The Best Derek Anthony Quotes

Captain: So the guy thinks he's a werewolf. Do we need to put silver bullets in our guns?

Dr. Gregory House: Whatever your name is, patient, are you bipolar?
Dr. Gregory House: What? I can't see. Is he nodding?
Fletcher: Yes!
Dr. Gregory House: Topamax isn't just off-label for weight loss. It's off-label for mood disorders. Plenty of bipolars are manic in the daytime, depressive at night. He's been medicating for years with alcohol. Sleeping through the bad hours. It explains the danger journalism. It explains everything, including the kitchen sink. Okay, technically it's kitchen cabinets. He starts a project, then he stops.
Dr. Allison Cameron: Except bipolar disorder does not cause seizures.
Dr. Gregory House: And it doesn't shut down your kidneys. But what it does do...
Guard: Excuse me, sir. May I see your ID?
Dr. Gregory House: I'm on the phone.
Guard: Now, please.
Dr. Robert Chase: House? What is it?
Dr. Gregory House: I'm a doctor! This is an emergency call!
Guard: You have to come with me, Sir.
Dr. Gregory House: I'm not going anywhere! Do you think you're gonna take me on? I kick, and I bite!
Guard: You're either on that plane, or you're going into custody.
Dr. Eric Foreman: House? You still there?
Dr. Gregory House: Being bipolar makes you take risks. You seek excitement. You make up stories.
Fletcher: I dime valutate a lever!
Dr. Gregory House: Fine, maybe your stories are legit. But people would start to wonder. Annoyed politicians. Entire governments would be on your ass. So you couldn't tell anybody you were bipolar. Which was fine... until you fell in love. And you wanted that life. And you hear that there's a surgical cure. You can give the woman you love the life she wants. All you have to do is change. Bilateral cingulotomy. An experimental surgery that some people claim helps mood disorders.
Dr. Eric Foreman: And if it's done by gamma knife, there's no trace of cutting. That's the neural scarring we saw on the MRI.
Dr. Allison Cameron: Which explained nothing because it wasn't even in the right area.
Dr. Gregory House: It's not the surgery, it's the secrecy! What causes recurring fever? Neurological problems, lethargy that you fight with caffeine pills and amphetamines? It wasn't your secret psych disorder. It wasn't your secret daily drug use. It was the secret trip for your secret surgery in Caracas or Buenos Aires. Which, by the way, didn't work, given the state of your kitchen cabinets.
Dr. Allison Cameron: House! Shut up!
Dr. Gregory House: What's going on?
Elizabeth: Is he right? Your doctors know you better than I do. That man on the speaker phone, he never even met you, and he knows you better than I do. You love me?
Fletcher: Yes! Yes!
Elizabeth: You just don't trust me.
Dr. Gregory House: Get some blood on a slide. Do not put it through a computer this time.