Top 20 Quotes From Rade Serbedzija

Prince: You think to be unhappy in a marriage is ill-bred.
Violet: You do know me, Igor, that I must concede.

Murad: I have nothing against you. You didn't kill my son, but your husband did. Now he betrayed you by choosing to save your daughter instead of you. He left you here like a dog.
Lenore: At least my daughter is still alive.

Dmitri: [after hanging up the phone with his lawyer] good, my attorney has verified the agreements
Jack: [to Bill over the phone] we're set: Gredenko is ready to make the call
Bill: Alright, we'll be standing by. Doyle's got a team ready to go as soon as Fayed tells Gredenko where his going to meet him
Jack: Copy that
Jack: [to Gredenko] if you try and warn Fayed, in anything you say or how you say it, I will kill you right here right now
Dmitri: I believe you
Jack: Make the call
Abu: [Over the phone as CTU monitors the call] yes?
Dmitri: It's me
Abu: Do you have the security protocols for the power plant?
Dmitri: Yes, where do you want to meet?
Abu: Are you certain you're not under surveillance?
Dmitri: Of course. Do you think I'd be calling you otherwise?
Abu: I can't allow another one of your mistakes to disrupt my plans for the remaining two devices
Dmitri: Do you want the protocols or not?
Abu: Where are you right now?
Dmitri: Culver City
Abu: Meet me in the Santa Monica Pier in ten minutes
Dmitri: It might take me more time
Abu: I won't wait
Dmitri: Where do I find you?
Abu: [Before hanging up] just be there, I'll find you

Michael: You killed all three?
Bob: There were four.

Jack: You know who I am
Dmitri: I know all about you Agent Bauer
Jack: Then you know what I'm going to do to you: unless you tell me where the bombs are. When I'm finished, I'm going to put you on a plane back to Russia. I don't think President Suvarov is going to be too happy to see you
Dmitri: Fayed has the bombs
Jack: Where is he?
Dmitri: I don't know but I can help you find him
Jack: I'm listening
Dmitri: I came here to get security specs for the Edgemont nuclear powerplant
Jack: That's your next target?
Dmitri: Yes, Fayed's waiting for my call
Jack: [Takes out his cell phone] make the call
Dmitri: [Shakes his head] no, first my terms: amnesty from your government and a guarantee I won't be returned to Russia
Dmitri: [after Jack doesn't respond] what? I'm offering you Fayed, what's the problem? I'm not a martyr, I'm a soldier and a realist. If I don't call him soon, Fayed will get suspicious

Michael: Gunnery Sergeant Bob Lee Swagger, USMC, retired. He is the best there is.
Louis: His last assignment went wrong. Put in unfriendly territory on a loan-out and left as expendable. Opposing force sent an attack helicopter and a hundred-man company. His best friend and spotter was killed. No official report.
Jack: Ghost report says he inflicted 70 percent casualties; the rest fled.
Louis: The Agency asset that left him there to die? Suddenly removed from the face of the earth two weeks after. They never laid it at Bob Lee's feet. He retired a week later.
Colonel: I guess Bob Lee didn't think he was expendable.

[Abu Fayed and Dmitri Gredenko sneak into a bar, unfortunately full of people and on the TV is the news about the day]
Dmitri: [lets Fayed walk ahead looks at TV] I know that man. I recognize him.
[points at Abu]
Dmitri: He's that man there!
Abu: [angrily] You son of a bitch!
[all hell breaks loose as Fayed tries shooting Gredenko but he manages to get behind a wall. Some of the patrons go after Fayed but Fayed shoots one and then runs dry on his pistol. Everyone takes advantage of this and knocks Fayed to the ground beating him up until Jack Bauer comes in firing 2 shots into the ceiling]
Jack: I'm a federal agent! I need you to step away so I can take that guy into custody. He's a wanted man!
Bar: He just shot my friend!
Jack: I'm sorry about that, but I'll get an EMT in here quickly.
Abu: [spits] I hope your friend dies!
Jack: Shut up!
[kicks Fayed in the face]

John C. McCloy: What is this?
Dr. Nekhorvich: [Ethan posing as Nekhorvich] A visit from an old friend.
John C. McCloy: You crashed on the plane. You're dead.
Dr. Nekhorvich: Dead, certainly. But dead is a little extreme. On the other hand, when my colleague Gradski had your pulse and your blood pressure, he had less than a day to live.
Dr. Nekhorvich: You're infected with Chimera, my friend.
[McCloy presses his call button]
Dr. Nekhorvich: No use, my friend. The medical staff wants no part of this. Doctors don't fancy the idea of dying any more than anybody else.
John C. McCloy: How could I possibly be infected?
Dr. Nekhorvich: That's exactly what Gradski said 27 hours before he died.
John C. McCloy: You've got the antidote, you miserable bastard! You stole Bellerophon, all of it!
Dr. Nekhorvich: My, my, my.
John C. McCloy: I need it! I need it *now*, you whacked-out Russian gypsy!
Dr. Nekhorvich: And what about Gradski, who you deliberately infected with Chimera?
John C. McCloy: How was I to know they needed to be treated with Bellerophon within 20 hours?
Dr. Nekhorvich: By asking me.
John C. McCloy: You still don't get it, do you? I needed to know just how bad the disease was in the real world, not just the lab. You were genetically splicing together strains of influenza to create a cure for all influenzas, but you were also creating a disease so terrible in Chimera, the cure would be priceless! I needed Chimera in order to peddle Bellerophon; it's not that difficult to understand, is it? Look, I've got the virus, you've got the cure. I need them both. Time was, a shot of penicillin would knock off every bloody bug in the zoo. Not anymore. If I couldn't make money killing the microscopic little shits that are out there, well, you'd help me put one out there that I could make money on. Well, there it is. I've confessed. I, John C. McCloy, am in business to make money. Now forget any deal you may have made with that thug Ambrose, get me treated and let's go back to work!
Dr. Nekhorvich: You know, I think it's a little late for that. Do give my regards to Gradski, if you see him.

Mr. Milich: If the good doctor himself should ever want anything again... anything at all... it needn't be a costume.

Colonel: Sometimes to catch a wolf you need to tie the bait to a tree.
Michael: Then what happens to the bait.
Colonel: Hard to say, but thats the nature of being the bait.

Tibor: Enjoy Bratislava. It's good you came in summer, in winter it can get very depressing.

Dr. Nekhorvich: [from a video recording presented by Swanbeck with Ethan watching] Every search for a hero must begin with something that every hero requires: A villain.

Prince: When you go through a storm like ours, you give up hope quite early on in the proceedings.
Violet: I agree - hope is a tease, designed to prevent us accepting reality.
Isobel: Oh, you only say that to sound clever.
Violet: Yes, I know. You should try it.

Mr. Milich: Was your Costume a Success?

Murad: [Bryan has him cornered] What are you waiting for?
Bryan: You have other sons?
Murad: Two.
Bryan: And if I kill you, they will come and seek revenge?
Murad: They will for sure.
Bryan: And I will kill them too. You can change that. You can go home, live your life, enjoy your sons, your grandsons.
Murad: And my other son, Marko, the son you killed... am I just supposed to forget it?
Bryan: No, you'll just have to live with it. Like the parents of all those kidnapped girls. Or you can die here.
Murad: What are you telling me?
Bryan: What I'm saying is, if you give me your word, I will throw down this gun and simply walk away.
Murad: Why?
Bryan: Because I am tired of it all.

Bob: The Archbishop?
Michael: You want to take all suspicions away when you shoot someone, wait 'til he's standing next to the President.
Bob: What was he going to say?
Michael: The truth. That nothing, no matter how horrible, ever really happens without the approval of the government. Over there, and here. The problem isn't the doing. It's the people in power having to admit that they knew. The prisoners are tortured at Abu Ghraib, and only the underlings go to jail. Their bosses knew. We know their bosses knew. But you don't say it.
Bob: What exactly happened in Africa?
Michael: Somehow the villagers didn't think that an oil pipeline was a good enough reason to move their village to a place where the spirit gods didn't exist. Drink?
Bob: They asked them all nicely to move, and when they didn't, they just killed them all?
Michael: No, they didn't ask. They just killed them... all... so the next village won't need to be asked. They'll just go.

Prince: [sarcastically to Violet] How nice to be back in a world where ladies are accompanied by their maids!

Murad: I have come to take you to Tropoje to face you to the people whose lives you have ruined. To give them justice.
Bryan: You mean to give them revenge.
Murad: If it gives us peace call it anything you wish.

Prince: Do they help the losing side in any revolution?

Dr. Nekhorvich: Well, I've heard...
[takes off mask of Dr. Nekhorvich to reveal Ethan]
Ethan: ...all I need to hear.