The Best Eion Bailey Quotes

Senator: [returning home after a campaign rally] Why is the gate open?
Alexis: I don't know. Oh, the stroller's out. You know, Gracie must have been fussing and Elena just wanted to get her inside.
Senator: [entering the house] Gracie! Daddy's home.
Alexis: Shh! You wake the baby, my next speech'll be your eulogy.

[first lines]
[approaching Buffy who is by herself]
Kyle: Oh, look, it's Buffy and all her friends.
Buffy: That's witty.
Tor: Do you ever wonder why nobody cool ever wants to hang out with you?
Buffy: Just thankful.
Heidi: Were you this popular at your old school... before you got kicked out?
Tor: Careful, she might beat you up.

Alexandra: So maybe now's the time to tell you we have security footage of you in the Premier Club elevator kissing Marc Landry.
Robert: [being ironic] You know, he really could have been just giving him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
Attorney: Are they making this up, Adam?
Adam: Okay... There was a couple of times he invited me up to his apartment... Work on his performance.
Robert: Right, but isn't that the director's job?
Adam: He hated Amanda, and she hated him.
Alexandra: So you were the peacemaker.
Adam: Yes. Marc was just trying to get me on his side. I mean, you got to love actors. I mean, they're people pleasers.
Robert: [being ironic] I know. I know.

Robert: Greek mythology seems to be a reoccurring theme in your work. Your three movies, your last musical, Pandora.
Adam: Yes, I'm drawn to the classic stories... how human nature endures.
Robert: Right. And the labyrinth... Well, it's part of the Icarus story. Daedalus... he builds the labyrinth to imprison...
Adam: The minotaur.
Robert: [looking at a picture of a circular labyrinth on the wall] Minotaur. Right. I like the way you... Well, your representation of it onstage.
Adam: Thank you. Yes, the... the labyrinth represents a journey of discovery, a pilgrimage to the truth.
Alexandra: Our job in a nutshell.

Teddy: She may be the hottest woman on Earth. I mean, left.

Adam: Amanda blamed everyone and everything, okay? She even had a problem with the songs.
Robert: You disagreed?
Adam: Well, being as I wrote them, yeah. You familiar with my work, detective?
Robert: [hesitating] Oh, uh...
Alexandra: [interrupting Goren] He's more of a jazz guy.