The Best Noah Centineo Quotes

Al: Hey, why is this Adam dude so pissed off?
Carter: He's not some dude. He's a weapon of mass destruction. You don't have to raise your hand.
Maxine: Question. If he's so powerful, how are we supposed to stop him?
Kent: If we can get him to say the word "Shazam", Teth-Adam will lose his power. And we're hoping since he's had a few thousand years to sleep it off, we can peacefully negotiate the terms of his existence.
Maxine: From the footage you showed us, he doesn't really seem like a "peacefully negotiate" kind of guy.

- Whoo!
- Look at that suit. It's cool.
- Thanks. You, too.
- Thank you.
- It was a hand-me-down.
- It was from my uncle.
Atom: Hawkman just does not give up, does he?
Cyclone: Nope.

- Now prepare to die.
- Wait, wait, where's uncle karim?
Hawkman: No matter what happens, he does not sit on that throne.
Atom: Copy that.
Cyclone: We're on it!
- Heads up!

Owen: Is my first time been sexpionage

Maxine: So what's the op?
Carter: We're headed to Kahndaq to apprehend and contain a Class-A metahuman.
Al: I didn't bring a passport.
Kent: We don't need passports. We're the Justice Society.

Owen: You got a CIA officer killed.
Max: I didn't, his dick did.