have other things to attend to
Sherry: Ok, is there anything else?
President: That's it

Lynne: I just spoke with Jenny. I'm afraid we have a problem
President: What now?
Lynne: Ron Wieland: his convinced the network to give him ten minutes live report today at noon
President: For what?
Lynne: He saw that the alert level has changed and that you are managing the situation from here
President: Damn it. Now his going live based on what?
Lynne: Jenny doesn't know Sir and I'm assuming that he will avoid the facts and present the rumor
President: I'm sorry. I'm not mad at you
Lynne: There's no need to apologize, how would you like to proceed?
President: Set up a private interview in ten minutes with Mr. Wieland. The condition is no one is to know
Lynne: Yes Sir
President: And get Armus over here
Lynne: Yes Sir

Jonas: Now, Rangers, did you sign on to get out of the house, or do you want to come with me and kick the door down?

President: So, what's the latest?
Wayne: Nothing yet. CTU's working their leads. Trying to figure out who dropped off the dead body
President: So we still don't know who's behind this threat?
Wayne: No, they're still speculating its Salazar's brother, Hector. What they don't know if it's a bluff, staged to release Salazar
President: How can it be a bluff? The virus has been confirmed
Wayne: Yes but dropping off a dead body is one thing: being able to infect an entire city? That's something entirely different
President: Alright, I guess we'll know soon enough
President: [Before Wayne walks away] so you spoke earlier about an "opportunity"?
Wayne: Yeah, I'm not sure that's something we need to discuss right now
President: Which means whatever it is fell through, or you know I'm not going to like it so you're proceeding without me
Wayne: No, that's not it. I just think because of this threat, I just don't want to divert your attention
President: I can "walk and chew gum" at the same time. What is it?
Wayne: Keeler's play book, what if I can get us a copy?
President: What exactly do you mean by "play book"?
Wayne: His entire prep for tonight's debate. How his going to answer the questions, what issues his going to try to trip you on, everything
President: And how would we get it?
Wayne: You don't need to know the details
President: I'm surprised
Wayne: About what?
President: The question. You know there is no way on earth, I'd agree to this
Wayne: I am not talking about pull a "Sherry" and stealing it, now it may just drop in our lap, why shouldn't we look at it?
President: You are not in the private sector anymore, you have to get used to how my Administration works
Wayne: And I am just trying to give your Administration four more years
Wayne: [after David gives him a stern look, implying he doesn't want to win by cheating] ok, if that's how you want it
President: That's how I want it

President: How'd it go with Wieland?
Sherry: His not going to play ball: he knows his got the upper hand
President: He knows we have to let him go eventually. Whether or not there's a legal precedent for this, his got one hell of a story
Sherry: Oh, I'm so sorry. I thought I could charm him
President: [while walking to sit at his desk] ok, that'll be all
Sherry: Why are you treating me like this?
President: This is not about you. I just have more important things to deal with right now
Sherry: You know you've always been able to forgive. Always given everyone a second chance but not me. I came here to tell you that you were right to kick me off the campaign. Right to file for divorce
President: Where's all this coming from?
Sherry: A place of honesty, realization, I was too caught up in the power
President: And you're not now?
Sherry: Of course you know I love it but now I am aware of what I can and can't handle
President: So, what're you asking for?
Sherry: Let me help you if I bring to you can be "useful", and then you can consider it a start to a new confidence
President: I promise you absolutely nothing in return
Sherry: OK

President: [to Mike, referring to Nina Meyers calling over the speakerphone] you should talk to her first. I don't want to give her access to me until she gives me something in return
Mike: Ms. Meyers, this is Mike Novick, the President's Chief of Staff
Nina: [while pointing a rifle at Jack] I asked to speak to the President
Mike: His not available
Nina: Do you want to stop this nuclear bomb or not?
Mike: Of course we do
Nina: Then put the President on
Mike: I'm authorized to negotiate on his behalf
Nina: What I want is non-negotiable
Mike: What do you want?
Nina: I'll tell you where the bomb is in exchange for immunity
Mike: The President's already granted you total pardon
Nina: Except this is for a crime I have not committed yet
Mike: What crime?
Nina: The murder of Jack Bauer: add that to my pardon and I'll tell you where the bomb is
Mike: And if we don't comply?
Jack: [With his hands on his head] you don't have a choice
Mike: Is that you Mr. Bauer?
Jack: Yes, please tell the President I believe he doesn't have any other choice but to accept her deal
President: Is CTU on the secure line?
George: Yes Sir, this is George Mason. I'm on a designated channel also with Michelle Dessler and Tony Almeida
President: Do you have any alternative to what she's asking? Any weaknesses are we able to exploit?
George: None. She's a survivor, she knows Bauer. She knows if she doesn't kill him now, he'll hunt her down and find her later
President: So in your assessment, Nina Meyers is our best chance to stopping this bomb?
George: Sir, she may be our only chance
President: Ms. Meyers, this is President Palmer
Nina: I'm listening
President: Is Jack Bauer There?
Jack: Yes Mr. President I'm here too
President: Ms. Meyers, if the information you provide culminates in the successful interception of the nuclear device, you'll get everything you asked for. You will be pardoned in advance for the murder of Jack Bauer
Nina: I can live with that
Jack: Start talking Nina
Nina: The bomb will be detonated by a man named Syed Ali
George: We know about Ali. We need to know where he is
Nina: His in a house in Chatsworth on Starling Court. Eighteen Starling Court
George: [to Tony sitting nearby] contact local law enforcement, have them set up a perimeter
Tony: Alright
George: [to Michelle] coordinate among the relevant agencies
President: Ms. Meyers, you are not to take any action until we put our hands on this bomb
Nina: Agreed

President: [Over the phone] I know you've been avoiding CTU's phone calls this morning
Jack: I don't work for them anymore Sir
President: So I hear, how's it all going?
Jack: It's been difficult Sir
President: I'm sure it has. I thought a lot about you this past year
Jack: Thank you Mr. President
President: I know this is a bad time but I need your help
Jack: Sir, I've been inactive for over a year. I can't see how I've be of any help to you
President: We are in the middle of a grave situation that requires the attention of all branches for our national security. My advisers are convinced that you can play an important part in this effort
Jack: Mr. President, I'm sorry but I'm in no condition...
President: [Interrupts him, raising his voice] listen to me, I know you suffered a loss. I know it's hard but this is not a routine request. go to CTU, listen to what's happening then make your decision. You saved my life. I trust you as much as anyone and now I need your help

Mike: I wish I could say I have more faith in these recommendations...
President: [Interrupts him] as best you can
Mike: Yes Sir. I'll discuss the ten kiloton detonation in the Pacific Ocean and Lynn will do the same for the Mojave Desert: in the time available, the plane can get roughly eighty miles off shore. If it splashes down a few minutes before detonation, the bomb will off underwater. The ocean will absorb a large amount of the radiation. However prevailing winds will blow a moderate amount of fallout back over the city of Los Angeles. Overtime there will be high incidents of cancer and other radiation related diseases
President: But there would be no immediate causalities?
Mike: We can't be certain Mr. President. The shipping lanes into the Port of Los Angeles are extremely busy. In the eighty square miles off the coast of LA, the Coast Guard counts some two dozen freighters flying flags from around the world. Plus, an unknown number of fishing or pleasure vessels. It's likely one or more will be sunk or capsized by the affect of the blast
President: What's the impact on the environment?
Mike: The blast will wipe out a substantial pocket of bio diversity. Keystone species would be exterminated. The food chain would be contaminated and the regional ecological infrastructure would collapse. Marine resources like offshore drilling, commercial fishing, and even recreational beach usage would be hazardous or impossible for many years. The ecological economic affects will be devastating
President: What about the desert?
Lynne: We can designate a ground zero in the Mojave, sufficiently isolated so inhabitants won't be immediately affected. Local towns could be evacuated within hours of the immediate blast without any serious long term effects for the inhabitants. However, we can't rule out the possibility of isolated campers and hikers who would be killed or contaminated by the blast. Now if the wind shifts substantially, during the next few hours it could create fallout over Las Vegas but the best meteorological projection indicates that is a very, very slight possibility
President: Long term effects?
Lynne: An area of a few square miles around ground zero would be highly radioactive for decades but the truth of the matter is we don't get food or any significant resources from the desert anyway so the overall health effects is relatively small
President: Sounds like the desert is our best option
Lynne: Yes Sir, we do agree with that but there is one more thing" in the desert ground zero has to be a precise location, a Depression below sea level surrounded by mountains so hopefully it can contain the fallout. Potential targets are being researched as we speak
President: Alright
Lynne: The point is Mr. President is that the plane isn't a military craft. It doesn't have any of the equipment needed to deliver a payload accurately. To endure the necessary level of precision, the pilot will have to go down with the plane

Lynne: The Ambassador's chopper took off a few minutes ago: as soon as he and Salim gets on, he will conference with the Prime Minister
President: How soon can we expect the intelligence back?
Lynne: Within the hour and then they'll be updates every thirty minutes after that
President: Ok, I think you better set up a call with the Joint Chiefs, I have a feeling their not going to be happy about the information exchange so I better talk them through it
Lynne: Right away Sir

President: [Over the phone] Stephen Saunders, the man who's in control of the virus, you know him correct?
Jack: Yes Sir, I worked with him a number of years ago on a mission you sanctioned: the Drazen mission in Kosovo
President: The last conversation I had with him, he said there will be other demands. His exact words were "The main event to come." Do you have any idea what he means by that?
Jack: I wish I could tell you Sir, right now Stephen Saunders is in a vengeful state of mind. Any demands he makes will be detrimental to American security
President: What I'm asking is what will he do if I say no to him?
Jack: Mr. President when I worked with Stephen Saunders I never thought he'd capable of mass murder. Today we know he is, he still has the virus. If you don't meet his demands he will continue to release it
President: Thank you
Jack: [Before hanging up] yes Mr. President

Wayne: [after hanging up the phone] that was CTU: they still haven't found Bauer or Salazar. LAPD is placing a net around the area where the chopper landed
President: Hopefully they'll be picked up without incident
Wayne: Yeah it's probably more likely Bauer sneaked through. Listen, you're going to have to stop thinking about his welfare for a moment. Bauer breaking Salazar out of prison is already leaked to the press, your going have to go out there and explain that is why you ended this debate and explicitly denounce what Bauer did
President: So Jack puts his life on the line to stop the virus and we hang him out to dry
Wayne: We cannot allow anyone to know that we sanctioned what he did. That would do reputable damage to you, to your office. Now you know what I'm saying is true and I'm sorry but you're going to have to let him go

David: We're going to need you to advise the President that Cheng has to leave CTU now
Mike: President Logan was clear he wanted Cheng to have full access there
David: And he has. Now Cheng's slowing them down. His got to go, CTU needs to be to do their job without the added pressure of a cover up. You think Logan will sign off on that?
Mike: I'll see what I can do

Senator: All right, "On this historic occasion..."
Patty: Well, it is an historic occasion, sir.

President: [Talking privately] did you get the prescription bottle from Sherry's house?
Wayne: Yeah
President: That's good
Wayne: Something horrible happened tonight: Sherry's dead
President: [Seeing Wayne distraught] what? How?
Wayne: Julia came in and killed her then she turned the gun on herself
President: [Grabs both Wayne's cheeks] their both dead?
Wayne: Yeah, I'm not going to try to pretend we can just put this behind us but the fact is politically, we're "free" of everything. "Free" of Milliken's extortion, "free" of his death, and "free" of Sherry's involvement
President: You think you know the politics of this? The mother of my children has just been murdered
Wayne: The woman I love just killed herself in front of me. I understand how you feel. But there's a 'story" here, a "story" that can tie all of this together: Alan Milliken was having an affair with Sherry, Julia found out, and then she killed them both
President: No, I don't want to hear it
Wayne: Your emotions are clouding...
President: [Yells, interrupts him] no
Wayne: Please just listen to me
President: Leave me alone

Wayne: They haven't found Jack Bauer yet, not even sure if his in the city
President: His not in the city: his plan was to take Ramon Salazar back to his brother to prevent the outbreak. That's what his going to do, even if it costs his life
Wayne: You know that's probably true but there's nothing we can do about that now. Our intelligence and military services are working overtime on that front so let them do their job. We unfortunately, have other "fires" to put out

Mike: That was the Pentagon. Remember you asked me to look up the name Jack Bauer?
Senator: Who is he?
[Mike leans over, and whispers to Palmer]
Mike: He used to be in Special Forces. He led a six man team into Kosovo a couple of years ago.
Senator: That's what it was. The Drazen mission.
Mike: Bauer picked his own men and trained them. Only Bauer survived.
Senator: He blames me for the death of his men.

President: [Referring to Agent Bern confessing his involvement in the raid at the Chinese Consulate, implicating Jack Bauer and the United States] damn it David, you said this would be handled
Mike: [Responding for Palmer] I'm sure the Chinese don't want war
Walt: No, but they do want to embarrass us: take the moral high ground in the court of world opinion. We need to take the least damaging course of action
Mike: Unfortunately, then there's only one option
President: Which is?
Mike: We hand Bauer over to the Chinese
David: Unacceptable
Mike: Besides if we turn him over, he'll implicate this Administration. The Chinese made Bern talk, they'll do the same with Bauer eventually
David: Jack Bauer would never compromise national security
Walt: As much as I'd like to believe that, everyone breaks
David: What you believe is irrelevant
Walt: [to Logan] there is another option Mr. President
President: Go on
Walt: Suppose something happens to Bauer? Suppose he has an "accident"?
David: That's an obscene suggestion
Walt: It solves a lot of problems
David: [to Logan] Mr. President...
President: This Administration does not condone murder and it never will, is that clear?
Walt: Yes Sir, I'm sorry Sir

President: [Meeting with his Cabinet members] thank you for assembling on such short notice, you've already been on the Cordilla virus that is now threatening our cities. What you don't know is there are two new developments
Wayne: First, a vial of that virus has already been released at the Chandler Plaza Hotel here in Los Angeles was the site of the first attack, that situation is being addressed. Secondly, we've discovered the identity of the perpetrator, his name is Stephen Saunders and his a former MI6 agent. Now, apparently Mr. Saunders has at least eleven more vials and is threatening to release them unless we meet his demands
Vice: Mr. President, what are those demands?
Wayne: So far there have been two: the first was to use the phrase "The sky is falling" in a press conference. He then demanded we terminate one of our own agents
Vice: One of our own agents? Why?
Wayne: We're still looking into that
General: What was his response if you didn't comply?
President: It devastates me to tell you this but I had no choice but to comply. Half an hour ago we delivered this agent's body to one of Saunders' representatives
Vice: My God
President: Millions of lives are at stake, we're going to need each of your departments to open your files to CTU Los Angeles. Give them whatever they need

President: I feel as though I'm crossing a line I will never be able to step back from.

President: [Over the phone] Hello Jim, what's the British reaction to the California bombing?
Vice: Everyone over there is stunned: they placed their military on high alert
President: The British Ambassador?
Vice: He's waiting to hear from us. I take it after this conversation, I'm free to inform him about the stealth bombers?
President: Not just yet Jim. It's still premature
Vice: Mr. President, those planes are due to drop their payloads in a little over four hours
President: We're holding off notifying our allies because there may be a possibility that we may not go through with the attack
Vice: I don't understand
President: I have reason to believe the Cyprus audio that implicated the targeted countries was fabricated
Vice: I thought we analyzed it, proved it was real
President: As did I. but CTU Los Angeles is in the process of obtaining evidence that may show otherwise
Vice: In the process"? Meaning they don't have any proof yet?
President: Correct
Vice: Did you run this thing by CIA? Prove it's a fraud?
President: Not as of yet
Vice: Mr. President, you authorized this military action and justifiably so. With all due respect, it's too late for second thoughts
President: We will not start a war on false or incomplete information. Say nothing to the Ambassador
Vice: [Before hanging up] yes Mr. President

President: [while shaking hands] it's good to see you
Alan: Thanks for finding the time to fit me in
President: You've always made time for me, even when there was no obvious reason to do so
Alan: Your potential was always obvious
President: How are you doing?
Alan: I could use a few more body parts
President: You look well
Alan: I know you're thinking what could be so important I'd ask you here. So I'll be brief and I'll be blunt. I want your brother off the team
President: I don't understand, you've always been supportive of Wayne
Alan: I was, I'm not anymore
President: [Before Julia enters the room] what's this all about?
Alan: [to Julia] he was wondering why I want to fire Wayne and I thought you should explain
Julia: As you know I've known Wayne for some time. Three years ago when he was president of Alan's company, we spent quite a bit of time together
Alan: Get to it Julia
Julia: Wayne and I became involved
Alan: [to David] they had an affair, while I was recuperating from the stroke. That's how your brother thanked me
Alan: [to Julia] go on
Julia: We saw each other for a year, before you asked him to join your Administration. Then we broke it off
President: Hold on, if you knew about this, why didn't you say something?
Alan: I didn't. I just found out recently, did you know David? Did you keep it from me too?
President: Of course not. I can hardly believe it's even true
Julia: It's true
Julia: [to Alan] I told you how sorry I am
Alan: [Irritated] you can go
Alan: I waited for you to come to Los Angeles so I can do this face to face. I gave your brother my company and he took my wife. Now I'm taking away his job
President: Wayne is my Chief of Staff, my closest friend, I trust him
Alan: I don't and neither should you, his dishonest. I think you agree that you wouldn't be where you are without my support over the years. I've never asked for anything in return but I'm asking you now: fire Wayne
President: I'm sorry, I can't do that
Alan: I'm disappointed, not surprised and you know me well enough not to be surprised if there are repercussions
President: I hope you're not threatening me
Alan: I don't make threats, I just tell it like it is

President: Listen to me. All of you. I know you're not in the same room with me but you can see and hear me plainly enough. Take a good look. Do I seem scared? Am I breaking into a nervous sweat? Am I babbling? At a loss for words? Is my voice shaking? Can any one of you look me in the eye and tell me I'm disabled?

Military: [Giving a presentation to the President] we've reduced the likelihood on some of the targets: we're left with six probable sectors. There's the harbor, port of Los Angeles. It's one of the busiest ports in the world. The strike there would knock out infrastructure
Lynne: [Whispers to him] I'm sorry to interrupt Mr. President, the Ambassador is about to land
President: Has there been any communication while he was in route?
Lynne: No, not since this morning when he decided to come here
President: Is he alone?
Lynne: No, he's being accompanied by Farhad Salim. The ranking intelligence officer
President: Get me anything new about Second Wave we learned since this morning
Lynne: Yes Sir
President: Is Roger here yet?
Lynne: He's upstairs. Their bringing him up to speed on Rayburn's dismissal
President: Good

Vice: [Through video conference] most of you know Ron Wieland. Ron is one of the most respect national affairs correspondents in the country: he had a very "interesting experience" earlier today
Ron: I was sent to cover President Palmer's environmental speech when I began to sense a bigger story. There were rumors of a terrorist attack on the west coast, possibly involving a nuclear device. Naturally, I kept asking questions, the next thing I know I was called in to talk to the President. He asked me to keep the story "under wraps" until later in the day and then he would give me an exclusive
Vice: And what did you say?
Ron: I told him I'd think it over but as I was leaving the building, I was suddenly grabbed by a Secret Service agent and hustled into a room and I was kept there under guard for several hours
Vice: Did you feel this was a violation of your first Amendment rights as a journalist and as an American citizen?
Ron: Of course
President: Were you harmed in any way or threatened?
Ron: No Sir
President: But you understand the reason you were being detained?
Ron: I assume it was fear if word got out that there was a nuclear threat panic might strike, and people would get hurt
President: Do you think the lives of thousands of citizens are less important than a couple hours of your first Amendment rights?
Ron: No, I don't but under the Bill of Rights, that decision was mine. Not yours Mr. President
Vice: Did you get the feeling that things were a little "out of control" in the Palmer Administration?
President: You're putting words in his mouth
Ron: I did have a sense that President Palmer was out of control
President: I was trying the balance the needs of public safety and Ron Wieland's rights. I offered Ron a deal and he turned me down. Nothing was out of control. I might add I had legal precedent for my action
Vice: Thank you Mr. Wieland. I'd like to ask someone else to testify, he should be ready in a few moments

Lynne: [after watching Roger Stanton arrested] Sir, Mrs. Palmer has been trying to reach you for the last half hour
President: Yes I know
Lynne: She's on line seven waiting right now. I can put her off if you like?
President: [Before Lynn leaves] no, I'll take it
President: [Picking up the phone] yes what is it?
Sherry: Oh thank God, I was just wondering what you decided to do about Roger
President: I'm having him questioned
Sherry: Well, has he admitted to having Jack Bauer's plane shot down?
President: What is your point?
Sherry: My point is I think you should have waited for something more concrete
President: I don't run my decisions past you: not anymore
Sherry: A large part of the intelligence you're basing your decisions on came from me. I think I've earned a seat at the table
President: You're not a member of my staff. You're not a government employee, and you're not my wife
Sherry: That was your decision. Not mine
President: Listen to me, whatever role you're playing here today is on my terms, my timetable. Continue doing what you're doing I'll speak to you soon

Wayne: The situation at the hotel seems to be under control: now SWAT's in place. NHS is there and will start the testing procedures soon
President: Any "sense" that the press picked up on this?
Wayne: No, not so far but they're bound to before long
President: Containing the virus is crucial but containing the story that it was released in the hotel is just as important. If the story breaks, we need a possible cover
Wayne: I'll work up some scenarios
President: Don't use the term "Cordilla virus", people have never heard of it and the unknown creates more fear. Say it's similar to Legionnaires' disease. People are familiar with that and they know it was handled successfully

Roger: [Referring to the Ambassador's request for their intelligence files] you can't give him this information Sir
President: Explain: what's the downside?
Roger: We have agents in that country, right now. Those files would expose their identities
President: Fine. Go through the files and take out anything that would jeopardize our people
Roger: It's a terrible precedent
President: We can't worry about precedent. Not today. Not under the threat of nuclear attack
Roger: I guess my point is I don't trust the Ambassador. We can't ignore the possibility his country is supporting Second Wave
President: [to Lynn] what'd you think?
Lynne: I agree with Roger. I think it's too risky

President: Anything from Jack Bauer?
Mike: Not that I've heard
President: I know you think delaying the military response is the wrong call
Mike: Only because you're relying on a single source
President: Jack Bauer says he has evidence that we're being manipulated into this war: I have to give him the opportunity to produce the proof
Mike: If there was anything I could say to change your mind?
President: There isn't. Look, I know this is an unpopular decision, even though you don't agree either. You standing by me means a great deal. Send Lynne into my office. She's going to help me draft my statement
Mike: I'll see if I can find her
President: What'd you mean?
Mike: She wasn't feeling well. She took a few minutes downtime last I heard
President: That's fine. Let her rest. I'll go over it with Jenny

President: Are all agencies up to speed on this?
Gerry: Yes Sir, we're coordinating with them to put a net around the virus
President: What about the Mexican government?
Gerry: Full cooperation, they've given us a free hand
Wayne: [after opening the door to his office] Mr. President, may I please have a word?
President: [to Gerry, implying he should leave] thank you
Gerry: Yes Sir
Wayne: Thanks Gerry
Wayne: I just got off the phone with Sullivan: his pulling his vote
President: How many Senators have we lost?
Wayne: Three, all protégés of Milliken's. David, I'm sorry but unless Milliken calls off his dogs, we're not going to get health care passed
President: Sabotaging a bill that can benefit millions of people
Wayne: And what his doing is showing you not only he has the power to start your political career but also he the power to put an end to it. David you can't afford to lose this debate and fail at getting the most important legislation of your Presidency through, we'd be handing Keeler this election
President: We haven't lost the Senate vote yet
Wayne: We will, unless you give into his demands and fire me, you will. David you don't have a choice here
President: I told you before, that's not an option
Wayne: Listen, I know you want to do the "right thing" by me but I'm the one who made this mistake. My affair with Milliken's wife was stupid and wrong
President: Yes it was but what his trying to do is worse, for personal revenge his willing to kill a piece of legislation that's good for this country. We can't let that happen, there has to be a way to get to him

Rosalind: [Bull leaves the two alone on the roof] He knows he's not supposed to leave you alone with me.
James: 'Cause you might let me go?
Rosalind: Because I might throw you off the roof!

President: [During a briefing] five hours ago I went public with a statement that there was a domestic terror threat: but it had passed and now it appears that was premature. Ladies and gentlemen, do we or do we not have a threat of this virus being released?
Brad: Sir, I'm afraid we can't answer that with any kind of certainty
President: What can you tell me Mr. Hammond?
Brad: What few leads we have indicate Michael Amador has the virus and is in Los Angeles. For what purpose, we can't say
President: Then we have to prepare for defensive action here in Los Angeles and for that matter, for all of our major cities
Joseph: [Through video conference] Mr. President, you know our position here at Homeland Security. We think being forth right with the public and making such preparations in the open is the correct course
President: Again, we have to access the downside of that course
Joseph: I have no problem with that Mr. President as long as we realize we're working against the clock
President: I want all departments present to work up an open versus containment strategy and report back to me in thirty minutes. In the meantime, I want Health Services to issue "guidelines" but only to be distributed internally, that is all. I'll be in my office

President: Oh, there's my doctor, how are you?
Wayne: [to their campaign staff] alright everyone let's break for a few minutes please
Dr. Anne Packard: I'm fine how his been?
Wayne: Seems a little tired
President: I am not tired: I'm just a little jetlagged
Dr. Anne Packard: How's this going?
President: I'm definitely winning the run-through
Dr. Anne Packard: [after taking his blood pressure] one thirty over eighty
Wayne: [Before stepping aside to answer a phone call] good
Dr. Anne Packard: How tired?
President: I'm fine
Dr. Anne Packard: We haven't done a work up on you in a while, I'd really like to...
President: [Interrupts her] no, no tests, you start looking for something and you don't stop until you find it. I'm fine
Dr. Anne Packard: Ok when you get back to DC, I want you to have a complete physical. Doctor's orders
President: Yes ma'am
Wayne: Anne, I need him alone for a minute
Dr. Anne Packard: His all yours
President: What is it?
Wayne: I just received a very disturbing phone call from Health Services, seems they found a body here in Los Angeles that's been infected with a extremely contagious and deadly virus, now this is not just a random occurrence
President: Meaning what?
Wayne: Meaning CTU is looking into that could be a criminal action
President: Criminal action? Based on this one death?
Wayne: I don't know the details but it has to do with in which the body was found
President: Keep your eye on this one

Gerry: [after entering the room with Wayne standing nearby] Mr. President, Helen Stupen from the LA Times just called my office, she was just asking about some kind of "toxic accident" at the Chandler Plaza Hotel and if it was connected to the Red alert?
President: What exactly did she say?
Gerry: Not much: she was "fishing"
Gerry: [Noticing David glances to Wayne] Mr. President, I appreciate you need to keep certain things from me but this story will get out and when it does, I'll need to have answers
Wayne: Gerry's right, the sooner we bring him into the loop, the better he can help with the press
Wayne: [after David nods to Wayne, giving him approval to tell him about the infection at the Chandler Plaza Hotel] a weaponized virus was released into that hotel's ventilation system
Gerry: [Shocked] oh my God
Gerry: [to David] when will you go public with this?
President: Once we're sure the virus has been contained and there's no longer a threat
Gerry: And how certain are you that it will be contained?
President: We're doing everything possible

Penelope: Your wife died?
God: No, she's just in her own universe.
Penelope: [unaware who she's really talking to] Isn't that just how relationships fall apart?

Lynne: [Referring to the flying the bomb into the desert] it's a suicide mission
President: [Stands up in disappointment] why can't we push the bomb out the side door of the plane?
Mike: It's too imprecise: if the pilot is flying low enough to insure accuracy, he would be killed by the blast anyway
Mike: One man dies Mr. President, to ensure the safety of millions
President: [Immediately calls Jack] Jack,
Jack: Mr. President
President: [Telling which option he chose] the desert
Jack: Yes Sir
President: My people tell me the pilot has to die
Jack: CTU came to the same conclusion. The bomb has to be put down on specific coordinates. I'm sorry Mr. President there isn't another way

Sherry: [Over the phone] no, Karen that does me no good. Ron Wieland has a source inside this administration and I need to know who. Fine, get to me with that
Sherry: [to David after he walks in and turns off the television] what's going on?
President: You tell me
Sherry: What does that mean?
President: Ron Wieland's been contained for six hours: ten minutes after you met with him, someone let him out
Sherry: And you think it was me? Even if I had the resources which I don't, why in God's name would I want Ron Wieland to cause a panic, especially today?
President: I don't know
Sherry: I had nothing to do with this. I swear on the lives of our children

God: The funny thing about miracles... is that they happen every day.

President: [while they watch footage of Roger Stanton being tortured] enough! This should end this discussion here and now. Yes I had Roger Stanton tortured, it was a horrible thing to do and God knows I hated doing it but just as I suspected he knew about the bomb. You've just seen it for yourselves
Roger: I was strapped to a chair and thousands of volts of electricity passed through my body every few seconds. I'm not proud of it but I guess I did what most of you would: I cracked. I told the President what he wanted to hear, that I knew about the bomb
President: You told me more than that Roger. You told me about the corral snake team, you told me the bomb was at Norton Airfield. Information we collaborated very quickly
Roger: I don't know what you're talking about Mr. President
President: Mr. Prescott, play the rest of the tape
Vice: [Confused] there is no rest of the tape
President: What?
Vice: That's all I have
President: That can't be. I was in that room for another ten minutes
Vice: Well, this is all that was transferred by the OC Mr. President, we did ask for everything
President: There must be some kind of mistake, or deliberate sabotage. Mr. Stanton had a whole lot more to say than what was just said on that tape
Secretary: Mr. President, couldn't Agent Simmons verify what your telling us?
President: No, I sent him out of the room, but the fact remains Roger Stanton told me about the corral snake team. He told me about the location of the bomb. Where else could that information could come from?
Roger: We have many intelligence agencies Mr. President, thousands of agents combing the planet. It could've come from anywhere, just know it didn't come from me
President: That's a lie and you know it. Tell them Mike
Mike: I only know what the Mr. President told me. I wasn't in the room
Vice: Mr. Stanton, thank you again. Legally you will remain in custody as President Palmer has ordered and until this matter is resolved
Roger: I understand
Vice: Mr. President, do you have any evidence you would like to present, please do so now
President: The testimony given here so far is inaccurate and incomplete. Roger Stanton is directly responsible for placing a nuclear weapon on US soil. I have evidence that proves it but you've given me no time. While my behavior may have been extreme, I was just responding to the extremities of today's events. Make no mistake, if we unleash our military power on nations later proved innocent, it will rank as one of the most despicable acts in history. Any chance for peace in the Middle East will be banished forever. Even if it costs American lives in the future, we must delay the attack until we're certain of our ground
Vice: Excuse me Mr. President, I just received an urgent message from CTU Division Chief Ryan Chappelle. Apparently Jack Bauer has evidence he claims the Cypress audio was forged. The evidence is being reviewed at CTU right now and Mr. Chappelle says the analysis should be completed in the next few minutes. Considering the potential impact this evidence will have on these proceedings, I think it's come upon us to wait

President: [after entering the room where Roger is being tortured] ready to tell me everything I need to know?
President: [to Simmons after Roger remains silent, referring to continuing the torturing] continue
Roger: [Before the President leaves] I knew about the bomb: weeks ago
President: [to Ted, implying he should leave them alone to talk privately] thank you Simmons
President: What'd you mean "knew"?
Roger: We let it in the country. We tracked it all the way. We allowed it to sneak through Customs, we allowed the Second Wave terrorist cell to operate unimpeded
President: God, Roger, a nuclear bomb?
Roger: There was no chance that it was ever going to go off. he Special Ops team were following it every step of the way
President: Colonel Samuels' team?
Roger: Yeah, the mission was to take the bomb out of play, at the last possible moment
President: What're you trying to do? Start a war with the Middle East?
Roger: No
President: [Raises his voice] then what?
Roger: Your defense policy, is too passive
President: Trying to hijack my Presidency
Roger: No, trying to give it some balls
President: Call your Special Ops team, tell them to secure the bomb now
Roger: They went "dark", three hours ago, they're not accepting any incoming communications until the mission's complete
President: Then where were they?
President: [Raises his voice] where were they?
Roger: Norton Airfield, Los Angeles

President: Tell me everything you know about Colonel Ron Samuels from Fort Benning?
Roger: I don't know anything about Colonel Samuels
President: What about a special Ops unit from down there called Coral Snake?
Roger: No Sir: nothing
President: How could NSA be funding a paramilitary group and you not know about?
Roger: Well, without knowing specifics, I really can't say for sure. My guess is that the Department of Defense has used some of their "discretionary" resources, attached our name for budgetary reasons. It happens all the time
President: That's absurd. NSA is information gathering only. They have no military mandate
Roger: I assume that this Coral Snake group, like many others we see falls under somebody's "pet project". It's funded on the side
President: How would you know that? A minute ago you told me you've never heard of them
Roger: I'm just conjecturing from past experience. I have no concrete information. Let me look into it
President: You do that

Mike: Sir, Cat Nanski at the National Guard wants to know what tactical rules set you want to follow?
President: What are they on now?
Lynne: Containment only: allowing minor misdemeanors to go unchallenged
President: That's unacceptable. I want the law enforced, tell them to start making arrests and taking people in
Mike: Sir, if you declare a curfew, you can start pulling every one of them in before this thing gets out of control
President: It's a good idea, do it. Tell Nanski we're not afraid of taking action
Lynne: [Before leaving the conference] yes Sir
Mike: What would help more than anything is your voice. You need talk directly to the people
President: I know. Tell Jenny I'll be down in a few minutes

Alan: [Over the phone] what do you want?
Wayne: You know I always thought you had more balls than to threaten me through my brother but you can't talk to me man to man?
Alan: I don't owe you an explanation. You slept with my wife
Wayne: That's between you and me
Alan: Fine. Step down, then it all goes away
Wayne: That's not your decision
Alan: We'll see
President: [Surprising Wayne by walking up behind him] who are you talking to?
Wayne: Alan Milliken
President: The hell you think you're doing?
Wayne: [Before handing David the phone] cleaning up my own mess
President: Hello Alan
Alan: That brother of yours is going to be your undoing
President: I am not firing my brother
Alan: That's too bad
President: And I have no intention on losing my health care bill. I spent two years putting it together
Alan: Except your three votes short last time I checked, you better brace yourself for some disappointment
President: I don't want to go to war with you
Alan: It's your choice Mr. President
President: The choice you're giving me is unacceptable, there has to be another way to work this out
Alan: On any other issue I'd bend over backwards for you: not on this one
President: Then you have only yourself to blame for the consequences and I promise you, you won't like them

President: Are we narrowing things down the wrong way? I mean are we making any head way?
Eric: It's too soon to tell
President: Too soon? Aren't we operating under the assumption this bomb could go off at any moment?
Eric: What can I say Mr. President I've never been sanguine about our chances of stopping it, not with just a few hours warning
President: What does that suppose to mean?
Eric: I'm not going to give up Sir. Every protocol is being followed, every resource is being tapped but if I were you I'd give serious thought about what your plan of action will be if in fact we have a detonation. So I still feel a discussion with the Pentagon this morning is in order
President: Alright, thanks
Eric: Yes Sir

President: Mr. Prescott, there seems to be a collective feeling that a discussion is called for. In the interest in putting this behind us, I'll agree on one condition. When it's over, if I'm supported you tender your resignation as vice president of this country.
Vice: Very well, Mr. President.
Secretary: I, uh, suggest we all take a few minutes to compose ourselves and, uh, then get on with the proceeding.
President: Let's not mince words, Mr. Secretary. You mean the trial of David Palmer.

President: [Over the phone] Mr. Almeida, I just heard you lost Stephen Saunders: is that true?
Tony: Yes Sir, unfortunately it is
President: I thought CTU was certain of his location? What happened?
Tony: We're looking into it now Sir
President: Does Saunders know we're holding his daughter?
Tony: Yes Sir he does and she's obviously very important to him
President: Is Jane Saunders there with you right now?
Tony: No, she's on her way here Sir
President: Mr. Almeida, I don't have to remind you how much security we're going to need around her today. She is the only thing standing between us and Stephen Saunders controlling the government
Tony: Yes Mr. President, we're aware of that
President: [Before hanging up] Good, keep me posted
Tony: Yes Sir, thank you Sir

President: I'm the president Mike. You do not call me by my first name.

President: [Referring to killing Syed Ali's family if he doesn't give them the location of the bomb] I can't let you do this
Jack: Sir, Ali was willing to take his own life to complete his mission: his only vulnerability is his family
President: That will not be the official policy of this country to kill innocent children
Jack: Sir, the actual killing would take place in his country. You would not have to be involved. This would be a field decision
President: [Before hanging up] the decision is final. I'm sorry
Jack: [Pretending to be still talking to the President in front of Ali to coerce him into giving them the location of the bomb] I understand Mr. President. No, I do not think there's another alternative. I know it's a difficult decision Sir. Yes Sir. Thank you for your support Mr. President

Vice: [to David through video conference] the Cabinet has annulled its earlier action. I've instructed Secret Service to resume its charge of serving you: as President of the United States
President: [With Mike and Jenny sitting nearby] I see
Vice: And also I've tendered my resignation effective immediately and those members who voted against you have also agreed to resign
President: Jim, gentlemen, and ladies. We came dangerously close to war today, that all of us reacted emotionally to the nuclear detonation is understandable but leaders are required to have patience beyond human limits. The kind of action we nearly took should only be exercised after all other avenues have been exhausted, after the strictest standard of proof has been met. By casting me aside so quickly, you have lowered those standards and that was a profound mistake. It was not however a mistake you're likely to make again. Therefore I do not accept your resignation, we have a nation to heal today and all of you play a vital role in that healing process
Vice: Mr. President, I don't know what to say
President: There's nothing to say. We have work to do, that'll be all
President: [to Jenny] I want you to set up a press conference
Jenny: When?
President: As soon as you can make it happen but I want it public. I want to speak to the people directly, they deserve my assurance
Jenny: Yes Sir
President: [to Mike] I want to thank you for calling CTU in the eleventh hour
Mike: Of course Mr. President
President: But you should've been there with me to the end. That's what I expected of you, that's why I appointed you. I'm relieving you of your post, effective immediately
Mike: Yes Mr. President

Wayne: I went to see Julia
President: What?
Wayne: Just to see if she'd help us with Alan
President: And?
Wayne: She said no: listen I've been thinking and you don't have an alternative here, this is my mess. I'll take the heat, let me resign
President: I may ask you to when this is over but it won't be because Milliken is forcing my hand. Wayne, I've been doing some thinking too and there is alternative. If Milliken wants to play dirty, we'll have to lower ourselves to his level
Wayne: By doing what?
President: [Asking him to leave the room] give me a moment
President: [Calling Sherry] I need your help
Sherry: Alright, I'm listening
President: I'm downtown. I need to see you tonight. I can't say much over the phone, it's about Alan Milliken
Sherry: Fine
President: I'll send a car

David: [Talking privately] Sir, I have reason to believe your security chief may preempting your decision to hand Jack Bauer over to the Chinese
President: Preempting me, how?
David: By killing him before they can take custody
President: [Amused] oh for God's sake David, Cummings was just speaking hypothetically: you can't take that at face value. Besides, I told him it wasn't an option
David: All I'm asking Sir if for you to talk to Cummings and make sure he understands your order
President: I can't indulge some half baked conspiracy...
David: [Interrupts him] I think I've earned the "privilege" of having my concerns taken seriously
President: You have: it's also no secret your Presidency was "infected" with a certain level of paranoia and scandal. I won't allow that in my Administration. Questioning my security chief would not only undermine his authority, it would compromise mine as well
David: "Hear no evil"
President: I beg your pardon?
David: [Sternly] you heard me
President: [Before Palmer leaves without saying a word] thank you for your assistance today but it's time for you to go back to civilian life and let me do my job

President: [after hanging up the phone] Jack ok?
Mike: [Referring to apprehending Nina Meyers] yes, they got to Nina before she could shoot
President: What about her?
Mike: Just as you requested: she wasn't seriously hurt. Sir, their awaiting your orders. Do you want her taken back to prison?
President: No, we'll honor our original deal. I'll pardon her for the charges of the murder and treason as soon as we can confirm her information
Mike: In the meantime, where do you want her?
President: Los Angeles. Let her share the fate of everyone she's endangered
Mike: [Before leaving] yes Sir

General: Our planes are currently over the Atlantic: the first of them will be reaching their targets in just under three hours
President: Are the pilots' communications possible?
General: COMM is open to them. Planes can be ordered back at any time
President: Good
General: Sir, I don't know if anyone's told you, the sooner we can lock this mission down, the more comfortable the Joint Chiefs will be with it
President: Well, my job is not to make the Joint Chiefs comfortable. Thank you, that will be all
Mike: [while walking into the conference room] Mr. President, there's been a development in Murrieta, the National Guard took on a more aggressive posture at our request but the disturbance got more than they could handle
President: What happened?
Lynne: Two people were killed Sir. The National Guard started shooting rubber bullets into the crowd and there were two fatal hits. One of the victims was a leader of the dissent and...
President: And?
Lynne: And the other was a young boy Sir. He was Middle Eastern and he was from one of the families we were trying to protect
President: [Stands up in disappointment] what's going on now?
Mike: They've made some arrests but the crowd is still moving. Now we might want to think about taking a step back. Maybe the presence of the National Guard is making it worse
Lynne: If we step back now, those families will be left completely unprotected
Mike: Yeah
President: A young boy, what was his name?
Lynne: I don't know Sir
President: The boy had a name, find out
Lynne: [Before leaving] indeed I will Sir
Mike: [Walking up to him] it was a tragic accident
President: Tell the National Guard to hold their ground. I want that neighborhood protected. I want order restored
Mike: Yes Sir

President: [to Sherry] tell Mike what you told me
Sherry: There's a back channel communications network that the CIA used to call OP-COM: it's been shut down for over twenty years. Last month NSA was given orders to resurrect it. It was an "eyes only" order issued by Roger Stanton
Mike: [Referring to the amount evidence to arrest Roger] I'm not sure if that's enough
President: By itself, it's not. Unless Roger used call OP-COM to contact Colonel Samuels in the last few hours
Mike: [to David] my source is checking on that now
President: [to mike] call the Attorney General. Start working on this from the legal side. If we find this connection, we'll move on it, and have Stanton arrested

President: I know why you want me dead, Mr. Bauer.
Jack: Want you dead, Senator? I don't know what you're talking about.
President: Kosovo!
Jack: Kosovo?
President: I know you hold me responsible for the men you lost there. Two years ago today.
Jack: You know about Operation Nightfall?
President: I authorized the mission. I know you took out Victor Drazen and his inner circle, and I know you lost six men in the process.
Jack: And you think I want revenge for the death of men?
President: Yes, I do.
Jack: With all due respect, Senator, I almost died today trying to protect you! And if I blame anyone for the death of my men in Kosovo, sir, I blame myself!

Mike: I know you believe my actions during your term in Office amounted to a "personal" act of political betrayal
David: It's not something I "believe". Its fact: get to your point
Mike: If my presence here makes it more difficult for you, say the word and I'll leave
David: You're "wired" into this Administration and I have no doubt that you have this country's best interest at heart. So for now let's bygones be bygones and get to work
Mike: [Shakes his hand] thank you Mr. President, I appreciate that
David: I reviewed the briefing materials on the way here, have Army Reserves supplement the search teams looking for the warhead in Iowa and have DOT and DOD coordinating on crisis response in case it's detonated
Mike: Yes Sir
David: CTU is heading up the search for the man who stole the warhead, Habib Marwan?
Mike: Yes they recovered a damaged videotape of Marwan's last known location: they're in the process of restoring it but Marwan is not CTU's only lead on the warhead now
David: What else do they have?
Mike: CTU analyst named Chloe O'Brian secured a hard drive belonging to one of Marwan's associates. This hard drive may contain information that can lead us to the warhead

President: [Talking privately] and what did CTU have to say?
Wayne: That it could be a very dangerous situation. Almeida sent me a breakdown of what could happen if this virus is released and it's not good
President: Give CTU carte blanche. Whatever they need, make sure they get it
Wayne: I did
President: We should cancel the debate
Wayne: What?
President: It's a mistake to continue prepping for tonight while there's an imminent bio terrorist threat against this country
Wayne: First of all, "we" don't know if it's imminent and you know just as well as I do that we get threats every day
President: Not like this one. They said the body was infected with a weaponized virus
Wayne: Ok let's say you're right: what do you really think you can do when you put your full attention on it?
President: I just want to make sure that you're not advising me out of fear that my image will suffer if we cancel
Wayne: Oh, no it will suffer but I still think the best thing to do is to proceed as planned and respond when we have more information

President: [Over the phone] the man I spoke to, who controls this virus, why did he use you to get to me?
Jack: I wish I could answer that Sir: he says he knows me but we haven't able to ascertain a positive identification, the only thing I can tell you is that within the last hour he was in Los Angeles
President: He made it clear he intends to use the threat of releasing the virus to control me and through me the entire apparatus of our government. Obviously, we cannot let that happen
Jack: I understand Sir
President: Find him
Jack: We're doing everything we can. I'll keep in touch

[Crying] I think amenadiel might like to hear that, too.
- I already told him.
- It was an emotional round of golf.
- Time to go. My universe needs me.
God: Oh!
- Thank you, son.

Stephen: [Over the phone] good, you're using your new phone: consider it our private line and as no doubt you have been informed, don't bother tracing my calls
President: What'd you want?
Stephen: Within the next half hour, you'll hold a televised press conference
President: About what?
Stephen: Space program, price of wheat. It's entirely up to you but at some point, you will use the phrase "The sky is falling." You can use it however you like Mr. President but use it
President: [to Wayne, after hanging up with Saunders] he wants me to hold a press conference, on what it doesn't matter. Just use the phrase "The sky is falling"
Wayne: Maybe it's a signal of some sort, maybe for an attack or a wave of attacks
President: Maybe it's a signal to show his in control
Wayne: Either way, you can't do it. You can't give him that kind of power
President: You saw what that virus does
Wayne: I read the file, yeah
President: A thousand people are dying as we speak, not just in a file but in real life right here in Los Angeles
Wayne: I realize that but the problem...
President: [interrupts him] if I don't do what this man says, it will be millions. This will buy us some time, maybe CTU can find this manic before things get out of hand. Call a press conference

General: Casualty estimates in the initial air campaign are minimal: a dozen at the most
Lynne: What about the ground campaign?
General: There are numerous scenarios, depending on obviously how long the campaign lasts, if chemical or biological weapons are deployed against our troops which frankly I think they will be
President: Ok taking all that into account, and then give me a number General
General: Simultaneous ground assault against the three countries which lasts five weeks which will result in ten to thirty thousand American casualties
President: [after rubbing his head] and if China and Russia enters the conflict against us?
General: There's no "outer limit" to that Mr. President but it's an unlikely scenario. They'll want to insinuate themselves to control the oil fields

President: [Over the speakerphone with Wayne nearby] you want me to pardon this man's son? A convicted murderer?
Sherry: I know I'm asking a lot but unless you pardon Kelly's son for that crime, his not going to help us
President: And how exactly is he going to help us?
Sherry: Twelve years ago Kelly was paid off not to come forward as a witness against Milliken
President: What did he witness?
Sherry: Milliken killing his daughter while driving drunk, then drove off: a hit and run. Kelly was the only one who saw it then Milliken's people got to him before the police report was filed
President: And he'll swear to this?
Sherry: All you have to do is pardon his son, his name is Patrick Kelly. His already served four years of a life sentence
President: I don't know, I'll have to get back to you on this
Sherry: Just hurry ok?
President: [after hanging up] what'd you think?
Wayne: You know what I think, you shouldn't be involved in this. Give into Milliken and accept my resignation and he'll back off...
President: [Interrupts him] I told you I am not Milliken's puppet and I will not let him dictate my decisions
Wayne: Right but you'll let your ex-wife grant a quid pro quo pardon to a convicted murderer? She's been back in your life for only a few hours and look what's happening
President: I would think you would be in favor of what she's proposing?
Wayne: [Surprised] of what? Abusing the power of your office? Absolutely not. Absolutely not, it is wrong
President: When you wanted me to pay hush money to Anne's ex-husband, that was justified?
Wayne: You know I have your best interest at heart, you know that
President: Your loyalty which I am grateful for, does not change the fact when someone wants to get down in the mud, the only way to fight back is to get down with them
Wayne: So you're going to grant the pardon?
President: I don't know what I'm going to

President: [Through video conference] let's get on with the vote
Vice: Members of the Cabinet: you've been presented with the evidence, you know what's at stake. Those of you who believe the President is able to continue in Office, will vote "yes", those of you who believe he isn't, vote "no." Mr. Novick will conduct the voice poll. The numbers will be reflected up on the screen

Deputy: [Over the phone] thank for taking my call Mr. President, the Prime Minister wants to express his outrage and horror for what has occurred
President: Thank you
Deputy: That you found the bomb in time is truly a miracle
President: I'm not sure I believe in "miracles" Sir. My people are very good at what they do
Deputy: Yes indeed they are
President: I'm sure you're aware that we've arrested one of your citizens with connection to the bomb: Syed Ali
Deputy: An outlaw, his eluded us for years. Expect our full cooperation for his prosecution and punishment
President: I'd expect nothing less
Deputy: I realize that we've had our differences and today have been an especially trying day but we are both fighting the same battle. My government remains dedicated to the destruction of Second Wave as well as any other terrorist organization that "may" have been responsible for this atrocity
President: That's good to know
Deputy: Mr. President, I understand you will be under a great deal of political pressure to respond to what has happened. I am confident that you'll have the strength to resist that pressure
President: If you're concerned about a "rush to judgment", you needn't be. We're merely gathering evidence
Deputy: I appreciate your candor Mr. President
President: And I appreciate your solidarity Deputy Prime Minister
Deputy: Of course
President: You'll hear from me soon

Mike: You wanted to see me Sir?
President: Yes, close the door please. Have a seat: I've been feeling a little disconnected from my people in the last hour
Mike: Mr. President, I've been trying to manage the Joint Chiefs and Homeland Security. if you want me closer...
President: [Interrupts him] not you. Back in Washington
Mike: Who?
President: Prescott. I think his avoiding me
Mike: With what we've been through in the last eighteen hours, I'm certain his just being pulled in ten directions
President: We were and in some ways we are still on the brink of war. I'm the Commander in Chief, when I call, there's only one direction
Mike: [Before leaving] absolutely. I'll get him on the phone right away
President: Do that, this statement that Jenny made a pass on is not working
Mike: What's the problem?
President: The facts aren't updated and I don't think Jenny been apprised of everything. I want Lynne to go over it
Mike: Why don't you give it to me? I'll get it to her
President: Thank you

Mike: [after entering the room and closing the door behind him] the Joints Chiefs are revising their material estimate between ten and twenty percent: this is good news Sir
President: None of this is good news
Mike: General Bowden is ready to walk you through the strategy stemming
President: I need a few more minutes
Mike: How long should I tell him?
President: When I'm ready
Mike: What is it Mr. President?
President: The telephone conversation I had with Jack Bauer keeps playing inside my head. I'm worried we may be moving too fast
Mike: Mr. President, your ability to analyze situations is your strongest asset. But it's also your greatest liability
President: I don't want to make a mistake that our children and their children will have to pay for
Mike: Sir, we have evidence that has been confirmed by every military and intelligence on the payroll
President: Everyone except Jack Bauer
Mike: It's natural for you to be having doubts right now. I'd be worried if you weren't having doubts but when the public learns what happens, they'll want a decisive response. They'll demand it
President: We're not responding to anybody's blood lust
Mike: No Sir. We're not. We're responding because three countries colluded with a terrorist group to explode a bomb on our soil and we have proof
President: And what if the proof is a lie?
Mike: It isn't
President: Are you sure?

Senator: The differences on the issues are clear: but I don't think you elect a platform, you elect the man. And I frankly are troubled by some of the choices this President has made and continues to make. We're all aware of the allegations and indictments surrounding the President's former wife. Most of us have operated under the assumption, the President would not repeat his history of associating with persons of "questionable" moral character. However, my office has just learned that the woman the President is currently involved with Dr. Anne Packard is accused to help fabricate the results of a clinical drug trial. A drug later lead to the deaths of three innocent people...
President: [Interrupts him] this is outrageous. This debate is not a court of law nor is it a tabloid paper, this is neither the time nor the place to launch a personal attack on a private citizen...
Moderator: [Interrupts him] Mr. President, the Senator still has thirty more seconds, please
Senator: This is exactly the right time because I believe the choices your leaders make in their own lives reflect the choices they will make on your behalf. So the question remains: did the President know of these accusations and choose to ignore them or is he repeating past mistakes once again?
Moderator: Mr. President, your rebuttal?
President: I can tell you with complete confidence that the Senator's accusation is false and I believe it is the Senator's way of avoiding the issues at hand. Now I came here tonight to discuss the real issues pressing our country
Senator: I do not think this is something to be swept under the rug and forgotten

God: I guess you get your denial from your father.
Lucifer: What denial? Kidding. Mostly.

President: So, Saunders knows we have his daughter?
Wayne: Yeah, found out about five minutes ago
President: How did he react?
Wayne: Broke off communication. The good news is CTU has a position on Saunders and is sending in teams now
President: What's our confidence level?
Wayne: This man knows our system: our protocols. His going to be tough to corner
President: Stay on top of our emergency response teams, the abduction of his daughter may have made things worse

President: I can't wait for Ellis to get back to us. I've got to go.
Jack: Senator, they're not going to let me continue to work here. I am technically still under arrest.
President: Come on.
[They exit the conference room, and enter the main CTU floor]
President: Ryan!
Ryan: Yes, Senator?
President: I understand you have Jack under arrest.
Jack: I told the Senator I was being detained for questioning.
President: There is an ongoing crisis that supersedes any charges that might be filed against him.
Ryan: But Senator...
President: I want him reinstated to his previous position, effective immediately.
Alberta: I'm sorry, sir, but you don't have the authority to make that decision.
Ryan: Alberta, please.
[Alberta stares at Palmer, then backs off]
Ryan: Sir, what you are asking isn't possible. The charges against Agent Bauer are serious. We would be held in contempt of agency regulations if we reinstated him without a hearing.
Jack: Ryan, you don't have to reinstate me. Not permanantly. Look, nobody here has as much information about this situation as I do. Give me provisional status, just till the end of the day. Then you can take me back into custody, do whatever you want.
[pause; Chappelle looks at Palmer]
Ryan: Fine, Jack. You work the case out of CTU, but you answer to me. Good luck with your campaign, Senator.
[Chappelle walks off]
Jack: Thank you.
[Jack stares at Green. Palmer then pulls Jack aside]

Eric: What're you doing?
Eric: [Rushing to speak to the President] it was you wasn't it? You told Jenny to keep the President away from me
Eric: I spared the President from a no win situation
Lynne: The people did not elect you to make that choice
Eric: It's too late
Lynne: [Before trying to walk away while Eric stands in front of her and grabs her arm] maybe not. Get out of my way
Eric: Don't do this: you do not want me as an enemy, I promise
Lynne: Are you threatening me?
Eric: Just giving you some strong advice
President: [Walking up to them] what's going on?
Lynne: [after Eric remains silent] Jack Bauer called. He said that Wald's crew is planning to blow up CTU. It's a non nuclear strike which suggests there's a secondary target
President: When is this happening?
Lynne: We're not sure, Bauer got cut off
President: Have you contacted CTU?
Eric: That's what we were "debating"
President: "Debating?"
Eric: Right now Wald is our thread to finding the nuke but Bauer hasn't gotten to Wald yet. If we stop Wald's crew they may realize it was Bauer that turned them in. In the mean time, I'm having CTU transfer all their Intel so the only losses would be infrastructure and personnel
President: Those losses are unacceptable
President: [to Lynn] contact CTU immediately
Lynne: Yes Sir

President: [after knocking on his door] come in Eric
Eric: Mr. President, you wanted to see me?
President: Yes, this report seems to be missing a casualty assessment
Eric: I'm having those figures compiled right now. They'll be ready in about ten minutes
President: Alright, thank you Eric
Eric: Mr. President, if I may, I think you need to have a serious conversation with the Pentagon they've been apprised but they need to know how to proceed
President: It's too early to discuss a response. We don't even know who to retaliate against
Eric: You know the Prime Minister was lying?
President: Yes, he was lying about the terrorist camps but that doesn't mean his government was responsible for this terrorist threat
Eric: Mr. President,
President: [Interrupts him] Eric, enough. Right now my only concern is protecting Americans. Somewhere in the city of Los Angeles, there is a terrorist with his finger on the trigger and we've got to get him

[Shen enters the courtyard of his parents' palace]
Shen: Good afternoon, gentlemen... now that we've got the pleasantries out of the way, please leave my house.
Master: *Your* house?
Shen: Yes, didn't you see the peacock on the front door?

Mike: CTU just sent this over: these five groups have all made attempts to attack or sabotage Chinese targets around the globe in the last two year, this group here
David: The People's Freedom Coalition
Mike: They've actually made speeches where they've referenced Lee Jong's involvement with the Chinese nuclear program
David: So an attack on the Consulate and the grab of Lee Jong by this group would be plausible?
Mike: It would allow the Chinese to save face
David: And if the Chinese can't provide proof that we entered the Consulate saving face would be all they need?
Mike: If you want I can start leaking it to the media
David: Do it
President: [after entering the room] David, what've you done?
David: Excuse me Sir?
President: I just got a call from the Secretary of State telling me about a covert action against the Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles?
David: That's correct, I sanctioned it
President: Why would you have done such a thing?
David: It was the only option at the time
President: Don't you know how fragile our relationship with China is right now? You authorized an attack on their Consulate: that's a military engagement
David: A covert not dissimilar to those carried out by countries on a routine basis around the world
President: Don't give me a social studies lesson, we marched onto Chinese soil, we kidnapped one of their nationals, and in the process the Chinese consul was killed
Mike: We were unlucky Sir
President: Unlucky? Yeah I would say we were unlucky, that's the kind of thing that could start a war. Now how am I supposed to be able to find terrorists while I'm provoking a nuclear superpower?
David: I would advise you to calm down if we are going to get through this day. We didn't bring this crisis on ourselves but we're going to be the ones to settle it, this is a dirty business and we're to have to get our hands dirty to clean it up. Now please Mr. President, you brought me here to help you: let me do it

President: [to Lynn, with Mike Novick present] contact the Hill: let them know I'll be calling for an emergency session of Congress. During which I'll be asking for a formal declaration of war

Aaron: [Talking privately] Sir, I'm sorry for "appearing" to overstep my bounds: it's my job to protect you
President: You've been with me from the beginning, you don't have to apologize for doing your job but this crisis will end and the people in this city and this country will be stronger knowing their President stood by them shoulder to shoulder. I'm asking you as a friend and fellow citizen, protect me but here in Los Angeles. Can you do that for me?
Aaron: Yes Sir, for you I can
President: Thank you
Aaron: [while shaking hands] yes Sir

Mike: President Logan will provide Lee with a written guarantee: as long as it remains covert
Mike: [after his silent] Sir? What's wrong?
David: Koo Yin was killed during the course of the abduction
Mike: My God, by one of our own people?
David: No, it must've been friendly fire but it doesn't really matter. If their able to find proof, that we were involved, in the long run the repercussions will be as serious as those we are facing from the terrorists

David: [to Mike] let the Joints Chiefs know of the situation but tell them this should be limited to the intelligence community only
Mike: Sir, if a nuclear missile's been launched, we have to assume Washington is its target
President: What are our options?
Mike: We don't have many: first priority is to establish a continuity of the government and start a quiet evacuation of government personnel in the city
David: [to Mike] bring the Cabinet members and the Speaker of the House to the bunker. Congress and Pentagon should be taken to the mountain safety facility
Mike: Right
David: [Before Mike leaves the room] let them know this is a Category One emergency: tell them nothing more. We can't afford an information leak
President: The public needs to be warned, cities needs to be evacuated
David: Not yet, let's see what Bauer comes up with first

Dr. Anne Packard: We never really finished our conversation. I was just wondering what you had decided
President: Decided about what?
Dr. Anne Packard: The debate: what to do about my ex-husband. I ran into Wayne a few minutes ago. I know his never liked me but this is different. He was avoiding me and I had a feeling I wasn't able to shake
President: What kind of feeling?
Dr. Anne Packard: That you're paying Ted to keep quiet, is that what you're doing?
President: Sometimes you have to do the wrong thing for the right reason
Dr. Anne Packard: How could you reward someone that's threatening you with a lie? It's wrong
President: There are political realities I have to consider if I want to stay in office
Dr. Anne Packard: Tell yourself that if it makes you feel better
President: It doesn't make me feel better, it just happens to be the truth. Anne, I have been in this job for nearly four years and I have learned the hard way that there are no absolutes, sometimes you have to make compromises
Dr. Anne Packard: Politically, yes but when it comes to morality, you have to draw the line
President: I have drawn the line, I'm just standing on different sides
Dr. Anne Packard: You're running scared
President: I'm fighting to stay in office to serve the people that put me here
Dr. Anne Packard: Then face Keeler's lie with the truth and trust the people will be able to tell the difference
President: It's not that easy
Dr. Anne Packard: You've never been about what's easy. You've always been about what's right, it's who you are. That's who the people elected to lead them. For what it's worth, it's who I fell in love with
President: I was trying to protect you
Dr. Anne Packard: Protect me?
President: This won't end with Keeler's allegations. You're going to be in the media's crosshairs
Dr. Anne Packard: I'm used to public scrutiny
President: Not like this. This will be different and much uglier you can imagine
Dr. Anne Packard: [Before walking away] I can defend myself

Dr. Anne Packard: [Referring to Wayne] I may not agree with his bed side manner: but I think his right. You don't need this right now
President: What're you saying?
Dr. Anne Packard: I think we should put our relationship on hold until after the election
President: Whoa, whoa, whoa. First of all, that won't resolve anything. Second of all, I need you
Dr. Anne Packard: Then I'm right here
President: [Before hugging each other] that's my lady

Mike: Sir, are you aware Jack Bauer is threatening the lives of Syed Ali's family?
President: No, where is his family?
Mike: In their own country: CTU has been in contact with security forces and has Ali's family in custody. We just got word that Jack has requested to kill the family one by one until Ali tells us the location of the bomb
President: [after going into his office] would the security forces do this in your estimation?
Mike: Their government is afraid of what we will do in retaliation if the bomb does go off, so yes I think they would
President: Can we let this happen? Condone the murder of innocent people?
Mike: The argument would be that the bomb is an act of war. War inevitably results in civilian causalities
Mike: I don't want a rationale. I don't know of a war where a president knowingly targeted children for assassination
Mike: Compare this to a weapons factory we discovered near a hospital. A situation we have faced, bombing would still be ordered and many more people would be saved by the destruction of the factory. The numbers are even more compelling here. A few people have to die to save millions
President: How could it come to this?

President: [after watching Jack's prerecorded video] keeping me in the dark on a matter of national security is inexcusable
Tony: [Over the phone] we were trying to protect you Sir
President: I know what you were trying to do and it was a mistake: and you and your colleagues will take responsibility for it when this is over
Tony: Yes Sir, I understand
President: Where's Bauer now?
Tony: In Northern Mexico. His setting a meeting between the Salazar's and the Ukrainians who are selling the virus
President: When is this meeting expected to take place?
Tony: In the next few hours Sir. Mr. President, I'm requesting your permission to activate the interdiction plan
President: Under the circumstances I don't have a choice but to say yes Mr. Almeida. But even if this plan works flawlessly, you haven't heard the last of it
President: [to Wayne after he hangs up with Tony] I don't like decisions being taken out of my hands
Wayne: Well, some decisions you want to keep as far away from as you can
President: Not this decision, it's too important. Jack Bauer had no right to keep me out of the loop
Wayne: I disagree. Bauer protected you as he should have now when this is over, you're probably going have to punish him but while you're punishing him know this: he did do the right thing

Alan: [Over the phone, jokingly] are you angry with me?
President: Of course not. I'm not angry with you
Alan: Your first time in LA in three years and you don't even call
President: It's been a bad day
Alan: I know, I've been watching the news. I don't want to add to your burdens but I'd like to come by and see you
President: See me?
Alan: I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important. I know you're busy, after all you are the President of the United States
President: In a large part, thanks to you. I'll come to you, I'll be there in fifteen minutes
Alan: Thank you. One more thing: as a personal favor to me, I'm asking you not to bring Wayne
President: May I ask why?
Alan: I have something I'd ask in person
President: [Before hanging up] alright

President: [During a press conference with Mike Novick standing nearby] you've been told by a well respected member of the press: Mr. Ron Wieland that there is an imminent terrorist threat leveled at this country. That is true as far as that goes. The fact is we get a dozen such threats each day. Do I know more than I publicly reveal? Of course. What is released to the public is a matter of judgment and you have elected me to exercise that judgment in the best interests of this country. That's what I've done when I took office. That's what I'm doing today and I assure you that we have the situation well in control and there is no cause for alarm. Thank you

President: [During a meeting with his senior advisers] gentlemen and ladies: considering the crisis we face today, I felt it was prudent to enlist the help of ex-President Palmer
Jennie: In what capacity Sir?
President: Excuse me?
Don: Sir, everybody in this room has a title and a specific function, exactly what "position" will President Palmer be occupying?
David: I'm here "solely" as an adviser, not only to the President, but to anyone else here who requests my counsel
President: [to Don] President Palmer is outside the chain of command is what you're asking?
Don: I'm just asking for clarification Sir
President: The missile carrying the nuclear warhead was launched from a location in central Iowa, it's becoming more and more "likely" that the target is on or near one of the coasts
Jennie: It's clearly going to be New York or DC: why aren't we evacuating those two cities?
David: I disagree Jennie. It's not clear, and if you start to evacuate these two cities, then you may have unauthorized mass exodus of Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Atlanta. That's a situation the President shouldn't be dealing with
Don: [to Palmer] maybe the "President" should be telling us that himself?
President: [to Don] Mr. Speaker, I've discussed this option with a number of my domestic experts, including President Palmer and that's my assessment as well
Don: What about air defense? We're going to stand by and let the airspace over these cities remain undefended?
David: We have a limited number of F-18's intercepting jets at our disposal: they need to be augmenting the search for this missile, and not deployed in a "wait and see" mode
Don: Mr. Palmer, I'm sure we all appreciate your desire to help but the Constitution has determined who the decision maker should be at this time, I think your overstepping your bounds
David: In the first place, it's "Mr. President" Don, and it is the "content" of my statement you should be addressing...
President: [Interrupts him] David, it's true, you are to be addressed as "President", it's an expression of respect but not a functional title
David: I understand that Sir but you have to understand I've been through this crisis before
President: Yes, but "we" are here now. The appointed and lawful representatives of the people of the United States
David: Mr. President, I would... .
President: [Interrupts him] David, there will be no more discussion on this matter, your point has been taken, however, Ashton has made a good point and I want to address his concerns
David: Perhaps it's best I excuse myself?

Sherry: We've had a hard day, but when you look at it in perspective, you'll realize I was acting in your best interest. And I know you're so mad at me.
President: I'm not mad at you.
Sherry: Oh, good.
President: I feel sorry for you.
Sherry: You feel sorry for me?
President: You've lost touch of what it is to be a friend... a parent... a wife. After today, I never want to see you again.
Sherry: David!
President: Please, Sherry, I've heard it all before. And I don't care what this may do to my candidacy. And it's not because I don't want to be President. I do. I just don't think you're fit to be the first lady.
Sherry: Do you really think you can just leave me? Don't you think for a second it'll be that easy!
President: Secret Service will escort you back to Washington when you're ready.
[turns away from her and walks towards the room exit]
Sherry: [screaming after David, who is ignoring her rantings] David, you don't just walk away from me! David, you can't do this without me! David, I'm talking to you!
[a secret Service Agent stops her from following after David Palmer after he leaves the room]
Sherry: Get your hands off of me!

President: Are we ready for the run-through?
Wayne: Yeah: almost. The advance team "dropped the ball", so we can't get in for a few minutes
President: That's fine
Wayne: No, it's not fine. I fired Judy, it was her fault
President: She's done some good for us hasn't she?
Wayne: Tonight's debate is critical and she should've had every single basis covered but she didn't

President: [Over the phone] you've gone too far this time
Sherry: You know I thought I might be hearing from you
President: [Angrily] you send Keeler over here to blackmail me into giving up my Presidency?
Sherry: [Denying her involvement] whoa, slow down, you mean Keeler paid you a visit?
President: You know damn well he did and you know why: only one person could've given him that prescription bottle and that's you
Sherry: Ok, supposing that was true, what then?
President: You could go to jail for murder
Sherry: You could go to jail too. You lied to the police, you told them I was with you all night, withholding evidence, obstruction of justice: those are serious crimes. I know you always wanted to go down in the history books but I'm not certain like this, am I right?
President: What did Keeler offer you?
Sherry: Exactly what you should've offered me: respect and a seat at the table but instead you called me up when you needed me and after I did your little "dirty work", you threw me out like an old pair of shoes
President: You know me, better than anyone and you know I won't be bullied so before this goes too far you better ask yourself one question: "Are you willing to go to jail?"
Sherry: You know I've asked myself that a million times and the answer is "Yes I am willing to go to jail." The question is "Are you?"
Sherry: [after David remain silent, chuckles, before hanging up the phone] I didn't think so

David: [Over the phone] words cannot express the debt this country owes you
Jack: Thank you Sir
David: This is hard for me but I don't seem to have a choice: the Chinese have proof that you lead the assault on their Consulate
Jack: What kind of proof?
David: Howard Bern made a full confession. He identified you as the agent in charge
Jack: And then the Chinese want me?
David: That's right and we have no choice but to comply
Jack: I see
David: What they really want is for you to implicate the government
Jack: Mr. President, that will never happen
David: I know that: they'll put you on trial, propagandize about American arrogance, and put you in prison
Jack: I understand
David: This is unfair to say the least and I'm ashamed of my part in it. I'll promise you this, I'll make it my life's purpose to bring you back to American soil as soon as humanly possible
Jack: I know you'll do what you can Sir
David: Secret Service is sending over an agent to CTU, he'll place you under house arrest but you'll have some time to put your affairs in order. My friend, I wish there was something else I can say
Jack: Mr. President, you're doing what has to be done. So will I
David: I know you will

President: Where are we on locating the Coral Snake commandos?
Lynne: Bauer and his team are at the airport and CTU is updating us every ten minutes
President: Good
Lynne: Sir, this cannot possibly have a good outcome: we've got two highly trained American military groups about to face off
President: CTU has a formable presence. If the commandos are there, CTU should be able to control the situation
Lynne: Mr. President, we've got something new
President: What?
Lynne: Our COMM team discovered a covert link between Stanton and Bruce Gluck
President: The Michigan Senator?
Lynne: Yes, it looks like they were working together. How would you like to proceed?
President: Sherry knows Gluck and his key staffers. They worked very closely together during the primaries. Bring her in
Lynne: Here? Into the OC?
President: Yes. She'll need access to our secured databases
Lynne: Sir, I feel...
President: [Interrupts him] I don't want to argue about this. Just do it

Lucifer: Back your mysterious ways already?
God: All part of My plan.

President: Jack Bauer's plane was shot down by an American military unit: Jack told me himself. I won't go into details except to say I believe him
Mike: American military? Why?
President: I just spoke to Roger Stanton. I think his hiding something from me, I'm going to arrest him
Sherry: Arrest the head of NSA?
President: Bauer said the unit that attacked his plane was connected to a Colonel Samuels out of Fort Benning. Samuels is funded by NSA
Sherry: With all due respect, that's pretty thin
President: By itself, yes. But the Ambassador's chopper crash, the evacuation of military personnel out of LA, Ron Wieland's escape from custody. Those things happened after Stanton arrived
Sherry: Firing Stanton will cause chaos. All the agencies report through him. His running the search for the bomb for crying out loud
Mike: If the President's right, his not running the search, his "impeding" it
Sherry: Why would he do such a thing?
Mike: I don't know but if he is, you have a better chance of finding the bomb if we get rid of him
Sherry: [to David] you can't do this on a hunch. if Stanton turns out to be innocent and that bomb goes off, you'll be blamed for the deaths of a million people
Mike: [to Sherry] if you do nothing and if he is guilty of something he'll be blamed anyway
Sherry: [to David] no at the very least we need to get kind of proof. Some evidence, you cannot just arrest the head of NSA
President: [to Mike] she's right we need proof, find me a connection to Stanton and this Colonel Samuels and find it quickly

Mike: Mr. President: the call is ready
President: Steve Hillenburg at Langley?
Mike: Yes CIA operative. His on an isolated feed, nobody else knows about this but the three of you. Sherry's waiting
President: Good
President: [after turning on the video conference, with Sherry sitting next to David] hello Steve
Steve: Mr. President
President: What's your involvement in this?
Steve: I got a call from Sherry about four months ago. She told me Roger Stanton was trying to recruit her in an effort to undermine your Presidency. She wanted an independent source to confirm that she was only going along with this to help you
President: So, you've been building a case against Roger Stanton for the last four months without my knowledge?
Steve: Plausible deniability Sir. What we were doing was illegal but we felt it was necessary, it could've backfired and landed both Sherry and I in prison. We didn't want this to touch you if this happened
President: Ok, let's say I accept that? What proof do you have that exonerates Sherry besides your word?
Steve: I have photographs, taped conversations, debriefs, files filled with the work Sherry did
President: These meetings that Roger and Sherry had, where'd they take place?
Steve: [Implying she should respond] Sherry?
Sherry: [while standing up] for the first month at a hotel in Hilton Head. I didn't sleep with him
President: I didn't ask
President: [Before hanging up] thank you Steve, I'll contact you if I need anything else
Sherry: You know, I don't care what you think of me right now. The important thing is that you realize I never and I mean never was part of Stanton's conspiracy
President: You know what? You might be telling me the truth, then again you might not. Right now I don't have the time or energy to figure out if I can trust you
Sherry: [Sitting down] you have to trust me. Your Presidency is in jeopardy and so is this country. Let me help you
President: No, you'll leave now
Sherry: [Holds his hand] you need me
President: [Removes her hand] if you resist in any way, I'll have no choice but to place you under arrest

God: Is this one of those times when you say one thing and mean another? Because I certainly didn't invent that.
Lucifer: If you're referring to sarcasm, I'm not sure I'm smart-alecky enough to take credit for that. "Smart" being in the title, which I'm sure you'll disagree.
God: There he goes again.

President: [Over the phone] I've been thinking things over, what Keeler offered you: how did you put it? "Seat at the table?"
Sherry: Yeah, something like that
President: Well, there may be a seat at my table
Sherry: It's a little too late for that
President: I think it's in both our best interests for you to hear what I have to offer
Sherry: Alright, I'm listening
President: No, not on the phone, in person
Sherry: Where then?
President: In Lincoln Park: the old baseball field
Sherry: I know it
President: Good, I'll meet you in twenty-five minutes
Sherry: That's short notice
President: But you will be there
Sherry: You're in no position to be making demands here
President: I have a schedule to keep, if I start changing things around, it will attract attention and I don't think either one of us wants that
Sherry: Alright, I'll hear what you have to say

Mike: Jack Bauer took a material witness from CTU and assaulted an agent in the process: I know how much this country owes him Sir, but his obviously suffered some kind of "emotional collapse." It would be understandable given everything he's been through
President: Well, we don't know that. What he did might have been necessary under the circumstances
Mike: We already have incontrovertible proof that the Cypress recording is authentic. Finding Jack Bauer isn't going to change that. The country needs your energy and attention on what happens after those bombs are dropped. We need to prepare for this war
President: If this recording is not authentic, then Jack Bauer turns out to be right, we'll have made a mistake of historic proportions
Mike: Mr. President...
President: [Interrupts him] that's all Mike. Find Jack Bauer

Mike: Just because Sherry tells you there's a conspiracy in the government array against you doesn't make it true
President: But if it is true, it'll affect every aspect in our response to this bomb. Sherry was right about the military evacuation out of Los Angeles
Mike: That's specific information: she still has well-rounded sources. A conspiracy? Don't forget where she's coming from. She may have her own agenda Mr. President
President: I'm well aware of that. She's on a tight leash, I want to find her source
Mike: Let me look into this so called "cabal" against you. If there's any substance to it, I'll uncover it. Right now the country needs your attention on the situation in LA
President: Start with Stanton
Mike: Stanton? The head of NSA? Conspiring against the President of the United States? Aside from the enormous implication if that were true, hasn't he always been an ally to you?
President: Yes. His also Eric Rayburn's boss. It's not inconceivable that his doing Rayburn's bidding. Those two have always been on the same page
Mike: It's not enough to indict him
President: I know. That's why I want you to check him out. I hope you can prove me wrong

President: My understanding is it will take between eight and ten weeks to call up reserve troops and redeploy forces for a full scale ground assault in the region
General: Yes Sir, we have the resources in place to initiate a "rolling start" immediately
President: "Rolling start"?
General: Surgical strikes, against early warning radar, and anti aircraft installation followed immediately by precision bombing of targets that will severely degrade their military and telecommunications capabilities
President: And theses first strikes will be underway by the time I address the nation this morning?
General: When are you scheduled to go on the air Sir?
President: Six hours from now
General: We'll be ready Sir

Mike: CTU managed to detonate the bomb within a few meters of the designated coordinates
President: I'm going over the field report now: I'm not seeing any casualty estimates
Mike: We expect zero direct casualties or close to it
President: I'm going to give Jack Bauer's daughter my personal condolences
Mike: You won't have to Sir
Mike: Bauer wasn't on the plane the time the bomb was detonated
President: [Confused] do we know how this happened?
Mike: Apparently another man ended up piloting the plane. We're still getting the details
Lynne: [after entering his office] Sir, we just got word from CTU, they finished their analysis on the Cyprus audio. It's real and we have proof that Syed Ali, the man behind the bomb, was given direct support from the Ministers from the three different countries. Here's the transcript of their analysis, including margins of error
President: Do we have any reason to doubt the veracity of this recording?
Lynne: Ali's denying it but I suppose that's to be expected
President: Are the Joint Chiefs ready?
Lynne: General Bowden has them standing by
President: Given the evidence we do not have option of not responding. I don't see any way around this, do you? I want to issue a statement that there was a nuclear weapon but there were no causalities
Lynne: I will alert the network Sir

President: Yes Anne?
Dr. Anne Packard: [Handing him a bottle of medication] I want you to start taking these: one in the morning and one before you go to bed. It'll help your energy
President: I told you I was fine
Dr. Anne Packard: I know what you told me, are you going to trust your doctor or not?
President: Of course I am
Dr. Anne Packard: So, what's going on? You seem upset
President: Nothing, it's just going to be one of those days
Dr. Anne Packard: What does that mean?
President: I've got to get back
Dr. Anne Packard: OK
President: [Before kissing each other] we'll talk later

Wayne: [while handing him the report] outbreak scenarios from the National Health Services
President: Nothing like a little light reading
Wayne: Their sending over a liaison to answer any questions you may have
President: No doubt I'll have many: anything else?
Wayne: No
President: I'm your brother, I think I know when there's something on your mind
Wayne: No, I just want to make sure your ok
President: I'll let you know when this is all over
Wayne: I joined your Administration because I thought I'd be an asset. The last thing I ever wanted was to be a thorn in your side
President: You are an asset
Wayne: There are a lot of other smart people out there you could've hired
President: But none that I trust as much as you

David: [Over the phone] has the Premier responded to the President's request to have Lee turned over to us?
Su: The Consul is dead
David: [Stunned] what?
Su: He was shot: when armed men broke into this building and took Mr. Lee with them by force
David: I am shocked and deeply saddened. Please convey that to your country on the behalf of mine
Su: Is it your position that you have no knowledge of this operation? The timing of your call and this abduction is entirely coincidental?
David: The Consulate is sovereign territory of The People's Republic of China. I can't believe anyone in this country had a "hand in it"
Su: I'm sure you understand the political ramifications if you are incorrect
David: And I'm sure you understand the ramifications of unproven accusations
Su: No accusations have been made but I can assure you, there will be an investigation
David: Your government will have my complete cooperation
Su: [Before hanging up] thank you, I'm sure you'll be hearing from us very soon

General: Mr. President, we've started down a "slippery slope" here and unless...
President: [Interrupts him] cut the euphemisms: what're you trying to say?
General: Sir, we're concerned about the fact you ordered the death of a high ranking member of our intelligence...
Wayne: [Interrupts him] I don't think we're here to second guess his actions that have already been taken
President: No one is more aware than I am the moral ambiguity of my decision. I did it to buy CTU more time to find Saunders and to delay as long as possible the slaughter of millions. I made the decision to protect their future: not mine
President: [Holding up the phone Saunders gave him as it rings] Saunders, I have to take this
President: [Answering the phone after leaving the conference room] yes?
Stephen: I've confirmed the identity of Chappelle's body Mr. President. It will be disposed of: respectfully
President: We know who you are Mr. Saunders, whatever you're trying to accomplish, you're going to fail. Your only chance is to relinquish the virus and hope we don't find you
Stephen: That's not going to happen
President: What is it that you want?
Stephen: To make America "clean" again. You see Mr. President, the world hates America and for good reason. I won't bother going into the details, you know better than I the atrocities your nation commits and we're going to change all that. You and I together are going to dismantle the military machine that exports its ugliness across the globe
President: And how are "we" going to do that?
Stephen: We'll start where the work gets the dirtiest, something I know a little about. Covert foreign Nationals in thirty-two countries across the Middle East and Asia your government always uses Grade A through H intelligence consultants
President: They are citizens in which the countries they reside
Stephen: Their spies: working against those countries at the behest of the American military machine. In forty five minutes, I want a list of their identities, sent to me by way of a website: Silvia.Imports.com, if you fail to comply, I will release two vials of the virus in your major cities and this time, they won't be in hotels where they can be contained

President: [after storming into the interrogation room, referring to the Coral Snake commandos] the men are all dead and there's no sign of the bomb
Roger: That's not possible
President: Your insane plan backfired: those men were our last chance to find the bomb, now their all dead
Roger: [Shocked] my God
President: You're misguided but you are not crazy. You do not want this bomb to go off
Roger: [Worried] of course not
President: Then tell me, who else could've known about this?
Roger: No one, they were on their own
President: Someone killed six highly trained commandos, now that doesn't sound the work of suicide bombers
Roger: You said six?
President: That's right
Roger: There were seven

Rosalind: [Before James is returned to custody] I can't promise to be faithful.
James: [Knowing what can happen while in jail] *I* can.

President: [Over the phone] what is it Mr. Almeida?
Tony: Mr. President, we have a recording of Syed Ali collaborating with high ranking officials from three Middle Eastern countries in preparation in today's terrorist attack
President: How long ago did this come to our attention?
Tony: Just in the last few minutes
President: Who else knows?
Tony: Our Division headquarters Sir
President: You have ties to the other agencies including the Pentagon which means everybody knows
Tony: I tagged it a section four security but I did think it was important to keep going on the authentication process as quickly as possible
President: And how long would that be?
Tony: We should have initial confirmation within the hour Sir
President: Let me ask you another question Mr. Almeida? Why would Syed Ali record a conversation like this in the first place?
Tony: Mr. President, half the time these people don't trust each other anymore they trust us. My guess is that Ali wanted "ammunition" to protect himself. In case any of these three countries turned against him
President: Alright. Thank you Mr. Almeida. I'll let you get back to work. Good job. Please pass on my appreciation to the rest of your staff
Tony: Thank you Mr. President

President: I just got this Pentagon briefing: stating our bombers aren't going back to their bases. Do you know anything about this?
Mike: I understand their in a holding pattern, waiting to refuel
President: I ordered them back to their bases
Mike: Yes Sir, I know. That's why I'm here. Could I ask you to come with me for a minute?
President: Come with you where?
Mike: Just down the hall to the main conference room
President: What's going on?
Mike: Please Mr. President. Come with me
President: [Surprised] are you ordering me to go to the conference room?
Mike: No Sir. Of course not, I'm sorry. It's very important
President: I'm the President of the United States, I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what this is about
Mike: Mr. President, it seems there are a number of people, Cabinet members question if you're fit to continue as Chief Executive of this country
President: And these people are in my conference room?
Mike: In a manner of speaking, they are
President: Then let's go see them

Ryan: Senator Palmer. Ryan Chappelle.
[Chappelle and Palmer shake hands]
President: What seems to be the problem, Ryan? Why can't I get in to see Agent Bauer?
Ryan: Please forgive the wait. But when an agent is under internal investigation, procedure is to keep him isolated until he's been fully interrogated.

President: How many people are in the hotel?
Wayne: About a thousand
President: Alright, call the Governor, if this thing spreads and there's a city wide panic, he needs to be ready to mobilize the State Troopers and the National Guard
Wayne: Yes Mr. President
President: But I want him to hold off the order until he hears from us
Sherry: [after walking into his office as Wayne leaves] you look tired. I'm bringing you a problem but I'm also bringing you a solution
President: [sighs] let's hear the problem
Sherry: Julia Milliken, she was interviewed by the police about Alan's death and she's claiming I had something to do with it
President: Did you?
Sherry: Does that really matter?
President: Only you could say that
Wayne: You know, you always "claim" to want the truth but your whole life you've been surrounded by people like me and Wayne who protected you from it
President: I never asked to be protected
Sherry: Well, that may be true but the fact remains you have been. Tonight, I'm going to take you at your word. I'm actually going to tell you the truth
President: [Nods] thank you
Sherry: I was with Julia Milliken when Alan had his heart attack, she was going to give him his medicine and I stopped her. We both watched him die
President: [Surprised] that's murder
Sherry: And Julia couldn't keep her mouth shut, she told the police everything. They just called me a little while ago and I told them I was with you at the time of Alan's death so I expect they'll be contacting you to verify my story
President: And you expect me to do that?
Sherry: It would be a serious mistake not to because if you don't I will tell them I was "acting" on your behalf
President: No one's going to believe I asked you to kill Alan Milliken
Sherry: No, but maybe they'll believe you were having a problem with him that you told me to take "all necessary measures" to solve it. Now that's a nice sound byte for the media don't you think? Take "all necessary measures"?
President: [Sternly] I never used those words
Sherry: [Before leaving] well, think it over

Mike: [Referring to speaking to the Prime Minister of Turkey in the context that he wasn't removed from Office] David, thank you. I know how difficult it must have been for you
President: How much longer is Prescott going to keep me here?
Mike: Until after the press conference. I've requested your release sooner but there's only so much I can do. I spoke to Brian: he requested some low security access on your behalf. I want you to know I granted it

Wayne: I just got off the phone with CTU
President: What's the status on the virus?
Wayne: It's not good: the limited intelligence they have supports their original suspicion
President: It's on its way to Los Angeles?
Wayne: It might already be here
President: Then we should be prepared in case they target other cities
Wayne: Our people in the security envelop have been alerted. Trust me, it's being handled, why don't you get some rest? I'm on this
President: Start waking people up. Set up a conference call with the appropriate Cabinet members, Homeland Security, FBI, and National Health Services. We're going to need everyone on this one
Wayne: [Before leaving the room while Sherry enters] yes Sir

President: [Over the phone as Wayne sits next to him] I wanted to thank you personally: not only for what you've done today but for everything. This country continues to owe you a great debt of gratitude
Jack: Thank you Sir
President: I put you in an unimaginable position earlier today when I asked you to take the life of one of your colleagues, please forgive me for that
Jack: Mr. President, there's nothing to forgive: it's what had to be done, it was the only sacrifice made today
President: I understand, how's Agent Edmunds doing?
Jack: His in surgery now, it's going to be a few days before we know whether he can use his hand
President: When his strong enough to talk, I'd like to thank him personally
Jack: He would appreciate that Sir
President: You know, men and women like you, your courage and level of commitment humbles me
Jack: Thank you Mr. President, I'll let everyone at CTU you appreciate the job they did
President: There's one more thing: please don't discuss this with anyone until it becomes public, I wanted you to hear it from me personally. I've decided not to seek reelection, this will be my only term
Jack: Mr. President, I hope you don't mind me saying so but I think your making a mistake
President: Mistake or not, it's what I've decided. When I become a private citizen, I hope we can be better friends
Jack: It would be an honor Sir
President: Thank you
Jack: [Before hanging up] thank you Mr. President

President: How did you find out about the military evacuation?
Sherry: I made some phone calls: just following up on a rumor. I can't tell you anymore than that
President: Oh, you will tell me more and I will not ask you again
Sherry: I am not a member of your staff, I am your wife
President: Ex-wife and you will tell me because the safety and security of this country is more important than any of your power plays
Sherry: Yeah despite everything that's happened, I love you
President: Oh, please
Sherry: I always will and whether you want to believe it or not, everything that I have done has been at your best interest. If you won't give me a second chance at your heart, let me help in the ways you know I can and I can't help you unless you give me some idea of what you're facing. I was able to find something your own staff couldn't find. I didn't have to warn you. I came here of my own accord
President: Terrorists have planned a strike against Los Angeles. NSA thinks it'll be sometime today
Sherry: What kind of strike?
President: Nuclear
Sherry: Oh my God
President: Talk to me. Come on
Sherry: I got the information about the military evacuation from someone inside the defense department
President: Who?
Sherry: A high level staffer. His in the loop. He owed me a favor, but there's something more important. He also told me there are members of your own administration allying against you. They want control of your Presidency. That's why I came here today
President: Who?
Sherry: People who disagree with your policies who want to impose their will on the country. There have been deals made under the table. Back room promises. Now I can keep digging: find out if you want my help
President: If I accept your help, it won't be about us, it will be about what's doing the best for the country
Sherry: Oh, sweetheart you can call it anything you want
President: I'll get you a secure line and a private room to make your calls
Sherry: Then I'll come to you as I find out more
President: This had not been one of your manipulations. The stakes are too high

President: Find Armus yet? I want to know how Wieland got pass him
Mike: [while taking out a lab top] take a look
President: What's this?
Mike: Digital feedback from the surveillance at the OC
President: [while watching a video file] that's Armus
Mike: That happened twenty-five minutes ago
President: Armus let him out?
Mike: Yeah
President: Where is he now?
Mike: We haven't found him yet: Mr. President if Armus is working covertly against you...
President: [Interrupts him, raises his voice] it's not "covert" now, it's in my face
Mike: We will find him Sir
President: We better because whomever his working for is keeping me from finding this bomb

God: But I'm sure everything will turn out just fine.
Lucifer: That's what you said about the bloody dinosaurs!

President: How'd you find out about me?
Brian: The Attorney General called me: he assumed you'd want me for your counsel
President: What've they told you?
Brian: That you've been removed from Office by the Cabinet, by the capacity clause of the twenty-fifth Amendment
President: Is what they did legal?
Brian: Technically, yes. The Constitution gives the Cabinet to declare the President incompetent. No further definition. No further clarification
President: That also gives me the right to appeal that decision
Brian: Yes, which I will do vigorously. Unfortunately, it's length process
President: We don't have time
Brian: I don't know how to make it faster, Sir
President: None of those legalities matter. This country is about to go to war based on evidence and now I am convinced is false
Brian: Except no one outside this room believes that
President: This evidence was manipulated by a man named Peter Kingsley. I need you to find out everything you can about him
Brian: You have to understand, Mike Novick is tying my hands
President: Well, get him to untie them. Whatever you have to do

Sherry: [Talking privately] I know your uncomfortable of me taking some of these tasks from you. After all I'm not "officially" on David's staff
Lynne: Mrs. Palmer my discomfort has nothing to do with you being on his staff, my only concern is to protect and serve the President. I need to know the people around him are competent. I simply don't know you
Sherry: Well, you seem like a pretty smart woman Lynn, so let me explain something to you clearly? David did not get here by himself: his had competent people around him for his entire life. Obviously, your one of them. Not necessarily the best but just the most recent, so have some respect for those who help put him in office so we'll just might be able to help you
Lynne: [after noticing the President has been watching them talk, before leaving] fair enough
President: Be careful Sherry, I need Lynn. Don't turn this into a competition
Sherry: I understand. I just need her to know that I'm not just here as "window dressing"
President: I'm sure she got the message
Sherry: I'll behave. I promise
President: I don't have a lot of friends here today. In fact it seems like every time I turn around, somebody's always advising me to send you away
Sherry: Then why don't you?
President: Because you may be the only one who can get information no one else can

David: [Over the phone] CTU tells me you got something from Lee?
Jack: We have a location on Habib Marwan, we're on route with tactical teams now. We're hopeful we can put an end to this soon.
David: I hope you're right, this warhead can detonate at any moment.
Jack: We all know that sir.
David: Tell me about the representative from the Chinese consulate, is he still at CTU?
Jack: He was there when we left.
David: Are we 'OK" there?
Jack: They have a surveillance photo of one of my team members. We told him the photo wasn't clear enough to be conclusive evidence. It's going to hold them off for a while.
David: I see, Thanks Jack.
Jack: Thank you Mr. President.

President: [During a press conference] I urge you in the strongest possible terms: not to indulge any rumors or theories you've already heard or you may soon hear. Once the facts are known I will present them to you myself, until then, know that we are all safe and that we will continue to be. The most patriotic thing we can do today is to keep living our lives, so I urge you all go back to work, go back to school because the freedom we enjoy, the freedom we earn everyday is the very thing that will defeat our enemies and keep us strong. God bless America, God bless us all

Wayne: [Briefing the President and his staff] Tony Almeida from CTU has just informed us they were unable confiscate this Cordilla virus in Mexico
President: I thought they located the seller and had the entire area surrounded?
Wayne: The seller, a Michael Amador never intended to give up the virus, it was a well planned rip off. We lost six men: members of a Delta team
President: We lost a Delta team? This man Amador, where is he now?
Wayne: Latest theory is Amador has this virus and is headed back here to Los Angeles
President: To release it?
Wayne: We don't know, Amador doesn't have a history of implementing terrorist strikes. His an arms dealer with no known ideology, bottom is we don't know what his intentions are

President: [while entering the conference room] please be seated, as you know this morning our alert level was raised to red: we do have information regarding a possible bio attack on American soil. We have maximized our preparedness across the nation, the best way for our citizens to ensure their own safety is to stay home. If you're at work, go home, that's the message I hope the media can convey. If you want to help the public and do your jobs best is to sit quietly and listen to what I have to say. Biological agents do their worse damage where large groups of people congregate, the best defense we have right now is to encourage everyone to go home and stay home and await further instructions

President: I want you to find out everything you can about Gluck's relationship with Stanton: I'm especially interested in any meetings that both Rayburn and Stanton attended
Sherry: Fine, I know who exactly to call
President: Good. I'll have Lynne set you up with a work space
Sherry: That's great. Lynne's been quite helpful. I want to thank you David
President: For what?
Sherry: Well, I know how difficult it is to get clearance in here and I am certain that your advisors really don't want...
President: [Interrupts her] stop distilling everything down to politics. We have a need for information, hopefully you can fill it
Sherry: [Before walking away] and I will, Mr. President
President: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound rude. I really do appreciate what you're doing. That's why your here
Mike: [Walking up to them] Mr. President
President: Yes?
Mike: I just got off with CTU Los Angeles. Jack Bauer found the Coral Snake commandos
President: So it's over?
Mike: I'm afraid not. All six members of the team have been killed before Bauer got there
President: What about the bomb?
Mike: [Shakes his head]

Wayne: Ryan Chappelle is dead
President: [after sighing] I ordered the death of one of our agents: one of our finest. As unthinkable as that was, I had to buy some time in order to protect civilian lives. I will not cave into anymore of this terrorist's demands
Wayne: Unfortunately we're vulnerable, as long as Saunders has this virus and is willing to release it. So far seven hundred people have been infected and they're all going to die. Now unless you're willing to accept more loss of life, I don't know what we can do. He has us in a corner
President: Convene the Cabinet
Wayne: Yes Sir

Tony: [Answering the phone] Almeida
President: Mr. Almeida, David Palmer
Tony: Mr. President, what can I do for you Sir?
President: I need to speak to Jack Bauer: do you know how to reach him?
Tony: Can you hold on Sir?
President: For a moment
Tony: Jack, I have the President Palmer on the line for you
Jack: Ok good. How we doing on the chopper?
Tony: I'm working on it
Jack: Work faster
Tony: Mr. President, I have Jack on the line, go ahead
Jack: Yes Mr. President?
President: I don't know if you've heard, but I've been unseated
Jack: Yes Sir, I'm sorry
President: Where are you on your investigation on the Cypress audio?
Jack: Mr. President, I can tell you for certain the audio has been forged. I have in custody the man who engineered it, we're going to bring him in soon. We'll patch him through the White House and the Department of Defense so he can testify. Meanwhile, CTU is trying to process everything we can on him. Mr. President, there is something else though
President: What?
Jack: Your ex-wife. Sherry, she's here with me
President: How'd that happen?
President: [after Jack remains silent] Jack?
President: [Sensing Sherry can overhear their conversation] you can't talk?
Jack: No Sir
President: Don't trust her, do you understand?
Jack: Yes Mr. President
President: Let me talk to her
Jack: [Handing her the phone] he wants to talk to you
Sherry: David?
President: What're you trying to do?
Sherry: I'm just trying to help you
President: How can you help me? If you wanted to help me, you shouldn't have lied to me
Sherry: That's the problem. It's not always about the truth
President: And what's that suppose to mean?
Sherry: The truth is the Cypress recording was forged. The truth is you were right and they were wrong. The truth is your trying to prevent an unnecessary war and Jack Bauer and I are the only ones who can help you
President: Stay out of his way
Sherry: Alright
President: Let me talk to Jack
Jack: Yes Mr. President?
President: I need this man to come forward now
Jack: I understand Sir

President: [Giving a press conference as Stephen Saunders demanded] please be seated: good morning, I know the hour is unusual, so are the times in which we live. As a result of intelligence on terrorist activity gathered by the office of Homeland Security and other agencies, I am announcing that a threat level red exists throughout the United States. Therefore I am grounding all domestic and international air traffic and the closing of airports. I am not taking this action because "The sky is falling," but I'd rather be overprotective than unprepared and as always diligence and calm are your best weapons against the insidious nature of the enemy. And God willing, we and all those who love freedom will remain safe and secure, thank you

Consul: [Over the phone] I didn't expect to hear from you quite so soon
David: Has the Premier made aware of the situation?
Consul: Yes, his considering it very carefully
David: There's no time for that. I've just learned the terrorists may detonate a nuclear device within the next two hours
Consul: I understand the urgency of the situation, without making any promises, I have every expectation of giving you a favorable answer
David: When?
Consul: I know I'll be speaking to him again in two to three hours
David: I told you that's not soon enough
Consul: I'm sorry, it's the best I can do

Aaron: Yes Mr. President?
President: Close the door. How many Administrations have you worked for?
Aaron: I came in during Reagan's second term
President: I haven't been able to establish contact with my Vice President in the last half hour: what do you make of that?
Aaron: I wouldn't know how respond to that Mr. President
President: I just pulled our bombers out of the air, against everyone's recommendations. Now my Vice President is suddenly unreachable. Should I draw any conclusions?
Aaron: Sir, I'm not qualified to...
President: [Interrupts him] you've been doing this for nearly twenty years. You know how the system works, is Prescott planning something behind my back?
Aaron: [Over his radio] I'm going twenty-ten, please cover position three
Aaron: [Leans forward] for what it's worth, I think the choices you've made today have been the right ones
President: That's not what I asked
Aaron: Sir, there are always going to be those inside the Administration feel the delay is a weakness. If enough people share this view...
President: [Interrupts him] is Prescott coming after me?
Aaron: I'm not sure but you have good instincts Sir. I'd listen to them if I were you
President: Thank you

Mike: How long are going to keep the President "in the dark"? Eventually his going to find out you authorized the raid on the Chinese Consulate
David: We have to keep it from him as long as we can: were you able to find Jack?
Mike: Yes, his back to CTU. The man they grabbed at the Consulate lee Jong, is still in surgery
David: Was he able to tell us anything about the missing warhead?
Mike: No
David: What did Jack have to say about the Chinese consul's death?
Mike: It wasn't our people that fired the shot
David: The Chinese won't care: he died as a result of our trespass. We have to start constructing a "scenario" that doesn't implicate the United States government
Mike: They must know we did this. We called the Consulate about Lee Jong half an hour before the abduction
David: The Chinese don't want a confrontation anymore than we do. If we can create a "scenario" of plausible deniability, they may play along
Mike: How do we do that?
David: Call CTU: have them find out which anti-Chinese factions have attacked their embassies or Consulates in the last five years
Mike: Most of these groups you're talking about Asian extremists. I'm sure Bauer's team is predominately American
David: Bauer's team was masked. No one saw their faces

Wayne: [Briefing David using a map of the city on a monitor] quarantined areas are circled in red: now as far we know we have containment
President: Still not certain?
Wayne: No, we can't really be certain for hours: maybe days. Listen, the press has been breathing down Gerry's neck pretty hard, now he thinks we should release a statement
President: I already have. I've closed down public transportation and I've told the people to stay in their homes. We have F-18's patrolling the sky
Wayne: You haven't revealed the exact nature of this threat and press has been picking up on that
President: We have ten million people spread out over a four thousand square mile area. If even a small percentage decide to leave at the same time, it will ignite a public panic beyond anything we could control. The "right" thing to do is to withhold the truth until we're sure the virus is contained
Wayne: [Before walking away] I'll tell Gerry to hold off on the press as long as he can

Jack: [Over the phone] the soldiers that attacked us at the crash site: they were American. At least American trained
President: What?
Jack: One of the soldiers that were killed had a tattoo of a coral snake on his arm. That's a signature of a group out of Fort Benning
President: What sort of group?
Jack: A deep cover special Ops unit. The only reason I know about the group, Sir is because earlier in my career they tried to recruit me. Their commander is Colonel Samuels
President: I've never heard of this unit
Jack: No Sir, you wouldn't have. That's the point, they've be buried pretty deep in NSA's budget
President: NSA? OK, even if NSA originally trained them isn't possible his freelancing now? Mercenaries?
Jack: If it was just the tattoo Sir, I'd agree with you but the men that attacked us had access to our flight plan. The only way they could've gotten that information was from the inside. Mr. President, I know it sounds very farfetched but we got attacked by Americans, and that tattoo is very distinctive and very specific
President: I appreciate the information. Where are you now?
Jack: We're in a chopper. We're on our way to the address Nina Meyers provided for us. We should be touching down soon Sir. Our ETA is fifteen minutes
President: Keep me posted
Jack: Yes Mr. President

Jonas: Ron here went from best shot in the Unit to best gunsmith in the world.
Ron: Ladies' man to being lady's maid, hooah.

James: [In a headlock] Roz, you're cutting off my circulation!
Rosalind: You're lucky that's all I'm cutting off!

Master: What do you want, Shen?
Shen: What is rightfully mine: Gongmen City!
Master: Gongmen is under the stewardship of the Council of Masters, and we will protect it. Even from you.
Shen: [laughs] I'm so glad you feel that way! Otherwise I'd have dragged... that all the way here for nothing.
[He motions to his wolf soldiers dragging a heavy crate into the courtyard]
Master: What's in the box, Shen?
Shen: You want to see? It's a gift. It's your parting gift... in that it will part you. Part of you here, part of you there, and part of you way over there, staining the wall!
Master: You insolent fool!

Wayne: So, what did Sherry have to say?
President: That Alan had a heart attack
Wayne: And you believe her?
President: I'd be a fool to believe anything Sherry says to save herself: murder. I can't imagine she'd do that
Wayne: We can't allow ourselves to be caught off guard this time, now we have to assume the worst
President: We also have to assume Julia was somehow involved
Wayne: What? Listen, I'm sorry but Julia isn't the same kind of person Sherry is
President: When we find out all the facts, we'll proceed from there
Wayne: I have to go over the morning brief with Gerry

President: [Over the phone] yeah those three dates and anything the following week: hold on
Sherry: Ok good. Let me know if you find something out
Mike: Sir,
President: What've you got?
Mike: I found a way to get into the OP-COM channels
President: Good
Mike: The problem is the files are password protected. We're going to need someone internal to open them. It'll take time
Sherry: No, it's not. I just got the name of a Deputy Director who's retired but his code is still active. We could use that
Mike: I'll head over to the OC to check it out
President: Good
President: I'm collecting the dates Colonel Samuels' office logged on OP-COM. if Mike can trace Stanton access, we can look for a match
President: Great
Sherry: If we have that, you'll have all the proof you need
Mike: Wait a minute, Stanton has a dozen staff that shares his code. How are we going to pin it on him?
Sherry: There's a four digit sub-code that only belongs to him. That's the one that'll nail him
President: You're doing an incredible job here today
Sherry: Thank you
President: I had forgotten how talented you are with all this stuff
Sherry: I've worked with you for over twenty-five years. It had to rub off me somehow
President: [while rubbing her shoulder] I'm glad you're here
Sherry: I've always been here, you remember that?
President: [Before walking away] yeah

Wayne: [Talking privately] I'm sorry but we don't have a lot of time here: so what do you want to do about shooting down this chopper?
President: I can't give the order to kill Jack Bauer
Wayne: You can't let Salazar go either
President: Is it Salazar your worried about? Or are you worried about if Jack Bauer lives, he'll talk our arrangement?
Wayne: It's a fair question. To be blunt, yeah I am worried about that but you still have to think about national security. I mean Salazar not only runs a drug cartel but his connected to terrorist organizations and he has proven to us today that he has the infrastructure to launch a biological attack on our soil. Now we can't allow him to do that again
President: Jack Bauer sacrificed everything to prevent that attack
Wayne: Jack Bauer volunteered. Jack Bauer knew the risks, you've got to make a decision as if it wasn't Jack Bauer on that helicopter. You have to do what's right for this country. Listen, this is your call but you've got to make it now

Sherry: Hello David
President: How did you get in here without my authorization?
Sherry: We were married for many years: many people respect that even if you don't. I need to talk to you
President: We don't have anymore to talk about. You're not my wife anymore
Sherry: It's not about us
President: Then what?
Sherry: Not here. I need to be alone with you
President: You know what? Even if I were interested to hear what you have to say, today is impossible. You shouldn't have come here
Sherry: It's about your administration
President: What about it?
Sherry: Just give me five minutes
President: I don't have time now
Sherry: Did you order an evacuation of military personnel out of Los Angeles?
President: Who told you that?
Sherry: Five minutes
President: Wait here. I'll call you

President: [while fishing together] what'd you want to do tonight?
Keith: I don't know, get a movie?
President: [before Keith chuckles] you came all this way just to watch a video?
President: how's your mom?
Keith: [Shrugs] who knows? I mean she puts on a happy face for everyone but I know she's hurting
President: Yeah
President: [after noticing someone radioed the agent a message on his Walkie-talkie] what is it Rosser?
Agent: There's a situation Mr. President

David: [Over the phone] I'm calling on behalf of President Logan: the situation today has forced him to direct his attention to other equally urgent matters
Consul: I understand, my government extends its sympathy for these terrible attacks on your country. We stand ready to help in any way we can
David: Thank you, the fact is you "can" help us. There's a man in your consulate by the name of Lee Jong
Consul: Yes, he arrived here earlier tonight
David: We have evidence connecting him to the terrorist behind today's attacks. We need to take Mr. Lee immediately into custody for questioning
Consul: Mr. Lee expected your suspicion to fall on him, he says there's been a mistake: he has no connection to terrorists
David: We believe his helping the terrorists detonate a nuclear device on our soil, many lives are at stake
Consul: I would very much like to help but Mr. Lee is a Chinese citizen and the consulate is Chinese territory, I cannot just hand him over to you without going through channels
David: Then I urge you to contact the Premier immediately and explain the situation, tell him speed is of the essence, tell him cooperation will be regarded as an extraordinary act of friendship on the part of his nation, and our nation will respond in kind
Consul: [Before hanging up] I'll do my best, I'll get back to you as soon as I can

President: [Over the phone] it's good to hear your voice but I'm in a meeting with the Joint Chiefs right now
Jack: I'm sorry Sir but I felt this was important enough to interrupt you: Syed Ali has just been assassinated. CTU was just transferring him to Guantanamo when it happened
President: What're you talking about? By whom?
Jack: We don't know yet Sir but I think it has to do with the conversation that was recorded in Cyprus. Mr. President I don't believe its genuine
President: That recording was authenticated
Jack: Sir, authentication is never one hundred percent
President: Do you have any evidence to the contrary?
Jack: Syed Ali said he was in Berlin when the conversation took place. He said the entire recording was fabricated
President: I'm aware of his denials
Jack: Mr. President, I'm just worried someone is trying to manipulate you into taking the kind of military action I assume you're about to take
President: Look, the fact that Syed Ali was killed does not prove that the recording was fabricated
Jack: No Sir. I know that. I know it doesn't but I just feel there's a responsibility to tell you that he was assassinated because he was in fact telling the truth
President: Do you have hard evidence? Listen to me. I don't want to initiate a military action based on erroneous information but I can't stop it based on conjuncture
President: I understand Sir, I do. Mr. President, if I were to get you some proof, how much time would I have?
President: Our military response is only hours away. You better do it soon
Jack: Yes Sir. Thank you Mr. President

Eric: [Giving his presentation to the President] given that this scenario the immediate loss of life would be in the low thousands: theoretically small but the dispersal of radioactive debris from the dirty bomb is unpredictable. We could multiply that figure many times over
President: We understand that we don't know whether this is a dirty bomb or something bigger: give me the worst case scenario
Eric: Alright, worst case scenario. Stolen soviet nuclear warhead properly configured triggered detonated five hundred feet above the city approximately one hundred square miles would be irradiated within seconds. Apart from the loss of life, this kind of blow would have global repercussions that would last for years
President: Thank you Eric
Eric: What would you like to do about the Joint Chiefs Sir? Their representatives are waiting to hear from you
President: I'm not ready to speak to them yet
Eric: Mr. President, if I could "suggest" if you could start the dialog?
President: At this point, this is not a military operation. It is a "potential" terrorist attack. That's the way I'm going to approach it
Eric: Yes sir

Wayne: [Over the phone] I thought I was clear, you can't be contacting me today
Julia: I'm scared: they've already started questioning Beatrice and I'm next. I don't know what to say
Wayne: Where's your lawyer?
Julia: His not here yet
Wayne: Ok, first of all, you're innocent, remember that alright?
Julia: I'm not innocent. I let Sherry convince me not to give Alan his medication, I could've saved his life
Wayne: You don't know that
Julia: What about Sherry? Has she said anything to the President?
Wayne: No, she told him it was an accident. Whether he believes her is another matter
Wayne: [after David unexpectedly walks up to him then pretends to be talking to someone else] yeah, Bill the President just walked in so I'm going to have to get back to you
Julia: [after he pauses] Wayne?
Julia: I'm so scared
Wayne: Yeah, I understand that remember what I said ok?
Julia: Yeah
Wayne: [Before hanging up] alright
President: What did Bill have to say?
Wayne: He found out Alan died
President: That didn't take long
Wayne: Yeah, he wants us to know we have his support on the health care bill
President: That's good
President: [Before Wayne walks away] have you spoken to Julia yet?
Wayne: No
President: Maybe you should call her? Get her side of the story
Wayne: I think we should stay far away as possible
President: Which means you don't believe Sherry? That it was an accident?
Wayne: I don't know what to believe, all I know is what it will look like you calling Sherry to deal with Milliken and a few hours later he winds up dead

Police: [as the policemen are leaving after their third dispatch to the apartment that night] Hey, thanks for keeping things fun around here, eh?

President: [Meeting privately] what is it?
Wayne: [Sliding it across the table] don't be angry but I got a copy of Keeler's playbook
President: Damn it, I told you to drop that
Wayne: Will you just listen to me? If you don't want to use it then don't but there is something you need to see
President: There's nothing I need to see
Wayne: It's about Anne
President: Keeler is too smart to play the race card or the girlfriend card
Wayne: It's neither one of those: which is why I'm bringing this to you. It's something we didn't know about her. Something if it's true, it could damage all of us. Just take a look at it

President: I just got off the phone with Alan Milliken
Sherry: [after she closes the door] blowback happened quickly huh?
President: Uh huh
Sherry: I guess he was pretty upset
President: What've you been up to?
Sherry: Exactly what you asked me to do: I'm fighting back
President: What's Sugarland Falls? And what happened there?
Sherry: Well, it's "something" Alan wants to keep buried but I'm going to tell you everything but not just now, I've got a lot to get done in a very short time if I'm going to pull this off for you

President: [after entering an interrogation where Stanton is being held] sit down. We have it all. You reactivated OP-COM, with an "eyes only" order, and we know you used it to communicate with colonel Samuels as recent as two hours ago. And we've connected Samuels directly to the mercenaries that tried to kill Jack Bauer, I don't know. It almost as seems you want this bomb to go off today. I'll tell you this: if people die, you'll be executed. Even if we find the bomb in time, you'll still get life without the possibility of parole. All I want is to find the bomb in time. That's why I have a deal for you. You tell me everything and I mean everything and I'll bury this. You resign due to "health reasons". You'll collect your pension. You'll retire in a nice house somewhere in the country. You'll be given a written grant of immunity. Nobody will ever know anything about this. Do we have a deal?
Roger: [Denying his involvement and refusing the President's offer] I don't know what you're talking about Mr. President. I've done nothing wrong. I don't know any more about the bomb than you do

President: [after watching news coverage of civil unrest] I thought we ordered the National Guard?
Mike: Some are on their way: some are dispatched to other flashpoints
Lynne: [to the President] do you want to set up a phone call with the FBI and the Army?
President: Tell them what? They've already received their orders
Mike: The problem is we just don't have enough bodies to cover everything
President: Where's the media heading right now?
Lynne: Well, apparently it's happening all up and down the east coast. But this city in Murrieta in Atlanta seems to have the most attraction to the press
President: [while standing up] alright, this is what we're going to do, we may be short on manpower, but it doesn't have to appear that way. Send all the eastern Georgia National Guard to Murrieta and tell the media this is where "somethings" going to happen
Mike: What's going to happen Sir?
President: This what people are going to be watching, let's show them how we're going to respond. I want them to see how we protect our citizens. We will not put up racism or xenophobia. Is this is where it's going to start? It's where it's going to stop

President: I just got word that military resources are being moved out of Los Angeles
Roger: Yes Mr. President
President: On your order?
Roger: Yes. I was implementing the plan as soon as you ordered it
President: No. I told Rayburn not to trigger any evacuation
Roger: I should've doubled checked everything Rayburn told me before I took any action Mr. President, it's inexcusable. I take full responsibility
President: We'll worry about that later. I just told Lynn to counter mandate that order: make sure it happens immediately
Roger: Right away Sir

Stephen: [Over the phone] it's time for your first assignment: a very simple one but one "necessary" to our future relationship
President: We don't have a relationship
Stephen: No, you don't negotiate with terrorists. Well, I don't negotiate with Heads of State so do what you're told. Across the street is a mailbox, have the Secret Service open it, inside is a package wrapped in black paper. Have them bring it to you in ten minutes
President: [Before Saunders hangs up the phone] I'm not doing anything until exactly who you...

President: Please have a seat
Sherry: No thank you, I'd rather stand: so how are things with Anne?
President: Their fine
Sherry: Good, I'm glad. You deserve a little bit of happiness
President: Thank you. You're looking well but somehow different
Sherry: A little older?
President: No, it's not that. You look calm
Sherry: Tired? Maybe but I'm not exactly sure how "calm"
President: I know these last three years have been difficult
Sherry: Not as "difficult" as they could've been and I have you to thank for that, kept me out of prison, and away from public humiliation. I lost a lot but most of it, I discovered wasn't really that important to begin with which surprised me, imagine that
Sherry: [after David chuckles] what? What's funny?
President: No, nothing really. It's just when I want you to pull back, just let things be, you were a shark. Now that I've asked you back, I need you to be a shark
Sherry: I can still be whatever you need me to be
Sherry: [after he helps her take off her coat and purse] thank you. So you say you're having some kind of trouble with Milliken?
President: Yes, I am
Sherry: Ok, tell me all about it

Chuck: [During a mock debate] Mr. President, the country was in shock after the attempt on your life but its prayers were answered when it was clear you would survive: that said many Americans have expressed concern that you are not fully recovered and you may not be strong enough to serve for four more years. How would you respond to those who make such claims?
President: I wake up every morning at 5am. I spend the first hour in the weight room, while I'm exercising, I'm prepping for my morning meetings. Then I put in a sixteen hour work day...
Wayne: [Interrupts him, to their campaign staff] hold on, could we pause the video please? Get ready to play it back
Wayne: [Walking onto the debate stage] don't dignify that question with a defensive response
President: I didn't realize stating that the facts was being defensive
Wayne: They bring up the assassination attempt fine, let them. But you remind everyone it was your Administration that not only arrested the man behind the attempt on your life but you also exposed his organization and put a stop to his people as well. All this while you were in this so called "weakened state," and Keeler would be lucky to have a fraction of you energy: that's what you tell them

General: [after entering his office with Lynne standing nearby] Mr. President,
President: General Bowden,
General: I understand the bomb is over the Mojave now and it should detonate without causing immediate loss of life
President: That is our hope
General: That's wonderful news Mr. President: congratulations on a truly remarkable achievement
President: Thank you General
General: And now perhaps it's appropriate to begin to discuss the matter of retaliation
President: Go on
General: Yes Sir, up to now the Joint Chiefs have been assuming the bomb was the work of the terrorist group Second Wave, now it appears that Second Wave had the backing of at least three governments
President: That's not definite yet General
General: No Sir, I understand that but for planning purposes I think we should proceed as if it is. I request authority to activate plans to invade the countries in question
President: Activate? We have plans already in existence?
General: We have plans for every conceivable contingency Mr. President
President: I see. So what do you mean exactly by "activate"?
General: Putting the relevant military units on alert, beginning logistical operations, coordinating intelligence sources regarding the probable level of resistance to invasion by American forces
President: Talk of an invasion is premature
General: I agree Mr. President, this is only the planning stages
President: [after looking at Lynn] activate your plan General but take no steps to implement without my direct authorization
General: [Before leaving] of course Mr. President
President: Lynn, we may be talking about World War Three

Michelle: [Through video conference] Sir, we have a monitoring plan for everyone inside the quarantine zone
President: Define the quarantine zone?
Michelle: Everyone within a two mile radius of ground zero. Ground zero being the shopping center where Kyle Singer was last seen
Dr. Nicole Duncan: [Over the speakerphone] Mr. President, this is Dr. Nicole Duncan with Health Services: medical teams are in place and are ready to start screening and releasing people from quarantine after a seventy-two hour period. If we move quickly, we believe we can lower the estimate
President: Lower it to what?
Dr. Nicole Duncan: Between sixty and ninety thousand
President: [Before signing off] alright thank you Ms. Dessler, Dr. Duncan

Mike: We may have a problem
President: What is it?
Mike: Don Ashton has been asking a number of questions and raising concerns as to President Palmer's "role" here
President: That's too bad: we have more important things to worry about at the moment
Mike: Sir, as Speaker of the House, he can create problems you don't need right now
David: Mike's right, Don's very ambitious. Now that his next in line to the Presidency, he'll look to exploit any angle he can
President: He won't put his ambition in front of national security
Mike: He won't see it in those terms Sir. In his eyes, national security and his personal ambition are one in the same
President: [sighs] what'd we do?
David: Show him who's in charge

Bob: Chocolate is the devil's carob.
Captain: And carob is Satan's raisin.

Gerry: The bottom line is I think we can explain the national security issue that pulled you off stage but the allegation against Anne is going to be a lot harder to handle
President: Her ex-husband clearly had his own agenda and it shouldn't be difficult to prove his a liar
Gerry: I understand that but this is "dirty laundry" and we both know the public wants to hear it and unless you can offer the public something definitive, Anne is going to hurt you
Wayne: [Before gesturing to Gerry to leave so he and David can talk privately] Gerry's right: listen, I'm your brother, I'm your advisor and I do have some prospective on this thing so do you want to hear it?
President: Yes. I want to hear it
Wayne: Distance yourself from Anne
President: [Dismissively] oh, Wayne
Wayne: Before you shut me down just hear me out. You used up the public's goodwill with Sherry. They don't want to hear about you being involved with someone else who isn't trustworthy, you have got to respect the people who voted for you

Aaron: Sir?
President: Yes Aaron?
Aaron: Dr. Packard's here: she's asked to see you
President: Tell her I'm busy please
Aaron: Yes Mr. President
President: Aaron wait, tell her I'll speak with her
Wayne: [Surprised] you really want to do that right now?
President: Yes I do

President: [Through video conference] now I see why I had such a hard time reaching you today Jim: you were busy
Vice: I apologize if this comes as a surprise Mr. President. This is a "unique" situation in the history of this country, calling for "unique" measures
President: Let's skip the sound bites and cut to the chase. What's going on here?
Vice: Mr. President, we are invoking the twenty-fifth Amendment
President: Whose "we"?
Secretary: I think there's a "general feeling" that some of the decisions that you have made today
Secretary: Hold on a minute Mr. Vice President, with all due respect Sir, most of us here are scrambling just to understand today's events. I think its way, way too early to be referring to a "general feeling" about anything
Vice: Fair enough. For the record, let me review the relevant portions of the twenty-fifth Amendment, section four states "If a majority of the cabinet together with the Vice-President vote that the President is no longer able to serve as President, the powers of the Presidency are transferred to the Vice-President who now is the Acting President", is everyone clear on that?
President: The twenty-fifth Amendment was designed for situations where the President is ill or incapacitated
Vice: [Referring to another guideline in this section] the language speaks for itself Mr. President, "unable to discharge His duties of the office." The reason for the disability isn't limited to any one cause. The Attorney General agrees with this interpretation
President: And just what exactly is my supposed "disability?"
Vice: It seems to me Mr. President, the stress of today's events have overwhelmed you. An atomic device has been detonated on American soil today, we have clear evidence which counties are responsible along with details of a terrorist group they sponsor
President: [Intentionally addressing him with his surname] the evidence implicates these countries is not clear Mr. Prescott. Far from it
Vice: The Cypress audio has been independently by verified by every intelligence group we have
President: And I believe those agencies have been mistaken
Vice: Because of this lone CTU agent? Jack Bauer?
President: Yes, Mr. Bauer believes the Cypress audio is a forgery. He also believes he will soon have proof
Vice: His been telling you that for hours Mr. President. We still don't have the proof, if military don't occur imminently, casualties to American soldiers increases to tens of thousands of lives. That analysis is undisputed
President: The risk of attacking innocent countries is unacceptable. We have to be sure

Jack: [Over the phone] yes Mr. President?
President: I want to thank you for your good work this morning
Jack: Yes Sir
President: There's something else I wanted you to hear from me personally about Nina Meyers. We'll grant her Shadow Asylum
Jack: That sounds like a pardon Sir
President: It is. Only a couple people will know about it. She'll be deported to another country. I know how difficult this must be for you to hear: it was a painful decision. As you know she has information that can help us find this bomb. I wish there was another way
Jack: So do I Sir
President: Let's just get through this day. Eventually, we'll make it right
Jack: Yes Sir
President: [Before hanging up] thank you, Jack

Wayne: So, what did Keeler want?
President: My job: he has proof that Sherry was at Alan Milliken's tonight
Wayne: [Shocked] what? What proof?
President: [while handing a picture of the prescription bottle] Alan Milliken's prescription bottle turned up with Sherry's fingerprints on it
Wayne: How did he even get a hold of this?
President: How do you think?
Wayne: Sherry?
President: I talked to her a few minutes ago: she didn't even bother to deny it
Wayne: She's got to be bluffing, I mean if this gets out, she goes to jail
President: So will I, she figures I have more to lose than she does. I think she's right
Wayne: What does Keeler want you to do?
President: Withdraw from the race with whatever reason I choose, our party gets thrown into chaos whoever takes my place won't have a prayer in the election and Keeler becomes President
Wayne: Oh my God, this all my fault
President: Hey look, we both made mistakes. I'm the one who called Sherry
Wayne: There may be a way out of this
President: How?
Wayne: [Referring to the prescription bottle, while holding the picture] without this, Sherry's got nothing right?
President: What're you suggesting?
Wayne: That we take away the only leverage she has
President: You mean steal evidence? My God
Wayne: Before you say "No", just think about this ok? I can call Foxton and he can make all of this disappear. All you have to do is give me the "Ok"
President: [Lowers his head then back up giving his approval to Wayne]

Ambassador: I want you to know that since your conversation with the Prime Minister this morning, we have taken four suspected members of Second Wave into custody and we have begun interrogations
President: What've you learned?
Ambassador: We are still questioning them
Ambassador: As ranking security officer, I assure you we are doing everything possible to clamp down on this kind of activity
Roger: These satellite photos were taken over your country over an hour ago. It doesn't look like too much of a "clamp down" to me
Ambassador: We don't have the resources that you do: surely even you can't tell me that you are aware of every single paramilitary compound currently operating in the US
Ambassador: If this bomb goes off Mr. President and you don't believe that we did everything possible to stop it, there will be heavy repercussions from my country. You have already made it quite clear that you will have no choice but to retaliate against us. We want to help
President: What do you propose?
Ambassador: A mutual exchange of intelligence
President: What kind of exchange?
Ambassador: We need access to your files on Second Wave
President: Files?
Ambassador: Yes, anything that pertains to suspected terrorism in our country
President: I'm not sure how much Intel is in our interest to share with you at this time
Ambassador: I understand your reservations Mr. President but be assured we want to prevent this "incident." We are prepared for an exchange in both directions. We are willing to open our files to you as well
President: I'll have to think about this Mr. Ambassador
Ambassador: Of course

Jenny: They've been waiting for us in the OC Mr. President
Keith: I'll see you back at the retreat dad
President: Hey wait look son, I'm sorry
Keith: Don't be: it's not your fault. I just miss hanging out with you
President: I know. We'll get there
Keith: See you later
President: Alright
Jenny: I know how much you want to spend time with him. I'm sorry sir
President: How bad is the situation?
Jenny: I haven't been fully apprised yet but I don't have a good feeling

President: I just got back from seeing Alan
Wayne: What'd he want?
President: Oh, I think you know
Wayne: Know what?
President: [Aggressively] he wants me to fire you: the hell were you thinking? Carrying on an affair with a married woman, the wife of my biggest supporter
Wayne: Listen, I am sorry but it was a mistake and I corrected it
President: Not in Alan's mind. For him, this is fresh. He just found out and he wants to make you pay
Wayne: Look, we both know you can't afford to make an enemy out of Alan. He wields too much power so I'll resign
President: You'll leave only if I decide if it's the right thing to do, not Alan Milliken
Wayne: Alan is a very dirty fighter, trust me. Are you sure you want to get down in the gutter with that man?
President: You haven't left me much choice have you?

President: Did they find the black box yet?
Roger: Not yet Mr. President
President: Damn it, how could something like this happen?
Roger: I don't know Sir: there is a multi-agency investigation. NTSB is on the way
Lynne: [to Lynn] schedule a call with the Prime Minister
Lynne: Yes Sir
President: I want to talk to him before the rumors start but I'm afraid they may not be too far from the truth. This was not an accident
Roger: I was thinking along the same lines. The Prime Minister may not have been happy about the ambassador's cooperation with us
President: There's another possibility
Roger: I'm not following Sir
Lynne: That we did it?
President: Correct
Roger: That hardly seems likely Sir
President: The ambassador was taking classified information back to his government. Both of you thought it was a questionable call
Lynne: And if talking about it here Sir, you can bet that there's others back in DC that feel even more strongly
President: Set up an independent investigator. Let's find out exactly who's in the loop
Lynne: Yes Sir

President: Bottom line is Alan's determined to see Wayne removed: even if that means destroying my Presidency
Sherry: And you've tried to work this out peacefully?
President: Of course, Alan wouldn't budge. In Alan's mind it's a matter of pride
Sherry: So, you want me to find something you can use against Alan?
President: [Leans forward on his desk] I've always known you knew things about Alan that you didn't tell me because of my friendship with him
Sherry: And I've always known that you were too smart to ask
President: I guess we were both right
Sherry: Alan does have some skeletons in his closet that he would guard at any cost. One in particular comes to mind but I must warn you it's a big one
President: What is it?
Sherry: All you need to know is that if you play this card you and Alan will be enemies for the rest of your life
President: As far as I'm concerned our friendship ended when he tried to extort me
Sherry: [Stands up] then I can help you

Jonas: [Speaking in Arabic. The translation for the subtitle says] Get that son-of-a-dog-mule out of my way!

Lynne: Quantico wants permission to relay the nuclear threat to the midlevel tacticians
President: How many people are we talking about?
Lynne: Between six and seven hundred
President: Only if they can assure they are fully able to contain the information
Lynne: I will confirm that before I give approval Sir
President: I want everyone to know besides the nuclear bomb going off in Los Angeles, I'm just as concerned with the dangers of panic and mass hysteria
Lynne: Absolutely
President: So, where are we on with everything else?
Lynne: Well, NSA is taking a two prolonged approach: they are trying to pick up a trail on any known Second Wave terrorist and they are also trying to source stolen weapons grade nuclear materials

President: [Over the speakerphone] I've just been told there's a cruise missile containing a nuclear warhead?
Jack: Yes Sir, that's correct: our military's tracking device is doing everything they can to find the trajectory of the missile but we don't have a lot to go on
David: What about Marwan? You think he'll break?
Jack: That won't be easy Sir: his planned and organized everything's that happened today. His committed to his cause, his prepared to die
David: I know you'll do your best, keep us posted
Jack: [Before hanging up] yes Sir I will

General: In order to exploit the advantages of a surprise attack: we've lost twelve bomb squad squadrons from three state side bases. But initial air strikes will be launched from our bases in the region. Sir, that is consistent with your request to begin before your address to the nation
President: I know what I asked for, that came out wrong. You and the Joint Chiefs have done a remarkable job mobilizing our forces on such short notice
General: Thank you Sir
Vice: Mr. President, is it fair to assume that you're still behind the attack? Because I'm sensing some "equivocation."
President: I told the Vice President but I haven't shared this with the rest of you. Jack Bauer, the CTU agent most responsible for finding the nuclear bomb has reason to believe that the Cypress audio was fabricated
Vice: Bauer has no hard evidence
President: Not at this point
General: Mr. President, this battle plan requires our surprising the enemy with an initial strike of overwhelming force. We will lose that if we wait any longer, the target will mobilize their defenses and our casualties will increase over the long term
President: By how much?
General: By twenty thousand troops
President: And we have no choice but to proceed with the plan stated?

Mike: The President ordered Jack extradited: not murdered
David: Cummings wants Bauer dead so the Chinese can't question him
Mike: President Logan shut him down, we were both there
David: It was a weak rebuke at best
Mike: This is still conjecture on your part: base on one side of a conversation
David: I know what I heard and I know Cummings, you don't
Mike: You really think his capable of doing something like this?
David: His been doing Logan's dirty work for the last fifteen years. Logan's got used to looking the other way. I'd tell the President myself but he won't listen to me, if you don't intervene now, it may be too late

Aaron: [after entering the conference room with several Secret Service agents] I'm sorry to interrupt
President: What is this?
Aaron: Our Bureau Chief just informed me that NHS believes Los Angeles is no longer safe: we would like to move you out of the state
President: I appreciate your concern, tell Chief Kurtsman I'd rather manage things from here
Aaron: Sir, I'm afraid this isn't a "request"
President: Excuse me?
Aaron: Secret Service is invoking Section 32 for your own protection we are requiring you to accompany us to Air Force One
President: [Stands up] you're ordering me?
Aaron: Yes Sir, it's for your safety
President: Wayne?
Wayne: [Standing next to David] I don't know the specifics of the code but it seems Secret Service is invoking it and here in LA, the threat is serious
President: Its serious everywhere at least here we know what we're facing
President: Who has to sign off on this Aaron?
Aaron: Chief Kurtsman and myself
President: I'd like a word in private with you Aaron

God: I giveth, and I'm not afraid to taketh away.

Ted: [Talking privately] you wanted to see me Sir?
President: Yes I did: thanks for keeping this discreet
Ted: Of course
President: How long have you been working at the Secret Service?
Ted: Five and a half years Sir
President: I understand you have a background in Special Ops?
Ted: Green Beret Sir, unit seven out of Fort Myer, in 87
Ted: Ever have a chance to put your training to use?
Ted: The Gulf Sir
President: Anywhere else?
Ted: There were some other covert ops
President: Under the Directory of the CIA?
President: [after Ted looks at him suspiciously] it's alright, I'm not on the witch hunt here, but I do need you to answer the question
Ted: [Nods] yes, for the CIA
President: Good
President: Do you understand the gravity of today's situation?
Ted: Of course
President: I guess you've heard by now that Roger Stanton is no longer functioning as the head of CIA?
Ted: I heard he was arrested
President: He was. Under my authority. What I'm about to ask you falls out of the parameters of the Secret Service. You won't be able to tell anyone about this without my direct consent. You still with me?
Ted: What would you like me to do Sir?
President: Extract information from Roger Stanton
Ted: I see. If he resists, how far am I permitted to go?
President: Whatever you need to do
Ted: [Nods] yes Sir

President: [Answering his call over the speakerphone with Wayne listening] yes Alan?
Alan: What the hell do you think you're doing?
President: What're you talking about?
Alan: Don't screw with me
President: I didn't pick this fight
Alan: You think you can enlist your psychopathic ex-wife to manufacture lies about me in order to bring me down? It's not going to happen
President: You want it to stop? Keep your hands off my health care bill and stay away from my brother
Alan: You got it backwards: your brother should've stayed away from my wife
President: Come on, it's over
Alan: [while on his computer] really? I'm looking at photographs of her and Wayne together an hour ago
President: He was just trying to convince her into talking some sense to you
Alan: I'm warning you, pull Sherry off this or the health care bill will be the least of your problems
President: [after Alan hangs up] Alan's scared
Wayne: Alan's the most dangerous when his scared

Eric: [after watching news coverage of the bombing at CTU] as far as I'm concerned this tips in favor of the evacuation
President: I assume you've all read Eric's report recommending the evacuation of Los Angeles?
Eric: The CTU bombing is just the beginning: it's only a matter of time before the questions become rumors and the rumors set off a mass panic
Lynne: Wouldn't the evacuation itself cause panic?
Eric: We can do this discreetly in stages. We've prepared "cover stories."
Lynne: [Sarcastically] that's a pretty tough sell for nine million people
Eric: General Preston assures me that the military can contain any civilian unrest
Lynne: "Contain" rather sounds like a euphemism not to mention the Constitutional issues
Eric: I don't claim for this to be a Cakewalk
Lynne: [Leans forward] there's a practical issue that I don't see being addressed here
Eric: What's that?
Lynne: Our intelligence is specific about this nuclear device being detonated sometime today. Now your report says it'll take at least one week for this evacuation
Eric: It's my job to protect as many citizens of the United States as I can. If I can get twenty percent of the population outside the blast radius, that's a win
Lynne: We don't even know where the bomb is. Where do you suggest we begin this evacuation?
Eric: My staff has ranked ten high probability targeted areas...
President: [Interrupts him] that's not good enough. Look I realize you've only had a short time to prepare this. But I have some real reservations
Eric: Bottom line Mr. President it protects you politically. If the bomb goes off...
President: [Interrupts him] if the bomb goes off, we'll have more important concerns than my reelection
President: [to Lynn] do you have anything else to add?
Lynne: No Sir
President: [to his senior staff] then we're done here: until we have reliable intelligence about where the bomb is located, there will be no evacuation
President: [to Lynn] let General Davos know that I'm ready for him
Lynne: Yes Sir

President: I don't understand: Bauer had orders to take Marwan alive
David: I'm sure Jack did whatever he could
President: That's not good enough David
David: CTU is searching Marwan's helicopter, trying to find something that will help them locate the missile
President: We're out of time
David: Not yet
Mike: [while entering the room] Mr. President, I'm sorry to add to an already difficult situation, but the acting Chinese Consul Su Ming is on the teleconference: he says it's urgent
President: [to Mike] put it through
Su: Gentlemen, as we discussed earlier, our Consulate in Los Angeles was attacked three hours ago. A Chinese citizen was abducted and our Consul was killed
David: We've already given you our assurance that we had no knowledge of this reprehensible attack
Su: It's strange, one of your agents has confessed to his direct involvement an implicated his superior as well
David: What are you talking about?
Su: Mr. Bern provided additional details that leaves no doubt that his telling the truth: the full tape will be forwarded to you immediately
David: Putting aside the question of how this so called "confession" was obtained, what is it your government expect us to do?
Su: Mr. Bauer committed a crime at our Consulate, which is Chinese territory. If he was acting without your approval, he should be turned over to our government to be tried and sentenced according to our laws
President: [Before ending the teleconference] Mr. Su, we'll get back to you

Mike: What exactly did Roger Stanton tell you?
President: Sherry was somehow involved in this
Mike: The nuclear threat?
President: [Before walking over to Sherry] he didn't elaborate: that's all he said
Sherry: They said it was urgent, is it about the bomb? Have they found it?
President: Not yet. Sit down. I just spoke with Roger Stanton, he confesses that his known about the bomb for weeks
Sherry: For weeks? Why would he withhold that from you?
President: He said he wanted to wait until the bomb was on US soil before he intercepted it
Sherry: So he knows where the bomb is?
President: The men he had tracking it did but their all dead. The bomb's still out there and we don't know where it is
Sherry: [Shocked] Oh my God
President: Am I telling you something you already know?
Sherry: What?
President: Tell me now. Have you done the unthinkable? Put yourself in league with Roger Stanton?
Sherry: [Stands up in protest] that's outrageous. Of course not. What did he say?
President: Sit down
Sherry: David...
President: [Interrupts her] sit down. He said that you're involved, that you're working against me
Sherry: His lying, I never even met Roger Stanton until this afternoon
President: I know that's not true
Sherry: Well, his playing you. Whatever his doing his doing it so you'll believe that...
President: [Interrupts her] just stop it
President: [as she turns around] right now we are tittering on the brink of a war that will lead to the deaths of millions of people. We have to stop this disaster today right now before it begins. If there is something you're not telling me, anything that could help us find this bomb, as President of the United States, I order you, no as "someone" you claim that you love, I'm asking, help me
Sherry: I got a phone call in the middle of the night from a friend of mine who's high up in NSA. He told me that Roger Stanton wanted to speak to me first thing in the morning and so we met at a park in Virginia
President: What did he want?
Sherry: He wanted to recruit me
President: To do what?
Sherry: Wanted to know who was loyal to you and who can be turned, he wanted to know where you were weak
President: And you told him?
Sherry: Yes. But I only did it to gain his confidence. I was not aligning myself with him. I was doing it for you
Sherry: [while he walks away] I know you don't believe me but just give me thirty minutes, to prove to you that I'm telling the truth, that I did all of this to protect you. Not to hurt you

Lynne: Sir, we have to talk about Ron Wieland
President: What about him? Does anybody know we have sequestered?
Lynne: Well, no but Jenny just got a call from Wieland's production crew: they haven't seen him for the last four hours and pretty soon they'll figure out the last person they saw him with was you
President: [after entering the room] then leak a story
Mike: [while shaking hands] good to see you
President: I got here as soon as I could, I spoke to Armus, he brought me up to speed on the Wieland situation. I did some research I found out there is a precedent for the Executive branch taking action against the press in times of national crisis
Lynne: So, when you say "leak a story", what kind of story?
Mike: Make it appear as though Wieland went to Portland for the rest of the day on a "personal matter." Armus can arrange that. it's a band aid but it'll get us through the day
President: [to Lynn] talk to Armus, put it in motion
Lynne: [Before leaving the room] yes Sir
Mike: I saw Sherry on my way in, should I attach any significance to that?
President: It was her decision to come here
President: That's what she said but I'm surprised you're "allowing" her to stay
President: For the time being. Let's go to the OC, I'll bring you up to speed, there's a lot to cover

President: I'm having your security level upgraded. I'm going to need your advice today
Dr. Anne Packard: What's going on?
President: What do you know about type three pneumonic viruses?
Dr. Anne Packard: Not a lot: their fairly new. As far as I know there are several strains, most of them are fast acting and all of them are deadly
President: Someone's threatening to release a virus here in LA
Dr. Anne Packard: Oh God
President: I need you to talk to a Dr. Sunny Macer at National Health Services
Dr. Anne Packard: Yes I know Sunny but if you think there's a remote possibility that this thing is for real, you need to get out of Los Angeles
President: That's not possible, the debate is in a little over two hours
Dr. Anne Packard: No, don't tell me about the debate, we're talking about an outbreak here in the city. This isn't something Secret Service can protect you against
President: I know, we are prepared to leave if the situation warrants it. But right now I need you to talk to Dr. Sunny Macer and learn everything you can about this thing

Mike: [after hanging up the phone] the consensus suggests the evidence against Stanton isn't actionable
President: How much more do they need? We've established a direct link between Stanton and the rogue mercenary that shot down Bauer's plane
Mike: The evidence is still circumstantial
President: They've been sabotaging our efforts to find the bomb all day: I cannot and will not allow him to continue heading up NSA
Mike: I'm only saying it's going to take time for a judge to issue a warrant
President: We don't have time
Mike: Then don't worry about a pretext. Take him out of play now and we'll deal with the legal ramifications tomorrow
President: Sherry was right. My own people are working against me
Mike: Stanton won't be easy to break. Not in the time we have. You may need to "expand" in the limits on how far you're willing to go than in the past
President: What're you saying?
Mike: That you do whatever it takes to find out what Stanton knows about this bomb

President: Have you seen or heard from Anne?
Wayne: Not for some time: why?
President: I can't reach her
Wayne: Is this about your health?
President: No, I'm concerned about her. She was pretty "ripped up" after the debate
Wayne: We're all pretty "ripped up" here. Listen, this allegation by Anne's ex-husband is no small bump in the road. Now I've been thinking about this and there may be no way to defend ourselves against Keeler's accusation that Anne was involved in something illegal
President: You have to do better than that
Wayne: I know you like to deal with things head on but I think the best course of action for right now is to be evasive. So if the press brings it up you make it clear that you're not going to answer any questions that you're going to wait for all the facts to come in as should they
Wayne: You may be right but in the meantime, I need you to find Anne. The reporters are going to chasing her and she's not up to this
Wayne: I'll put Perry on it
President: Thank you

Sherry: [Over the phone] I'm sorry I couldn't call you back, I had to leave Kelly's in a hurry
President: Did you go back to talk him after we spoke?
Sherry: That's just it: when I got back there, he was gone
President: Gone? You think he ran?
Sherry: No, I don't because he was more than ready and willing to come forward against Milliken but someone obviously got to him first
President: But you didn't see anyone?
Sherry: No, I ran back to my car and got out of there, I was pretty scared there
President: Milliken must be onto you. Get back here as soon as you can, it's not safe for you out there anymore
Sherry: I "really" need to do something first
President: What?
Sherry: I'm going to go see Julia Milliken
President: No, no I don't want you to go anywhere near her or Alan tonight
Sherry: I have to, Alan Milliken had to move fast in order to kidnap or even kill this Kevin Kelly guy. I've got to take advantage of that before he has time to cover his tracks
President: [Sternly] I do not want you confronting Alan
Sherry: I told you, I'm just going to talk to Julia. I promise I'll stay away from Alan, you asked to help right? Let me do that

Lynne: Sir, there's a preliminary draft of your statement tomorrow morning
President: [to Mike] how's the plane going?
Mike: Mr. President, it's at three thousand feet and climbing
President: Out of the city yet?
Mike: No, Sir: it's too soon for that but they say they'll clear the main population in the next ten minutes
President: [Handing her the statement after reading it] this is a good start. I want to go over it again. In the meantime call Davidson, get Air Force One ready as soon as possible
Lynne: Sir, do you mind if i ask, where are you going?
President: Los Angeles
Mike: Mr. President, if I may speak frankly I'm not sure if that's a good idea. It may be too "hands on" for lack of a better term. The people want to feel your managing events, not caught up in them. In any case I doubt Secret Service would even hear of it
President: The Secret Service works for me. I don't work for them
Lynne: Mr. President, I do agree with Mike. Once word gets out this has bomb gone off, there's bound to be a certain amount of civil unrest and I don't think your Administration should be associated with that
President: The whole country will be traumatized by the news of this bomb. Especially the people in Los Angeles. I'm going to do everything I can to assure them that everything is under control, understood?
Lynne: [Before walking away] yes Sir. I'll call Davidson immediately
President: Thank you. We'll leave for the airport now
President: Mike, who ended up flying the plane? Did you get a name?
Lynne: Yes Sir, Jack Bauer. I would've told you sooner but I figured you had enough on your mind already

Mike: The Vice President is going to want you to authorize him to inform the Ambassador of our deployment
President: He told you that?
Mike: He didn't have to: you know where Jim stands on this. His going to want let everyone know we're going to war over this, especially the British
Lynne: What's your position Sir?
President: Once we bring our allies in on this, it'll make it much harder to recall those planes

President: [Meeting privately] please take a seat
Senator: Thank you, I'll stand
President: You can imagine my surprise when I was told me you wanted to see me: are you withdrawing from the race?
Senator: Mr. President, with respect to the death of Alan Milliken, I know you lied to the police
President: Excuse me?
Senator: You obstructed the investigation of a capital crime
President: That's a baseless charge though I've come to expected this recklessness from you
Senator: No Sir, it is neither "baseless" nor "reckless." This is a photograph of the Nitroglycerin that would've saved Milliken's life: if it hadn't been kept from him, you told the police Sherry was with you at the time of Milliken's death. Fingerprints on this prescription bottle prove otherwise. Now the last thing this country needs is to have its President "dragged through the mud" for complicity in a murder
President: Why are you showing me this? What do you want?
Senator: Your resignation: not immediately of course but once this crisis you're dealing with is over, you can resign with any kind of "face saving" reason you want to give
President: [Sternly] get out of here
Senator: I'm giving you the chance to leave this Office with honor, to control how your legacy is written. It's a good deal, you should take it

Jack: [Over the phone] Sir, when will you have a decision?
President: We're analyzing now: when will the plane be ready?
Jack: Ten minutes Mr. President
President: Alright I'll get back to you before then. In the meantime prepare for the two possibilities we discussed and coordinate with the FAA
Jack: Yes Sir
President: Alright, we're ready to assemble. I'll get back to you in a couple of minutes with a final decision
Jack: Yes Sir

Zipper: Dale, old chum, the sight of you sets my heart aglow!

President: [after entering the interrogation room where Roger Stanton is being held] there's no bomb at the airport: now if there is something you haven't told me that could save lives, tell me now. Please Roger
Roger: Ask Sherry
President: What did you say?
Roger: Sherry is the one you want to talk to

President: How are you holding up?
Dr. Anne Packard: Fine
Wayne: [after looking over the letters Anne handed him] this good: this is very good, this clears up everything
Dr. Anne Packard: Yes it does
Wayne: Once these get authenticated, we'll take them to the press you'll be off the hook and Keeler should be hoisted up on it
Dr. Anne Packard: I thought you'd be pleased
Wayne: Anne, listen I'm sorry about Ted. I really am and if there's anything I can do, anything at all please let me know
Dr. Anne Packard: Thank you
President: [after Wayne leaves] Anne?
Dr. Anne Packard: I'm going to be alright. Something came out of this and suddenly it became so clear to me
President: What was clear?
Dr. Anne Packard: I don't know how to say it but just to say it. I think we need to end things
President: After what's just happened, after what's been happening all day I can understand why you want some time apart
Dr. Anne Packard: It's not about time apart
President: Don't do this...
Dr. Anne Packard: [Interrupts him] it's true this day has been awful but it just confirms something that I've been feeling for a while. I can't live in your world, the things people do to each other. The things people have to do in order to survive. I can't
President: That's exactly why I need you
Dr. Anne Packard: You need someone who can stand beside you, not someone that stands back and watches, maybe she passes judgment on things she doesn't really understand. I'm sorry, you are the finest man I have ever known and Wayne, God bless him. His just what you need and I'm so glad you have him and it's not for me

President: We're calling off the attack
Mike: Sir, before you do that, we should talk through the consequences
President: We've talked enough
Mike: Mr. President, I appreciate your respect for Jack Bauer: I do, but you know the man's reputation
President: I know the man
Mike: Then maybe you should think about your reputation
President: Meaning?
Mike: A nuclear bomb was detonated on US soil and we've been shown proof connecting the weapon to three nations in the Middle East
President: Proof that maybe false
Mike: Unless you respond decisively, your enemies will exploit that as a failure of leadership. It's a sign of personal weakness
President: So, what're you saying? That we should proceed with a military operation just to prove I'm decisive? What if Jack Bauer is right?
Mike: What if his wrong?
Mike: Sir, we've all heard the Pentagon's assessment. Stopping and restarting this military action could cost tens of thousands of American lives
President: It's an "acceptable" risk, if the alternative is raging war against three innocent countries
Mike: Mr. President, we know from past experience these countries aren't innocent. I'm urging you in the strongest possible terms to reconsider
President: I've made up my mind. Now get General Gratz back in here and conference in the Joint Chiefs

Sherry: What's wrong?
President: Alan Milliken is dead
Sherry: What? How?
President: Why don't you tell me?
Sherry: What'd you mean? I told you I didn't go there
President: I know what you told me: you sat in your car, made some phone calls, and came straight here
Sherry: Yes, and that's the truth
President: And you won't mind if the police check your cell phone and the car you used tonight?
Sherry: You know, you asked me to take care of a problem and I did. If you want the police to check phone logs, then have them check yours first because you called me tonight remember? I am here because of you
President: [Walking up to her] what happened?
Sherry: I went over to the house just to speak to Julia. Alan interrupted us, there was an argument, and he had a heart attack
President: Explain to me if there's an investigation, you're going to have to tell the truth about this
Sherry: The truth isn't going to save either one of us. All their going to hear is that I was there on your behalf to prevent Alan from meddling with your Presidency and that he died from "natural causes." How do you think that's going to play out in the New York Times? For the next six months?
President: What did you do to Alan?
Sherry: Honestly, nothing. Absolutely nothing

Vice: [Over the phone] we just finished setting up the feed. I hope this isn't going to be a waste of our time
Mike: Believe me: so do I
President: [after walking into the room] what's going on?
Mike: The President and I thought that you should be a part of this along with Prescott and the Attorney General, we'll be listening to a live feed
President: Of what?
President: A sting operation of Peter Kingsley. It appears he was the architect of today's bombing and the delivery of the Cypress audio
President: Bauer found Kingsley?
Mike: Yes but it won't be Bauer who talks with Kingsley
President: Well, what difference does it make? As long as we get him to incriminate himself
President: [after noticing he becomes silent] what is it?
Mike: It's Sherry who will be talking with Kingsley
President: I don't understand
Mike: It seems Kingsley "recruited" her some months ago. She was a part of this
President: Sherry? Working with this man Kingsley?
Mike: It appears that way Sir
President: To detonate a nuclear bomb and start a war? No!
Mike: Its unclear how much she knew or how deep she was in it. We just have to hope if she can extract a confession from Kingsley
President: Now Sherry is working with Jack Bauer to bring down Kingsley?
Mike: Yes and at considerable risk to herself

President: I understand your about to go live with a story today. Just what is it do you think is going on?
Ron: I think the alert level has been elevated and you don't want us to know that Sir
President: You think?
Ron: You want me to tell you my sources? You know I can't do that
President: You're barking up the wrong tree
Ron: Well you know I don't recall the last time a journalist was able to get an interview with the President on a few minutes' notice. So my twenty-two years in the business tells me I'm barking up the right tree
President: I'll tell you what: there's going to be a briefing tomorrow, you want a thirty minute jump? I can arrange it
Ron: [Asking why his bargaining with him] why are you "horse trading" with me Mr. President?
President: Because if you go live with unsubstantiated threats, you will cause mass hysteria and that could be worse than the threat itself
Ron: [Surprised] so there is a threat?
President: We get them everyday
Ron: So you're asking me to sit on this? Even though it's in my professional right for me to put what I've got on the air?
President: [Leans forward] you know me. I've been more forthcoming with the press and the public than any other politician you know. So when I ask you for a favor, I do it in the spirit of what's best for the American people
Ron: Let me think about it
President: Fair enough

President: The Police Chief was just here and I told him you were here with me tonight
Sherry: And no one will know anything different
President: I will: what you've done is unforgivable
Sherry: You called me "precisely" because you needed someone to do your dirty work so don't turn around and just try to "wash" your hands of this...
President: [Interrupts her] don't you dare insinuate I knew you what you were about to do. You took a life
Sherry: It's not that clear cut
President: Yes it is. Alan Milliken is dead because of you
Sherry: You needed help with Milliken and I gave it to you. Neither one of us had any idea it would work out like this. So let's not forget it did work out in your favor. You should be thanking me
President: I despise you for what you've done and I despise my role in helping you get away with it. Now get out of my sight

President: [Over the phone with Mike Novick] look, I wouldn't rule anything out but if you co-op local enforcement this time, the story could leak and that's one of my biggest concerns here. You know what? Roger's here, I'll talk to you when you land
Roger: [Shaking his hand] Mr. President
President: It's good to see you, come into my office
Roger: I can't tell you how disturbed I was with Eric's decision regarding CTU
President: Twenty-nine dead, and counting
Roger: It's inexcusable. There will be a full investigation: possible criminal charges
President: You know I hate to meddle in your rice bowl, but on a day like today I couldn't wait for you to arrive
Roger: Say no more
President: Are you caught up on everything?
Roger: Yes, I'd like to talk to you about this meeting with the Ambassador
President: What're your thoughts?
Roger: We have everything to lose. Nothing to gain
President: What we have to gain is stopping the nuclear bomb
Roger: But this meeting benefits only the other side. He wants to be able to say to the world "Look we tried to stop the bomb." It's a ploy to gain access to our intelligence, nothing more
President: You might be right, but I'm not as certain as you are. I'm going to meet with him
Roger: Very good Sir. Anything else?
President: Not at this time

Second: Is it true you played basketball?
Senator: Sure did. Georgetown.
Second: My daddy says Georgetown sucks.
Senator: I think I need to have a little talk with your daddy.
Second: He also says there will never be a black president in this country, ever.
Senator: Would you give your daddy a message for me? Tell him I understand where he's coming from, but he's wrong. And I'm gonna prove it.

President: Roger, I want you to monitor how they use our intel
Roger: I am not comfortable with this
President: We've flagged the restricted topics
Roger: It should be a one-way dialog
Eileen: [Handing him a phone] Mr. President, its Ryan Chappelle
President: [Over the phone] yes Ryan?
Ryan: Mr. President, I have an update on the Nina Meyers situation: she's demanding a full Presidential pardon

Bob: I spent 14 years bringing down a Mexican cartel. You know what they gave me for it? A letter of commendation with my last name misspelled.
Captain: In all fairness, Bob, who spells Anderson with three Ns?

Amenadiel: [talking about his son] So he'll get sick, grow old, die.
God: That would follow from the fact he's mortal.

President: [Over the phone] are you alone right now?
Jack: Yes Sir
President: Saunders called me a few minutes ago, his made another demand
Jack: What is it?
President: This is a hard one: so I'm going to as direct as I can. He wants Ryan Chappelle dead
Jack: I'm sorry, I don't understand
President: He wants his body delivered to the trainyard downtown
Jack: Why would Saunders want Chappelle dead?
President: I don't know, he wouldn't give me a reason but he was emphatic about the consequences if this demand wasn't met

President: [after watching news coverage of civil unrest caused by the bombing] what's the alert level status of the National Guard?
Mike: Their ready to be deployed to all major metropolitan areas
President: What about outside the big cities?
Mike: If this thing gets out of control, we may have to get help from the military because local law enforcement may not be able to do the job
President: Call General Bowden: tell him to put troops on standby
Mike: The army? We can't do that
President: You're worried about Posse Comitatus?
Mike: Exactly. We can't use the Army or Air Force on American soil. Only the Navy and the Marines
President: No, Navy can't help us and there are not enough Marines on standby. I'll deal with the consequences. Call Bowden
Mike: Yes Sir
President: [to Lynn] what's the status of our bombers?
Lynne: Their proceeding as scheduled to our targets in the Middle East
President: And where are they now?
Lynne: Their just south of Greenland, they should be entering Middle East airspace in four or five hours
President: Thank you

President: [Over the phone] what is it?
Jack: Mr. President, is this line secure?
President: Yes, what'd you need to tell me?
Jack: For what it's worth Sir, I agree with you supporting this country's policy to not negotiate with terrorists
President: You didn't call me to express your approval for my decision
Jack: I have another option for you to consider
President: Another option?
Jack: Yes, one I believe will protect the integrity of this nation's policy and stop this outbreak from beginning
President: And how would I do this?
Jack: Simply doing nothing Sir
President: Nothing?
Jack: Yes Mr. President
President: Hector Salazar will view that as noncompliance with his demands
Jack: No, not if he gets his brother back
President: How?
Jack: Ramon Salazar will be broken out of prison and delivered to him: the public and more importantly other terrorist groups will view this as a prison break as opposed to a capitulation of their demands
President: Sounds like quite a plan, who will break Salazar out?
Jack: I will Sir
President: By yourself?
Jack: I know the prison Sir. I have full access to the prisoner. Because of the nature of my involvement with Salazar's, I can break him out and deliver him. I have a history of insubordination with CTU and they would believe I switched sides. The cover story would stay "clean"
President: This doesn't sound like a one man job
Jack: Mr. President, it has to be
President: I don't know. There has to be some other way
Jack: No, not in the time we have left. The Salazar's are going to release the virus in the next two hours regardless how successful you are in containing the initial outbreak, the resulting civil unrest would far out reach any quarantine zones established. The damage to this country Sir would be catastrophic. Mr. President, I need your OK on this
President: Even if you succeed, I won't be able to protect your legal status, you'll be a fugitive
Jack: I understand Mr. President, this would be my last assignment
President: I don't know what to say
Jack: If you don't say anything Mr. President, I will accept that as a go for this mission
Jack: [after the President remains silent] good luck Mr. President