The Best The Last Kingdom, Season 4, Episode 9 Quotes

- It makes no sense.
[Edward] Dismount!
- Archers ready!
- Let's take back what is rightfully ours!
- That way to the walls.
Sigtryggr: Archers.
- We have to stop them, lord, before it gets them all killed!

[Sighs] Lord...
- They must have been told we were absent from Winchester.
- Lord, your presence in mercia was never hidden.
- Are you suggesting it is my fault?
- That I have failed my people worse than any king, hm?
- That I am more stupid and more foolish than any who came before me?

- You dare speak against the greatest warriors who ever walked this land?
- Huh?
- If they were the greatest...
- Then where are they now?

- I lost beocca in my haste at bebbanburg.
- Understand if I try to find a more cautious path.
- I'll be quiet.
- I'm an arseling.
- We care for the people within.
- It puts us at a disadvantage.

- It will bring them all and the end will begin!
- What?
- I thought you welcomed the fire.
- Put the queen and the others back where they keep their dead king.
- She comes with me.
- [Gasps}

- Forgive my sins, so that my soul can be saved, lord god.
Eadith: Have mercy!
- Who weeps for you?
- Who has this faith?
- She's a whore I once knew.
- She is nothing. Discard her.

- Tie them. Leave them to die, slowly.
- Sigtryggr wants you dead.
- Then take me to him.
- I will be happy to fight him.
- And give him the reputation as the man who killed the Dane-slayer?
- I want that honor to be mine.

- In favor of lady aethelflaed!
- Lady aethelflaed cannot rule mercia!
[U htred] Yet it was not without sacrifice.
- I swear that as long as I hold the mercian throne, I will remain chaste.
[Ludeca] Is the witan agreed?
[Witan] Agreed!
- Then, lady aethelflaed, take your throne.

- and he spoke of no one else who cared for him.
- Are you not the woman who humped aethelred for silver?
- I do not know who you speak of.
- Come.
[Gasps] Where are you taking me?
- Somewhere sigtryggr won't find you.
- You do not want to suffer your brother's fate.

- Pyrlig, find Edward.
- Tell him what has happened here.
- Yes, lord.
- We go ahead to Winchester.
- They will not take what is not theirs, not whilst I live!
[Pants] Lord!
- What?
- Run!
- Let's go.

- And I can offer you more silver than you... [grunts softly]
- I have lived without the comfort of silver.
- I only want one thing and that you cannot give.
- What? Perhaps.
- Revenge.
- Oh. On whom?
- All of you.

- He is cunning.
- Whilst you played lord and the saxons fought amongst themselves, he...
- Captured Winchester!
- No!
- Yes! Lady aelswith, you're going home!
- Take the girl, too.
- No.
- You will not fight it!

- Guards!
Brida: Take the priests.

- Make him fall, why don't you?
Uhtred: Thank you! Pyrlig next.
Finan: Is he?
Uhtred: Wake up, sihtric!
Pyrlig: You're safe.
Finan: Kill him, sihtric!
Finan: Kill the bastard!

- Speak nothing of how we vanquished the Dane-slayer.
- We collect our reward from sigtryggr and leave this place with silver.
- Only then do we let it be known who the true warriors are!

- Ready my men. Raise the fyrd!
- Raise the mercian guard!
- Raise the dead for all I care!
- Winchester will be retaken!

Sihtric: Oh, thank you.
- You're an angel.
Osferth: Coming, lord.

- I thought you were not interested in her plan.
- I am not. I've played my part.
- The Dane-slayer is now a man of peace.
- It is a great pity Alfred is not here to witness it.
- My husband saw things in uhtred none of us understood.
- Lady, we all understood it.
- I think it was just you that didn't.

Sigtryggr: I will not harm you. Do not.
- I only wish to speak with you.
- Answer me truthfully and I will treat you kindly.
- I've heard of men's kindness and I do not want it. [Pants]
- I am the Dane who took Winchester.
- If I wanted to hump a woman,
- I would not need to use force.

- No? [Chuckles]
- You two, stay here and report which one dies first.
- And if they take too long to die, slit their throats like hogs.
[Man] Yes, haesten.
[Chuckles] Come, we return the queen to her palace and finally get to see how much king Edward really loves his mother.

- And what about them?
- Lord!

- I do want to live alongside you, father.
- It's just... coccham is small.
- And peaceful and safe.
- Could we not go to Winchester?
- We were happy there.
- Have those riders been following us?
- No. We are just on a trading route.

- Before he concedes one square of wessex land.
- You are a pack of fools...
- Unknowingly, you have trapped yourselves within these walls.
- For once, the heathen are all in one place.
- And when the fire comes, as come it shall...
- We will watch your souls burn as we ascend!

- That could save them if it comes to a fight.
- Uh, you do not have to do this.
- No, no, I will.
Finan: We will get you provisions.
- You cannot go empty-handed.
- They will close the gates.
- There will be no way out.
- I know. It will bring them comfort to know that you are here.

Finan: Is that our chance to get in?
Uhtred: Perhaps, if they have more dead to bring out.
- Finan, move!
[Dane] Send word to sigtryggr!
[Edward] Charge down those gates!
- Show them the face of death!

- Calm down, sihtric.
- You will need your energy.

Sigtryggr: Lock them up.
Sigtryggr: Do we hold the town?
- Soon enough.
- We have ripped out the Saxon heart.
- So, it begins!
- Ready yourselves.
- Take your positions.

- Don't let them kill us.
- I've been told you are in charge.
Aethelhelm: I am not the king.
- I'm aware you're not the king.
- Would you like to fight or to yield?
- Yield.

[U htred] Destiny is all/
- I will miss you, uhtred ragnarson.

- I was forced to.
- No one forced you. You begged us.
- And as I said, I'm not a Christian.
- And I'm yet to meet people who welcome traitors.
- So, be glad these men are dead, so they can't witness what you've become a part of.

- In those times, we hold steadfast to our lord and do not buckle.
- We may not survive this...
- But our kingdom will and that is all that matters.
- Our sense of history is who we are.
- It is how god separated us from the animals.
- And I will not be treated as an animal.

- I get to Winchester at last.
Aelswith: Do not look on it.
- It is not the place I left.
- Be under no illusion. They will murder us.
- So, I suggest you say your prayers and thank the lord for the lives you've led.
- I will not. I'm not a Christian.

- Sihtric! Stay awake!
- Okay, look at me. You'll be fine.
Finan: Lambs waiting for the slaughter.
[Dane] Huh?
- I'll go.
Uhtred: Can you reach the knot?
Finan: The ropes are too tight.