The Best Graham Greene Quotes

Judge: This courthouse is located within spitting distance of Wall Street. I know this from my personal experience trying to spit at it. The men and women who work there will commit more serious crimes by lunchtime today than the defendant has committed in this indictment.

[last lines]
Sheriff: You give him one little chance, and Coyote the Trickster'll work his evil.
Jessica: Murder for gain hardly needs a supernatural explanation.
[a coyote howls in the distance]
Sheriff: You never know.

[Leonard explains the dancers to Shelly]
Leonard: And clearly, to you, as to many people, life is a dance. And for that, you need a partner. A husband.

Rains: Yes, sometimes the correct path, the bravest path is the least obvious, and also the gentlest.

Ricky: [in the police van, bring down to Harlem as Simon instructed them to] Next, fourteen dumptrucks stolen from a yard in Staten Island. Fourteen! Jesus! Somebody starting a construction company?
Joe: No, it was John's landlady, gonna clean his apartment.

Rains: Stop! Everyone stop! My son, my last son... don't. When I was your age... I fought. I saw death. I have killed. The men I knew were slain. My first born, your brother... had his head smashed by a drunken soldier. My wife had her throat slit. We made peace. I knew not to trust, yet I had no choice. Maybe you were right... maybe the slow death is worse than a fast one. Maybe none of these men are good. Maybe a world in which they came to us... is a world that we cannot endure. But endure we must.
Eagle: Father, you are tired.
Rains: Do not die for pride, my son. We have suffered too much in this trick. The earth, the water... they have no pride. They endure, and we must endure. My only boy... my precious boy... do not mistake my strength for weakness. As your chief, I implore you.

Marlon: Why didn't you shoot him?
Florence: The guns all the way over there. He didn't hurt me, by the way.
Marlon: Yeah, I got eyes. You made him soup?
Florence: Yeah, I did. It's cold out.

Jane: Shouldn't we wait for back up?
Ben: This isn't the land of waiting for back up. This is the land of you're on your own.

Ben: I appreciate your passion, it's not the Feds usual response. But Randy is on our side.
Jane: When my supervisor sees his report, he's gonna want me back in Vegas. Not that I'm much help or anything, but I'm all you've got.

Joel: We're somewhere here. Exactly where? And your answer better be the same as your wife's.
Marlon: Did you tell him the truth?
Florence: Yeah.
Marlon: Are you tellin' ME the truth?
Florence: Yeah...

Harry: Don't worry about the bears Bella. My Kung Fu is strong.

[last lines]
Sgt. Hilda Dupont: You think you can pull that off from a high-rise in Toronto?
Peter: Actually, I was thinking it might be better if I stayed on here for a while. For my client, of course.
Sgt. Hilda Dupont: Of course.
Peter: Plus, there is some old business I need to wrap up.
Sgt. Hilda Dupont: Really? Well, just keep in mind, this is my home.
Peter: Hey, it's mine, too. Well, one of them, anyway.

Earl: [as Sheriff Keeyani walks up] Well, if it ain't Tonto!
Sheriff: That's Sheriff Tonto to you.