The Best Marty Lindsey Quotes

Rick: Are you trying to make this a RICO case?
Reese: You think our client is John Gotti or something?
Jimmy: You know as well as I do that RICO's mostly used for business beefs. Sedima establishes a pretty low threshold for RICO provisions to kick in. Interstate commerce is a bitch, huh? As soon as we establish a pattern to, what was your word? Overbillings? I prefer the classic term of fraud. You're looking at treble damages, so, your hundred grand? I think you know where you can stick it.
Rick: Well... what number exactly did you have in mind?
Chuck: Twenty million.
Rick: Excuse me?
Chuck: You heard me.
Rick: Oh, you can't expect...
Chuck: Twenty million dollars. Or we'll see you in court.