The Best Richard Dysart Quotes

[the Arkham inmates are too scared to testify against Lyle Bolton]
Bruce: Well then, based on todays testimony, I propose extending Mr. Bolton's contract for an additional 18 months.
Arnold: No! You can't! You don't know what he's doing to us!
Scarface: Shut up! Don't listen to jerkface here! He don't know what he's saying!
Harley: [pounds Scarface's head in] No! It's all true! If we don't speak up now, we'll *never* get another chance! He threatens us! Takes away our privileges! Even when we're good!
Lyle: We've heard enough of this nonsense.
The: He says scum like us must be kept in line. That's why he chains us down at night, and electrifies our doors!
Scarface: He held me over a can filled with termites, ya hear me? TERMITES!
Harley: He's an animal!
Arnold: A monster!
The: Keep him away!
Lyle: Shut up! All of you!
[after a struggle between Bolton and the orderlies, he rushes to kill the inmates, only to be tripped by Wayne. He again is restrained by them]
Lyle: You're all scum! You should be beaten within an inch of your misbegotten lives!
Dr. Bartholomew: I've seen enough!
[bangs gavel]
Dr. Bartholomew: Lyle Bolton, you're dismissed!

Dr. Bartholomew: [an orderly moves to take Batman's mask off] Not yet. His mask is at the root of his delusional fixation. To take it off might plunge him into a catatonic state.

Dr. Bartholomew: Ms. Quinn? Do you have any complaints against Mr. Bolton?
Harley: [glancing at Bolton; meekly] I got nothin' to say.
Dr. Bartholomew: But surely you must have something you wish to...
Harley: You got a hearing problem or somethin'? No! Nada! Ix-nay! Zero! Zilch! Bupkis! Nothin', okay?

Dr. Bartholomew: He can't possibly have left the grounds. Our security is absolute, completely...
Batman: No security is absolute. The Scarecrow's already proved that!

Dr. Bartholomew: It's time we had another chat, Batman. Now, tell me about this supposed gas again.
Batman: I've already told you. When the gas is put into Gotham's water supply, the entire city will be affected.
[Standing up]
Batman: Why won't you believe me?
Orderly: Easy.
Dr. Bartholomew: Well, how could such a complex plan be implemented without attracting attention? I think this plot is just another delusion. And deep down, you believe so too. Otherwise, why come to Arkham? The one place where costumed delusional personalities can receive compassion and help?
Batman: I didn't come here for help! I came to find the criminal behind all this.
Dr. Bartholomew: Really, Batman. As if a criminal could run an outside operation from in here. Jack Napier? Harvey Dent? Pamela Isley? Or, as you call them, the Joker, Two-Face and Poison Ivy. We keep them all under constant watch.
Batman: They're not responsible for this madness. There's only one criminal twisted enough to come up with such a scheme: The Scarecrow.
Dr. Bartholomew: Professor Crane? What nonsense. I saw him this morning in his cell. He's probably asleep even as we speak.

Dr. Bartholomew: Such a pity. To think, after all he's accomplished, that he should end up here like this. Yes, he does seem calmer. You can turn on the lights, It's all right, Batman. I'm Dr. Bartholomew, your psychiatrist.
Batman: Did you contact Commissioner Gordon and Dr. Wu?
Dr. Bartholomew: Calm yourself. Everything is under control.
Batman: Haven't you listened to anything I've told you?
Dr. Bartholomew: [to the orderly] He needs more time. See that he's not disturbed.
Batman: BARTHOLOMEW! We don't have any more time!
Dr. Bartholomew: Now, now. There's always time to heal.

Barbed: I've never seen a man so broken up over a woman. What did he say her name was, Cara, Sara?
Older: Clara.
Barbed: Clara!
Clara: [Clara's eyes light up and she spins around in her seat] Excuse me.
Barbed: Ma'am.
Clara: But was this man tall, with great big brown puppy dog eyes and long silvery flowing hair?
Barbed: You know him?
Clara: [Clara lets out a happy sigh and spins back in her seat] Emmett!
[she reaches up and pulls on an emergency stop cord]

Lt. Columbo: As I understand it, sir, you had a meeting with him yesterday, and I was wondering...
[Columbo stops himself, looking at a dish on the counter, under glass]
Lt. Columbo: Is that what I think it is? Is that galantine of duck?
Max: Yeah - this is MY galantine
Lt. Columbo: You know I have read about these in cook-books but I have never actually seen one. And those pie-buttons are they real truffles?
Max: Why of course! And the green mousse's are pistachios.
Lt. Columbo: And there is another kind of green meat there, inside?
Max: Hm-mmh, ham!
Lt. Columbo: It's a beautiful art...

Dr. Bartholomew: I hope I'm not disturbing you.
Batman: Isn't that why I'm here? Because I'm... disturbed?