Terms of Use

In order to receive service (as a registered member or not) from Nesely.com (hereinafter referred to as the "Site"), you must first read and approve our terms of use below.

Owner of all services, domain names, software codes, interfaces, contents, product reviews, videos, algorithms, drawings, models, designs and all other intellectual and industrial rights connected to the site service (excluding content and applications provided from third parties) It belongs to the site. The software, design and copyrights of the services offered belong entirely to the Site. The copying, reproduction and dissemination of the services and pages linked to it, as well as reverse engineering is not permitted.

In order to become a member of the Site and/or use the services offered on the Site, the terms and conditions of this Agreement must be accepted and committed by the user. In any case, your continued use of the Site will mean that you accept these terms.

Terms and Conditions

1. By accepting this agreement, the real person Members accept and declare that they are over 18 years old and have the capacity to act to make a contract. In addition, by accepting the Agreement, the Member irrevocably accepts, declares and undertakes that he is authorized to enter the Site, undertakes all kinds of responsibility in the use of the services provided on the Site and in entering the Site.

2. You can become a member by connecting to the site via Facebook account or by connecting with Google. However, Membership is not mandatory for the use of the Site. Membership is required to add Contents to the Site.

3. Members, opinions, criticisms, comments, texts and all kinds of materials and content (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Content”) uploaded to the Site by themselves do not violate the personal, intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties, accepts and undertakes that this Content is not contrary to the Turkish Penal Code, the Law No. 5651 and the legislation in force, and that the said Content will not contain elements that may constitute a crime. If the Content used by the Member is against the law and/or violates the rights of third parties and this situation is determined by the Site; The Site has the right to remove the said content from the Site and to terminate the Member's membership -without the need for any warning or permission. In this case, the Site will not have any responsibility towards the Member.

Some of the content, acts and behaviors that are not accepted on the site are listed below:

a. Fraud: The site cannot be used for fraudulent purposes.

b. Insult, Harassment: Freedom of expression is supported on the site. However, while offering our Members a space to express themselves freely, they are not allowed to harass, defame, humiliate, insult or attack the personal rights of others. In addition, content that degrades the religion, language, gender, race, ethnic group, nationality of individuals or groups and acts such as offensive behavior, threats, harassment, attacks on privacy and personal rights are not allowed.

c. Obscenity and Pornography: No form of pornography is allowed. Photos, images or articles showing sexual acts, especially child/adolescent nudity, pornography, all kinds of child sexual abuse, or photos and publications that encourage or resemble these cannot be used. In addition, Content deemed obscene according to the Turkish Penal Code is not allowed.

d. Drugs and Narcotic Substances: Content that promotes, markets, advises, facilitates the use, and supplies dangerous substances for health is not allowed.

e. Violence and Suicide: The use of content that incites, encourages or contains violence is strictly prohibited. Therefore, any kind of human or animal wounding, killing, dismembering, brutality, in short, Content that has serious drawbacks in terms of human psychology or that leads people to suicide is not allowed.

f. Weapons and Explosives: Content related to the making, marketing or use of illegal weapons or explosives is not allowed on the site.

g. Gambling, Competition, Betting: Any Content related to gambling and/or providing a place and opportunity for gambling and without our prior written permission; Content used for commercial activities and/or sales such as contests, betting, bartering, advertising or pyramid schemes is not permitted. The site is very stable in this regard.

h. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights: Due care must be taken to protect the intellectual and industrial property rights of others on the Site. In this context, Members can only use photographs, digital works, pictures, texts, etc., whose intellectual and industrial property rights belong to them (as the owner of the work or as the legal licensee of the use, publication and transmission rights of the works). Upload the content to the Site. If the Member's intellectual and industrial property rights belong to someone else (including other members), photos, pictures, texts, etc. If the Content copies, uses, broadcasts, distributes, transmits to the public without the consent of the aforementioned right holders, the Site has the right to remove the infringing Content from the Site upon complaint or spontaneously, and to terminate the membership of the Members who commit this violation when necessary.
By accepting this Agreement and uploading the Content to the Site voluntarily, Members are deemed to have given the Site permission to publish the said Content on the Site.

i. Computer Hacking: All content that praises the acts deemed as a crime by the law, encourages crime, causes unfair competition, introduces/distributes illegal computer software, distributes all kinds of computer viruses will be deleted without any warning or permission. If deemed necessary, the relevant membership will be terminated by the Site without any warning.

j. User Complaint: Do not hesitate to warn the Site on behalf of yourself or the society in cases where one or more of the above-mentioned elements are indeed included on the Site, albeit rarely. Your warning will be immediately investigated by the relevant Site department and any violation will be corrected as soon as possible.

k. Criteria Determined by the Site: Members are obliged to comply with the "upload limits" determined by the Site and controlled by a software, for the content they will upload to the Site and the opinions, comments and criteria to be included in the Site. Members agree and undertake to abide by the limits described, even if there is any problem or openness in the software that controls the said upload limits.

In case of non-compliance with the limits set by the Site and/or content uploading, criticism and comments that do not match the purpose of the Site, the Site has the right to remove the said Content from the Site and terminate the Member's membership without any warning or permission.
Some of the criteria set by the site are listed below:
Criticisms and comments cannot contain insults, profanity or humiliation. Criticisms of a mocking type cannot be written. If the member is insulted in any way, he cannot respond to such criticisms, answers, comments and explanations. In such cases, the Site should be notified immediately.
The applicable ones among the rules specified within the scope of criticism, comment writing and correspondence criteria on the Site are valid for all areas where text can be written.
All kinds of advertising and promotional activities on the Site without the permission of the Site are prohibited. It is also prohibited to make comments that are deemed as spam content; In case of violation, the Membership may be canceled without any warning.

.4. LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY: Our members are individually responsible for the Content they upload to the Site. The Member is personally responsible for all civil and criminal sanctions imposed by the state, judicial authorities or third parties with rights to Members with Content that exceeds or violates the above-mentioned limitations. In this context, the Site does not have any legal or contractual responsibility for the Content in question.

5. In accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, the Site may offer some applications specified in more detail to the users.

6. The Site also includes the Content, especially provided by the Site, and these Contents are protected by the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works, in the form of trademarks, service marks, patents, trade secrets or other legislation. Pursuant to this Agreement, on the Content belonging to the Site by the Site, each User using the Site is only for personal and non-commercial use; A worldwide, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, non-transferable license is granted. Except for personal use, it is forbidden to use, reproduce, modify, distribute, store / store any Content of the Site for advertising or commercial purposes without the written consent of the Site.

7. In any way about the up-to-dateness, accuracy, conditions, quality, performance, marketability, suitability for a particular purpose of the information on the Site, and its effect on, but not limited to, other information, services or products on the Site, related or independent. No warranties or commitments are made, express or implied.

8. Efforts are made to ensure that the services provided by third parties and the Content published within the Site are complete and accurate; The Site, its employees and managers are not responsible for these Contents. The commitment of the accuracy and legality of the information, content, visual and audio images provided and published by any third party is entirely the responsibility of the third parties who perform these actions. The Site does not undertake or guarantee the security, accuracy and legality of the services and Content provided by third parties.

9. The Member is personally responsible for acquiring and maintaining the necessary equipment or auxiliary services to enter the Site.

10. The Site reserves the right to change the services offered within the Site, the design and the content of the Site at any time. The services offered do not in any way allocate vested rights to Members.

11. The site may use, process, classify and store information on a database in accordance with the "Privacy Policy" and the provisions of the agreements it has made with the Members and other parties, the information transmitted to it by the users through the site. The site is also; The Member is obliged to keep information such as Facebook ID, Google ID, Facebook user name, date of birth, e-mail address, IP address, date and time, if any, within the scope of Law No. 5651 and related regulations.

12. In some cases, judicial authorities, state institutions and organizations or natural or legal persons request information about Users. In this case, the Site immediately, upon the request of judicial authorities and/or state institutions and organizations in accordance with the Turkish Penal Code or Law No. 5651; shall have the right to disclose the requested information about the User without the need for the User's consent.

13. The Site has the right to share in the Members' Facebook and Google accounts within the scope of Open Graph technology, within the scope of their use of the Site. By connecting to the Site via Facebook or Google account, Members give this permission to the Site.

14. This Agreement; As long as the user is a member of the Site, it will remain in effect and will continue to have its terms and consequences between the parties. This Agreement may be updated unilaterally by the Site over time, and the User will be deemed to have accepted the updated Contract clauses each time he logs on to the Site.

15. The Site does not give any express or implied warranty, including fitness for a particular purpose, uninterrupted continuity, updating, functionality, accuracy, and error-free, within the scope of the services offered on the Site. The Site may temporarily suspend or completely stop the services and the Application when it deems necessary. The Site will not have any responsibility to the User due to the temporary suspension or complete suspension of the Services and the Application.
The site will do its best to ensure that the services it offers work uninterrupted and error-free. However, in cases such as technical failures that may occur in the systems of service providers providing internet access services, malfunctions that may occur in the systems of third parties with which they are contracted, system maintenance and force majeure, the Site services may also be affected in connection. In such cases, the Site will take the necessary measures for the effective functioning of the services, but does not accept responsibility for any related service failures and errors that are not authorized to intervene directly.

16. TR Izmir Courts and Enforcement Offices shall be authorized to deal with all disputes arising from the interpretation and execution of this User Agreement between the parties and which cannot be settled through mutual negotiations.

17. By using the Site, the User accepts, declares and undertakes that he has read the entirety of this User Agreement, fully understands its content and approves all its provisions.

Last Update, 21 February 2023