The Best Matthias Schoenaerts Quotes

Detective: You know why I'm here Burt. You and Woodman fled the scene after you pushed the Meekins woman under a truck.
Burt: Why would you possibly think that was us?
Detective: Well there's not too many people that fit the description of a doctor looking for his eye on the ground with his black attorney.

Einar: I was different.
Hans: It didn't take much to be different in Vejle. Surely that's why we became friends.
Einar: Every morning I promised myself that I will spend the entire day as Einar. But there's so little of Einar left.
Hans: You think these things because you're exhausted.
Einar: Sometimes I think about killing Einar. But it's only the thought that I'd be killing Lili too that stops me.

Hans: How are you Lili ?
Einar: Entirely myself.

Hans: [to Lili] I've only liked a handful of people in my life, and you've been two of them.

Hans: We were fooling around in the kitchen. Einar was wearing his grandmother's apron. We were just little boys, you know, playing around? Anyway, Einar just looked so pretty and... I had to kiss him! So, yes, I kissed Einar.

Lili: I think that marriage is the single thing we should all hope for in life.
Hans: Really?
Lili: It creates someone else. More than just the two of you. Yes, I think it'd be terrible not to...