The Best Thomas G. Waites Quotes

FBI: The ICE office in Port Chester will have Gilman's co-workers ready for us in an hour. I was just at his bank. He withdrew 35K Saturday morning. Running money. He had a plan.
FBI: Nothing impetuous about our boy.
Detective: Sounds like this isn't your first rodeo with family annihilators.
FBI: You know they come in four flavors? There's the self-righteous type who blames everybody, especially his wife, for all the crap in his life. There's the guy who can't get his act together and feels humiliated by his failures. And then we have the self-pitying loser who feels like his family has let him down. Then there's the paranoid fella who thinks his family's in danger from the outside world. You know, moral decay or the bogeyman. So how does he protect them? He kills his family himself.

Swan: If you get separated, make it to the platform at Union Square. That's where we change trains.
Ajax: I only got one question. Who named you leader? I got just as much right to take over as you.
Fox: It was Cleon's choice, Swan's war chief.
Ajax: Well, right about now, Cleon's most likely got a nightstick shoved halfway up his ass!

Swan: You recognize them?
Fox: Orphans. So far down they're not even on the map. Real low class.
Swan: Numbers?
Fox: Full strength: maybe 30?
Vermin: Thirty. A lot more than eight.
Ajax: Not if they're wimps!... and I'm sick of this running crap.

[as they all observe the subway station]
Ajax: Come on, what kind of chickenshit crap is this?
Cochise: Yeah, come on! We're here, what are we waiting for?
Fox: A train would help! Unless you wanna go up there and get japped on an open platform.
Cochese: Bullshit man, there ain't nobody in the street.
Ajax: He's right! We're acting like faggots!
[a bus with bright headlights approaches]
Swan: Just keep talking.
Swan: Move!

Detective: Neighbor says it sounded like a bomb. The owner, Thomas Gilman, is a deportation officer for the ICE office in Port Chester. We suspect he was the target.
Special: Was he home?
Detective: That's his truck in the driveway. The fire departmnet's still searching for victims. We got one neighbor DOA, two more in the ICU.
Special: Any evidence of a bomb besides the, uh, big noise?
Detective: Look at this place. What else would do this?

FBI: Hey, boss, I scrubbed Gilman's phone. No trace of any girlfriend.
FBI: Gilman didn't cheat because he's looking for a relationship. Intimacy's not in his tool kit.
FBI: Neither is sharing. He's got no social media presence. Joined Facebook in 2009, posted one picture of his daughter, and hasn't been back since.
FBI: Yeah, sounds about right.
Detective: What's he doing, inspecting suspicious marbles?
FBI: It's old, Detective, maybe from his childhood. It's interesting to me that he kept it.

Fox: We were just at that big meeting up in the Bronx. We're goin' home to Coney. Train gets messed up by the fire and dumps us here.
Orphan: I don't know what you're talkin' about, man. How could this be a big meeting if the Orphans wasn't there?

[first lines]
[Buffy kneeling beside a dead body when a cop walk in]
Second: Freeze! Put you hands up. Back away from the girl, slowly.
Buffy: Look, I didn't do anything.
Second: Do it! Now.

Fox: [to Mercy] We're not going to hide who we are just because some whore shakes her ass.
Mercy: Don't call me no whore. I ain't no whore!

Special: Captain, what have we got?
FD: Three bodies: adult female on a bed over there, two juveniles.
Detective: The Gilmans had two kids; boy and girl, eight and ten.
Special: Names.
Detective: Roy and Mia.
Special: What about Tom Gilman?
Detective: Haven't found any other remains.

Arson: We got the point of origin in the basement. The gas line to the furnace was pulled out. We found traces of a lit candle on the floor about eight feet away. The gas accumulated in the basement, and when it filled up and got down to the candle...
Special: The house went up. Are there any other vehicles registered to the family?
Detective: There's a compact SUV registered to Connie Gilman, probably in the garage.
Special: [entering the garage] It's gone. Gilman took it and left his to make it look like he was still here.

Orphan: They write about our raids in the paper.
Fox: Yeah. That's really heavy. The Orphans, right? Yeah, our youth worker, she talks about you guys all the time.
Orphan: We ain't got one.
Fox: Well, that must be because you guys are so bad, they're afraid of you.