The Best Seth Morris Quotes

[presses button to reveal lottery ball]
Robin: Tonight's lottery numbers are.
Director: Say the line before you press the button.
Producer: It builds the suspense.
Director: Yeah, it builds the suspense.
Robin: Seventeen.
Producer: Stop her! Why did she say it like that? It's like she's not even happy about the number 17 coming up. She just seems mean.
Director: Yeah, she seems super mean. Try it again and be more wry.
Robin: Wry? About the number 17.
Director: Wry, with a little bit of a...
Producer: ...twinkle.
Director: Yeah, twinkle.
Robin: [sexily] Seventeen.
[producer shakes head 'no']
Director: That was great. Thanks!

Ted: What is it you guys are looking for?
Mac: Let's talk needs please, I'd like to talk needs first. Now I have the need for speed. It's very important, it's inherent, there's nothing I can do about it so speed is a must.

Amy: Well, I don't think we have any illegals working here.
ICE: Well, you never can tell. They look just like you and me. Well, you.