The Best Michael Warren Quotes

Officer: [Hill can't stop laughing about the disposal of John Renko's body] Now what is so funny about this?
Officer: The whole thing! I'm sorry, cowboy, but it's so funny! Your old man sitting in that alley in his hospital greens with no shoes and Dog-Breath Belker offering him a bite of his sandwich!
Officer: [Renko stares to laugh too] If he wasn't dead already, Belker's breath would have killed him!
[they fall about in hysterics]
Officer: That's the first decent laugh that old man ever gave me!

Capt. Frank Furillo: Until I hear otherwise, Phil will be finding you separate duty assignments.
[leaves the room]
Officer: [sees Renko tearing up] Oh man, don't start that.
[Renko starts crying, Bobby starts crying]
Officer: Will you stop that?
Officer: Don't tell me what to do. You wouldn't last more than 10 minutes out there without me anyway.
Officer: Oh yeah? I haven't been doing too good with you anyway.
[they look at each other and start laughing, then resume crying]
Officer: Oh man!
Officer: [stands up and grabs Hill] We need each other, Bobby.
[hugs him]
Officer: [smiling] I'm afraid we do, Cowboy.
Officer: Look, uh, why don't we just go get something to eat and uh, go back to work?
Officer: Yeah.

Capt. Frank Furillo: I've seen this before, don't think you're the only ones. You walked in the wrong doorway and got smacked, you both ought to be dead. Not because you screwed up, and not because you're bad cops, you're not, in fact you're exceptionally good, but it happens. And if you survive, it's never like it was, it's always with you: the what ifs, which one of us failed? The shame, embarrassment, the anger, and most of all, the fear of going back out there.
Officer: It doesn't faze me, Captain.
Officer: That's bull! You were scared out of your socks, turn on that light switch?
Officer: Who's telling who who's scared?
Officer: Sure I was, I can admit it, Renko, I've got no problem with that.
Officer: Then admit it! You're SWIMMING in it! Alright, so I'm nervous out there, big deal, you just make me plainclothes and I'll get over that REAL FAST.

Officer: I want to go into plainclothes; Esterhaus promised me he'd talk to you about it.
Capt. Frank Furillo: Alright, let's run the request up to division; you know you'll have to leave the precinct.
[to Bobby]
Capt. Frank Furillo: What about you? What's your problem?
Officer: [about Renko] Him.
Capt. Frank Furillo: Fine! Then it's solved: you're divorced.
Officer: [turns around, shocked] Just like that?
Capt. Frank Furillo: You got it, Hill, just like that.
[Bobby turns back to the window]

[last lines]
Doctor: I'm sorry. There's no reaction at all. I'm afraid we lost her.

Officer: [finding their squad car stolen, Renko's furious, trying to calm him down] Renko, we lose a couple of cars a month.

Doctor: The magical key. Buffy inserted Dawn into her delusion, actually rewriting the entire history of it to accommodate a need for a familial bond.
[to Buffy]
Doctor: Buffy, but that created inconsistencies, didn't it? Your sister, your friends, all of those people you created in Sunnydale, they aren't as comforting as they once were, are they? They're coming apart.
Joyce: Buffy, listen to what the doctor's saying. It's important.
Doctor: Buffy, you used to create these grand villains to battle against. And now what is it? Just ordinary students you went to high school with. No gods or monsters. Just three pathetic little men... who like playing with toys.

Officer: Where's Wash?
Officer John 'J.D.' LaRue: Doin' a Rumba with Sal Benedetto. How the hell would I know?

Second: [Hill & Renko have been called to an apartment where two toddlers have been left unattended] She's down the street in a tavern.
Officer: The mother?
Second: That's right, that's where she goes.
Officer: Then why didn't someone say something before we broke the door in?

Officer: What's your name?
Kid: Speedboat!
Officer: Not your street name, your real name.
Kid: I'm Bobby.
Officer: Bobby? Hey, you know, that's my real name, too.
Kid: I like Speedboat!