The Best Will Rothhaar Quotes

Captain: What kind of training do you get to be an operator?
Rollercoaster: Training? I release the brake. I hit the button. It's green and marked "Start".

Cameron: [recording two girls with a camera] oh yo what's up mama cita's?
Neal: oh swing.
Cameron: [laughing taking the camera from Neal] Stop being a reject, give me that.
Cameron: [recording himself] You're about to enter another dimension.
Cameron: [Recording himself] This dimension not only sight and sound.
Neal: [putting his arm around Cameron] with tweakers, preps, horny housewives, and morons galore.
Cameron: [Recording himself] It is the ninth circle of hell, the sweating armpits of suburbia, you've just crossed over into,
[both reciting]
Cameron: the mall.
Cameron: [recording girl] Woah, woah, woah, woah.
Cameron: [recording all around them] You shop till you drop.
Neal: [to Cameron] Right on.
Cameron: [coming across a man and his daughter] uh oh.
Cameron: [closing in on them] gasps.
Cameron: [recites a phrase] Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, catch a tiger by it's toe, if he hollers let him go, Eeny, meeny, miny,
[Closes in on a jock]
Cameron: Moe!
Neal: [Talking to Cameron] Looks like its home slices lucky day.
Cameron: ah, dope.
Cameron: [unzipping his backpack] A regular Saturday afternoon in America's town square.
Neal: [to Cameron] Not.
[Cameron pulls out a gun]

[First lines]
[the caption reads "Ocelot,: ]
Calvert: All set, Charlie!
Young: Pa!
[Young Roy, running, trips over a very low white picket fence, breaking half a picket as he runs to his dad]
Calvert: [Grinning] Whoa!
Young: Hey, Pa! You got time for a game before supper?
Calvert: Go get your ball. I'll meet you out back.
[Mr. Munson has installed a very small bowling lane in the back yard]
Calvert: Okay, Roy, come on, I want to see some smoke on this one!
[Roy rolls a perfect strike]
Calvert: Whoo! Okay!
Young: Yeah!
Calvert: [Mr. Munson whistles in admiration] Son, you put that in a bottle, you got something sweeter than Yoo Hoo.
[Roy rolls another perfect strike]
Calvert: Whoo! Beauty!
[They take a walk, hand in hand]
Calvert: You got a great gift, son. It's as if angels came down from heaven and put a blessing on your three bowling digits. You can apply everything that I've taught you about bowling to your daily life. And if you do that, you're gonna be decent, you're gonna be moral, and you're going to be a good man.
[Cut to 1979. When Roy saunters into a disco-loud bowling alley, the acknowledged king sporting a golden bowling ball, it looks as though he has forgotten his father's teachings]

Jared: You're not the priest.
Kate: No, but I can take your confession.

[first lines]
James: [to himself] Come on, Mom! She's always late.
Drusilla: Are you lost?
James: No. My mom's just supposed to pick me up , is all.
Drusilla: Do you want me to walk you home?
James: No, thank you.
Drusilla: My mummy used to sing me to sleep at night. Run and catch the lamb is caught in the blackberry patch. She had the sweetest voice... What will you mummy sing when they find your body?
James: I'm not supposed to talk to people.
Drusilla: Oh. Well, I'm not a person, see? So that's just...
Angel: [to boy] Run home.