500 Best Fear the Walking Dead Quotes

John: Hey I don't want no trouble, but if it's trouble you want I got some for ya

[Madison brings Harry Geary aboard the yacht when Victor Strand stops her]
Victor: Put him back where you found him.
Madison: We have room.
Victor: We do not. Children are the definition of deadweight.

[Chris tells his father Travis that driving is easy]
Travis: [as Chris drives the station wagon] You haven't parallel parked yet. Three-point turn.
Chris: Won't be any need for that.
Travis: Well, someday.
Chris: Dad.
Travis: It'll come back to the way it was. They're working on it.
Chris: They?
Travis: Someone somewhere. Has to be. I don't believe this is the end. I can't. I won't. Neither should you. We can get back what we lost.
Chris: Not everything.

[Nick talks to Luis Flores about the house in Baja]
Nick: Okay, so it is safe there. I mean, you wouldn't let your mother stay there if it weren't.
Luis: You don't know my mother, man. My mother would be safe anywhere, in any world. Especially this one. Death is a way to new life.

[Thomas Abigail asks Madison for a favor regarding Victor Strand]
Thomas: Will you look after him when I'm gone?
Victor: [Strand chuckles] Must we be so maudlin.
Madison: He won't make it easy.
Thomas: Why do you think I'm asking you?

[Strand offers Madison a drink at the hotel bar]
Victor: Have a seat. Drinks on me.
Madison: Not now, Victor.
Victor: Especially now.
Madison: I'm good.
Victor: Well, you look like shit.
Madison: Oh, thank you.
Victor: You're welcome. You need some color in your cheeks. You need a drink. I need a drink. Come now, it's medicinal.

[Travis takes off the clogged filter as all the sludge runs out]
Victor: That's some nasty shit right there.

[Brandon asks Baby James what piece of chicken does he want to eat]
Brandon: Yo, James. What you in the mood for, man? Breast, wing?
James: Anything but a thigh, man.

[Daniel Salazar apologizes to Celia Flores about the death of her son Luis Flores]
Daniel: I'm sorry for your loss.
Celia: Why? He wasn't shot in the head. Right?
Daniel: No.
Celia: Then there's nothing to be sorry for.

[Strand tells Madison that the hotel is not home]
Madison: Victor, what's wrong with you?
Victor: I had a home. I shot Thomas. I buried him there. I'll help you secure this place, but it's not home.

[in a flashback, Victor Strand thanks Thomas Abigail for pardoning him of the stolen credit cards]
Victor: Thank you for the pardon.
Thomas: I didn't pardon you. I obligated you.

[Madison tells Nick that's he getting too comfortable with the handgun]
Madison: You're getting comfortable with that.
Nick: [as Nick finishes reloading the gun] I'm not.

[Travis fights his son Chris to the ground]
Travis: I should have helped you.
Chris: Look at me. I'm no good. I'm no good.

- Well, maybe we were both right.
- About what?Helping people.
- Making sure the bad guys don't win.
- Or at least that one.
- Maybe we should have been doing more of that the whole time.
- Come on!
- Get inside.

[Alicia and Madison watch Alex and Jake be towed behind the Abigail yacht]
Alicia: Please, it doesn't have to be like this. We can bring them on.
Madison: [Madison whispers] This is the best I can do.

[Madison tells Brandon and Derek to keep their voices down with the other wounded]
Madison: Keep your voices down.
Brandon: Oh, don't worry, ma'am. These people are docile.
Madison: Oh, yeah? Well, I'm not.

[Muffled] I'm sorry.
- I love you.

[Madison asks Hector how did the night go with the wounded civilians]
Madison: Hey, how'd it go last night?
Hector: Better than expected. A night of sleep without fear is good for the soul.

[Chris tells his father Travis that they need Brandon's group]
Chris: We need a group, Dad. We need people. Okay? We need a place with people.
Travis: We had that.
Chris: They look at me different.

[Celia Flores asks Nick about which person is the real monster]
Celia: When they look upon my son, what do they see? Go on, say it.
Nick: A monster.
Celia: Is that what we call these creatures who can't control their nature, their hunger? And what do we call those who destroy them? The ones who kill without thinking. Which is the monster?

[Alex tells Travis about what happened to the other survivor Jake on the raft]
Alex: We were floating. He was on fire one second, cold the next. And he was so thirsty, but I ran out of water to give him. Surrounded by it, and all he could do was moan till he lost his voice. His breath got shallow. He looked up at me. I heard the fluid in his chest. I didn't have anything to stop him turning. And he knew that, too. He made me get real close. I could barely hear him. And he whispered, 'Don't let me drown.' So I put my hands around his throat and I squeezed. And then I pushed him out of the raft.
Travis: You did what you had to do.
Alex: I did what you made me do.

[Lt. Moyers gives an announcement to the families on the street]
Lt. Moyers: All right, command asked that I read from the following.
Lt. Moyers: [Moyers begins reading from the clipboard] Be advised the DZ remains off-limits while Hazmat teams dispose of any bio-hazardous material.
Neighbor: What bio-hazardous material?
Lt. Moyers: Hey, I'm supposed to read this, you're supposed to listen, okay?
Neighbor: When will you get the phones up?
Lt. Moyers: Anyone attempting to compromise or circumvent the perimeter of this camp will be detained.
Neighbor: Are we being relocated?
Lt. Moyers: Sir, this is a secure position, so, no, you're going to stay put. Curfew will remain in effect until further notice. The new health screening policy will continue. Sanitation, water treatment, and other services will return as we approach total containment.
Ofelia: Sir, we need medicine. What about that?
Lt. Moyers: We are working on that, so keep boiling that water. You will also find several iodine tablets in your weekly rations.

[Madison and Nick talk about what they'll do when he runs out of pills]
Nick: Hey, Mom, I need more.
Madison: No shit. Later.
Nick: Well, how much do we have?
Madison: We have enough to get you east. Don't worry.
Nick: And then?
Madison: And then you howl at the moon.

- Did most of his recordings between, uh...
- '26 and '29.
- Strand: You know your history.
- I should hope so.
- I'm a historian.
- Used to teach at UT before the world did what it did.

[Celia Flores tells Nick that the dead have always walked amongst them]
Celia: None of this is new, Nicholas. We are just visitors. Our dead, and they are our dead, they have always walked amongst us. The only difference is now we can see them.

- God, John.
- That is some ugly mustard.
- Ha!
- Yes, it is.

[Luciana tells Nick about their wall of the dead]
Nick: So this morning, what was that?
Luciana: Those near death deliver themselves to the dead and join the wall. Our brothers, our sisters protect them. They protect us.
Nick: What if you're wrong? What if your friend just became lunch for no reason?

[Nick tells Luciana that he wish he had taken Spanish in high school]
Nick: If I had known this was gonna happen, I'd have taken Spanish in high school.
Luciana: What did you take?
Nick: Uh, just myself very seriously.
[Luciana smiles]

[in a flashback, Nick tells Gloria what happens to something you hold for too long]
Nick: When you hold on to something for too long or too hard, you corrupt it.
Gloria: Sounds like a page-turner.
Nick: That's what my mom used to say.

- Oh, my God.
- Oh.
- Alright, let's get out of here!
Luciana: Let's go!Go, go!

[Travis teaches his student Russell a lesson about death in class]
Travis: So what about this wolf dog? Does he care about the man in the story?
Russell: Hell, no.
Travis: Hell, no? Why?
Russell: 'Cause the man tried to cut the damn dog open to keep his hands warm. That's gruesome.
Travis: It's gruesome, but why would he do that?
Russell: to build a fire.
Travis: But why? Why would he build a fire? Think about it. Think about it. Why would he build a fire?
Russell: To not die.
Travis: [Russell hesitates] Nailed it! See, man versus nature. London's trying to teach us how not to die.

- It's alright.
- Oh, it's alright.
- Okay.
- It's okay.
- It's okay.
- It's alright.

[last lines]
Madison: [Madison tries to plead with Nick to get in the truck with the rest of them, as he runs off on his own] Nick, come on. Please, don't. No, Nick.
Victor: Let him go.
Madison: No.
Victor: He's gone.
Madison: Nick...

John: Anyone know what that 51 means?
Althea: Markers like that have been popping up around here the last few weeks, but never anyone around to ask but the dead.
John: The dead? I call 'em the passed.
Morgan: Call 'em walkers where I'm from.
Althea: Look at that. A piece of personal history.

[Madison asks Strand if he's okay]
Madison: Are you okay?
Victor: Fine.
Madison: You quiet is not fine.

[Victor Strand tells Madison that he knows Nick's potential]
Victor: He knows how to move through this world.
Madison: Yeah, just because he does doesn't mean he should.
Victor: I saw your son's potential within five minutes of meeting him. And he was in withdrawal. You've hovered over him for 19 years and you still don't know what he's capable of.

[first lines]
Madison: [Madison and Strand find themselves surrounded by the infected at the hotel bar] Shit, Victor.
Victor: We'll fight our way out. Make it to the lobby.
Alicia: [in the distance] Mom!
Madison: Oh, my God. Alicia.

[the wounded Strand asks for some scotch to take away the pain]
Andrés: You're lucky. Doesn't seem like any of your organs were punctured.
Victor: Yeah? Still hurts like a son of a bitch.
Andrés: I can give you some ibuprofen for the pain.
Victor: With a scotch chaser.
Andrés: We'll see what we can find.
Victor: [Strand chuckles] You'll find scotch.

[Madison tells Alicia that Nick is the reason why she kept there father's suicide a secret]
Madison: Nick is the reason why.
Alicia: Why what?
Madison: Why I kept it a secret. There's so much of your father in Nick, you know? The way he could light up a room with his smile. Or silence it with his mood. It's impossible to ignore. You just couldn't not see it. They shared the same demons.

[Victor Strand and Nick walk out on the balcony to overlook the ocean]
Nick: Are you insane? Strand.
Victor: The only way to survive a mad world is to embrace the madness.
Nick: [Strand walks away] Is that a yes?

[Nick apologizes to Luciana for leaving without telling her]
Nick: I am sorry I snuck away, all right, and I'll never lie to you.

[Nick and Alicia talk about something being off]
Nick: Something's off here.
Alicia: Everything's off. Everywhere.

[first lines]
Nick: [Nick joins the little girl on the balcony platform, in Spanish] Hello.
Nick: [as Nick sees the little girl crying] Hey, what's wrong?
Little: [in Spanish] My dad.
[as Nick sees a man going with the wall of the infected]

[Nick asks Alejandro if he's afraid to die]
Nick: So, you afraid?
Alejandro: Of?
Nick: You're dying.
Alejandro: I can still fight. I can still help.
Nick: Be brave, but careful. Your words.

[Madison apologizes to Alicia for the way she raised her]
Madison: I'm sorry.
Alicia: You didn't do anything wrong.
Madison: What you said was true. You raised yourself. Especially after Daddy died. Exactly when you shouldn't have had to. That's on me.
Alicia: You didn't do anything wrong.

[Travis locks Brandon and Derek in the room with him]
Brandon: Travis.
Madison: [when Travis locks the door to the room] Let them go. Just let them go. Let them go.
Brandon: [as Travis turns around to face both Brandon and Travis] Travis, what the hell, man? Travis?

[Lt. Moyers looks to Castro, his second in command]
Lt. Moyers: Mr. Mayor here would like to go downtown.
Castro: Sir.
Lt. Moyers: Yeah?
Castro: Maybe we can get somebody else this time. First squad's pretty banged up. My men have been awake for 50 hours, sir. We lost Nevins last night.
Lt. Moyers: [Lt. Moyers stops and pulls out a handkerchief] 50? Here you go. Take that. You got to share it. 'Cause I only have one.
Lt. Moyers: [Lt. Moyers pushes Castro in the chest] Get your ass back in the truck.

[Madison knocks on the door to Thomas Abigail's room]
Madison: [Madison knocks from outside the room] It's Madison!
Thomas: [Thomas looks at Strand] Do we like her?
Victor: She's fierce.

[Alicia talks to Jack about maybe the world was never safe]
Alicia: Maybe it was always like that. Maybe we just spent a lot of time trying to convince ourselves the laws of nature didn't apply.
Jack: [Jack smiles] Right, if you believe in the right things, ate the right things, wore our goddamn seat belts...
Alicia: [Jack laughs] We'd be safe.
Jack: Yeah.
Alicia: But nobody was.

[Madison talks to Daniel Salazar about what she saw on the other side of the fence]
Daniel: Tell me what you saw.
Madison: Bodies.
Daniel: Yes.
Madison: The infected. But...
Daniel: Go on.
Madison: There was a man shot like the others, like the rest, but he - He wasn't sick. And there were others like that.

- Got the truck running.
- That's good.

- It was your knife.
- You killed that ranger.

[Strand and Madison get drunk at the hotel bar together]
Victor: If we were sitting here before it all went to hell, maybe both of us would have skipped down to Rosarito.
Madison: No, it wouldn't have happened. Steven and I always took the kids to Joshua Tree.
Victor: Ah, you never know. I could have come down to see Tom, you would have been on some god-awful family getaway. You would have snuck away from your motherly duties, snuck down to the bar and found me. I would have sat next to you. We would have talked.
Madison: Sure, I'd talk to you.
Victor: I would have talked about coming up in the world, some nonsense to impress you. Anything but Tom.
Madison: You would have hit on me?
Victor: I'm a seducer of people, Madison.
Victor: [both Madison and Strand laugh together] It would have been fun. But now there's no coming, no up, and no world to talk about. No Tom. No Steven. There's not even a goddamn bar.

[Chris asks his father Travis where they're driving to]
Chris: So where we going?
Travis: Away from what's behind us for now.
Chris: How long can we do that for?
[as Travis remains silent]

[Travis tells Chris the name of the farmer he killed]
Travis: Elias.
Chris: Who's that?
Travis: The farmer. His name was Elias Suarez. Born 1961, February 12. That's your birthday.
Chris: You said we shouldn't be surprised by coincidences.

[in a flashback, Gloria tries to help Nick practice on expressing his feelings]
Gloria: So after your three weeks in rehab, Nick, exploring your thoughts and feelings about your drug use, are there things you need to say to me?
Nick: You?
Gloria: Pretend I'm your dad.
Nick: Start with my mom.
Gloria: Why?
Nick: She's like a school counselor. She has degrees in this shit. My dad...
Gloria: [Nick pauses] What?
Nick: He wouldn't hurt a fly.

[Madison tells Tobias the people will contain the infection]
Madison: They're gonna contain it.
Tobias: The same 'they' that's supposed to warn us?

[Madison and the group drive up the beach to the Rosarito Beach Hotel]
Madison: Nothing's moved.
Victor: The place will be picked clean.
Ofelia: It could be crawling.
Alicia: Better indoors than out.

- we're seeking shelter.
- Just -if you're at the dam, just, uh -just stay there.
- Uh, we're headed up east side,
- 475, mile marker 17.
- Why tell us about the bunker now, so close to the end?
- Why not just remain silent and die for your cause?

[Madison threatens Victor Strand for if he looks at her family wrong]
Madison: And, Victor, you even look wrong at anyone in my family, I will throw you overboard.
Victor: [Strand chuckles] You're not a killer.

[the police officer questions why Nick was running in the middle of the street]
Nick: I went for a walk.
Officer: You were running, Nick.
Nick: [Nick crosses his bare feet] I went for a run.

[Madison gets under Vida's skin by talking about her unborn child]
Madison: What will you do if she's still born, Vida?
Vida: Bitch.
Madison: What if she's born dead?
[when Vida punches Madison]

[Madison asks Victor Strand if he was going to abandon them]
Madison: Were you going to abandon us?
Victor: How can I abandon seven people at once?

[Alejandro tells Nick the story about when he was bitten by the dead]
Alejandro: Nick. There was a boy no older than you. He lived in these streets. An addict. And he tried to steal from me many times. When the world changed, this boy got his hands on something. Something mean. To this day I have no idea what drug he took, but he was mistaken for a sombra. A mob attacked him, herded him with the other infected. They were killing them. So I rushed in, I tried to save him. There were limbs, jaws, blood. It was chaos. And in this moment as I was beaten by the living, I was bitten by the dead. A hand found me and I saw Luciana. She brought me back here. We waited for death to come.
Nick: But it didn't?
Alejandro: No.
Nick: You just healed?
Alejandro: Yes.
Nick: What happened to the boy?
Alejandro: They killed him.

[George Geary tells Travis what cities are no longer left]
George: Portland, Seattle, Vancouver.
Travis: The south?
George: San Diego was burned.
Travis: Further south?
George: They shut down the border. No way in or out.
Travis: Oh, God. So what's left?
George: Not a hell of a lot. Interior is no better than the coast. Last time I connected to Joshua Tree, ranger said Petrified forest, gone. JT shut down soon after. That's Cali, that's Arizona. Zion went dark before them. Utah gone. Rocky Mountain station is dead. That's Colorado. That's the continental divide. That's a good goddamn half the country.

- We have a... great future behind us.
- We can take that future and rebuild.
- With art and books and music and... good bourbon.
- It feels like the dawning of a new day to me.
- How about you?

[last lines]
Madison: [Madison watches the Abigail yacht pull Alex and Jake's raft, as Victor Strand appears on deck with a machete in his hand] What are you doing? Strand. Strand!
Madison: [when Strand cuts the rope to separate the raft from them] No.

- I need to know what happened if I'm going to help.
- Damn it!
- Hill, what's going on down there?
- What do you have?
- John!
- John!

[Travis gets off the phone with Liza when Madison asks who it was]
Madison: Hey. Was that Liza?
Travis: Yeah. She sends her love. Or something resembling love.

[Daniel Salazar tells Reed the fact about frightening men]
Daniel: In my time, I've known men who inspire fear. Do you know what they have in common? They never say how frightening they are.

[Alicia and her friend in class watch the video on their phone of the infected man attacking the police]
Alicia: It's not real. It can't be real.
Student: Watch, this here's the new real.
Student: [as the girls watch the infected man get shot in the head] Kill shot, bitch.

[Madison tells Travis she needs to start over]
Madison: I want to do more than survive. I need to start over.

[last lines]
Alicia: [Alicia reads the suicide letter that the neighbor Susan wrote for her husband Patrick, narrating] Patrick, if you find this, I'm sorry. If you find this, I love you. I saw something today, something that horrified me. At first, I thought it was unnatural. I thought it was an aberration. But I was wrong. What I saw was prophesized. What I saw was godly. And I think it's overdue. I wish you were here, but I will see you soon. And you will hold me.
[Travis sits on the roof in tears, and see's gunfire in the distance on the hilltop]
Alicia: [continues narrating] If you find this, I am sorry. If you find this, I love you.

[Dr. Exner senses Nick's heart rate is elevated while examining him]
Dr. Bethany Exner: Your heart rate's elevated.
Nick: You're a very attractive woman.
[Nick smiles at Dr. Exner]

[Madison and Travis argue in the kitchen]
Travis: Maddy...
Madison: My house is a refugee camp, my daughter's room is an ICU unit for strangers. Someone has to cook, someone has to clean...
Travis: Listen, calm down.
Madison: ...Someone has to watch Nick. And that someone, somehow, is me. 'Cause I don't know where your ex-wife goes.
Travis: She's helping sick people. Is this about Liza?
Madison: What? No, it's about you.
Travis: Me?
Madison: Yeah, you run off to play man of the people...
Travis: I'm not playing...
Madison: ...With your soldier friends...
Travis: This is not easy.
Madison: ...And I could use a little bit of help here!
Alicia: Stop. Oh, my God, just stop it. This domestic bickering like it's normal, like you're normal people in a normal kitchen. It's not normal. Stop it. Stop acting like it is.

[last lines]
Brandon: [Travis holds his foot up to stomp down on Brandon's head, as Brandon manages to mumble out] No, please stop.
Madison: [Travis stomps his foot down] Travis, no. Please.
Madison: [Travis stomps down again] Travis! Please, stop it!
[when Travis stomps his foot down a third time]

- Get down!
- John, hold on!

[last lines]
Madison: [Madison and Alicia wake up to find Chris standing over their bed with a knife] What the hell are you doing?
Alicia: Chris, get out! Get out!
[as Chris leaves the room]

[Alicia tells Strand that they have to fight for Travis]
Victor: What are you gonna do?
Alicia: What are we gonna do? We've done as much bad as good here. We've lost our place.
Victor: We earn it back by not fighting for Travis.
Alicia: But he found us. With all of this, he found us. That has to matter. We can't ignore it.
Victor: Madison, I'm sorry, but the man cannot stay.
Alicia: You're right. You're right. He can't stay. We can leave with him. We can go together.
Victor: Oh, for Christ's sakes.

[Alejandro tells Nick that they will outlast death]
Alejandro: This is a test. The dead are walking toward their final resting place. And when they leave, when the world is washed clean of death, we the faithful will remain. We have been chosen. We will outlast death.
Nick: How do you know? Why are you so sure?
Alejandro: [as Alejandro reveals his healed bite mark to Nick] Drink. You're welcome to stay with us. But if you ever put my people in danger again, I will feed you to the wall.

[Travis holds a gun on Brandon to not harm Baby James]
Chris: Dad, what are you doing?
Travis: [Travis holds his gun up] Just stay away from him.
Brandon: [Brandon looks to Chris] Relax, bro. He's not gonna do anything with it.
Travis: You're not gonna kill him.
Brandon: And you're not gonna kill us. You don't have the balls to.
Brandon: [Travis shoots a gunshot at Brandon] What the hell?

[first lines]
Sofia: [Nick and Sofia sit together at a vacant friends home, looking over the dead corpses on the floor] They were close friends. I saw them a few days ago. They had food, water. They were okay. Things change so quickly now.

[Luciana finds Nick reading a Spanish dictionary]
Luciana: You're reading a dictionary?
Nick: Yeah. Yeah. I got to learn to talk to someone that isn't you or Alejandro.
Luciana: How is that going?
Nick: [as Nick speaks in Spanish] You're wearing clean socks?

[last lines]
Seth: [Seth Geary turns his brother Harry Geary to the group on the boat, as he shoots their infected mother coming at them on the boat deck] I want you to wave good-bye to the nice people, okay? All right, just keep waving.
Alicia: [when Alicia tells Chris not to watch] Oh, Chris, don't look.
[when Seth Geary shoots his mother in the head]

[last lines]
Madison: [Madison and Alicia wait at home in the dark with no power, when the phone lines die] Dead again.
Alicia: Phone lines keep going off and on. Power cuts off. Tell me. What's going on?
Madison: [both girls hear distant screams coming from Mrs. Cruz across the way, both look out the window] Oh, my God.
Madison: [Madison closes the blinds to both windows] Don't look. Don't look.
Alicia: [Alicia runs to open the front door] Mom, Mr. Dawson's hurting them.
Madison: No, Alicia! No.
Alicia: [Madison closes the door and puts her back to it] What are you doing? Mom. Mom!

[Madison asks Daniel Salazar how it's going to end]
Madison: How does this end?
Daniel: If this is the end of the world, it's already over.

[Travis, Madison and her kids arrive home, as Mrs. Cruz from across the street calls out to Travis]
Travis: You're having a party?
Joanna: Yeah. You should come by. Glady's nine. Can you believe that? It's so scary.
Travis: That's great.
Joanna: Got a ton of food. We're getting a bunch of cancels 'cause of that bug going around. So, we'll see you.
Travis: Okay. Okay, thanks.
Travis: [Travis looks over to the next door neighbor Peter packing gallons of water into his trunk, telling Madison] Peter's got the right idea.
[Madison looks over to the neighbor Peter, who coughs into his sleeve]

[Celia Flores sings a song for her son Thomas Abigail to go to bed as Victor Strand watches]
Celia: [to Strand] When Thomas was a little boy, he was so afraid of the dark. The only way he could sleep was if I sang. It had to be that song. Nothing else worked.
Victor: [Strand scoffs] A creature of habit from the start.

[Andrés tells the wounded Strand that he's losing a lot of blood]
Andrés: You've lost blood. Your heart doesn't have enough blood to pump to all your organs.
Victor: Should I be writing my will?

[Luciana and Nick have their first fight about Nick's doubt in Alejandro]
Luciana: Alejandro has always known what to do, gringuito. From the beginning.
Nick: [Nick gets in Luciana's face] Hey, stop calling me that.
Luciana: I will stop calling you that...
Nick: [as Luciana starts cursing at Nick in Spanish] Oh, curse me in English. Come on.
Luciana: Ungrateful bastard!
Nick: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Luciana: Asshole!

[Elena confesses her secret to Alicia of what she did to the wedding guests]
Elena: I locked them in... Hector and I... till help could come. It never did. There was no one there to save us. People die. Now they hate me.
Alicia: I've seen worse. We've done worse. I won't let them touch you. I promise.

[Madison tells Strand that they were compromised before Travis showed up]
Victor: It's ill-timed, Madison. You cannot speak for Travis.
Madison: He's family.
Victor: He failed you. He compromised us.
Madison: Bullshit. We were compromised before Travis got here.

- Maybe that's you.
- That would have meaning.
- Right?
- So just put the gun down.
- You don't want to shoot me. You don't want to do that to yourself.
- You -You don't want to live with that.
- That's not what I want.

[Jack tells Alicia how Connor saved his life]
Jack: When someone saves your life, you owe them. You just do.

[Madison gets ready to leave the safe zone with her family when she see's a neighbor walking a dog]
Ofelia: What?
Madison: My neighbors don't know.
Ofelia: [Ofelia scoffs] They did nothing when they came for us.

[Brandon asks Baby James if he found any marijuana at the farm]
Brandon: Baby James, tell me they got weed growing in those fields.
James: There is a hand pump out back. It's well water, though.
Derek: Montezuma's revenge, bro. No, thank you.

[Alicia cleans Nick's throw-up off from the ground]
Nick: Thank you.
Alicia: I hate you.
Nick: I know.

[Alejandro questions Nick about stealing from Marco]
Alejandro: I hear you almost started a war over a Gansito.
Nick: That girl's father died today. I just thought she might need something.
Alejandro: And what did you think she needed?
Nick: Something. Anything. Comfort.
Alejandro: If it's comfort you want to offer, you're going to need more cake.

[last lines]
Madison: [Madison tells Alicia how much she always loved her] You deserve better. You deserve more. So much more. But you have to know that I never... I never ever loved you any less. Not ever. I just thought you were all right.
Alicia: I had to be.
Madison: [Madison tears up] I'm sorry.
Alicia: I know.
Madison: I'm so, so sorry.
Alicia: [Madison holds Alicia to her] I love you, too.
Madison: Thank you.

[Ofelia Salazar tells Nick that she's starting to get used to cleaning blood]
Ofelia: Think I'm actually starting to get used to this.
Nick: Please don't.
Ofelia: It's what we do now. Spill blood, clean it up, spill it again.

[Alejandro tells Luciana he's not immune]
Luciana: What are you talking about?
Alejandro: I am not immune.
Luciana: [Luciana feels Alejandro's forehead] You're warm.

- Rachel.
- Rufus, come here.
- Come here.

[Madison disagrees with Daniel Salazar about torturing the soldier Andrew Adams]
Madison: I don't want you to hurt him.
Daniel: Do you want your boy back?
Daniel: So which is it? You don't want him hurt or you don't want to know?
[Madison remains silent]

[Celia Flores asks Nick why he's sad]
Celia: You have a heavy smile. Why?
Nick: I'm just a bit sick of it.
Celia: What?
Nick: Of all the killing.

Althea: Your name.
Morgan: Morgan Jones.
Althea: Where do you come from?
Morgan: Atlanta and, um... then Virginia.
Althea: How'd you get here?
Morgan: I ran. Then I walked, drove... walked again.
Althea: Were you part of a settlement in Virginia?
Morgan: A couple.
Althea: Can you tell me about them?
Morgan: One of them was called Alexandria, and then there was a place called the Kingdom. Actually had... had a king.
Althea: A king?
Morgan: Even had a pet tiger.

[Ofelia Salazar tells her father Daniel Salazar that it's good to understand this world]
Ofelia: I'm starting to understand this world better.
Daniel: After all your mother and I did to try to protect you from a certain life, this is not the world that you were supposed to know.
Ofelia: It's okay. It's good. Understanding this world, it helps me understand you. It's cruel.

[in a flashback, Gloria asks Nick about the book he's reading]
Gloria: Is it good?
Nick: My dad gave it to me.
Gloria: He gave you a lot of books.
Nick: It was his way of connecting.
Gloria: But is it good?
Nick: It reminds me of him. It's just a lot of people feeling shit and not saying anything about it.

[from trailer]
Alicia: To kill the monster, you become the monster. You stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back. It is alive... It is hungry... And it devours.

[Oscar tells Strand that he doesn't know who he is without his wife]
Oscar: I don't know what I am without her.
Victor: You'll never be the same. But then... one morning you'll start thinking like someone new. Someone you don't know yet. The person that comes after.
Oscar: I liked who I was.
Victor: [Strand tears up] So did I.

[Travis tells Madison he wants to help Nick]
Travis: I want to help him.
Madison: I know. I know, babe.
Travis: Right?
Madison: Yeah. But you can't use Nick to repair things with Chris. We'll help both of them. I promise.

[Madison makes a promise to remind Travis that he belongs here]
Madison: Travis... you kept your promise to Liza. You did. She asked you to protect him, and in this world... this new world, where the rules are different and always changing, that's exactly what you did. He's safer where people understand him.
Travis: I want to believe you.
Madison: I know. That's not going to happen right away. I'm gonna make you a promise. I'm gonna hold on to it for you. Remind you every chance I get until you do believe it.
Madison: [Madison holds Travis' hand] You belong here.

[Dr. Exner tells Daniel Salazar they'll need to transfer his wife after examining Griselda's ankle]
Dr. Bethany Exner: We have a facility nearby.
Daniel: Military facility?
Dr. Bethany Exner: It's military now, fortified. We have beds, surgeons, which, I'm afraid your wife's injury requires.
Griselda: [Griselda in Spanish] Why does she whisper? Does she think I'm a child?
Daniel: My wife would like to know how far this place is.
Dr. Bethany Exner: Close, 15 minutes. Not a lot of traffic these days.
Daniel: I'm going with her.
Dr. Bethany Exner: Of course. She's your wife.
Daniel: [Daniel in Spanish] This is good news.
Griselda: [Griselda in Spanish] You sure?

[first lines]
Priest: [the Mexican Priest talks to the members of his church, the Priest in Spanish] Brothers... The times we're living in... they're testing us all... they are testing our Belief. They are testing our Faith... Where is our God? Has he abandoned us? Is he watching? Even I have wondered... What kind of God would test us like this? But then I looked inward... and found that the answer to my question... lay in the question itself. The God I believe... the God I know... wouldn't do such a thing. This is not God! This thing... this evil that's befallen us... wants us to turn away from Him... to turn us away from our Faith. It feeds on our doubt. Do not give into it. Do not feed it... Do not give into it! We will fight... this evil. We will defeat this by surviving it!

[Madison pulls out the board game Monopoly to play with Nick and Alicia]
Alicia: [Alicia sarcastically replies] Really?
Madison: Yep. I'm the top hat.
Alicia: [Alicia sits up off the chair] Car.
Nick: [Nick sits up off the couch] Shoe.
Alicia: Dad was always the shoe.
Madison: Daddy wouldn't mind.
Nick: So, what do you want to be, the thimble?
Madison: No.
Alicia: I'm the car.
Nick: The car. All right.
Madison: Thank you. All right, who wants to go first?
Nick: Youngest to oldest. I'm gonna wipe the floor with you guys. I can feel it.
Alicia: This game's evil, dude. Kindergarten capitalism.

[Travis tells Chris that he thinks Brandon's group is dangerous]
Travis: I want to take care of you.
Chris: What does that even mean? You want to just walk around till you think they've gotten over it, then crawl back?
Travis: We survive together. That's how.
Chris: They're surviving. They know how to survive. They're doing it.
Travis: I think they're dangerous.
Chris: Maybe that's what it takes.

[Chris suggests to his father Travis that they could head to a river]
Chris: We could go to the border, the river.
Travis: Yeah, but people pressing in from both sides is dangerous.
Chris: But water.
Travis: That's why it's dangerous. Everyone needs it. Everyone goes there to feed. Predators find prey.

[Nick tells Travis what he remembers about seeing Gloria back at the church]
Nick: Yeah, Glo was... yeah, so she was with me when I scored. Yeah, and she was with me when I nodded. She was there. She was beside me.
Nick: [Nick whispers more frightened] But then... then when I went down... everyone was dead. 'Cause there was blood. Yeah, and it's all over her mouth. You know? Then she came at me.
Travis: What did she do?
Nick: [Nick whispers] Sh - She was eating them. She was eating them.

[Madison talks to the girl Vida about her pregnancy]
Madison: They say the first is the hardest. Second pregnancy's worst in ways.
Vida: Yeah?
Madison: You know the pain at any moment is less than what's coming. You know any potential complications. Might have been through some. And you know the moment that tiny thing comes into the world you're weaker because you would die for him.

[Madison finds out the girl Vida is pregnant with a girl]
Madison: It's a girl? Picked any names?
Vida: What is this, my shower?

- you sure you heard what you're telling us?
- I'm not sure.
- Alright, then.
- We go where Rollie says.
- This is our only choice, okay?
- Okay!
- Go, go!

[Brandon finds Travis and Chris hiding in the dark]
Brandon: We're not gonna hurt you over some refried beans, buddy.
Brandon: [Brandon and his friends chuckle] We're gonna set up camp here, so why don't you just come on out so we don't piss on you in the dark?
Travis: We're here, my son and I.
Brandon: [as Brandon looks at Chris] I believe we already met your son, sir. He demonstrated some major badassery earlier today.

[Ofelia Salazar tells Chris there's still girls on the planet for him]
Ofelia: There are still girls on this planet.
Chris: That's what I'm banking on?
Ofelia: [Ofelia smiles] Yes.
Chris: Other girls left on this planet?
Ofelia: Yeah. Somewhere out there.

- I'm not going to watch that happen again.
- Not to someone else
- I love.
- Yeah, Morgan.
- That's the problem with me.
- I never tell anyone how I feel until it's too late.
- That's you and me both.

[first lines]
Connor: [Alicia sits on the boat as Connor cooks her a steak breakfast] Omaha steak. The deserters bled this place dry on their way out, but I had these hidden away in the freezer. Working on this beast of burden in the sun, wind, salt air. Crews used to tell me that my New York Strips were the only thing that got them through the day. I make sure that everyone gets a hot meal every night. Even now. Especially now.

[in a flashback, Madison tells her son Nick in rehab that his father passed away]
Nick: No dad?
Madison: Daddy's not coming.
Nick: Couldn't get out of bed?
Madison: He - He was in an accident.
Nick: At the site?
Madison: Coming home. It was a head-on collision.
Madison: [Madison starts to cry as Nick remains silent] He didn't make it, baby. He didn't make it.
Madison: [Madison tries to hold Nick as he pulls away] They say he didn't suffer.
Nick: They say?
Nick: [as Nick screams] No!

Alicia: Solid jerky Cole packed for us.
Madison: Will you just have a drink with the guy, already?
Victor: Madison, you know I only drink with you.

[first lines]
Jessica: [in a flashback, we see the wedding of Oscar and Jessica] Thank you.
Andrés: [when Oscar's brother Andrés asks for the couple to dance] Can I get my big brother Oscar and his beautiful bride Jessica up here for their first dance as husband and wife? Give them some love.

[Madison tells Travis that Brandon and Derek deserved to die]
Travis: You need to know who you're leaving with, Maddy. Whoever you think I am... whatever part of me you think is the same, it's not.
Madison: You think I don't know that?
Travis: I know that.
Madison: Travis...
Travis: I'm not sorry. I'm not sorry that they're dead.
Madison: You shouldn't be. They deserved it. I'm no better, Travis. I'm worse.
Madison: [Madison looks to Travis' eyes] You killed, yes. So have I.

[Nick tells Alejandro that he saw him afraid]
Alejandro: What is it you think you saw, Nick?
Nick: I saw you afraid. Yesterday, you were afraid of people leaving. Today, you're afraid of that bite.
Alejandro: I was shaken. There's a difference.
Nick: You're lying. You're petrified.

- He's heading your way.
- He's coming down river.
- I'm trying to get to him, but if I can't find him first, please help him.
- Then we talk.
- You heard Morgan.
- Go find Ranger Dorie.

[Andrés holds his gun on Travis who killed his brother Oscar]
Andrés: [Andrés holds his gunned aimed] Why does he get to walk away?
Travis: Take me out of here, where they don't have to see this.
Andrés: You killed him. But I had to cut him open.

[last lines]
Alejandro: [Nick witnesses Alejandro give a speech to the Colonians, in Spanish] From death we come... and to death, we deliver ourselves. They say the lord created the world... and that to Him we owe our lives. But this is not so. Life is a sigh between two deaths. And here... life is running out. Our parents, our brothers, our friends, and our neighbors... are leaving. The great pilgrimage of souls... the immense migration of the dead, has begun. But what about us? We were counted among the dead. We know death... and it will not take us. This world is for us. The faithful. The chosen ones. The survivors. We have died once and now no longer fear. The children of resurrection. From death we come... and to death we deliver ourselves!
[as Alejandro repeats the line with his people]
Alejandro: [in Spanish] But never... will we leave.

[Travis finishes burying the farmer who died in his barn]
Travis: I don't even know your name.

[Art Costa talks to the bus driver who arrives with a load of just five students]
Art: Only five? What, did you miss a few stops?
Art: [as Art asks the security guards outside] Well, I hope you guys got your flu shots.

[Alejandro tells Luciana the truth about the story of him being bit]
Alejandro: You saw what you wanted to see. I was bitten by the boy. The addict I tried to save. People told a story they wanted to believe. I didn't disabuse them of it.
Luciana: I told the story, not people. Me, my brother. You let us believe you. Why?
Alejandro: When they started to rally around me, I knew that we could build this place to protect ourselves.
Nick: You mean they could build it to protect you.
Alejandro: I have fear. I didn't want to die. And I knew I would out there. But more people survived because of this place. More people survived than died because of my lie.
Nick: No one survives what's coming, okay? Look, I'm sure as shit not committing suicide for a fraud.

- Did you fix it?Well, it's about as piss-poor a patch as I've ever done, but it should get us to the hotel in one piece.
- Let's boogie, Rollie!
Rollie: Aye-eye, cap'n.
- We'll make it out of this thing yet.
- Like a phoenix.

[Alejandro asks Nick about the herd of Infected he was walking with]
Alejandro: My friends say you were walking with the dead.
Nick: Safety in numbers.
Alejandro: That is strange company.
Nick: Safer than the men with guns.

[Victor Strand tells Nick that he'll need Nick for his certain talents]
Victor: I look at you, and I see someone who knows the meaning of necessity.
Nick: Well, I'm an addict.
Victor: No, you are a heroin addict. That's the gold standard. Don't sell yourself short. The soldiers are leaving. I'm gonna require a man with your talents when I make my move.
Nick: What move?
[Victor reveals the key to their fence]

[Daniel Salazar tells Madison the story of when he was a little boy]
Daniel: When I was young, these men - These men were from the government. And they came to our town and they took some people away. And my father was someone of certain importance in the community so he went to speak to the captain and asked, when will they return? And the captain told my father, 'Miguel, don't worry. They always come home.' And they did. I was standing in the river fishing. Just a boy. And I found them. All of them. All at once. All around me. In the water. My father told me not to have hatred in my heart. He said that men do these things not because of evil. They do evil because of fear. And at that moment, I realized my father is a fool, for believing there was a difference. If it happens, it will happen quickly and you must be prepared.

[Alicia tells her mother Madison that she thought her mother had died]
Alicia: I was looking for you in the bar... and I was trying to get to you and I was so scared that I wouldn't.
Alicia: [Alicia begins to cry] When I finally did, I saw this dead woman. She had your hair. I thought...
Madison: No, you're not losing me. I'm not losing you. Not ever.

[Chris holds a gun on his father Travis]
Chris: I've seen the way they look at me. Like I'm disgusting. Like I'm a monster.
Travis: You're not a monster.
Chris: You sure about that?

[Travis tries to ask Chris if he has any remorse for shooting the farmer]
Travis: You killed a man today, Chris. Look at him. The least you could do is let it affect your appetite. I need to know what's going on. What are you thinking, huh? I mean, are you thinking anything?
Chris: He shot James. Dad, he shot my friend. What was I supposed to do?
Travis: He's not your friend.
Chris: He is. They are.
Travis: They are savages.
Chris: So I'm a savage. Is that what you're saying...
Travis: Chris, where the hell is your remorse?

[Strand tells Madison that he wouldn't die for any of them]
Victor: Are you really gonna leave for the man who abandoned you?
Madison: Come with us, Victor.
Victor: I had the chance to kill myself. I chose not to. I wouldn't die for him, and I'm not dying for any of you.

- You see, the missile...
- Well, it's going to re-enr the atmosphere, and it's got multiple warheads.
- This may be all the time that we have left.
- So you should use it.
- You should make it mean something.

[Strand tells Nick what has value]
Victor: How many times should you have died?
Nick: I don't know. Every time I used.
Victor: Were you afraid? That's fearlessness. That's focus.
Victor: [Nick doesn't respond] That's fearlessness. That's focus.
Nick: That's just being an addict. It's not something you put on your resume.
Victor: But what did that fearlessness look like in this world? That has value, Nicholas.

[Madison stands in the backyard looking at the infected neighbor Susan, who reaches through the fence boards at her]
Madison: [Madison holds a small hammer] Susan.
Travis: [when Travis finds Madison] Maddy. Maddy.
Madison: I was wondering where her husband is. Wondering what it'd be like if you'd come home last night, found me like this. When he comes home, finds her...
Travis: I didn't find you like that.
Madison: You think Patrick's dead already? You think he just - He left and just never came home?
Travis: I don't know.

[Strand gives Ofelia advice about the past]
Victor: The past, it'll make you sick.

[Strand tells Madison that we can't choose what we live with]
Madison: I keep trying to save them. They keep dying. Over and over. Travis stopped that for a while, you know?
Victor: These things... we can only live with them. We can't choose.

[Alejandro tells Nick that he should be dead from his leg wound]
Alejandro: That's a long walk. You should be dead.
Nick: Coulda, shoulda, woulda. Story of my life.

- I didn't want to do it.
- But I had to do it.
- John.
- Where is he?
- Where is he?
- Floating down river, with a bullet in his chest.

[Daniel Salazar finds the child Juan talking to the infected in the cellar]
Juan: [Juan to his mother in Spanish] I've been working on my juggling. I'm getting better and better. Today, I juggled the ball 45 times. The only problem is there's no one to play with.
Daniel: [Daniel in Spanish] Who are you talking to? It's okay, you can tell me.
Juan: [Juan in Spanish] My mommy.

- I love you, Grace.
[Softly] I know.
- I know.

[Alicia tries to keep the wounded Strand calm after he's stabbed]
Alicia: [Alicia nervously smiles] Don't die on us, all right?
Victor: Your confidence is overwhelming.

[Brandon tells Travis the truth about him and Derek having to kill Chris who was injured]
Brandon: Please. All right, we did it. We killed him. All right, we put him down. We had to. We had to, man. We had to.

[Nick tells Alejandro to let Luciana leave with her people]
Nick: She wants to stay for the people and for you. She doesn't wanna look at me. She didn't believe in you because you were immune. She believed in you because you were fearless. You show her you're not afraid, you tell her it's okay to go, she will listen. Your people will live, and... you get to die a beautiful death.

[Madison, Nick and Alicia start to feel awkward playing Monopoly as they wait for Travis]
Alicia: How long are we gonna wait?
Madison: We can go to sleep soon.
Alicia: Yeah, I can't sleep when I'm waiting for someone to come home. Having a major case of Deja Vu right now.
[as the three think of Madison's first husband]

[Oscar tries to justify Ilene's actions of stabbing Strand]
Oscar: Ilene blames you. She's not well. She lost her husband and then her daughter.
Madison: Okay, it's not the right time, Oscar.
Victor: [the wounded Strand in bed] I understand grief, but this is a bit extreme.

- He's got a place that he's building.
- One that's safe.
- Shh.
[Whispering] Hide that stuff.
- Clean it up.
- Come on, Morgan.
- Dakota!
- Dakota.

[Alicia rides in circles on a bicycle while talking at Chris, who's laying on the roof of a car]
Alicia: Have you no respect for private property?
Chris: Is that your bike?
Alicia: I'll ask the questions. I'm kind of the law in these parts.
Chris: Yeah, we already got people on that.
Alicia: [Alicia talks in a country accent] Yeah, they're federal. This here is my jurisdiction. Everything from the fire hydrant to the Posada mailbox.

[Lt. Moyers reminds the families that they are the lucky ones]
Lt. Moyers: All right, folks, listen. You are in one of 12 safe zones south of the San Gabriel, okay? So you guys are the lucky ones. You guys - You get to stay in your homes, ride this thing out, all right? So, relax, count your blessings, be nice. So I don't have to shoot you.
Lt. Moyers: [Lt. Moyers chuckles to himself looking at everyone around him] Yeah.

[first lines]
Laura: [the scout Francisco tries leaving the Colonia with his family, as his daughter cries when she sees the infected] Daddy...

- not with all those rangers out there looking for us.
- And there might be more once he doesn't check in.
- Right.
- What about that one?
- That?
- That's just been collecting rust since I was a kid.

[first lines]
Victor: [Strand calls out to Nick to prepare the boat line] Nick, grab the boat line. You're gonna tie off.
Madison: I can't see the boat anymore.
Travis: They're out past the break. They'll come back for us.

[Celia Flores tries to feed the tied-up Daniel Salazar her Pozole]
Celia: [Celia smiles] You think I would poison a good Pozole? Who would do such a thing?

[Madison, Nick and Alicia continue to play Monopoly when Nick wins the Boardwalk and Park Place properties]
Madison: [Nick teases Madison with the money] Hey, hey.
Alicia: Calm down. Play fair.
Madison: Do not treat the banker like that.
Nick: [Nick holds up his properties] Thank you very much. And that's the pair.
Alicia: You always get all the good ones.
Madison: Oh, look at that. I'm crushing you guys. You're pathetic.
Alicia: [Madison begins shaking the dice as the three of them hear multiple gunshots in the distance, pausing quietly] Mom.
Madison: [Madison drops the dice, whispering] Seven.

[Victor Strand tells Celia Flores that he needs to bury Thomas Abigail]
Victor: I have to bury him.
Celia: You don't deserve to bury him.
Victor: It's what he wanted.
Celia: What he wanted? What he wanted was what you promised. This man, my beautiful, stupid son, wanted you!
Victor: He is not your son.
[when Celia backhands Strand]

[Strand and Madison share martinis together at the hotel bar]
Victor: How did I not realize that our very own Madison Clark is a Southern belle.
Madison: Alabama.
Victor: Mm-hmm.
Madison: Tended bar to put myself through school. And I'll tell you right here, right now, your story is bullshit. Your martini's bullshit. And that vermouth shtick is as old as the hills.
Victor: [Strand smiles] All right. Educate me, Ms. Clark.
Madison: Bring me tequila.

- I'm gonna check the kitchen.
- Okay.

[last lines]
Travis: [Travis and Madison watch the military soldiers in the street] The cavalry has arrived. It's gonna get better now.
Daniel: [Daniel Salazar watches the military in the street, Daniel in Spanish says to his wife] It's already too late.

[in a flashback, Will proposes to Ofelia over dinner]
Will: Careful, it's not a worm.
Ofelia: [Ofelia sees a ring in her wine glass] Holy shit. Will, you got all serious on me.
Will: I don't want to do this without you.

[Daniel Salazar talks to Travis about needing to know how to use a gun]
Daniel: The more the boy knows, the safer he'll be.
Travis: Uh-huh.
Madison: I didn't see the harm, Trav.
Travis: You know how I feel about guns.
Daniel: The gun doesn't care how you feel about it.
Travis: That's enough!

- So why are you here?
- Why aren't you with the rest of your people?
- Something led me here.
- Huh.
- Must be the ending
- I deserved.
- Or thought I did.

[Baby James begs for Brandon not to kill him]
James: No. No, man. Brandon. Just don't do this.
Brandon: I'm sorry, bro.
Travis: [Travis shouts] Leave him with me.
James: Look, I can get better. Just give me a little more time. I promise.
Travis: [Travis yells] Brandon, don't!
Brandon: Shut up!
James: [James cries] I'm begging you, man.
Brandon: Both of you.
Travis: [Travis pleads with his son] Chris, don't let them do this.
James: [James begs for his life] Show me mercy!
[as Brandon shoots James in the head]

- So you should use it.
- You should...
- You should make it mean something.
- You should give yourselves the ends that you wanted... even if it's not the one we all imagined.
- Aah!

[Dr. Exner helps tell Travis and the group where to go]
Travis: Help us. I'll take you with my family, but we need your help.
Dr. Bethany Exner: Where do you think your family's gonna go?
Travis: There has to be somewhere.
Dr. Bethany Exner: There is a way out. Past the ICU, the set of stairs down. Takes you through the sublevel. You can get out. But there's nowhere to go.

[Alejandro sees Madison lean over him]
Alejandro: [in a low voice] Angel
Madison: I'm looking for my son, Nick?

[Travis tries to keep the neighbor Doug calm at Lt. Moyers' orders]
Doug: They keep asking me what's happening. They keep asking me if everything's gonna be okay, and I - I don't have the words.
Travis: It is gonna be okay. That's what you say. That's all that you have to say.
Doug: Will they know that I'm lying?
Travis: Doug, your family needs you. Now. They need you to go outside that door, and tell that guard that you're gonna be okay. Show 'em that you're okay. That's all.

[Travis tells Alex that it costs a part of him to face the violence]
Travis: I have a son. He watches me. Waiting to see how I'll face it, the violence. I tried so hard not to be part of it. I knew it would change me. And that he'd see it. I can't tell you what you want to hear. I'm no better than the man who cut the rope. I cut the rope. What you did to that boy, I did the same. To my son's mother. So I know what it costs. It cost a part of me. How do I get that part back?
Alex: You don't.

[Nick tells Madison that he doesn't feel fear from the infected]
Nick: When I was on the beach, I came face-to-face with one of them and I didn't feel fear, I didn't feel hate. I just knew I wasn't going to die. Not there, not that way. I move among them, Mom. Invisible. I will not die.

[Celia Flores tells Daniel Salazar to confess his sins to his Dead]
Celia: They haunt you. They hate you for your silence.
Griselda: [as Daniel begins to imagine hearing his wife's voice, as Griselda whispers in Spanish] Asleep you would confess. In dreams, I would grant you absolution.
Celia: [Celia in Spanish] Don't carry this torment with you into death. Confess your sins. Ask their forgiveness. End your pain.
Griselda: [Griselda in Spanish] And mine.
Celia: You are dying. Can you feel it? Speak while you still have words.

[Reed gives Chris a piece of advice]
Reed: 'Should I shoot them?' Piece of advice - If you have to ask the question, somebody should already be dead.

[Ofelia and Strand walk into the empty room of a marriage reception]
Ofelia: Happiest day of somebody's life.
Victor: Until it wasn't.

[Nick gives advice to Ofelia for her gun wound]
Nick: Hey, if you put ointment directly on the - the pad, then cover it, it hurts less.
Ofelia: Thanks.
Nick: And ice is good for the pain.
Nick: [as the two are walking off] And vodka. Lots of vodka.

[Madison looks at the infected neighbor Susan face-to-face]
Madison: What is she?
Travis: Susan. She's your friend.
Madison: All the more reason.
Madison: [Madison tightens her grip to the small hammer to kill her] She's dead.

[Ofelia and Alicia enter one of the hotel rooms]
Ofelia: Well, minibar's down to peanuts. Guess they were allergic.

- I'm staying up here!
- June, did my son ever tell you about the Saint Louis
- Barn Raiser?
June: Yeah.
- You're going to die.
- I have to see the end.

[in a flashback, Nick expresses his feelings to Gloria while in rehab, who pretends to be his dad]
Nick: You're always tired when you get home from work. You just skip dinner and go to your room. And if I go in there to talk to you, it's like you do listen and I can tell you hear me, but it's not like you're there. You used to be there. And then you stopped. And I don't know why you did that.
Nick: [Nick pauses before continuing] Fathers are supposed to show sons how to be a man in the world, but I guess the world is too much for you.

[in a flashback, Nick plays thumb wars with Gloria while in rehab with her]
Gloria: Your thumbs are freakishly long.
Nick: Dexterous thumbs. Dexterous thumbs. Look, you're pathetic. You know that?
Nick: [Nick feels Gloria's thumb get more aggressive] Oh, type A girl doesn't like losing.
Gloria: Type A girl doesn't lose.

[Madison tells Victor Strand to not refuse his body's shivering]
Madison: Don't fight it. Shivering is your body's way of warming itself up.
Victor: [Strand chuckles] Fantastic tidbit. Please, keep 'em coming.

[Nick tells Travis that he thinks he's going insane for what he saw at the church]
Travis: Nick... you saw what the drugs saw.
Nick: I don't know if what I saw came from the powder. That's the thing. I don't... and if it didn't come from the powder, then it came out of me. My mind. And if that came out of me, then I'm insane, Travis. Yeah, I'm insane.
Nick: [Nick nervously chuckles] I really don't want to be insane.

[Alicia asks Ofelia about the infected walker they found hanging from a shower head]
Alicia: Why do you think he gave up?
Ofelia: What?
Alicia: That man. I'd have tried, like, 50 different things before I would have.
Ofelia: Maybe he was tired.
Alicia: Tired of what?
Ofelia: Surviving.

[Travis, Madison and their kids arrive to the house on the coast]
Travis: Someone's home.
Madison: They're not throwing their doors open.
Travis: No, they're scared. We'd be scared, too.

[Luciana warns Nick that the water is bad]
Luciana: [in Spanish] The water's worse than the bandages.
Nick: Sorry?

[Celia Flores tells Madison that she needs to understand the Dead like her son Nick]
Celia: He understands. The changed ones are our responsibility.
Madison: He's my responsibility.
Celia: If you remain here, you will have to accept them as Nicholas does. As we accept them. It is a new world. I hope you can see it with new eyes.
Madison: What if I can't do that?
Celia: Then your son will choose between his family and the truth that they don't want to understand.
Madison: I want to understand. I do. I need to understand.

- Oh, come on.
- I mean, you get me.
- All those others -all te people hanging on my every word, doing exactly what I tell 'em, not one of them -- not a single one of 'em every really understand what I am doing the way you do.

[Tobias walks up behind Madison and frightens her]
Madison: Oh, my God! Tobias.
Tobias: Can I have my knife back?

[Chris tells Travis that it's kill or be killed in the world now]
Chris: This is how it works now. Look around. There is no more good, there is no more bad, right or wrong. It's us or them, kill or be killed. And James, he's one of us.
Travis: You've known these guys for two days.
Chris: Did what I had to do. I'm sorry, but I'm not sorry.

[Dr. Exner introduces herself to Nick as she examines him]
Dr. Bethany Exner: I understand you may be in need of methadone?
Nick: Well, I would love methadone if I was trying to kick, which I've already done.
Dr. Bethany Exner: When's the last time you used?
Nick: Uh, I don't know. When did the world end? Couple of days before that.

[Travis argues with Madison about no longer taking chances to save people]
Travis: Look at us. Look at where we are. We're on this boat with no supplies, no concrete plan. We got an old man, a hurt woman, scared kids, and a corpse. You think bringing those people on board this ship is saving them?
Madison: I think about Matt. I think about our neighbors.
Travis: I think about them, too.
Madison: Yeah, I can't do that anymore. I can't live with that.

[Ofelia Salazar peels the flesh off from her cheek while looking at her father Daniel Salazar]
Ofelia: Is it bad?

Madison: What do you want from us?
Mel: We want you... to listen. 'Cause you have a mess of your own out here. Don't you? A... bad batch of turnips, from what I hear. You should tell Nick to check the rest of his crops, too, because the weevils are a bitch to get rid of.

[Nick tells Luciana that they have to leave]
Luciana: What is it?
Nick: I'm leaving. We're leaving. Faith is not going to protect us when the shooting starts.

- that the world has to end!
- Dakota, don't do this.
- He's going to kill everyone.
[Beep]Riley: One... two...three.
- Stop them!We can't!
Rachel: [Grunting]

[Baby James sees Travis sit next to him with a gun in his hand]
James: What's with the gun?
Travis: Your buddies, they want to put you down. They're saying that you'd understand.
James: Why do you think I agreed to get in the truck?

[Daniel Salazar confronts Travis in the barber shop]
Daniel: There's more than combs here, you know.
Travis: I know. I was just trying to make...
Daniel: Yeah, make your boy believe that everything's gonna be fine.
Travis: What if what's out there gets in here?
Daniel: We run.
Travis: Where?
Daniel: In different directions.
Chris: [Chris interrupts their conversation] Dad. Dad.
Travis: What?
Chris: The wall is getting hot.

[Liza reveals her bite wound to Madison]
Madison: What do we do?
Liza: There's nothing.
Madison: [Liza pulls out a pistol] No. No.
Liza: I don't think I can do it. I have to, but I don't think I can.
Madison: [Liza looks to Madison] No, don't ask me, Liza. You can't.
Liza: You asked me.
Liza: [Liza jokes to Madison] Come on. You never liked me much.
Liza: Don't make Travis do it. It'll break him.

[Madison and Strand debate on whether or not Alicia left the hotel]
Madison: Alicia wouldn't leave. She never leaves. It's not her.
Victor: She was trapped. She had no option. She had Ofelia to think of.
Madison: She wouldn't do it.
Victor: If she had to leave to survive, she went. She's self-reliant.
Madison: Yeah. I made her that.

- I think maybe you could find yours.
- Well...
- Wouldn't count on it.
- We better get up there.
- The passed must be building up on the bridge.
- You know, we might need these doors after all.

- Yeah, I'm fine.
- Hey.
- Hey, guys, what's going on?
- Alright.
- Put it in first.
- Then give it the gas.
- You'll clear it.

[Chris asks his dad Travis why is he going against them]
Chris: Why are you doing this?
Travis: I'm doing this for you.

[Victor Strand see's the photograph Doug Thompson holds tightly in his hand]
Victor: [Victor takes the photo from Doug's hand] I presume this is the wife.
Doug: Maria.
Victor: Did Maria keep herself up?
Doug: What?
Victor: Her figure, Douglas. Her shape. Does the current Mrs. Doug still resemble the woman in this picture.
Doug: [Doug cries] Yeah.
Victor: See there, now? I'd say your luck is changing.
Victor: [Victor chuckles] Absolutely.
Victor: [Victor stands up walking away with the photo, chuckling] Body like that... it's just the ticket to help her latch on the kind of man that's gonna help her through all of this.

[Nick tells Alicia what the perk is to the apocalypse]
Nick: Hey, you want to know what the most underrated perk of the apocalypse is?
Alicia: Yes.
Nick: No planes. No pollution. No smog. Just stars.
Alicia: Yep, well, we definitely stopped the climate crisis. Awesome.

[Lt. Moyers begins to feel threatened by Travis]
Travis: Can you help me get my people back or not?
Lt. Moyers: I get that you got issues with protocol, but I can't concern myself with civilian problems.
Travis: If the ones you took don't come back soon, you're going to have more than me to worry about. You took 11 people. It's a tight-knit community. A lot of kids. Probably be bad for morale if they all came down here.
Lt. Moyers: That a threat?
Travis: No, sir. I'm just being helpful.

[Madison finds Strand on the top of the yacht]
Victor: Talking out loud to ghosts up here, keep myself awake.
Madison: Yeah, I heard that, too.
Victor: It's a characteristic of the gifted.
Madison: And the crazy.

[Strand talks to Nick on the ship]
Victor: I don't know. The whole world is I don't know right now.
Victor: [Strand looks to Nick] You should be used to that.

[Nick sits beside Ofelia Salazar while still covered in the infected blood]
Ofelia: Nick, you smell like death.
[when Nick smiles, handing Ofelia a Rosary that he found in the luggage]

[Nick tells his mother Madison that they destroy everything]
Nick: She was right about us.
Madison: What?
Nick: Celia. She knew what we are.
Madison: What are you talking about? Get in the truck, Nick.
Nick: We destroy everything.

- This is the end for me.
- Not you.

[first lines]
Nick: [Nick wakes up alone in the abandoned church, calling out for his friend] Gloria?
Nick: [as Nick looks into the empty hallway and rooms] Glo?
Nick: [when Nick finds the dead bodies, seeing Gloria hunched over, whispering] Gloria? Gloria, babe, we got to go.
[when Gloria turns around covered in blood, with a knife stuck into her side]

[Madison and Alicia enter the Rosarito Beach Hotel]
Madison: Someone locked this place down.
Alicia: Where are they now?

[Alicia tends to the wounded Strand in bed]
Victor: [to Alicia] You have excellent bedside manner. Andrés could take a few tips.
Alicia: I volunteered at County USC through high school. The nurses taught us that what you don't say to patients is as important as what you do say.
Victor: For instance?
Alicia: I'm not gonna tell you it's gonna be all right.
Victor: Why on earth not?
Alicia: Might not be.
Victor: [Strand chuckles as he groans] I changed my mind. Your bedside manner is abysmal.
Alicia: [Alicia chuckles] You didn't seem like someone who liked sugar coating.

[Madison tells Travis that the world made him into this]
Madison: I know the world changed you and made you this. Me, I've been like this a long time. I understand what you did, why you did it. And I'll understand when you do it again, because you will. You'll have to. We will have to. And I can face that if you're with me.
Travis: I'm here.

- Not me, not June.
- This door ain't for keeping people out.
- What the hell's it for, then?
- It's to keep the passed from getting at me after I do what I need to do.
- I just want it to be over,
- Morgan.

[Brandon tells Travis and Madison the story of Chris crashing]
Brandon: We didn't get far. After we left. Wasted. Banditos on the highway... it was all one step forward, two steps back. We were on no sleep. Me and Derek doing the driving. We could barely keep our eyes open. Chris... he volunteered, man. Okay, look, we didn't ask. He offered.
Derek: Yeah, he wanted to contribute.
Madison: What happened next?
Brandon: It went sideways, man. He must've dozed off. I'm sorry. The next thing you know... we started rolling. The truck must've rolled a half a dozen times. Chris went through the windshield. He was dead when we found him.
Travis: Was he?
Brandon: What?
Travis: Was he dead when you found him?
Brandon: Yeah. Yeah, man, he was. I'm sorry, Travis. His neck was sort of jacked, you know? Like he broke it going through the glass.

[Tobias tells Madison the truth about civilization]
Tobias: The desert will be safer because things will fall apart now. No satellites, no internet, no cell phones. Communications will fail 'cause there's no one's there to manage the servers. The electrical grid will collapse for the same reason. It's all gonna go to hell. And that's what they don't get. When civilization ends, it ends fast.

[Daniel Salazar talks about his daughter Ofelia to the soldier Andrew Adams before torturing him]
Daniel: My daughter, she cares for you.
Andrew: And I care for her too, Sir. Ofelia is very special.
Daniel: She's kind, intelligent, beautiful.
Andrew: Yes, Sir. She is.
Daniel: When she was born, I knew I was looking at the only pure thing I would ever have. She was so innocent. She still is innocent. Before she brought you in, she made me promise that I would not harm you, that we would talk, and that I would exchange you for my wife's return. That is not gonna happen.
Andrew: [Adams begins to grow nervous] Look... we set up command at a college two miles east of here. There's a field hospital. That's where your wife is, okay? You can - You can ask me anything. I won't hold nothing back. I'm - Hey, look, I'm an open book. I'll tell you whatever you want.
Daniel: [Salazar silently holds a knife to Adams] I know. I know.

[Daniel Salazar tells Victor Strand to not put Thomas Abigail in the ground]
Daniel: Don't put him in the ground.
Victor: What?
Daniel: This place is unholy. It's infected. Even the dirt. The walls in this place. That woman, her dead. Your friend, he won't rest. He'll come back for you. You don't believe?
Victor: If I did, I'd be with him right now.
Daniel: He will return. They return, but they're not the same. You're not the same. And they hate you for it.

[Alejandro and Nick question each others faith]
Alejandro: You believe in the dead. You believe in them to protect us because you have such little faith in me. You both have such little faith in me.
Nick: I have faith, okay? Luciana has faith in you. You attacked her loyalty.
Alejandro: I never asked to be the one to make these decisions, but I am. I concern myself with our survival. That's all I care about.
Nick: So you want me to just follow you blindly?
Alejandro: I want you to trust me like I trust you. Like a son.

[Luciana prepares Nick for their assignment outside the wall]
Luciana: We've got some walking to do, so we better get things clear. One, around the dead, you stay absolutely quiet. Two, around me, you stay absolutely quiet. Three, when we get where we're going, we're gonna see some real motherfuckers. Unless I tell you, you stay...
Nick: Absolutely quiet. Yeah, okay.
Luciana: Put on your makeup. I can smell you from here.
Nick: [Luciana and Nick start covering themselves with the Infected blood] So one thing before I can't talk anymore. Why me?
Luciana: Because, gringuito, nobody's gonna miss you.

[Ofelia Salazar tries to plead with her parents to leave with Travis and Madison's families]
Ofelia: Tell me what you're afraid of?
Daniel: Nothing.
Ofelia: You're being stubborn, paranoid. You're hurting Mama.
Daniel: [Daniel in Spanish] I'm protecting her and you.
Ofelia: She needs the nurse. I know Travis will let us go with them if we ask.
Daniel: Once they're gone, I will go out, get a doctor. He will come and treat your mother.
Ofelia: How? Where are you going to find a doctor.
Griselda: [Griselda in Spanish] Your father and I have been in worse situations. And we're still alive.

Naomi: You didn't tell me your camp was a baseball stadium.
Madison: You didn't believe I had a camp.
Naomi: How many people live here?
Madison: 47. Forty-eight if you decide to stay.
Naomi: I pulled a gun on you.
Madison: But you didn't shoot. I've done a lot worse when I was out there. We all did. I thought I lost my kids for good because of it. But I found 'em. And then we found this place and we built it up. Together. We are who we are because of it.
Naomi: You don't even know me.
Madison: And you don't know us. So we're both taking a chance. I know it's a lot. Why don't you see how you feel after a shower?
Naomi: A shower?
Madison: Uh-huh.
Naomi: Is the water...
Madison: Yeah. But you all the way to the right to get it really hot.

[Alicia talks to her boyfriend Matt in his bed who was bitten by the infected]
Matt: Listen to me. My parents will be home soon. You know I'll be fine. You know that.
Alicia: No, I'm not leaving you. I love you.
Matt: [Matt runs his finger tip over the black rose on Alicia's wrist] I love you, too. That's why you gotta go. Okay? You gotta go.
Matt: [Alicia hesitates] Go.
Madison: [Alicia leans down to hug Matt in his bed, as Madison pulls Alicia away, whispering] Thank you.

[Travis blames himself for the person Chris turned into]
Travis: The whole way walking here, you know what I thought? I forgot to tell him I loved him. The second he was too far away, I realized the last thing I said to him was, 'God damn you.' That's the last thing his father said to him. That's the last thing he'll remember. You didn't know him when he was little, but he had this huge heart. He was such a good boy.
Madison: I know.
Travis: When you met him he was already so angry. At me, Liza. We took away his family. He lost his place. He lost... he had no place. I loved him. I never stopped. All he saw was my disgust at what he turned into, what I let him become. It is, it's all he'll ever know.

[Alicia and the group return to find the Abigail yacht missing]
Alicia: What now?
Ofelia: We walk into the sea.

[Luciana tells Nick what she believes in about the dead]
Luciana: This, the world, the dead, what do you think is happening? You who are weak and have no faith, tell me, what do you believe?
Nick: I don't know.
Luciana: Every so often the ocean washes red. The coast fill with foam and trash. The sun becomes like poison and it burns the water and the land, washing it clean. This is no different. The dead, they're returning. And when they go, this world will be as new.

[Reed gives Chris some advice about how blood is blood]
Reed: You know, you don't look like your sister. You don't look like your old man's lady either. I'm beginning to think you and I have a lot in common. We're outsiders.
Reed: [Reed laughs] Tell me, where is your real mom? Yeah, it sucks. Let me tell you something. Orphan to orphan. Be prepared. 'Cause when the time comes, these people you call your family, they will put you down like you're a stray. Blood's all that matters now. That one's for free, cherry.

[Softly] I thought I could.
- But I just can't.

[Daniel Salazar tells Celia Flores that her Dead is an abomination]
Celia: I'm not the killer here. I see the way you look at me. If I didn't know any better, I'd say that's hatred in your eyes. But I am old enough to know fear when I see it.
Daniel: [Daniel in Spanish] Me too. I'm not afraid of you.
Celia: [Celia in Spanish] Not me. It's the Dead you fear.
Daniel: Those creatures you keep, they are an abomination, an act against God.
Celia: It's not my Dead you fear, old man. It is your own.

[Madison holds up one of Nick's Oxycontin pills as he lays in the pool rejecting to take them]
Nick: Look, give it to Griselda. She needs it more than I do, you said it yourself.
Madison: I know what I said, but the point is to wean you off of it slowly. So it just doesn't, you know, happen again.
Nick: I thought you'd be happy.
Madison: I am happy, I just... Okay, well, if you need it, it's right here. Don't be a hero.
Nick: No chance of that.

[Nick walks in the middle with an infected Walker herd]
Walker: [Nick looks ahead of him to his right, the Walker whispers] Follow us.
Walker: [Nick looks up to his left, the Walker whispers] We'll take you home.
Walker: [Nick looks to his left, the Walker whispers] Come with us.
Walker: [the Walker's whisper continues] Come. Come home.
Walker: [the Walker's whisper continues] Follow us. Home. Come.
Gloria: [Nick looks to his right and sees the Gloria Walker whisper] Come with me. I'll take you home.

- I wish I'd met you sooner, friend.
- My name's Howard.
- I'm Morgan.
- Morgan Jones.

[Celia Flores gives a speech for her son Thomas Abigail]
Celia: [Celia in Spanish] Forty years we worked for these Abigail's. Made their food. Cleaned their linens. I raised the son they ignored, as if I bore him from my own body. Make no mistake, Thomas was my son. Today, I bury my son. I'm not a housekeeper anymore. All of us are new again. And whatever sins we committed... whatever lies we told... hearts we betrayed... today, they are forgotten. The world is reborn. Now the work begins. And we shall do it in the honor of his memory.

[Victor Strand tells Thomas Abigail that he doesn't have to die alone]
Victor: I could go with you.
Thomas: Are you...? How very Shakespearean of you.
Victor: [Strand laughs] Shut up, Thomas, before I change my mind.

[Ofelia and Alicia enter one of the hotel floors]
Ofelia: God, I hate hotels. Oh, they creep me out.
Alicia: The dead walk the earth and it's hotels that creep you out?
Ofelia: I think it's the carpets.

[Nick asks Celia Flores what are the infected if they're not dead]
Celia: What is it you want to know?
Nick: They're not really dead, are they?
Celia: No, they are not, Nicholas.
Nick: So what are they?
Celia: They are what comes next.

[Ofelia tells Strand that she was almost married once]
Ofelia: You know, I was almost married once.
Victor: Who was the lucky guy?
Ofelia: His name was William. He was a good man.
Victor: Couldn't have been that good.
Victor: [Ofelia looks over to Strand] You said almost.

- Go.
- Go, go!

[Alicia tells Hector that her brother Nick always gave her crap]
Alicia: My brother used to give me shit all the time because I was always falling down.
Hector: Hmm. Big brothers like to say asshole things just to make you remember who's boss.

[Madison tells the group that Ilene will remained locked up]
Madison: [Madison turns to the group] Ilene stays locked up.
Andrés: How long?
Madison: Indefinitely.
Andrés: So she's a prisoner?
Madison: Yes. It's that or we put her on the street. We can't have violence here. We can't cross that line. If it happens again, if anyone raises a hand to another, they're out. Any of us, gone. That's how it has to be. That's the only way this works.

[Nick tells his mom about nobody having a clue about the virus]
Nick: It's just like no one's paying attention. It's - It's like it's not real.
Madison: It is. It's real.
Madison: [Madison see's Nick showing signs of withdrawal] You saved us. You had no choice.
Nick: I'm about to step into... a world of shit. You know that, right?
Madison: Yeah.

- bringing about the end with me by your side, and you just being who you are, or you can --
- No, no, go on with them and pretend to be somebody you're not.
- It's your choice.
- It's your choice.

[Lt. Moyers shows Travis the painted skulls on each tank from the soldiers under his command]
Lt. Moyers: Okay, look what we do here. Look. 83 of these. 83 of the rotten bastards, all confirmed.
Travis: That's a lot.
Lt. Moyers: [Lt. Moyers smiles, getting in Travis' face] Yeah, that's a lot. That's a company record.

[Alicia makes soup for Nick who is too sick too want it]
Alicia: [Alicia puts the container to his face] Here.
Nick: Oh, I can't do hot.
Alicia: I'll make gazpacho next time.
Nick: Yeah. It's gonna end up in the bucket.
Alicia: Okay, then drink some water.
Nick: I'm not thirsty. Water is not what I need.
Alicia: Yeah, I know what you need, Nick. Mom's working on it. It's her party and she'll cry if she wants too.

[last lines]
Madison: [Madison tries to tell Alicia that Nick is nearby] 15 miles away. It has to be him.
Alicia: How can you know that?
Madison: You don't understand. Your child is always your child. He's always...
Alicia: I'm your child. I don't understand. He chose what's out there over us.
Madison: Maybe he changed his mind.
Alicia: I never changed my mind. I'm here. Why isn't that enough?

[Nick tells Travis that he plans to get clean]
Nick: Hey, it's nothing new. Get my head shrunk, get out, get clean.
Travis: You mean that?
Nick: I always mean it.

[Baby James tells Travis that he's dead weight]
Travis: You're not sick.
James: [James chuckles] What do you call this?
Travis: You're not dying. You're gonna get better. All you need is time.
James: No, it doesn't matter. What matters is they think I'm dying. That's the deal. I'm dead weight.

[Travis pleads for Brandon to give Baby James more time to heal]
Chris: He's not getting better.
Travis: He would if you'd give him a chance. Jesus, you gave him a week. He's fighting and we need to help him. I mean, give him some time for his blood to clot up inside. That's what they do in the hospitals
Brandon: We're not in a hospital.
Travis: Well, this is as good as it gets. Look around. Think about it. We can survive here long enough for him to heal. We've been here for a week. It's safe. There's no infected. Come on, guys, you can save James.
Derek: He would understand.
Travis: No, he is scared to death of you guys. I'm starting to get why.
Brandon: I don't know what to tell you, man.

[Madison catches Nick in the neighbor's house trying to look for drugs]
Nick: What do you want me to say?
Madison: You don't know.
Nick: What?
[Madison begins smacking Nick in the face]
Madison: You have no idea!
[Madison continues to smack Nick in the head]
Madison: You have no idea!
[Madison grabs and hits Nick to the floor, before quietly walking away]

[Madison pleads to Strand to save the people stuck out in the ocean]
Madison: There's nothing to go back to. Don't do this.
Victor: I filled my mercy quota. Seven people saved to date. Be thankful.

[Travis apologizes to Alicia for not protecting her]
Alicia: Travis, I'm sorry. I feel like I pushed Chris further away by being so...
Travis: No. You were scared. You had every right to be. Look... Chris... he's sick. I couldn't see it. He's my son.
Travis: [Travis sighs] Look, I'm sorry that I didn't believe you. I'm sorry that I... I didn't protect you better. I should have.

[Madison says to Travis that if he has to leave they all leave]
Madison: I told them you had to leave the hotel.
Madison: [Travis hangs his head down] And I told them we'd go with you.
Travis: No.
Madison: No other choice.
Travis: No, the hell there's not.
Madison: You leave, we leave. It's done.
Travis: Nothing's done, Maddy. You can't do this.
Madison: I'm not sending you out there to die. You wonder why you found us? How you found us? This is why.

[Alicia asks how Jack and his group choose what boat lives and what boat dies]
Alicia: How do you choose?
Jack: I asked Connor the same thing. He said this is the world now.
Jack: [Jack points to the ship's radar of nearby boats] That one lives, that one dies.

[Lt. Moyers announces to the families they are infect free]
Lt. Moyers: All right, listen up here, folks. As commanding officer of this detachment, I am proud to announce that we are infect free for a six mile radius around this perimeter. We are on the offensive. The tide has most definitely turned.
[the crowd cheers and claps]

- Ready?
- Ready.
- Dorie: Come up.
- Now![Pounds on roof]

[Madison see's her neighbor Patrick come home as she rushes to stop him from finding his infected wife]
Patrick: [Patrick calls for his wife in the backyard] Susan?
Madison: Patrick! Patrick!
Madison: [Patrick turns his head to Madison, when he see's his infected wife] Don't touch her. That's not your wife.
Patrick: [Patrick cries, trying to hold her] What happened, Susan?
[when a gunshot shoots the infected Susan in the head, as the military enters the backyard]

[Luciana sees Nick for the first time through her binoculars, as he walks with an Infected herd]
Luciana: [in Spanish] It's not him.
Francisco: [in Spanish] Then let's help him.
Luciana: [in Spanish] No, Francisco.
Francisco: [in Spanish] But he was walking with them.
Luciana: [Luci looks back in her binoculars only to see Nick collapse, in Spanish] Not anymore.

[Daniel Salazar while tied up imagines his wife Griselda Salazar speaking to him]
Griselda: [Griselda in Spanish] Look at you now. Tied to a chair, with only your madness to keep you company.
Daniel: [Daniel in Spanish, smiles] And you. I have you.
Griselda: [in Spanish] Did you miss me?
Daniel: [in Spanish] With all my heart.
Griselda: [in Spanish] Did you love me?
Daniel: [in Spanish] Why do you ask that? You know the answer.

[Travis asks everyone on deck what's going on]
Travis: What's going on?
Chris: Dad, we're going to shore.
Travis: Like hell you are.

- Provided you can get us across.
- Uh, my daddy used to let me drive his six speed in the church parking lot on Sunday afternoons, so I...
- It didn't usually get this crowded.
- Okay.
- Well, I'll talk you through it.
- Here.
- In case things get bumpy.

[Luciana sees Nick concerned at the Colonia]
Luciana: What is it?
Nick: [Nick pauses] Just worried about time. We don't have a lot.
Luciana: It is faith what matters most. It is this what will protect us.

[Brandon introduces his group to Chris and Travis]
Chris: Saved your life. You owe me.
Brandon: You say you saved my life, I say you stole my shit. Do you want to debate or do you want to eat? I'm Brandon. This is Derek, Baby James.

[last lines]
Travis: [Madison tells Travis they have to leave from there location on the water] Hey, what's happening? What's going on?
Madison: [Madison points to the found wreckage] Whoever did that... they're coming back

[Daniel Salazar tells Andrew Adams about the room he's in]
Daniel: There was a fence just like the one surrounding us now. Inside the fence was a building. In the building a room. And in the room a chair, just like this one where you sit. This is where they bring me. I was young. The man with the blade and the man in the chair, they're not different. They both suffer. Their lives are changed forever. They bring me in and they give me a choice. Which man will I be?
Andrew: Please. Please stop.

[Daniel Salazar stays close to Victor Strand on the yacht]
Victor: You hover over me like the specter of death, Daniel.
Daniel: Maybe I am. Or your guardian angel.

[Nick tells Alejandro that you don't survive a bite from the dead]
Nick: You don't survive a bite.
Alejandro: Oh, you don't believe I was bitten?
Nick: Um... I don't believe in miracles.
Alejandro: Miracle is your word.
Nick: What would you call it?
Alejandro: A leap of faith.
Nick: Yeah, I have trouble with those, too.

[George Geary tells Travis that nature always wins]
George: They aren't infected, Travis. We are. We're the weeds Mother Nature is pulling.
Travis: What's happening is not natural.
George: Oh, it couldn't be more natural. The world couldn't sustain itself so it stood back and said, 'enough.' This is its course correction.
Travis: Nature always wins.

[Chris turns on the station wagon radio only to hear static hissing]
Travis: Dead air everywhere, man.

[in a flashback, Gloria asks Nick a second time about the book he's reading]
Gloria: What's it about?
Nick: Grotesques.
Gloria: Please expand.

[Madison asks the wounded Strand what he needs]
Madison: What do you want me to do?
Victor: Keep the drinks coming.

- You should have shot him.
- I didn't need to.
- These times,
- John.
- They make us men we tried so hard not to be.
- Let's get out of here.
- We'll be safer at my cabin.

[Alicia sits on Nick's hospital bed with him and begins feeding him the hospital food]
Nick: I know what you think.
Alicia: What's that bro? What do I think?
Nick: You're perfect and I'm not. You know, you're going to Berkeley, I got expelled from Citrus Community. I'm here, you're there.
Alicia: I don't compare myself.
Nick: You can't not.
Alicia: Well, I don't compare myself with crazy.
Nick: [Nick whispers] I'm not crazy.
Alicia: Well, you repeat the same behavior and expect different results. That's Merriam-Webster crazy.

[first lines]
Madison: [Madison looks at the refugees outside the gate, in Spanish] I'm sorry.
Female: [in Spanish] Please, let us in!
Elena: [in Spanish] We can't let you in. We're sorry.
Female: [in Spanish] What will happen to my son?
Elena: [in Spanish] We will figure something out.
Male: [in Spanish] We have nothing, and you have that castle.

- D, it's the one thing that we said we were gonna do when we found each other, and haven't done it yet.
- If this really is the end, then this is how I want to go out.
- Okay?
- Just us.
- Alright, just us.

[Alicia brings Travis a tray of the hotel food]
Alicia: They cook everything in here in lard. It's pretty delicious.

- If he thinks he heard the coordinates, we have to put our faith in him.
- Alright.
- I'll drive, chief.
- Okay.I just hope you're right.
- 292-520-015.
- 015.
- One at a time, please.

[Madison and Tobias talk about the infection that's spreading]
Tobias: They say it's not connected. They say that, but I don't believe them. It is. From reports in five states. They don't know if it's a virus or if it's a micro. They don't know, but it's spreading.
Madison: You need to...
Tobias: No, people are killing!
Madison: You need to spend less time online, okay? If - If there's a problem, we're gonna know about it. The authorities would tell us.

[first lines]
Victor: [Victor Strand talks to the weeping Doug Thompson in the cage fences of the military base] Fire, earthquake, flood. You bought it all, didn't you? That's not a question. I'm not asking, I'm telling you. I look at a person like you and I know. You are a buyer. How do I know? Because I am a closer. I can sell anything, everything. Ask anyone. Except, uh, insurance.
Victor: [Victor chuckles, leaning on his knee beside Doug] Can't stomach it. preying on people so weak, so frightened of the future that they entrust the protection of their family to a piece of paper. To some promise of a corporation. What kind of man does that? Puts his wife and children in the hand of strangers. People he's never even met. Then one day... the man is gone. His family alone. The wolf comes to the door. And, well, no one's covered for that.

[Luciana talks to Nick about her mother]
Luciana: When everyone began to die, we sent for our mother, but we lost contact with Mama when she was south of the city.
Nick: We should look for her.
Luciana: We have. Pablo did. And he helped me find peace when she joined the dead.
Luciana: [Luciana tears up] But now I don't know what to do.

[Brandon tells Travis the end times made them gods]
Brandon: We got no speed limits, no cops, no money, no work, no bills, no bullshit. We're just living.
Travis: This isn't living.
Brandon: Are you kidding? This is more than living, man. This is supernatural. We were nothing before this, man. We were less than. But now the end times made us gods.

[Hector tries to teach Alicia how to stand on a surf board]
Hector: Flip up.
Hector: [when Alicia falls to her face] Well... I've never seen anyone do it quite like that before.
Alicia: [Alicia chuckles] Well, does the student suck or the teacher?

[Harry Geary shows Nick his bedroom and all of his action figures]
Nick: And who are these guys?
Harry: [Harry points to the groups of figures] These are campers. Neighbors. The Colbys. And uncle Kyle.
Nick: [as Nick notices a red dot on their heads] What happened to them? What's this?
Harry: It's what has to happen now when people get sick.

[Ofelia Salazar talks to Daniel Salazar about his torture background]
Ofelia: You lied to me my whole life.
Daniel: I protected you your whole life.
Ofelia: [Ofelia in Spanish] Does mama know?
Ofelia: [Daniel remains silent] I thought you were the victim.
Daniel: Would you rather that be true?

[Travis rides in the military Humvee with Lt. Moyers team, as Travis talks to CPL Cole]
CPL: Let me get this straight. You're going downtown, through this mess of DZ flesh-eating whatnot to get some kid who ain't your son, some old woman who ain't your mom, and some lady who ain't your wife?
Travis: Well, actually, she's my ex-wife.
CPL: [Cole laughs aloud] No!

- Ah!
- Aah!
- Ow!

[Reed tells the group about the one in charge, Connor]
Reed: Connor hasn't quite adapted to this world. He's got leadership skills, holds us all together. Big heart, strong mind. Weak stomach.

[in a flashback, Victor Strand tells Thomas Abigail about his father and mother]
Thomas: What did your father do?
Victor: He ended his life as a strip mall preacher. He had a great voice, Rich baritone. Resonant.
Thomas: Your mother?
Victor: I'm sure she lived a fruitful and fulfilling life far from us.

[Daniel Salazar tells Celia Flores he found the infected in the cellar]
Daniel: [Daniel in Spanish] By bringing death close you endanger us all.
Celia: [Celia in Spanish] Why do you fear death? Why are you so obsessed? You need to make peace with your Dead, Old Man. What are you afraid of?

[Ofelia Salazar prepares to talk to her mother over a candle as Nick stands at her side]
Ofelia: When was the last time you were in a church?
Nick: [Nick hesitates to answer] Can't remember.

[Ofelia makes out with Pvt. Andrew Adams outside the fence]
Man: 3-2 Echo, this is Bravo Actual. Standing by for a sit-rep, over? 3-2 Echo, this is Bravo Actual. Standing by for a sit-rep, over?
Ofelia: Don't you have to get that?
Andrew: They'll leave a message.
[Ofelia laughs as the two continue to kiss]

[Sofia and the group of men walk Victor Strand outside the vineyard walls]
Victor: Don't worry about me. I'll hail a cab.

[Strand tells Madison that she's holding Nick too closely]
Madison: She's right. Alicia's right. I'm never gonna see Nick again.
Victor: He's alive. The boy is bulletproof.
Madison: Yeah, you don't get it. That boy was born lost. Like his daddy. He's been slipping through my fingers ever since the day I gave birth to him.
Victor: Maybe you've been holding on too tight.

- Where's your cellar?
- Why?
- We'll get it back for you.
- How?
- You have any rope?
- Hya!

[in a flashback, Nick sits with Gloria at rehab as the two of them wait for their parents]
Nick: You okay?
Gloria: Not really.
Nick: They're probably more nervous than you are.
[Gloria smiles]

- No! Get off!
- John!
- Lean back!
- Nice shot!
- Okay.
- Try now.

[Travis waits to talk to Lt. Moyers who's swinging away at some golf balls]
Lt. Moyers: What?
Travis: My son, he saw a light in the DZ up on the hillside.
Lt. Moyers: [Lt. Moyers takes a pause] There's nothing alive out there. He didn't see anything. We, uh - We went house to house, block by block.
Travis: I know. Forget it.
Lt. Moyers: Already did.
Lt. Moyers: [Lt. Moyers takes a swing] Oh, that's money!

[Lt. Moyers reminds Travis the situation of the morale amongst the soldiers]
Lt. Moyers: Travis, I'm gonna shout straight with you, okay? You've been very helpful to me. Okay. I don't like doing knock-knock raids on civilians. It's bad for morale. But look at these guys. These guys are not warriors, these are kids. These are little kids who want to go home to mama. Okay? Or what's left of her. Dark thoughts, Travis. That's my enemy here. Okay? So the best thing I can do is keep these kids out in the field kicking ass and shooting holes in skin bags.
Lt. Moyers: [Lt. Moyers walks by one of the younger kid soldiers] Cheer up, son. I've been places where they shoot back.

[in a flashback, Nick wishes Gloria good luck as she prepares to leave rehab]
Nick: Good luck.
Gloria: [Gloria smiles] All will be well in the garden.

[Brandon approaches the barn as he pulls his pistol out]
Derek: What, are you scared, bro?
Brandon: Shut up.
Derek: [Brandon opens the barn door when his friend Derek laughs] Protein, bro.
[as Brandon and his friends see dozens of chickens]

[Art Costa is surprised to see Madison show up to work]
Art: Lot of sick kids out today. Thought you were another victim.
Madison: No, I got my flu shot.

[Strand and Madison give a drunk cheers together at the hotel bar]
Madison: Whoo! I'm good, I have a hollow leg. Cheers. Come on. Cheers. To motherhood.
Victor: [as Madison takes a drink] Okay, to motherhood. All right.
Madison: [when Madison throws her glass to the wall, before pouring another drink] To false hope.
Victor: [the two cheers a second drink] To false hope.
[when Madison throws her second glass at the wall]

- Uh!
[Crying] Come on. Come on.
- Oh!
- You're okay.
- I'm sorry.
- I can't do it.

[Madison tells Strand that Nick is just like his father]
Madison: You leave them alone, they head straight towards death.

[Travis asks Nick if what he saw at the abandoned church was a nightmare]
Travis: You think that's what you saw was a nightmare? Hallucinations?
Nick: Mmm. I really want to write it off like that, I do, but that's never happened to me before. Nothing like that. Hey, maybe I'm losing my shit.

[Strand offers Madison a bottle of water]
Victor: Hydrate.
Madison: Ration it. I'm okay.
Victor: You don't ration water. You drink it and then you find more. Come on.
Victor: [Madison accepts the water] Tequila hangover can't be helping matters.

Madison: Salmon patties? What's a salmon patty?
Charlie: It's like... it's like canned salmon with mayonnaise, bread crumbs and onions grilled in a pan.
Madison: Ughh. Oh, that sounds terrible! Spend your whole life swimming up stream and end up a patty?
Charlie: Yeah. Shoulda swam the other way.

- Or did you just need me to turn that key?
- Aah!
- That's what I thought.
- You said that I should never change, and I'm not.
- Now you never get to see your ending.

[Alejandro speaks to his people for the final stand]
Alejandro: [in Spanish] My dear brothers and sisters. You cannot know how happy I am to see you once more. The rumors you have heard... are true. They are coming... the men with guns. We believe tonight. They are coming to kill us... to banish us... and our brothers and sisters. It is the evil of man that stalks us. That same evil of which the world is purging itself. But now... more than ever... we must not fear. Now, more than ever... our faith will hold us. This is not the end... nor will it be. We will not die today. Not today, and not tomorrow. Another destiny awaits us. Glory is ours. We are immune to death. We will overcome this evil. We will defend our home. And we will survive together in El Porvenir. Because what we have is more powerful than weapons of evil. We have our faith... and we have each other. Prepare yourself. The time has come to defend what is ours.

[Brandon's friend Derek tells Chris a drunk story about Baby James]
Derek: James is blackout drunk, right. He comes staggering out of the room. He's grinning, but he's got lipstick smeared all over his face.
James: That's not the only place I had lipstick, first of all.
Derek: Oh, okay, then you're a contortionist, bro, because you were in there alone.
Chris: He was alone in there?
Derek: He was alone.
James: She climbed out the window, man.
Derek: Big Betsy D'Angelo?
James: Yeah.
Derek: She's not climbing out of any tiny window, bro. You're suspect. She's a fat-bottomed girl.
Chris: [Chris chuckles] No.
James: It's more cushion for the pushin', okay?

[Luciana tells Nick that the Colonia is no place for boys]
Luciana: If we leave, you know what's gonna happen? We'll watch each other die and turn until there's no one left to watch.
Nick: But they're gonna slaughter you all anyway. Somewhere you must know I'm right.
Luciana: We're gonna meet our fate. This is no place for boys. Do what you do, Nick. Run.

[Chris tells Travis that he needs to let him go]
Chris: Dad, your way, it doesn't work. It can't.
Travis: Chris, I promised your mother that I would take care of you.
Chris: And you are.
Travis: What?
Chris: By letting me go, you are. Dad, you won't do what needs to be done. I'm better off without you. Look, this whole time you had me thinking I was broken. But I wasn't. I'm not. I was just... I was adapting. I'm good now.

[Daniel Salazar imagines seeing his wife with the other Dead in the cage]
Daniel: [Daniel in Spanish] I found you.
Griselda: [Griselda in Spanish, smiles] I knew you would.

[Nick talks to Madison after arriving to Victor Strand's house]
Madison: What?
Nick: I don't know. I feel strange.
Madison: Yeah, we're spinning off the planet. We don't know where we're going.
Nick: That's the thing. I never knew where I was going. It's like I've been living this for a long time. And now everyone is catching up with me. Strange.

[Liza talks to Madison alone in the kitchen]
Liza: Who can sleep, right? Look, I don't wanna cause problems. Madison, I know we're not friends... I'm saying this as a mother. We should support each other, you and me. The kids need it. They need reassurance right now, and...
Madison: I need something from you. That woman outside, that's Susan.
Madison: [Liza see's the infected Susan on the other side of the fence boards] She watched my kids when I went to work. Took care of me after my husband died.
Liza: Sounds like a good friend.
Madison: She was. And if ever I end up like her I need you to take care of it. Don't make Travis do it. It will break him.
[Liza nods yes before walking out of the kitchen]

[Daniel Salazar apologizes to Reed while cleaning his stab wound]
Daniel: [Reed screams] Sorry.
Reed: [Reed laughs] Oh, you will be. That's the thing senor. My brother, he's the nice one. But when he cuts me loose... I'm going to take that daughter of yours apart.

[Alicia tells Madison that they can't let Travis die alone]
Alicia: Mom, we can't kick him out. We can't let that be who we are.
Madison: I won't do that to you.
Alicia: You don't have a choice. You're not gonna let Travis die out there alone because you're scared for me. We're past that. Look, we found this place. We'll find another. Mom, we've lost too many.

- Rufus.
- Come here.
- Come here.
- Oh, good boy.
- You're good at finding people.
- Promise me you'll find someone, please.

[Willa Geary asks Alicia what posies are]
Willa: What are posies?
Alicia: Posies are flowers.
Willa: Why do you put them in your pockets?
Alicia: Um, well, a long time ago across the ocean in Europe, there was a virus that made a lot of people really sick. And they didn't have the medicine we do now, so they gave them flowers to make them healthy.
Willa: Did it work?
Alicia: No.

[last lines]
Alejandro: [Alejandro asks Nick why did he come north to where they are] Why come all this way?
Nick: I want to be where the dead aren't monsters.

[Chris grows impatient while waiting for the group to return with his mom and the others]
Alicia: If they can't get in, they'll come back.
Chris: And leave the others?
Alicia: Would you rather they all die?
Chris: I don't want anyone to die. I don't want that.
Alicia: You sound like your dad.
Chris: Yeah, well, he tries.
Alicia: You can't save everyone.

[Travis wonders how it must be in the mountains while camping outside with Chris]
Travis: Wonder how it is in the mountains now.
Chris: Fewer people. Less dead.

[Victor Strand and Nick make their way out of the quarantine fence zone with the other quarantined people calling out for their help]
Nick: [Strand walks ahead of Nick with the key] Hey, you're not gonna help them?
Victor: We're not gonna help them.
Nick: Why?
Victor: Because helping them could hurt us. There's no value add.
Nick: Seriously?
Victor: Save yourself, Nick. Let others drop behind.

[Daniel Salazar talks to Travis about Chris]
Daniel: One day Chris will understand. What you did for his mother was an act of mercy. What I would not give to trade my failure for your mercy.

[Liza hugs Chris with tears in her eyes]
Liza: I love you, Christopher.
[Chris smiles as she walks away]

[Travis tells Liza what he's seen from the infected]
Liza: What do you know? What have you seen?
Travis: [Travis watches the rioting outside the barber shop] I've seen what people do. What they don't do. It doesn't make sense.
Travis: [Travis begins to whisper] They don't die, Liza. They... come back. Gotta get far away from what's outside. All of us.

[Madison asks Travis while he works on the sink how the leak is going]
Madison: How's that working out, babe?
Travis: Ye of little faith.
Madison: Ye of no faith.

- I can hear her, Morgan.
- I can hear her.
- I can, too.
- Morgan?
- That's not her.

[in a flashback, Victor Strand introduces himself to Thomas Abigail]
Victor: [drinking at the bar] My father never understood what I wanted to do.
Thomas: And what was that?
Victor: Create. Control. Own.

[Victor Strand helps devise a plan on where to go]
Victor: So, what's the master plan? I assume one exists.
Madison: What do you mean?
Victor: Have you settled on a destination, an end point?
Madison: We're heading east. The desert. Should be safe there.
Victor: It's not.
Victor: Well what do you suggest, Mr. Strand?
Victor: Go west.
Madison: What's west?
Victor: I have a home on the water. I have supplies. I'm prepared.

[Alejandro tells Nick that he wants him to make it back to the Colonia]
Alejandro: You believe you're safe amongst them. You may be right. But you're never safe with the Marcos of the world, the men with guns. But you still like being out there. You're desperate for it and that scares me for you.
Nick: Why? You sound like my mother.
Alejandro: I'm trying to be anything but. I'm not asking you not to go. I need you to go. Everyone here needs you to go. I'm asking you to be careful. Brave but careful. 'Cause I want you to come back.
Nick: Well, thank you.
Alejandro: For what?
Nick: For giving a shit.

[Chris tells Travis that he can't do what needs to be done anymore]
Chris: Want to know the funny part? With Mom, you did it.
Travis: What did I do?
Chris: You found it in you to do what needs to be done. And then you lost it.
Travis: Chris, you have got it all backwards. There is a difference.
Chris: Not anymore.

[Nick threatens Marco with needing Oxycontin as Luciana translates]
Nick: You have your stash, but at the rate you're going through it, man, that's gonna last, what, a few weeks?
Nick: [Luciana translates in Spanish] Maximum. And, yeah, you can find a substitute, sure, but that crave's gonna get worse and worse and worse and your sister needs her family.
Nick: [Luciana translates as Marco tightens his machete to Nick] Familia. Yeah, they need it. You let your sister go for one week without it, you're gonna pray she turns just so you can kill her.
Nick: [Luciana translates as Marco loosens the machete] You need Oxy.
Nick: [Luciana translates] We have Oxy.
Nick: [Luciana translates] But now, if you want it, we want another cart of water.
[as Luciana hesitates before translating]

- I just ain't.
- I'm sorry.
- I can't do it.
- But I will help you cross that bridge.
- It's the only way north.
- We gotta pack up.

[Reed talks to the angry Chris about his father and his brother Connor]
Reed: You ever see what happens when you clip a man's Achilles? Whew. The whole thing just sucks right back up into the knee. Makes a sound like a firecracker when it lets go. That's what happened to my old man, last time he laid his hands on me.
Daniel: You must be proud.
Reed: Me? No. My brother did that one. Elder looking out for the younger. See, that's what you need to understand. When I don't come back with this boat as planned, Connor will come looking for me. And when he sees what you've done... Oh...
Reed: [Reed laughs] He might be a little bent.

[Alejandro treats a sick old man with medicine]
Sick: [in Spanish] I'll be leaving soon, Don Alejandro. It might be best to start thinking... about saving medication.
Alejandro: [in Spanish] Not today. We'll see about tomorrow.
[the sick man nods his head]

[Sofia warns Nick not to go north]
Nick: Is there a place to go for people like Celia?
Sofia: There was talk of heading north to the city. There are more there who embrace the dead. But there has been talk of a hundred places. It's not safe to go alone, Nick. The north road is full of La Manas. They are the worst of men and this is the lawless world they've been waiting for.

[in a flashback, Will tells Ofelia that he'll talk to her father for her hand in marriage]
Will: I'll ask him. I should ask him. I should ask him for your hand.
Ofelia: [Ofelia chuckles] No. If you ask for my hand, he's gonna take yours.

[Nick asks for Reynaldo's help with the Colonia]
Nick: More people are gonna die. More die, more leave the Colonia.
Nick: [Reynaldo chuckles] What's so funny?
Reynaldo: Americans. You love to fix others' problems.
Nick: I just give a shit, okay?

[Strand offers to put down Oscar's dead wife]
Victor: Let me help you. What's your wife's name?
Oscar: Jessica.
Victor: Jessica. Let me help Jessica.

- Ranger Dorie?
- I think he's been here.
[Mouthing] Now.
Hill: Marcus.
- Do you copy?
- I didn't catch that.
- Damn walkie.
- Standby.
- I'm coming for higher ground.

[Alejandro tells Nick that Death is not to be feared]
Alejandro: Strange. Luciana said you were brave.
Nick: I'm not.
Alejandro: No, you are foolish. Death is not to be feared, but it shouldn't be pursued. There's a difference.

- You should...
- You should make it mean something.
- You should give yourselves the ends that you wanted... even if it's not the one we all imagined.
- He's wrong.
- This isn't the end.

[Travis is forced to shoot the 50. Cal rifle by Lt. Moyers]
Castro: This is a 50. Cal, so cheek on the stock. Tight to the shoulder. Press the trigger don't pull. Open your mouth.
PFC: Pressure differential. Pop your damn retina, man.
Castro: [Travis holds his cheek down, mouth open, and looks doubt the sights, aiming, seeing an infected diner girl in the distance when he takes a breath] That ain't a person.
[Travis tries to aim, but fails to pull the trigger when he see's the nametag on the infected girl]
Lt. Moyers: That's what I thought.

- Stop right where you are,
- Mr. Norton, if you don't want to go overboard with me.
- I'm glad you gentlemen are here.
- You've killed the John Doe movement, alright, but you're going to see it born all over again.
- Ann: John! John!

[Madison tells Travis that she thinks Chris is sick in the head]
Travis: So you're saying he wants you both dead?
Madison: I think he's sick.
Travis: No, you're saying my son wants you both dead. Are you hearing yourself?
Madison: He needs help.
Travis: So let's help him. Let's help him like we helped Nick.
Madison: That's not the same.
Travis: It's exactly the same.

[first lines]
Alex: [Alex swims in the water after the airplane crash, calling out for the kid Jake] Jake! Jake! Jake, it's me. It's me.
Alex: [as Alex witnesses half of Jake's face burned off] Oh, God.

- that was holding the wire in place fell off.
- Probably why she stalled.
- We'll have to make sure she's fixed up before you two hit the road.
- It's a little red clip.
- I'll take this side.
- You take that side.

- The warheads are separating.
- We don't have much time.
- I'm sorry it has to end this way.
- This is for the best.
- Okay.
- Are you ready?

- Morgan?
[Groans] Geez.
- Morgan?
- You alright?
- Yeah.

- Hey.
- He's gone.
- You guys?
- Shit in a sand box!
- Come on!
- You were right.
- I knew it.

- I forgive you for killing John.
- For taking my son's life.
- Oh, don't listen to him,
- Sioux.
- You have nothing to feel sorry about.
- Nothing.You really mean that?
- I do.

[Oscar tells Strand about the first time he met his wife]
Oscar: We met at UCSD. Took me a year to work up the courage to talk to her. Just to speak. I couldn't breathe.
Victor: I know that feeling.
Oscar: No, you don't. I never thought in a million years I'd put a ring on her finger.
Victor: [Strand chuckles] But you did. I know that feeling, too.
Oscar: [Oscar in a low voice] I won't let you. I won't let you touch her.

[Luciana and Nick enter Marco's grocery store with one shopping cart]
Luciana: Come on, let's shop.

John: I'm glad we found you.
Morgan: I'm just traveling with you till this leg heals up. And no more questions.
Althea: I'm not gonna stop asking you questions. Especially about that tiger.
Morgan: No more answers, then.

[the police officer questions Nick on why he was ranting about blood and flesh]
Officer: You said someone got hurt. You remember that? You were raving about 'flesh and blood and viscera.'
Nick: Um, it's runner's high.
Nick: [Nick smiles] Yeah. Oh, I don't know what 'viscera' is.

Althea: Take this.
Morgan: Can't. I don't kill.
Althea: Come on, dude, you gotta answer some of my questions at some point.
John: I don't kill either. At least I try not to.
Althea: Great moment for both of you to share this fact.

[Nick tells Alejandro to give his people permission to leave]
Nick: If they come here, and we're still here, it's over. You want to stay and fight, but it's their lives you're being brave with. Yours is already over.
Alejandro: I care about my people.
Nick: Your people? You wanted to be a great man. You still want it.
Alejandro: Who doesn't?
Nick: Then let them go.

[Alejandro gives a speech to the people of the Colonia]
Alejandro: [in Spanish] Friends. Brothers. Some lost souls are departing. I despair for them. Those who have lost faith. Because what lies beyond the wall is worse than death. What lies beyond is... a wasteland... it is the end. Death will not take us. Not as long as we stand together. As long as we have faith in each other and in our home. Stand strong. Stand with me. For we... are more together than we are apart.

[Travis sits over the wounded Baby James]
Travis: No matter where we go, it's the same story just different people.

[Dr. Exner and Liza bring in a military patient who has bite marks]
Dr. Bethany Exner: [Liza is overwhelmed by the dead bodies she's seeing] Anything that looks like a bite is. You're trying to save 6 people, I'm trying to save 600,000. And that means one slip up, one what if, and we all start finding out how the neighbors taste.

[Victor Strand talks to Nick about the rules and game changing in this new world]
Victor: The game has changed. We return to the old rules. And the people who won the last round with their Grande Lattes and their frequent flyer miles are about to become the buffet.

- You are breathing because you are the only person left that can end her!
- Hey.
- That's not what this is about.
- It is.
- It is.
- And it is the only reason that you are still here!

[last lines]
Jack: You're going back to those people? Alex told us what they did. Is that who you really want to be with? The people who abandoned her will abandon you.
Madison: [Madison from the boat] Alicia!
Jack: Alicia, please.
Alicia: I'm sorry.
Jack: [Jack screams as Alicia jumps off the ship] Alicia. Alicia!
Travis: [Travis reaches to grab Alicia out of the water] Alicia.

[Luciana tells Alejandro that he is dead to her]
Alejandro: Lucy.
Alejandro: [in Spanish] I brought you here under false pretenses... but the love you feel is real. You are my daughter. And you...
Luciana: [in Spanish] I have lost so many.
Alejandro: [in Spanish] I know.
Luciana: [in Spanish] And when someone is dead to me, I let them go.

[Celia Flores tells Madison that her son Nick is special]
Celia: He's special, your son.
Madison: He's impressionable.
Celia: The enlightened always are.
Madison: He's fragile.

[Chris tells Travis that he needs Brandon and the guys]
Travis: I don't want to be a hero to these guys and neither should you.
Chris: Look, just be careful how you play this, Dad. We need them.
Travis: No, we don't.
Chris: I do.

[Marco tells Nick that he has a fortress while Reynaldo translates]
Reynaldo: [Marco speaks in Spanish] You see that guy?
Reynaldo: [Marco speaks in Spanish] He controls all the drugs left in Tijuana.
Reynaldo: [Marco speaks in Spanish] His people and my people, we didn't used to get along.
Reynaldo: [Marco speaks in Spanish] Now I got something he wants.
Reynaldo: [Marco speaks in Spanish] And we are like best friends now.
Reynaldo: [Marco speaks in Spanish] You know what I got?
Reynaldo: [Marco speaks in Spanish] A fortress.

[Alejandro walks Nick into his new home at the Colonia]
Nick: Don't need all this.
Alejandro: You deserve it. You've given the colonia a gift. You bought us time.
Nick: I just cut some pills.
Alejandro: [Alejandro smiles] It was more than that.

[Victor Strand walks over to the other corner of the cage fence]
Victor: So, then... who the hell are you?
[Victor looks down to see Nick look up at him]

[Madison tells Alicia the suicide note their father left]
Madison: 'I love you all... but enough's enough.'
Alicia: And that's it?
Madison: [Madison sighs] Yeah.

[Travis and his family and the Salazar family discuss where to go as they drive in the night]
Travis: Is there somewhere I can take you?
Daniel: You will take us with you.
Travis: To my house?
Daniel: Yes. I'll call my cousin to come and get us, and then we will be even.
Travis: Stop keeping score.
Daniel: I was not the one to start.
Chris: [in the distance, the families start to see the power grid and city lights shutting down to all of southern California] Dad?

[Alicia tells Ofelia that hope is all they have]
Ofelia: You know, my father, he was always one step behind hope. I see that now.
Alicia: Then Daniel was wrong. That's all we have. We lose that and we're dead.
Alicia: [Ofelia starts to cry] I'm sorry. You have me. For what it's worth, you know? We're your family now.
Ofelia: Family is family.

- Dakota!
- You know how to drive?
- Turn this thing around.
- Ah!
Dakota: Something's wrong with the car.
- I think the bullet may have hit the engine.
- Try again![Rifle cocks]

[Luciana takes Nick to Marco's grocery store]
Nick: [as Nick sees armed men along the street] Who are these guys?
Luciana: They're a gang. One of many. They control East Tijuana. All goods, all supplies come here.
Nick: They're drug dealers.
Luciana: They deal with everything now. And they will hang you for looking at them wrong.
Marco: [Marco smiles at the front entrance] Welcome to Marco's.

[Alicia tries leaving the house to go back and see her boyfriend Matt when Nick stops her]
Nick: [Nick sees Alicia walk to the front door] Hey! You promised mom. Alicia, come...
Alicia: [Alicia turns around and starts shouting at Nick] You make promises all the time, Nick. Lie down!
Nick: [Nick crawls to Alicia on the ground pleading for her to stay] I'm an asshole. I'm an asshole. Okay, but listen. Alicia, if you leave, you won't come back. Please.
Alicia: You let mom go.
Nick: Not safe. No, Matt! Matt is not safe.
Alicia: [Alicia rolls her eyes] Oh, Jesus.
Nick: [Nick starts shouting to Alicia from the floor] No, Alicia, you don't get what it makes people do. You don't know what I had to do, Alicia! You don't know!
Alicia: What did you have to do!
Nick: [as Alicia heads out the front door, Nick continues to shout to Alicia from inside the house] Matt will hurt you! He will kill you, Alicia! I'm...
Alicia: [Alicia hears a ruckus come from inside the house, entering into the house to see Nick spazzing out in his own vomit] No, no, no, not now! Not now! Don't do this to me, Nick. Not now! Don't you do this, you stupid son of a bitch!
Nick: [Alicia begins to cradle Nick to try and calm him down] Stay still. Shh.

[Reed on the raft screams to the yacht for help]
Reed: We need help!
Chris: [Chris looks to Ofelia] Should I shoot them?

[Travis wakes up to find Madison next to him]
Travis: What are you doing?
Madison: Just thinking.
Travis: Been here all night?
Madison: Pretty much.
Travis: That's a lot of thinking.
Madison: I'm just trying to find the words to say what I want, in a way that you'll hear.

[Travis asks the soldier Corporal Cole what happened to his bruised face, which wasn't brusied before]
Travis: Yeah. What happened to your face?
CPL: Nothing, Sir. Momentary lapse of patriotism.

[last lines]
Militia: [Nick lays on the ground beside Luciana who's bleeding out from her gunshot wound, as a militia man yells] Boys! We got a bleeder!

[Daniel Salazar sees the flashback of himself killing his first victim while speaking to his imaginary wife]
Daniel: [Daniel in Spanish] I told you about the man. My first victim. What they made me...
Griselda: [Griselda in Spanish] No, my love... the first victim was you.

- to chase me down that road when I had my busted leg, but you did it all the same.
- And I'm alive right now because you did.
- Shit, John, hate me if you like, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna stand by and let my best friend try and kill himself.

[Travis tells Madison that Nick isn't her fault]
Travis: This isn't your fault, Maddy.
Madison: It's in the genes.
Travis: Nick's got problems. Alicia doesn't.
Madison: Well, I'm batting .500.

[Travis finally returns home to Madison and hold their arms around each other]
Madison: [Madison whispers] I thought I lost you there.
Travis: [Travis whispers back] No, you didn't lose me. You're never gonna lose me. I wont leave you again.
[Madison tightens her hug]

[Celia Flores looks at her infected son Luis as she talks to Nick]
Celia: What do you see? Look at him. Is this death? What you see is my son. Changed, yes, but no less my son. My Luis. Who you brought back to me.
Celia: [Celia in Spanish to her men] Put him with the others. Take care of him.
Celia: There are many who do not understand us. Or are afraid to.
Celia: [Celia rests her hand up to Nick's face] You are not.

[Travis asks Chris what the date is today]
Travis: Remember what the date is?
Chris: What?
Travis: The date.
Chris: No. Dad, I lost track. What does it matter?

[Derek and Brandon attend to Baby James' gunshot wound]
Derek: You okay, bro?
Brandon: My man can take the pain.
James: What pain?
Brandon: [Brandon chuckles] Exactly.

[Alicia tells Elena that her mother Madison would die for her]
Alicia: Look, Hector needs you. My mother needs me.
Elena: Would she have you risk your life for hers?
Alicia: No, but she would do it for me. My mother would die for me.

[Nick talks to Luciana about his parents]
Luciana: What about your parents?
Nick: Well, my mom was with my sister when I left.
Luciana: Your father?
Nick: He's gone, but before.
Luciana: I'm sorry.
Nick: It's okay. We've all lost someone.

[first lines]
Alicia: [Madison and Travis get their kids ready so they can leave the safe zone] Mom?
Madison: Go get your stuff.
Alicia: What happened?
Travis: We've got to go. Now, Chris.
Chris: But... what happened?
Travis: The Guard is pulling out.
Chris: Yeah, we saw them on the street. They were leaving.
Madison: If they're leaving, we're leaving.

[Celia Flores and Madison look at the Dead family members in the cage]
Celia: [Celia opens the gate] If your child was hungry, would you not feed him? If your child couldn't speak... would you not speak for him anyway? Even if your child could not love, would you not love him anyway?
Madison: I would.
Celia: What wouldn't you do for your children?
Madison: Nothing.
[when Madison closes Celia in the gate with the infected, locking it]

- ♪ Other people
- ♪ Falling down
- ♪ I can be your someone
[Gasps]♪ You believe in
- ♪ Someone you can believe
- It's not too late.

[Sofia tells Daniel Salazar that she needs his weapon]
Daniel: [Daniel in Spanish] Why?
Sofia: [Sofia in Spanish] There's no need for them here.
Daniel: [in Spanish] There is always a need for weapons.
Sofia: [in Spanish] You are welcome to keep it, then.
Daniel: [in Spanish] Thank you very much.
Sofia: [in Spanish] But outside. House rules.

[Chris talks to Daniel Salazar about not being able to say good-bye]
Daniel: I'm sorry about your mother.
Chris: I'm sorry about your wife.
Daniel: Yeah.
Chris: Neither of us got to say good-bye.
Daniel: It would not have made a difference.

[Nick scores a soccer goal against Luciana and the other kids]
Nick: [Nick screams] Goal! Whoo!
Luciana: You were an illegal substitution.
Nick: Take it up with the referee. Goal!
Luciana: [Luciana smiles, saying to Nick in Spanish] You're a disaster.

[Madison and Alicia talk about repainting the family room where they killed the infected neighbor Peter]
Madison: Hey, we have to repaint the family room.
Alicia: We did last week.
Madison: I know, it needs a new coat. Travis found some more paint in the garage.
Alicia: [Alicia sighs] What's the point?
Madison: Semi-gloss. What? Excuse me?
Alicia: I mean, no one's coming to the open house, Mom. Market's train a bit of a turn.
Madison: I can still see the stains.

[Madison asks Derek if he got any injuries from their crash]
Madison: What about you? You got banged up, too?
Brandon: No, not even a scratch. I swear, Derek made some kind of a deal with the devil. I mean, the truck must've rolled, what, a dozen times?

[Chris tries to tell Madison that there's someone outside the fence reflecting a light to them]
Chris: Look, there's a pattern, okay? Someone's out there. A human someone, someone who needs our help.
Madison: We don't know that.
Chris: What else could it be? Why else would it just...
Madison: If someone needs help they go to the soldiers.
Chris: What if they can't. Or they won't.

[Melissa Geary asks Madison if she's ever worked with younger kids]
Melissa: Did you ever work with younger kids?
Madison: No, never had the chance.
Melissa: It wasn't 'cause you didn't like little kids, though, huh?
Madison: No, no. I have two of my own. I liked them better when they were little.

[Alicia and Madison look at Brandon and Derek]
Alicia: Can we kick them out? Seriously, they're actually awful.

[Nick tells Luciana that he's only at the Colonia for her]
Luciana: [about Alejandro] He saved you. He saved me. We're here because of him.
Nick: Hey, no, no, no. I am here because of you.
Nick: Well...
Luciana: [in Spanish] I'm the boss now.
Luciana: And I say we stay.
[as Luciana kisses Nick's lips]

[Brandon tells Travis that it's moving day for them to leave the barn]
Derek: It's moving day, is what's going on.
Travis: Why?
Derek: We're all out of chickens.
Travis: We should have been eating the eggs. I told you that.
Brandon: I'm gonna be honest with you, teach, your schoolmarm shit's getting old.

[Elena tells Alicia that the Rosarito Beach Hotel is home]
Elena: I have keys to every hall, every building. This place is a maze and I know how to run it. Whoever has the keys can control the hotel.
Alicia: [about the other guests] Give them the keys.
Elena: No, they'd kill us or exile us. Either way, it's the way.
Alicia: Go home. Leave.
Elena: The hotel is home. It has been for a long time.

[the hospital nurse comes in to have Nick use the bed pan]
Nick: Oh, no, I don't have to.
Nurse: I take my dog out when I want to, not the other way around.
Nick: So, I'm the dog?
Nurse: [the nurse bangs the bed pan] You're the dog. Scooch.

- It'll grow big.
- And it'll be strong because it'll be honest.
- Oh, darling, if it's worth dying for, it's worth living for.
- Oh, please, John!
- Oh, please, God, help me.

[Madison asks Victor Strand how to say 'asshole' in Spanish when Luis Flores rolls his eyes at her]
Madison: How do you say 'asshole' in Spanish?
Victor: You don't. You grin and bear it.

[Alejandro compliments Nick on his survival skills]
Alejandro: Luciana tells me you did as we discussed. You were cautious at the Pelicano.
Nick: Man, I was more than cautious. I was respectful to those pricks. I kissed ass. Called them señor. Cut my balls off.
Alejandro: Better your balls than your head. You were surviving.
Nick: Surviving feels like eating shit.
Alejandro: [Alejandro smiles] You'll get used to it.

[in a flashback, we see the married couple Oscar and Jessica dance]
Oscar: I told you this was embarrassing, right? We're waltzing.
Jessica: Suck it up, babe. It's classy, okay? Just be classy.
Oscar: Angel.
Jessica: [Jessica chuckles] Just be classy. It'll all be over really soon.
Oscar: I don't want it to be over.
Jessica: And I'll always love you for it.
Oscar: [Oscar smiles] I'll always love you.

[Luis asks Victor Strand if he has money for seven more people to get across the border]
Luis: Okay, do you have money for seven more? Because I don't.
Victor: Everything is a negotiation. I'll get us across.
Luis: You'll get us killed.

[Madison and Tobias talk while walking through the school cafeteria]
Tobias: The looters hit pharmacies first, then gun shops, liquor stores. The less you go out, the less chance you get exposed.
Tobias: [Tobias then asks Madison about the infected] Hey, Miss C., have you seen any of 'em yet? I mean, I've only seen 'em online.
Madison: Let's hurry this up.

Nick: [after seeing a massive horde of walkers approaching] Fuck.

[Lt. Moyers makes a joke at Travis]
Lt. Moyers: Okay, Manawa. Let's go see the doc.
Travis: What? I thought you said you couldn't do that.
Lt. Moyers: No, I said you couldn't do that. I can do anything I want. I got guns. I mean, Christ, man. The dead may be walking among us, still United States of America.

[Victor Strand tells Madison what the real danger is on the ocean]
Victor: You know what the real danger is on the ocean? It's people. Strangers. Friends.
Madison: This is my family.
Victor: Exactly. Your family.

[Madison tells Alicia that Nick will return to the location of the missing Abigail]
Madison: If we go, he'll never find us.
Alicia: He's not looking.
Madison: He always comes home.
Alicia: Mom, it's me and you now whether you like it or not.

[Luciana tells Nick that the Colonia is her home and she's not leaving]
Luciana: This place, this is what matters. This is my home, like I've never known one.
Nick: But you don't have to die for it.
Luciana: I'm not planning on dying. The faith we have, it has protected us. It's a lie. It doesn't mean it hasn't worked. We have fared better here than out in the world. Better than we fared even before this all started. For most of us this is the first time we have a place, a family.
Luciana: [Luciana cries as she holds onto Nick] I'm not leaving.

Althea: Everybody in one piece?
John: Boy, tell you what. That is some ugly mustard.
Althea: Gets the job done. Thanks for the assist.
John: That guy - that was a unique kind of asshole. But I did not want to kill anybody today.

[Ofelia Salazar tries to tell her parents that Travis and Madison's families are good people]
Ofelia: [Ofelia in Spanish] Mama... these are good people.
Daniel: Good people are the first ones to die.

[last lines]
Liza: [Griselda Salazar passes away as Dr. Exner prepares to terminate her brain] What are you doing?
Dr. Bethany Exner: The time varies from person to person, but we know that muscle impulse resumes after death. Any death. They all come back, we all come back.
Dr. Bethany Exner: [Dr. Exner reaches over to grab a bolt pistol] This is a captive bolt pistol. It's used for livestock. Traumatic brain injury is the only thing that stops it. It's the only way to stop them. She'll turn, Liza. And we don't want her to turn.
[Liza gasps while taking the bolt pistol from Dr. Exner, when Liza fires the pistol into Griselda's forehead]

[George Geary tells Travis to take the book he's holding from his study room]
George: Take it. Nobody's writing any new ones for a while.

[Alicia talks to her boyfriend Matt during his art class]
Matt: [as he spray paints a wall] Paint-by-numbers bullshit.
Alicia: Senior project. It's supposed to be fun.
Matt: What'll be fun is coming back and tagging it later.

[first lines]
Harry: [two kids collect seashells and flowers on the beach as the infected start coming out of the water] Come on, Willa.
Willa: Okay. Oh! Oh, yeah, that's pretty right there. The flower should go, like, there. Put them all on the flowers.
Willa: [as the two kids see the infected snarling through the fence] Hurry we're gonna get in trouble.

[Brandon asks Derek how do you grow up in L.A. without a license]
Brandon: Seriously, who the hell grows up in L.A. without a license?
Derek: I don't know, man. He was only 16.
Brandon: Yeah, when I was 16 I'd been driving for over a year.

[Ofelia Salazar tells her father Daniel Salazar that Chris shouldn't be around Reed]
Ofelia: He should be upstairs.
Daniel: He wants to be useful, stay busy. So...
Ofelia: [Ofelia in Spanish] What happened?
Daniel: So the mind doesn't go places it shouldn't.

[Chris threatens Alicia after she tells him that she saw him freeze up during the infected attack]
Chris: [Chris grabs Alicia] You have to believe me. You can't say anything.
Alicia: [Alicia whispers] What if I do?
Chris: I don't want to hurt anyone.

[first lines]
Ofelia: [Ofelia drives along when the engine to her vehicle sputters and hisses] Come on, come on! Damn it.

[Strand reminds the rules of the boat to everybody]
Victor: Please, let me explain the rules of the boat. Rule number one, it's my boat. Rule number two, it is my boat. And if there remains any confusion about rules one and two, I offer rule number three, it's my goddamn boat. If it weren't for me, you'd all be burned. You're welcome.

[Madison tells Strand to stop the boat when they see people out in the ocean]
Madison: Strand, stop the boat.
Victor: [Strand smiles] That's funny.

[first lines]
Travis: [Chris looks outside of the barber shop window when he see's an infected stare back at him] Chris!
Chris: [Chris jumps from getting startled] Dad!
Travis: What do you see out there?
Travis: [Chris hesitates to answer, hearing the rioters in the background outside] I told you to stop looking.
Chris: Some guy, he was - He was messed up, Dad.

[Travis tries to stop Chris from going alone to the abandoned taco stand]
Chris: Look, I can go look over there while you do this, Dad. Two birds, one stone. I'll come back if I see anything.
Travis: Chris.
Chris: I can protect myself, you know that. I'm good at this.
Travis: That's what worries me.

[Alex sits with Jake as the Abigail yacht tows their raft]
Alex: This is the worst. It'll never hurt worse than right now. And every day will be a little better. This is the worst it's going to be.

[Alex tells Travis that people don't use her]
Travis: What happens to you?
Alex: Connor said he could use me. People don't use me.

[Daniel Salazar shows Chris the different ways to know how to use a shotgun]
Daniel: These barrels have a cylinder bore choke, for a wider spread of the ammo. This is the brake. You load here.
Chris: Okay.
Daniel: [Madison pours Salazar a morning cup of coffee] Thank you. These are number eight birdshot. These are double buck. Those will stop something.
Chris: [Daniel Salazar closes the barrels and hands over the gun to Chris] Okay.
Daniel: [Daniel Salazar looks at Travis who enters the room] Feeling better?
Travis: What the hell are you doing?

[Madison tries to tell Travis that their group needs a destination and to go with Victor Strand]
Madison: Travis, if we don't have a destination, then we're just drifting, just waiting to die.
Travis: Maddy, no one wants to live more than I do.

[last lines]
[Liza begs for Travis to do this last favor for her]
Liza: [Liza tells Travis about the infection] I've seen it. I've seen what it does. The bites don't turn you, but the infection's not treatable. The infection kills you like anything else. Then it happens. It doesn't matter how you die, you come back. We all come back. Don't let that happen to me. Don't let our son see that, okay?
Liza: [Liza begins to cry asking Travis to protect their son] You got to protect him from this. Okay? Promise me. Promise. Okay?
[the two put their foreheads to each other while crying]
Travis: I'll protect him. I'll protect him.
[Liza sits to the ground continuing to cry, as Madison hands the gun over to Travis]
Travis: [a gunshot is heard by the others over the ocean, as Travis walks over to the beach, with Madison holding around him as he cries]

[Madison and Travis discover the bite mark on Matt]
Madison: Is that a bite?
Matt: [Matt moans] Yeah.
Madison: Is that how it happens?
Travis: I don't know. I mean, Calvin was shot. It wasn't - It wasn't... it wasn't like this.

[Alejandro compliments Nick on his drug cutting technique]
Alejandro: Nice technique.
Nick: I have a limited, but refined skill set.

[Travis tells Madison that they're responsibility is to their children]
Travis: Before you and I were a family, Liza, Chris, and I, we were a family. So all that 'they're our children' shit I was spewing, that was naive.
Madison: Travis.
Travis: You and I were parents first. And your responsibility that night was to Alicia and you were doing what you were supposed to do. My responsibility was to Chris. And I promised her I would protect him.

Althea: Tell me one real thing, then we'll call it even. Why'd you leave Virginia?
Morgan: I lose people and then I lose myself.

[Madison and Victor Strand decide to part separate ways from each other]
Madison: I wish there was something I could do.
Victor: [Strand chuckles] Look at you. Getting all sentimental. We were the means to each other's end. We helped each other get here. It was a useful arrangement. Let's not go confusing things with vague terms like friend.

[in a flashback, Griselda Salazar tells Ofelia what true love is]
Griselda: [in Spanish] We come from a hard place. We suffered together... we survived together.
Ofelia: [in Spanish] You left so much.
Griselda: [in Spanish] I left nothing. You were everything... we came here for you. The violence... the blood... you cannot imagine what we saw. Nor do I want you to. Your father is still woken by nightmares... we didn't want that life for you. To have the horrors of the world... infect your dreams. To live in fear. I would've done anything for you... just as I would have done anything for your father. That is love.

- I'm sorry.
- It doesn't always have to mean something, John.

- Aah!
- I'm coming.
- It's okay.
- It's okay.
- It's okay.
- I'm here.
- I'm here.
- It's okay.

[Sofia hands Nick a gallon of water before the two go their separate ways]
Sofia: This will be the least of your worries. It won't be an easy trip.

[Madison tells Alicia the truth about her father]
Madison: It's about your father. His accident... it wasn't an accident.
Alicia: What?
Madison: I just... I thought I was doing the right thing by not telling you. I didn't know. I just... I didn't know what...
Alicia: You told me he fell asleep.
Madison: He didn't.
Alicia: Mom.
Madison: I'm sorry.
Alicia: [Alicia tears up] Are you sure?
Madison: I wouldn't tell you if I wasn't.

[Madison stops Celia Flores from slapping Victor Strand]
Celia: Why are you here? Who are you?
Madison: His friend.
Celia: You are his fool.

[Marco tells Nick that he likes him while Reynaldo translates]
Marco: [Marco in English] I like you.
Reynaldo: [Marco speaks in Spanish] You've got nothing to hide, not like any Gringo I ever met.
Reynaldo: [Marco speaks in Spanish] But the game's over.
Reynaldo: [Marco speaks in Spanish] We don't need your shit anymore.

[Alicia listens to the voice of the Coast Guard man come on the radio]
Coast Guard on the Radio: This is Coast Guard Station LALB. We have no assistance to provide. I repeat, there is no rescue by sea, land or by air. There's nothing. Forgive us.

[Strand tells Alicia to make her mother see her]
Victor: You've got her all to yourself now.
Alicia: I didn't want it like this. I'm still not sure she actually sees me.
Victor: Then make her.

[first lines]
Madison: [Madison and the others break into the locked room of where Travis sits at] No...
Madison: [the glass shatters] Hurry, hurry! Open the door! Unlock the door! Unlock the door!
Andrés: Oscar!
Madison: Travis. Travis.
Madison: [Madison looks to Travis who sits silently] Baby, talk to me, please.

[Alicia tries to tell her mother Madison that their no longer kids and need the luggage on shore]
Alicia: Stop putting us at the kids' table.
Chris: I'll watch her.
Alicia: [Alicia responds to Chris] You're gonna get slapped.

[Madison tells Strand about Brandon and Derek]
Madison: Strand?
Victor: What now?
Madison: Two American guys showed up last night. They were in an accident. The guy that was driving their truck was killed.
Victor: That's tragic. And?

[Alex tells Travis that she's the one who told Connor about the Abigail yacht]
Alex: When Connor found me just this side of death, the first thing he said to me was, 'What do you have to offer?' I offered him your Abigail. But I asked for you.

[Victor Strand and Nick wait behind the fence cage]
Victor: [Nick begins banging the fence] Don't draw unnecessary attention.
Nick: I am losing my mind. I thought the house was bad.
Victor: Picture you're somewhere else with a needle in your arm. Where's your house?
Nick: Close. El Sereno.
Victor: Oldest community in Los Angeles. Predates the city. Vibrant, blue-collar, diverse. I'd gentrify the shit out of El Sereno. Another time, another world.

[Daniel Salazar sees that Ofelia Salazar's shoulder is getting infected]
Ofelia: I can ask Madison for some stronger medicine.
Daniel: No. We take care of ourselves.
Ofelia: What do you suggest we do? Go to Walgreens? Pretty sure they're closed.

[Chris and Travis thank Brandon and his friends for their food]
Brandon: You guys are the first Americans we've met since hell started raining down. It's our patriotic duty.
Brandon: [Chris offers Brandon the last of the refried beans] No, eat 'em up. Just glad I don't have to sleep in the tent with you.

[Travis argues with Madison that he needs her help]
Travis: When Nick was at his worse I was there for you. Have you forgotten? Every time he disappeared. Every time, every search, every rehab, Who was there for him? Come on, who went out there and found him? Yeah, that's right. I believed he could get better. I believed him because I believed in you.
Madison: It's not about Nick.
Travis: Okay, sure. So all right. What if you're right? What if there's something wrong with Chris? Help me. Help me to help him.
Madison: What do you think I'm trying to do? But he threatened my daughter.
Travis: Our daughter, Maddie, come on. The whole way here, all I heard from you is I need you with me, we need to be a united front. Well, I need you now, Maddie. Where are you?

[Celia Flores tells Nick that this world is their beginning]
Celia: This is not apocalypse. This is our beginning, Nicholas. The end of death itself. Life eternal.

[in a flashback, Griselda Salazar tells Ofelia how she knew Ofelia's father was the one]
Ofelia: [in Spanish] How did you choose him? Why?
Griselda: [in Spanish] God whispered to me about this man... I listened.
Ofelia: [Ofelia smiles] Mama.
Griselda: [in Spanish] I fell in love.

[Daniel Salazar arrives by foot, alone, at the military front gate]
Daniel: Nice night.
Guardsman #2: Sir, you're entering a restricted area. Stay where you are. I don't want to have to shoot you, old man.
Daniel: You should save your ammunition.
Guardsman #2: [when a giant herd of infected arrive behind Daniel Salazar, as Salazar walks on leading the infected to the military gate] Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Holy shit! Multiple infected northwest corner!

[Nick tells Luciana that she doesn't have to go on assignment with him]
Nick: Luciana, your boyfriend just died.
Luciana: [Luciana tears up] He was my brother.
Nick: Jesus, I'm so sorry.
Luciana: One matters more than the other?

[Madison and Tobias encounter their first run-in with one of the infected]
Madison: Artie? Artie.
Tobias: [Tobias sees the infected Artie walk towards them] Oh, we - We got to go. We gotta go.
Madison: Artie, can you hear me?
Tobias: He can't hear you. You know he can't.
Madison: [the infected Artie continues to walk towards Madison, snarling] We'll get you help, Artie.

[first lines]
Travis: [Travis talks to Madison about Victor Strand's decision to cut the raft off from their yacht] Jesus, we didn't have to do that. He didn't have to do that. They weren't a threat to us. What is wrong with him? I could go upstairs right now...
Madison: What are you gonna do?
Travis: I could throw his ass in the goddamn ocean.

[Strand starts to ding the bell at the front desk of the Rosarito Beach Hotel]
Madison: Are you out of your mind?
Victor: [Strand continues dinging the bell before looking to Madison] The service is subpar.

[first lines]
Chris: [Chris video records himself on the rooftop, telling the latest news on the infected outbreak] Another one burned last night. Better than TV. People outside the fence, they took the last of them four days ago. People just like us run like cattle, piled into trucks, one suitcase apiece. Headed east. At least that's the rumor. Bakersfield, Vegas, who knows? It's safe inside the fence. Outside, everything's dead, everyone's gone. This is, uh, day nine.
Chris: [the camera shows the military tanks rolling in] Nine days since the lights went out and the fence went up and our little green friends moved in.
Chris: [the camera shows Travis jogging along the street] Travis says we're the lucky ones. He'd throw those dudes a parade if they'd let him.
Chris: [Chris records the other survivors waiting in line for food] And, look, we are grateful to our saviors, to the ones who protect us, to those who know when it's feeding time at the zoo. Turns out there's nothing you'll ever take that nature won't take back. It all belongs to her again. And the dogs and the dead and the...
Chris: [Chris then notices a light reflecting from one of the distant houses on the hilltop, whispering] Hello.

[Alicia meets Elena for the first time]
Alicia: You put the signs on the doors. You moved the infected onto the floor.
Elena: Yes, I contained the problem.
Alicia: What was the problem?
Elena: You. You were. I moved the dead to protect myself from all of you.

[Alicia argues with the group that the survivors Alex and Jake need help]
Alicia: He'll turn if we don't help him. Fine, fine. They won't come to Mexico. They just need some medicine and a place to stay for the night. Look at him! He's dying!
Alex: [when the group remains silent, looking to Jake] Are you people really debating this?

[Brandon makes a comment on Chris killing the wasted]
Brandon: Back at that taco stand, you showed some skill taking out the wasted.
Chris: Wasted?
Brandon: Yeah, the first one we saw, we thought it was a guy who had too many. You know, he was stumbling.
James: Till he took out one of our bros. Never making that mistake again.

[Strand tells Madison that Travis can't know Brandon and Derek are at the hotel]
Victor: Travis can't know they're here.
Madison: If I get rid of them, then we don't get the truth about Chris. Or I know, I suspect, and I don't tell Travis? Isn't it his right to know?
Victor: The old rules of conduct no longer apply.

- If this whole thing is about destruction, why would you want to survive?
- Just to see your face when it all turns to ash.
- I know you doubt us.
- You think we're -- we're all insane.
- But it's just the beginning.

[Luciana tells Alejandro that he failed his people]
Luciana: [in Spanish] Did you think that this day might happen? That this day might come?
Alejandro: [in Spanish] This is the only home we have. Beyond these walls there is only death and more death. I did what I could to keep us together. I tried to save us.
Luciana: [in Spanish] Well, you failed.
Alejandro: [in Spanish] Nick's right. This is ending.
Luciana: [in Spanish] Not for us. Only for you. Lie to them again before you go.

[last lines]
Alicia: [Alicia, Elena and Hector bang on the locked door screaming to get away from the infected] Help! Please! Open the door!
Madison: [when Madison opens the door] Come on. Here.
Alicia: Mom, are you okay?
Madison: [Madison gasps] Yeah.

[Brandon asks Chris how many of the infected has he killed]
Brandon: [Brandon looks to Chris] Where'd you learn to kill? Your pops?
Travis: It just came to him like it comes to all of us. Necessity.
Brandon: [Brandon looks to Travis] How many you done?
Travis: I don't count.
Brandon: [Brandon looks back to Chris] Killer Chris?
Chris: 17.
James: Damn, son.
James: That's a healthy number.

[Daniel Salazar tells Madison that Victor Strand has a secret destination plan]
Madison: What the hell's in Baja?
Daniel: Perhaps you should ask him.
Madison: Why didn't you?
Daniel: I think that conversation would not end well. You'll be more... diplomatic.
Madison: I'm not known for my diplomacy.

- Hey!
- Snuck up on me.
- Hey, I don't want no trouble.
- But if it's trouble youwant,
- I got something for you.

[in a flashback, Thomas Abigail tries to stop Strand from going back to Los Angeles]
Thomas: You can't go up there. There's rioting all over the country. Los Angeles is no different.
Victor: When there's blood in the streets...
Thomas: I won't have your blood on the streets.

[George Geary tells Travis why he will stay on the island]
George: This is it. We all die. It's a question of surrender or survival. Acceptance or denial.
Travis: I choose survival.
George: Yeah, you think everything's gonna be okay?

[Madison tells both Nick and Alicia that Celia Flores is dangerous]
Madison: These people are not our friends. Get it through your heads. Both of you. This place is dangerous. That woman is dangerous.
Nick: She's just upset. I can talk to her.
Madison: You stay away from Celia. Do you hear me? Travis is coming over that hill. When he does, that's when we move.
Alicia: What if he doesn't?
Madison: He is coming back.

- Punch it.
- Something's wrong with the engine!
Morgan: The alternator.
- I'll go.
- No, you're in no shape.
- You're in no shape.

[Victor Strand tells Madison that Celia Flores has her hooks in Nick]
Victor: You take a vulnerable kid, an addict, drop him in a mess of death and doubt, it won't be long before he starts looking for something to cling to. In comes Mama Celia with her authentic Mexican cuisine, side of quasi-religious voodoo bullshit and voila. You bet your ass she's got her hooks in him.

[last lines]
Thomas: [in a flashback, Thomas Abigail holds Strand's hand to not leave] There's been an outbreak. People are dying.
Victor: Two days. I'll be back in two days.
[when Thomas and Strand kiss]

Morgan: I loose people and then I loose myself

[Madison questions Nick about how to take the pills]
Madison: [Nick crushes the pills with the bottom of a glass cup] Oh, come on, Nick. Please, just swallow them.
Nick: No, it takes too long to absorb. I'm not there yet.
Madison: The idea is to wean you off of the pills, not to get...
Nick: Um, who's the expert?

[in a flashback, Thomas Abigail tells Victor Strand that he's a opportunist]
Thomas: I'm an opportunist.
Victor: Maybe, you're an optimist.
Thomas: I'm a parasite, but thank you.

- Oh, it's okay.
- Shh.
- It's gonna be okay, sweetpea.
- Is anyone there?
- Can anyone hear me?
- I need help.
- I repeat -can you hear me?
- Anybody?

Victor: I'm not the man I told you I was.I'm not Morgan Jones.I'm Victor Strand!

[Chris asks his dad Travis if he remembers the days he went to middle school]
Chris: Remember the first few months of middle school?
Travis: Middle school?
Chris: I would hide every recess because the football guys used to make fun of me. Remember that? What'd you use to tell me?
Travis: I told you to play along. To try to fit in.
Chris: Well?
Travis: The lesson was to play along, to act as if, not to become one of them.
Chris: You don't fit in with these guys. We all know that.

[Nick asks Alejandro to trust him with cutting the drugs]
Nick: Look, you're a pharmacist, I'm a junkie, okay? Trust me.

[Travis gives a speech for Liza before dumping her in the ocean]
Travis: You all knew Liza long enough to see what kind of person she was, how devoted she was to her family. She loved to help people. She would help anyone and she did. She was selfless, you know? She just would give from her heart. And she could be fierce. Oh, my, God. She was so strong and... it was painful sometimes.
Travis: [Travis chuckles before pausing] And the best thing we ever did together was our son... who she loved more than anything or anyone.

[Nick and Alicia go through the plane luggage when Nick tries on a Captain's uniform]
Alicia: All these years never knowing where you were or what you were doing. Now here you are.
Nick: I was always there. I was just hungry.

[last lines]
Madison: [Madison, Nick and Travis watch the infected Calvin start to move on the ground with broken limbs and half his face missing] What the hell is happening?
Travis: I have no idea.

[Madison makes a deal to see Oscar]
Victor: Are we sure about this?
Madison: I'm tired of running, Victor.

[Travis asks Madison what are the chances of them finding each other again?]
Travis: What are the chances?
Madison: Of?
Travis: Two days, I'm walking trying to find my way to the ocean. And when I do finally see the water... I see the hotel lit up like a goddamn beacon and it's you.
Madison: We got lucky.
Travis: Did we?