The Best Marc Rissmann Quotes

Josef: [about home] Illegal to do everything... except pay taxes.

Shea: What else?
Thomas: Water.
Shea: [addressing immigrants] Do not drink water from the ground. When we camp, we will choose a latrine away from our water source.
Josef: What is a latrine?
Shea: Powder room.
[Josef is perplexed]
Shea: Water closet. Thomas, help me.
Thomas: Toilette.
Josef: Aaahh.
Shea: What in the hell is a toilette?
Thomas: It's French for shitter.
Shea: When did you learn French?
Thomas: I don't know French, I just know the French word for shitter.
Shea: How do you know the French word for shitter?
Thomas: [defensively] I used to fuck a girl from France!
Shea: Fine. That's all you had to say. Don't have to get angry about it.

Shea: None of you have firearms?
Josef: Do we need them?
Shea: [laughs] Do you need them?