The Best Jeremy Howard Quotes

Sketchy: The thing the worries me is, is getting trampled or shoved up against a chain-link fence, because If you really think about it, you're against a chain-link fence and you've got a lot, I mean a lot of people trying to escape, pushing hard enough forward. It's not a joke, you're going to get squeezed right thru the chain links like Play-Doh or some kind of soft meat and, and this in inevitable OK, and there's nothing you or me or anyone can do about it. And if the fence posts are stuck deep, really deep in the cement, way down inside the ground, then it's definitely happening to you.

- Hey.
Sketchy: Oh.
Jesse: Hey, hey huh?
- Get some dipping sticks too, yo.
- Yeah, I can definitely get dipping sticks.
- All right. I can get them.

[last lines]
Narrator: So he brought back the toys and the food for the feast. And he, he himself, the Grinch, carved the roast beast.
The: There's nothin' like the holidays. Who wants the gizzard?
Drew: I do.
The: Too late. That'll be mine.

Buffy: If I'm the one who let you die, why take it out on her? I'm right here. Come on. What are you after? Fear? Revenge? Tasty brains?
Dead: I think I'd like Dawn to be my girlfriend.
Buffy: Again, wrong sister. I'm the one that dates dead guys. And, no offense, but they were hotties. I mean, I'm sure you had a great personality, but...
Dead: Busy making out with your dead boyfriend while I was ripped to death by a werewolf...? Is that why you let me die?
Dead: I was screaming for help when they pulled me down...
Buffy: *Hello*! Not making myself clear. I don't care how you died. I'm sorry for your loss, but *where* is my sister? *Dawn*!
Dead: She's not gonna hear you. This place is like a maze.
Dead: This place is ours now. It was built on our graves.
Dead: All we want is for you to leave, so we can rest again.
Buffy: Actually, I'm thinking all you want is to get between me and that door. Who's for finding out why.