30 Best Jennifer Darling Quotes

Col. Steve Austin: Open your mouth, Callahan.
Peggy: I wll not.
Col. Steve Austin: Look, if you wanna prove that your fiancée is innocent, open your mouth.

Peggy: How did you get in? My door is very, very locked.
Col. Steve Austin: Window.

Col. Steve Austin: What's your security clearance?
Peggy: I'm a three.
Col. Steve Austin: You're about to be jumped to a six.

Donatello: Now remember, from now on your name is Donna Tello.
Irma: Donna Tello... I kinda like that name.

Tiffany: [after watching April on the news, furiously] Burnesie! How dare you let her say such a thing!
Burne: But Tiffany, honey, it's the truth.
Tiffany: Admit it! You love turtles, don't you?
Burne: [nervously] No, no, baby. I hate turtles, honest.
Irma: [comes in with a lunch bag, to Burne] Here's your lunch, boss. Let's see, um, you ordered the mock turtle soup...
Tiffany: [gasps, outraged] WHAT! I knew you were a lousy turtle lover!
[Tiffany grabs Burne's lunch and dunks it on him before leaving]
Tiffany: GOODBYE!
Irma: I guess she's not a soup lover either.

Irma: [on the phone] You know, I admire a man who's big enough to admit he's made a mistake. Maybe we could talk about it over dinner.
[the caller hangs up]
Irma: H-Hello? H-Hello?
April: New boyfriend?
Irma: No, wrong number.

Irma: [the Rat King is about to grab April] Wait, wait! I'll be your hostage. Take me instead!
The: Call me when you're a TV reporter.
Irma: [angry] Dooh... men! You always go for the redheads!
[stomps on his foot]

Donatello: I need your help in picking up my degree at a university.
Irma: Why me?
Donatello: [shows the envelope from the university] Because they think I'm a miss instead of a mister. What do you say? Huh? Will you pretend to be me?
Irma: Gee... I don't think so.
Donatello: But, Irma, you'll love it. It's on a beautiful lake.
Irma: Oh, forget it. I get seasick.
Donatello: It's surrounded by pine trees and flowers.
Irma: I've also got allergies.
Donatello: And the campus is crawling with eligible men.
Irma: Oh-ho! What are we waiting for? Let's get going.

Peggy: My mother is the only person in the whole world who loves me completely. And she'll be broken hearted when she learns about you.
Gene: Learns what about me?
Peggy: That you're a cad. Perhaps the caddiest cad I have ever met.

Irma: [at Mardi Gras] Hi there. I love your costume. I know a villain who wears one just like it.
Shredder: [lifting up Irma, who is wearing a magic gem] And I love what you're wearing - The gem! At last! It's all mine!
Irma: [giggling] Oh, please, we've just met. Let's not rush things.
April: It's Shredder! Poor Irma doesn't know the danger she's in!
Vernon: Poor Irma? How about poor him?
Burne: Irma, tell that goon to put you down! You're supposed to be working!
Irma: [swooning] Forget it, Mr. Thompson. I just quit.
Shredder: Now how do I get out of here?

April: [Recovering] I have the feeling we were out.
Irma: Where did we go? And did we meet any cute guys?

Store: Well by golly, it appears to me you're building nothing short of a robot.
Peggy: That's right, how did you know?

April: Irma, where did you disappear to?
Turtlenator: Disappear to?
Irma: [walks up to them] April, you'll never believe it! I found this fantastic machine with all this health food and...
[sees that Turtlenator]
Irma: Oops...
Turtlenator: Who are you and who does your hair?
Irma: [nervously] Well, you see, I just came along for the ride with the tur...
April: [covers her mouth] Whatever you do, don't use the 'T' word!
Irma: The 'T' word? What 'T' word? OH! You mean turtles!
Turtlenator: TURTLES?
[the Turtlenator attacks and chases after them]
Irma: Why didn't you warn me the 'T' word was turtles?
April: Irma, you're hopeless!

April: [comes across Shredder disguised as a conductor] I'm April O'Neil Channel 6 News from the United States, do you mind if we interview you?
Shredder: Uh, some other time, go away!
April: We'd like to know why you didn't stop at Vienna
[notices Bebop and Rocksteady's feet sticking out of the sheet they are hiding under]
April: [thinking to herself] I recognize those ugly legs anywhere Bebop and Rocksteady!
[now recognizing Shredder]
April: Ha, ha, that's alright I can see you're busy
[she and Irma start to leave]
April: Come on Irma
Irma: Oh let me just get a nice shot of the two of you
[accidentally bumps into the sheet]
Bebop: [from under the sheet] Ow, that hurt my stomach!
Irma: [screams] Mutants!
Shredder: Seize them!
[Bebop chases then grabs them]
Bebop: Gotcha!
April: Let go of me you big ugly, bug ridden, half witted creep!
Bebop: Aw I ain't no creep!

Leonardo: Okay. So... So what happened to April?
Irma: [starts talking rapidly] Well, first she turned into a cat, and then she drank milk from a saucer, and then she jumped out the window, and then she went to some man called Shredder, and then she went to...
Raphael: Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down.
Michelangelo: Right. Could you, like, rewind that and play it back at normal speed?

Irma: I didn't meet one single sailor!
April: What do you mean? You were just talking to a whole fleet of them!
Irma: I said SINGLE sailor - those guys are all married!

Peggy: Oh dear, you're *the* colonel Austin?
Col. Steve Austin: I'm the only one I know.
Peggy: Oh, golly.

Peggy: He wants me to help you in any way I can.
Col. Steve Austin: Good. first off, you can start by giving me your home adress and telephone number.
Peggy: Oh... is that the routine here?

April: Hungerdunger has only one interest...
Irma: Aside from making money.
Leonardo: And that is?
April: City politics. He's run for mayor several times.
Irma: Two years ago, he even tried to buy the city.
April: But he's never been able to win an election.
Leonardo: That's all very interesting, but it doesn't explain why he's holding this contest.
Donatello: With a diamond reward that doesn't even exist.
Michelangelo: Well, thanks, April. It's been confusing.

Woman: Getting into trouble a little early today, aren't we, Aladdin?
Aladdin: Trouble? No way. You're only in trouble if you get caught.
Razoul: [snatching Aladdin by the collar] Gotcha!
Aladdin: I'm in trouble.

[Donatello has made a cure for Irma in the form of a capsule]
Irma: Ah, forget it! I can't swallow pills! When I was little, my mother gave me my medicine in a spoonful of ice cream!
Leonardo: Come on, Irma, you're a big girl now!
Raphael: Yeah, really big.

Tiffany: [on phone with Burne] Exactly how old are you?
Burne: [hesitating] I'm th - I'm th - 30-something.
Vernon: Happy 50th birthday, boss!
Burne: [angrily] Vernon, you idiot! Ooh, sorry, Tiffany. I got to go now.

Irma: Yoohoo! Splinter? Are you in there?
Donatello: Irma, what are you doing in the sewers?
Irma: Well, a woman will go to any depths to meet her dream man. Now, where is this hunky Splinter guy?
[Splinter enters]
Splinter: I am Splinter.
Irma: [gasps] You're a... You're a rat!
Splinter: Precisely. You must be Irma.
Irma: Wrong. I must be going.
[runs away]
Irma: AAH!

Raphael: What's wrong, April?
April: I'm worried about my job. Burne Thompson said I better come up with a big story or...
Raphael: Or what?
April: Or I won't be around to celebrate my second year.
[Donatello puts on a disguise]
Donatello: Hey, I know what'll cheer you up. Irma, I need you.
Irma: [smiles bashfully] Ooh!
Donatello: Easy, Irma. It's only to help me pick up a pizza.
[Irma sulks]

Irma: [after the Turtlenator dies out] Wow, talk about blowing a gasket.

Leonardo,40152: Turtles fight with honor!
Irma: And women fight with handbags!

Donatello: See that humongous dish?
Irma: Why thank you Donnatello.
Donatello: Not you, Irma. I mean that satellite dish.
Irma: Hmmph! It's just like a man to choose TV over me!

Shredder: [to April] Well, well Miss O'Neil you and your friend are just in time to see me turn the Orient Express into the first intercontinental ballistic train, tie them up!
Rocksteady: [brings over two sacks] We'll put 'em in these mail bags
[to April and Irma]
Rocksteady: Do you goils like going foist class?
Irma: What does a no class like you care?
Shredder: Put them in the baggage car, that way you will be able to watch the front of the train crash
[pounds his fist for emphasis]
Shredder: an instant before you do!
Bebop: [picks up April as she struggles to escape and stuffs her into a sack which Rocksteady then ties shut]
Bebop: Like they say, the chick's in the mail!

April: [April and Irma squirm around in the sacks until their heads are sticking out] Try to get free Irma, we've got to warn everyone!
Irma: Oh I'd love to get out of this, the style just doesn't suit me.

Irma: [about the university] My, what big buildings you have.
Guard: The better to teach you with, my dear.
Guard: Teach with!
[both guards laugh]
Irma: Oh, brother.