Top 20 Quotes From Stan Lee

Bus: What's the matter with you kids? You've never seen a spaceship before?

Dapper: Hey. Don't give up on her. Either of you.
Eddie: We won't.
Venom: Who was that guy?
[notices the dog]
Venom: Wait, this thing looks delicious.

Gary: [sees Spider-Man] I think I know that guy!

Man: That is hilarious!

Stan: Say, aren't you the guy who was stalking Lynda Carter?
Comic: The term is "courting," thank you. The restraining order says "no-no," but her eyes say "yes-yes."

Sheldon: This is Stan Lee's front door. We were on Stan Lee's curb, then we were on Stan Lee's walk and now we're at Stan Lee's front door.
Penny: Yup.
[Penny rings the doorbell]
Sheldon: Oh, Lord. You just rang Stan Lee's doorbell. It's Stan Lee's house. We're about to go in and have milk and cookies with Stan Lee.
Penny: Okay. Sweetie, I don't know if we're gonna have cookies or he's just gonna say hi or really what's gonna happen so just let me talk and we'll...
[the door opens]
Stan: Yeah?
Penny: Are you Stan Lee?
Stan: Oh damn.
Penny: Hi. I'm Penny. This is my friend Sheldon.
Sheldon: We're not friends at the moment. Depends on how this goes.
Penny: Right, right. Anyway Sheldon here is a huge fan of yours and he was supposed to meet you the other day at the comic book store but he kind of ended up in jail.
Stan: I see. And you thought you'd just come over to my house uninvited?
Sheldon: You said we *were* invited.
Penny: Oh, no no, I said I'm inviting *you* to come with *me* to Stan Lee's house.
Stan: You know, you fanboys are unbelievable! Do you think you can just ring my doorbell any time you want? I mean, why don't you just come on in and watch the Lakers game with me?
Sheldon: Well, I'm not much of a sports fan, but thank you.
[walks in. Stan Lee stares at Penny]
Penny: Sir, he doesn't really understand sarcasm.
Stan: Well I'll give him something he'll understand. Joanie! Call the police!
Penny: Nice to meet you.
[Penny runs away]

[a driver tries to tow Mjolnir out of the crater it landed in]
Stan the Man: Did it work?

[Smithsonian Guard discovers that Captain America's World War II uniform has been stolen]
Smithsonian: Oh, man. I am so fired.

Stan: Superheroes? In New York? Give me a break!

Everett K. Ross: [T'Challa leaves a craps table] Hey, you won!
Thirsty: You know what? I'm just going to take these chips and set them over here.

[In a post-credits scene, Fred stands in front of the family portrait]
Fred: Dad, I just wish I could share my accomplishments with you. You mean so much to me and, honestly I've always felt a distance, what with you being on the family island all the time and I just wish you could see how-
[Fred touches the portrait and it opens, revealing a secret room. Inside is a large computer console, two sets of superhero costumes and a plethora of different gadgets. Fred enters the room and looks around. He picks up a pair of underwear]
Fred's: Fred.
[Fred's Dad enters the room to reveal that he is none other than Stan "The Man" Lee]
Fred's: Son.
Fred: Dad.
Fred's: [He picks up the underwear and holds them proudly] I wear 'em front. I wear 'em back.
Fred,729: [Fred joins in] I go inside out. Then I go front and back.
Fred: Dad!
[Fred hugs his father happily]
Fred's: We have a *lot* to talk about!

Waitress: [deleted scene: Cap, feeling disconnected from the world, sits at an outdoor cafe table sketching Stark Tower] Waiting on the big guy?
Steve: Ma'am?
Waitress: Iron Man. A lot of people eat here just to see him fly by.
Steve: Right. Maybe another time.
[pays his tab]
Waitress: The table's yours as long as you like. Nobody's waiting on it. Plus we've got free wireless.
Steve: Radio?
[she gives him a nice look over her shoulder as she walks away]
Stan: [from the adjacent table] Ask for her number, you moron.

General: I thought he'd be taller.

Man: You know, I guess one person really can make a difference...
[pats Peter Parker on shoulder]
Man: 'Nuff said!

Dr. Erik Selvig: Any questions?
Old guy in the ward: Yeah. Can I have my shoe back?

Wedding: Invitation sir.
Rejected: I should be on that list.
Wedding: Name?
Rejected: Stan Lee.
Wedding: Yeah, nice try.

Watcher: Oh, man. Anyway, before I was so rudely interrupted. At that time, I was a Federal Express man...

[a police officer has mistaken a green-painted Homer for the Incredible Hulk]
Stan: He's not the Hulk... I'M the Hulk.
[rips shirt, growls and tries to change into Hulk]
Stan: I don't understand, I did it once before.
Comic: Oh, please, you couldn't turn into Bill Bixby.

FedEx: [knocks on door] Are you 'Tony Stank'?

[watching a green Homer being taken down by the cops]
Stan: He can't be the Hulk... I'M the Hulk!
[rips his shirt open, growls, and tries to change into the Hulk]
Comic: Oh, please. You couldn't even change into Bill Bixby.
Stan: Come on, dammit, change!
[continues to growl and signs]
Stan: Ah, forget it.
[goes back to growling]
Stan: I really did it once.
Comic: Yes, yes. I just wish you had the power to leave my store.
[they go back inside and Stan Lee starts growling again]
Comic: Almost had it there.