The Best Julie Dretzin Quotes

Skyler: I didn't marry a criminal.
Pamela: Well, you're married to one now.

- Honey, please.
Eleanor: Wait!
- Go. Honey, please.
- Please, go upstairs! You don't need to be a part of this!
- I didn't get to say goodbye!
- It was nice knowing you!
- Back to bed, my love!

- Okay, sweetheart.
- You're gonna get back in your bed.
- And you're gonna rest.
- And I'm gonna come back and check on you.
Eleanor: You know what you did!
- You know what you did!

[last lines]
Christina: [voice-over] To whom it may concern: I hope I'm not writing this letter in vain... But I feel I have a responsibility to those who depend on us... To those who expect us to deliver an honest and fair accounting... I feel a responsibility to speak the truth... For those innocent victims who are powerless to speak it themselves... Because without the truth, we ourselves become powerless... Christina Colucci.

Eleanor: A little.
- Lawrence: It looks nice.
- Like it used to.
- Thank you.
- Good morning, dear.
- Good morning, Mrs. Lawrence.

- Why don't you go back to bed?
- When we have guests?
- Don't be silly. Has he offered you something warm to drink?
Guardian: Yes, ma'am. Thank you.
Eleanor: Good.
- Cold night like this.
- Make yourself comfortable.
- It'll just be a minute.

- You mean handmaids?
- Yes.
- I'm trying to find out where they are.
- That information is in the red center dossiers.
- Right.
Eleanor: Joseph keeps them in the basement.

- Lawrence: They can bring you something else. Eleanor: I'm not hungry!
- Lawrence: Eleanor, sweetheart...
Eleanor: No, just leave me alone!
- Lawrence: Eleanor... Eleanor: Don't you touch me! Get out!
[Door opens] Get out!
[Crying] Go! Get out of here!

- Aha.
Eleanor: Oh!
- Where is that...