The Best House of Cards, Season 3, Episode 4 Quotes

- Yes, can you reach out to bishop eddis for me?
- I'll hold.

- Two rules.
- Love god. Love each other. Period.
- You weren't chosen, mr president.
- Only he was.
- May I have a few moments for myself, to pray?
- It's all yours.

Francis: Must I destroy this man?

Francis: You can't love the people you kill.
Bishop: You sure as hell can. And you have to love the people who are trying to kill you.

- All of these depend on the other branches, which keeps executive power in check.
- But we know for a fact that in emergencies, the executive will contemplate actions that do not have clear legislative authority, and might be constitutionally dubious including...

- One civilian killed in 2010?
- That has to be wrong.
- Look, I don't think the Pentagon is being honest about...
- Are you okay?
- I'll get the doctor up here.
- Don't do that, it'll pass.
- It's phantom pain.

- Did you see this?
- See what?
- I just got an alert.
- I don't know.
- I haven't seen Jim in a while.
- That's weird.

- You know what I dreamed of when I came here?
- Choking you with my bare hands.

- Help me convince him.
- Take the seat on the court where you belong.
- Is this how you live with yourself?
- By rationalising the obscene into the palatable.
- I haven't excused you, yet.
- See you in Iowa.

- and other covert operations exist.
- But that security often comes with a cost.
- At this very moment, the president is at Arlington cemetery laying to rest three Navy seals who perished on a mountainside in Afghanistan.
- They gave their lives to save others.

Claire: We don't barter goodwill for the freedom of American citizens.

- but if you're doubting yourself,
- I can't indulge that.
- No, you're right, of course.
- Well, let's talk in the morning.
- I'm here if you need me.
- I know.
- Good night.
- Good night, Francis.

- You can get rid of me, but you can't get rid of the institution I work for.
- You done?
- Don't let your 15 minutes of power go to your head, Seth.
- You can keep the plastic if you want.
- As a souvenir.
- That's all it's good for now.

- unless you truly want the position.
- So, I need to know now.
- Yes. It would be a great honour.
- Good. Congratulations.
- You speak to your family.
- I'll speak to Jacobs.
- Thank you, mr president.

- Yes?
- Ms dunbar is here.
- Send her in.

- Ancient history.
- Guy left you?
- It was a woman.
- Guess I'm not completely over it, but time heals, you know?
- Good. I gotta get home, but it was nice to meet you, Max.
- Nice meeting you, Lisa.

Francis: [looking up at crucifix] Love. That's what you're selling? Well, I don't buy it.
[spits in His face]

- Semantics.
- Ninety-three nations on board already including Israel.
- That's not semantics.
- Claire, I'm getting a lot of pressure from the kremlin.
- Petrov doesn't want this to go to the general assembly.
- Give me a little more time to work on him.

- We need to end her campaign before it begins.
- She's clean. Walker vetted her for solicitor general, then again when he made her special prosecutor.
- That's one of the things that makes her so attractive.
- Thank you, Jackie.
- Yes, sir.
- Well, if we can't knock her out, we have to figure out another way.

Kaseem: It says in the Koran, the taking of one innocent life is like the taking of all mankind.
Francis: It also says that the saving of one life is like the saving of all mankind.

[last lines]
Francis: [carrying piece of broken crucifix] Well, I've got God's ear now...

- Love?
- That's what you're selling?
- Well, I don't buy it.
- Is everything all right, sir?
- I was praying, and it just fell.