30 Best Mark Rylance Quotes

Leonard: When a mistake's been made, I've always found it best to simply be up-front about it.
Francis: English, I didn't cut the boss' pants too short, I shot his son in the face.

Shivering: Where are we going?
Mr. Dawson: Dunkirk.
Shivering: No, we're going to England!
Mr. Dawson: We have to go to Dunkirk first.
Shivering: I'm not going back!

Leonard: Finishings, for me, can be the hardest part.
- Not because there is any great skill involved in these final steps...
- Putting on a few buttons, closr'ng up a few edges, but because if you've done your job, all the true craftsmansh/p has already occurred the finishings are mere ine v/tabilities.

Peter: You know that BASH has over 40 million data points on you, on every decision you have made since 1994, Doctor? I... I know when you have colon polyps months before your doctor does. You got four or five at the moment actually. You know, they're not of concern, but I'd have a checkup as soon as you can. But more importantly than that, much more importantly than that, I know what you are. I know who you are. My algorithms have determined eight fundamental consumer profile types. You are a lifestyle idealist. You think you're motivated by beliefs, high ethical beliefs. But you just run towards pleasure and away from pain. Like a... Like a field mouse.

[first lines]
Leonard: [narrating] To the naked eye, a suit appears to consist of two parts, a jacket and trousers. But those two seemingly solid parts are composed of four different fabrics. Cotton, silk, mohair, and wool. And those fabrics are cut into 38 separate pieces. The process of sizing, forming, conjoining those pieces, requires no fewer than 228 steps.
[puts his kettle on to boil]

Francis: Oh, are you a doctor now too?
Leonard: I was in the war.
Francis: At your age?
Leonard: The other war.

Sully: You dumb cunt

Leonard: If we only allowed angels to be customers, soon we'd have no customers at all.

Mr. Dawson: [about planes approaching from behind] Spitfires, George. Greatest plane ever built.
Grenadier: You didn't even look.
Mr. Dawson: Rolls-Royce Merlin engines. Sweetest sound you could hear out here.

Leonard: I want so bad to be good.

Sully: Life is never dully with Sully.

Halliday: She wanted to go dancing, so we watched a movie.

Leonard: Come with me.
Mable: No.
Leonard: No, come with me. You can show me things you've already seen.
Mable: You will not spend you best years taking care of my remaining few.
Leonard: I was taking care of myself just fine, you know. Oh, yes.
Mable: Knowing you, I'm quite confident you'd have seen to the burials of each each and everyone of those murders. But then .. you'd no longer be pretending to be one. Would you?

Leonard: Oh, yes.
- Knowing you, I'm quite confident you'd have seen to the burials of each and every one of those murderers.
- But then...
- You'd no longer be pretending to be one, would you?

- Where's the money?
- We're not showing you the tape until we see the money.
- Tape first.
La: How do I know what's on it?
- I've gotta listen.
Leonard: Well, it seems like you're just gonna have to trust us.
- We may be able to trust each other.

Anorak: Let the hunt for Halliday's Easter Egg, begin.

[last lines]
Peter: [about the colorful animals] What ever you do, don't pet them...

- I'm guessing it's been quite an evening for you folks.
Leonard: Hazard of the trade, madame.
- Which one of you has my tape?
- Money first.
La: Please.

- and watched him die as he'd lived.
- Sorry he ever met me.
Leonard: Madame, you have nothing to fear from this man.
- Why is that?
- Because earlier this evening,
- I removed all the bullets from his gun.

Irate: [On the pier in England, Collins steps off Dawson's boat, watching soldiers walk by. One looks at Collins angrily] Where the bloody hell were you?
Mr. Dawson: [to Collins] He knows exactly where you were.

Leonard: You cannot make something good until you understand who you're making it for. All clothing says something.

Leonard: Pull him this way.
- Ow! Fuck!
- One more.
[Groans] Fuck!
- Fuck!
- Get my tweezers.

Mr. Dawson: [On the Shivering Soldier] He's shell-shocked, George. He's not himself. He might never be himself again.

- If you touch me again...
- I'll break your fucking arm, you understand?
- You're such a fucking prick, you know that?
- Think you're so fucking smart.
Leonard: Careful.
- Smarter than everyone. Hmm?
- Careful, master Richie. Careful.
- You fucking...

Anorak: The keys aren't just laying around under a rock somewhere. I suppose you could say they're invisible, hidden in a dark room that's at the centre of a maze, that's located somewhere up here.

Richie: Why'd you come here then?
Leonard: The war.
Richie: What, Kruats bomb your place?
Leonard: Worse. They're called blue jeans.

[President Orlean is attacked by an alien bird creature]
Congressman Tenant: What is that thing?
Peter: I believe that's called a Bronteroc.

Anorak: In the form of my avatar, Anorak the all knowing. I created three keys. Three hidden challenges test worthy traits, revealing three hidden keys to three magic gates. And those with the skill to survive these strengths will reach the end, where the prize awaits.

- Take your measure...
- And when you understand who he is...
- Mr. Boyle.
Leonard: ...Then you're ready to begin.
- Knock, knock.
Leonard: Hmm.
- How's business, English?
Leonard: Evening, sirs.

Leonard: Step two is drawing.
- And for some, this can be the most purely enjoyable step.
- You're only just exploring.