The Best Robert Covarrubias Quotes

Cordelia: Okay. Not funny. Hey. You. Where did you put my car?
Caretaker: Pardon?
Cordelia: My auto! El convertablo.

Ray: [runs over to Mike] Mr. Rogers! Mr. Rogers! You know, I feel like asking you if it's a beautiful day in your neighborhood.
[Mike just looks at him as Ray chuckles]
Ray: Ray Melendez, Action News Phoenix.
[extends his hand]
Ray: How are you?
Mike: [doesn't shake his hand] Look, I just woke up.
Ray: Oh, well that's no problem. I just need to ask you a few questions. What do you say, huh?
Mike: [gets in his truck] I got nothing to say.
Ray: Well, you see, I figured you would want to kind of like set the record straight. With, uh, things that have been said about you and all. You know...
Mike: Well, you figured wrong, pal.
[starts up his truck]
Ray: For your own good. For your own good, you know, to just talk to the people, let them know what really happened. What do you say? Come on. Come on.
[Mike drives away from him]