50 Best The Witcher, Season 1, Episode 1 Quotes

Renfri: People call you a monster too. Why not kill them?
Geralt: Because then I am what they say I am.

Geralt: You want me to kill Stregobor for you.
Renfri: It's the lesser evil.
Geralt: So I keep getting told.

Queen: Go. If he's out there, there's still hope.

- Destiny may yet side with us.
- Danek.
- It's time.
- What?
- Wait, where are you going?
[Calanthe] Come here, child.

- I give you my word.
- Mousesack.
- Your service... has been an honor to us all.
- As has yours.
- Your Majesty.

- I'm sorry to disturb, my lady.
- It is time.
- Nilfgaard is nigh.
- It is time.

- I admit I'm a monster?
- Yes.
- Or... you can leave Blaviken... and finally live.
- You choose, Princess.

- it's all the same.
- I'm not judging you.
- I haven't only done good in my life either.
- But now, if I have to choose between one evil and another, then I prefer not to choose at all.

[man yells] Hold...
[Calanthe] Charge!

- I've made my decision.
- You gave me an ultimatum and I find they work.
- Tomorrow, I'll leave Blaviken.
- For good.

- We can leave.
- We can find a way out.
- This...
- This is our way out.

- -[man] Get out of here!
- -[man 2] Get out and don't...
Woman Hiding Behind Street Cart: Go on! Butcher!
- You made a choice.
- And you'll never know if it was the right one.
- -Die, Witcher!
- -[clamoring]
- Die, Witcher!

- Your Majesty... Your Majesty.
- Thank you for allowing our company at this splendid affair.
- Your Majesties. Your Highness.
- Would you honor me with a dance?
- Uh... Martin--
- She'd love to.

Geralt: ...if I'm to choose between one evil and another, then I prefer not to choose at all.

- You are the Lion Cub of Cintra.
- -You are destined for great things.
- -I can't do this without you.
- We must go, Your Highness.
- -[screams] No!
- -[roaring]
- Go.
- The world depends on it.

Stregobor: No matter what you choose, you'll come out bloody.

- Want some breakfast?
- I'm full.
- Venison.

- -[sighs]
- -[Martin] Are we going to be okay?
Woman Hiding Behind Street Cart: Don't worry, Martin.
- The Queen will defeat Nilfgaard.
- We will go home soon.
- Your Highness.
[man] ...won't stop until they get what they want!
- Your Majesty, what must...

Ciri: What are you doing?
- How long will it hold?
- As long as I hold.

Geralt: It took two strikes to kill him. They weren't clean. But they were spectacular.

- -Why does the world depend on it?
- -Hold on, Your Highness.
- -[neighs]
- -Hyah!
[Lazlo] We're getting close to the gate.
- I've been protected my whole life,
- Lazlo.
- Why?
- -[Ciri screams]
- -[neighs]

[man yells] Keep it steady!
[man yells] Steady!
[man yells] Stand by!

Geralt: Wizard are all the same. You talk nonsense while making wise and meaningful faces. Speak normally.

Queen: [Injured] You will rule this land someday. You know that, don't you?
Ciri: Why are you saying all this? Are you dying?
Queen: My sweet child, when I go, it will be far more dramatic than this.

[echoing] You say you can't choose, but you had to.
- And you'll never know if you were right.
- Your reward will be a stoning.
- And you will run.
- You will try to outrun the girl in the woods, but you cannot.
- -She is your destiny.
- -Renfri!

Marilka: You don't scare me.
Geralt: That's too bad.

- -What are you doing?
- -It's me, my son.
- -What is this?
- -It's okay.

- I know who you are, Renfri.
- You know that I want to kill Stregobor, then.
- I used to be a princess.
- Did he tell you that?
- Until he sent a thug into the woods to kill me.
- You killed him.
- With my mother's brooch.

- Will my grandmother be all right?
- You will be all right, Princess.
- You are her blood.
- And the apple never falls far from the tree.

Renfri: You were in the market. Covered in blood. You say you can't choose, but you had to. And you'll never know if you were right. Your reward will be a stoning. And you will run. You will try to outrun the girl in the woods, but you cannot. She is your destiny.

Queen: Nilfgaard are here. She's why they came.

- It's not too late.
- Magic doesn't work on me.
- Silver does, though.
- Silver is for monsters.
- -[grunts]
- -[screams]
- -If we cross swords...
- -I won't be able to stop.

- The citizens... how many of them are safe within our walls?
- A hundred or so, Your Majesty.
- The guests from the banquet.
- The supplies... check we have enough.
- Aye.

Marilka: Geralt!
[screams] Geralt!
[sobs] No!

- My mother, God rest her, would be mortified.
- Our secret, then.

- Now, child... let me rest.
- Hm?

- or the lesser evil.
- What do you believe in?
- You mean... who do I believe.
- I don't pick sides.
- You just kill monsters.

- And why are you not there?
- Wherever they are.
- My duty is to protect you.
- You're resentful of that burden.
- It's the greatest honor of my life.
[scoffs] You are both incredibly boring.

- You know cautionary tales don't work on me.
- The girls were said to be cursed.
- They were said to announce the end of the human race.
- Ooh.
- So they were systematically killed.
- The end.

Geralt: Hm. Doesn't rhyme. All good predictions rhyme.

- When I was a girl, my mother used to run her fingers... over my forehead.
- She'd say... she'd give a lovely lintar... to know the thoughts going around in there.

- They created me just as they created you.
- We're not so different.

- Reminds me of your daughter's betrothal feast.
- The night you finally saw sense, said yes.
- Made me the happiest man on the Continent.
- I did it to save my kingdom.
- And, no, you may not leave this shindig.

- -[laughter]
- -[folk music playing]
- These shindigs need a touch of the old abracadabra.
- At your service, Your Majesty.
- Tricks and illusions to delight.
- He means to pull a disappearing act. don't you?
- -No.
- -Hm.

- She gave us a message to pass on to you.
- You have to choose the lesser evil.
- It's an ultimatum.
- Get it?
- Fuck.
- Hm.

- More and more,
- I find monsters wherever I go.
- How much coin for your kikimora, then?

- I love you.
- Find Geralt of Rivia.
- He is your destiny.

- Very clever.
- Indeed.
- -What kind?
- -The worst kind.
- The human kind.
- Its name is Renfri.
- Hm.

Eist: Pretty ballads hide bastard truths.

- Get-get back here, you little--
- -[screams]
- -[yells in pain]
- -[screams]
- -[yells in pain]
[gasping] No. No!