The Best The Last Kingdom, Season 5, Episode 4 Quotes

- I will do as god wills.
- I will be king of the angles and of the saxons.

Brida: Your god did not save vibeke.
- He let her die.
- There is no life after this for her.
- She's alone.
[Sobbing] She's alone.
[Sobbing] I am alone!
- No, you are not.

- I don't like black. It's so cold.
- It would be a strange man who does.
- It is time.
- She asked that you protect mercia.
- You have only done as you saw right and good.
- Perhaps.

- My lady.
Aethelflaed: Ealdorman burgred.
- I have completed the letter that we spoke of.

- Travel with us and do not tell them.
- It is not provocation.
- It is a holy tribute.
- Nothing is more pure.
Aelflaed: I should like to witness its glory myself.
Aalys: As I am certain, the king would also witness yours.

- I must ready myself for the ceremony.
- Will you attend?
- I will be with uhtred.
- Well, you'd be welcome should you change your mind.
- Aethelflaed was your blood...
- As am I.

- Here you go.
Sihtric: Thank you.
- What was that?
Finan: King's men.
- When was the last time you saw your father?
- A long time ago.
- Well, you'll be a fair bit taller than him now, I'll bet.

- as to when the bells should be rung, my lord.
- I was merely suggesting...
- That you understood the king's grief better than he himself?
- Who are you to speak to me this way?
- You would watch your tongue!
- The bells will ring in good time.
- It is nearly dawn. Let us see the day in with the saddest news.

- It is about pain.
[Crowd chants] Three!
Wolland: An agony of burning that the flesh never forgets.
- Then we wait to see if the blood sickens.
[Crowd chants in unison] Four!
[Crowd chants in unison] Five!
[Crowd chants in unison] Six!

Eadith: What are they speaking of?
- I do not know.
Uhtred: But I'm sure no good can come of it.
- We should head back to the palace.

- Lord, I think you need to see this.
Sihtric: Who are they?
- The ealdormen.
Sihtric: Come!
- Who gave your orders?
Sihtric: Come on. Tell us!
- Uhtred, I know him.
Aethelstan: I saw him talking with the king last night.

- To become who we are.
Uhtred: Do you regret it?
Aethelflaed: On occasion.
- Then when I do, it is with every part of my being.
Aethelflaed: What of you?
- Would you have begged fate for a different path over these years?

[Crowd chants in unison] Seven!
[Crowd chants] Eight!
[Crowd chants] Nine!
- If the gods have not healed you by the third sunrise, they have abandoned you to die.
- As will I.

- the young lady aelfwynn is not fit to rule.
- Does your master propose an alternative?
- He does indeed, lord burgred.
[U htred] Now I ride to be with my love.
- I pray that / reach her before it is too late.
- Destiny is all!

- You knew she was sick and you did not tell me?
- She asked for my help and my silence.
- I gave her both.
- She is dying, uhtred.
- I have seen this before in those whose time is close.
- They feel suddenly alive before...
- But do not be fooled.
- She has little time left.

- Do not be so eager to believe that he has any control over how your life ends.
- This will not be quick.
- This is just beginning.
- Help him! Help!
- Where is he, father?
- Is he coming? Is he on his way?

- I cannot do that.
Brida: But your god can.
- You're his voice! So speak! Give her back!
Brida: Give her back!
- Dear god, spare her!
- Put no more blood on her hands!
Pyrlig: She was born your servant.
- She need not die in torment.
- She can still repent and join her daughter in paradise.

Sihtric: Shut that door!
- My balls are freezing to nothing!
- Something's wrong.
[Osferth groans] Just go back to bed.
Osferth: Get some sleep. Lord uhtred might need us in the morning.
Aethelstan: There, did you see that?
- Wake up.
Sihtric: No, no, it's the ale. Your eyes are playing tricks on you. Just...

- Nothing can.
- But your daughter is at peace now.
- Maybe in finding peace of your own, you might repent.
Brida: I don't want your bread.
- I believe it was your bread to begin with.
Pyrlig: Should you change your mind.

- You think it's an attack?
- The king is here and undefended.
[Sighs] Piss.
- Go and find uhtred. I'll get the others.
- Do not do anything stupid.
- Do you hear me?
Aethelstan: Yeah.

- What of you, brother?
- Have you forgiven me?
- If it were stiorra's choice, you would be left to fend for yourself.
- Then I am lucky that it is not.
- She is not a true Dane.
- A true Dane would not betray their family as you did.

- But she was wrong.
- There has already been so much death, uhtred.
- I could not bear more of it.
[Finan groans] I've had too much. Oh...
Finan: Leave me here.
Sihtric: You're all right.
Finan: Oh, god.
Sihtric: Come on. Up the stairs.

- Surely I would not have been hard to find.
- We have found each other now, it seems.
- There are matters to be attended to. We...
- I should like to talk further with you.
Edward's Soldier: Much has changed in both of our lives, but now is not the time.
- It is good to see you, aethelstan.

- This is not the way succession is determined!
- Until my sister's rule, succession was always determined by bloodshed.
- I did not want it to be so again.
- Better the blood of the few than the blood of the many.
Aldhelm: You have murdered mercia's ealdormen.
- And in doing so,
- I have ensured mercia's protection.

Edward's Soldier: Are the men ready?
[Man] They're waiting for your signal.
Edward's Soldier: And is there word from father pyrlig?
- A scout reported seeing him with the Danish witch.
Edward's Soldier: Then he is likely dead.
Edward's Soldier: Return to your position.
- It will not be long.

- Perhaps we should rest here.
- For a short while.
- Is it cold? I feel so cold.
- It is cold enough.

Sihtric: Aethelstan!
- Shit!
- Uhtred!
Aethelstan: Uhtred!
Aethelstan: Uhtred!

- Aelfwynn is not your kin.
- I did not help you when you came to me...
Uhtred: Stop.
- I will protect aelfwynn and mercia as best I can.
- Come. Let us find somewhere quiet to sit or some may think I am breaking my oath.
- The gate is this way.
- There are other gates, ones that are not so fiercely guarded.

- Who will protect you, uhtred of bebbanburg?
- I do not need protection.
- You do.
- You do.
- You are carrying so much pain.
- I would have told you...

Edward's Soldier: I did not get to speak with you...
- I love you.
Edward's Soldier: I will protect all that we have achieved, sister.
- This I swear to you.

- If that is the path it sees for us.
- I wonder if destiny lost its hold on me when I left these lands.
- I have been free of pain for a while now and better for it.
- Perhaps pain is our choice, not destiny's.
- So tell me, uhtred.
- What would finally allow you to be free of your pain?

- This... this is too much.
- It is barely enough.
- Mercia needs to be protected and I am sure you will do what needs to be done.
- My lady.
- You have been good to us.
- Just and fair.

- I fear your prayers have been wasted.
- Please, let my lord the king listen to the words of his servant.
- Please, let my lord listen to the words of...
- Lady aelswith...
- I am trying to make him hear me!

Sigtryggr: You are still alive, then?
Rognvaldr: That's because of you.
Rognvaldr: Will you look?

- I have some business with one of the ealdormen that I must attend to.
- Surely this is not the time?
- Oh, so do tell me, what time is it?
- It is time to fight what is happening to you.
- Do not be naive, uhtred.
- The battle is done.
- Why are you giving up so easily?
- I am not giving up!
- I did not choose this.
- This is the path that god has given to me.

Sihtric: Go, lord.
- Where is she?

Edward's Soldier: Your mother and I had a shared wish...
- To honor our father's desire for unity.
- I swear to you and to her...
- I will do all I can to ensure that comes to pass.
Aelswith: Please, let my lord king listen to the words of this servant.
- Please, let my lord listen to the words of this servant.

- I do not need his solace.
- I need him to speak to me.
Aelswith: My life, I have given to him.
- I have prayed for so many hours, lord uhtred.
Aelswith: I have begged him to save her.
- I need to know that he is listening.

- You are my blood.
- Do you understand? You are my blood.
- The rest will come in time.

Brida: It's done.
- She gave me peace.
- When I was with her, I felt it.
- I'm sure she would want you to find that feeling again.
- I can think of no better tribute.

- Do not say it.
- Do not say the words.
Aelswith: He has forsaken me.
- He has forsaken her.
- I have given him the entirety of my life.
- And I am left with nothing.