Top 50 Quotes From Sherlock, Season 4, Episode 1

- I don't feel so good.
- -
- You're all right.
- Oh, you're sweet.
- You have a very kind face.
- God will smile on you.
Mary: But I don't want you and Sherlock hanging off my gun arm.
- I'm sorry, my love.

Mary: I've been making enquiries. Mr. Holmes asked me.
Dr. John Watson: [to Sherlock] Holmes, how could you?
Mary: No, not him. The clever one.

Sherlock: [angry, as Watson seems to believe in ghosts] Use your brain, such as it is, to eliminate the impossible, which in this case is the ghost, and observe what remains, which in this case is a solution so blindingly obvious even Lestrade could work it out!

Sherlock: Now. if you'll excuse me, I have a hanging in Wandsworth and I'd hate them to start without me.

Dr. John Watson: [to Sherlock] I'm taking Mary home.
Mary: You're what?
Dr. John Watson: Mary's taking me home.
Mary: Better.

- John: Don't you dare.
- You made a vow.
- You swore it.

Dr. John Watson: [being angry with the maid] If it wasn't my wife's business to talk to the staff, I would deal with you myself.

Mrs. Hudson: And I noticed you published another of your stories, Dr. Watson.
Dr. John Watson: Yes. Did you enjoy it?
Mrs. Hudson: No.
Dr. John Watson: Oh?
Mrs. Hudson: I never enjoy them.
Dr. John Watson: Why not?
Mrs. Hudson: Well, I never say anything do I? According to you, I just show people up the stairs and serve you breakfast.
Dr. John Watson: Well, within the narrative, that is, broadly speaking, your function.
Mrs. Hudson: My *what*?
Sherlock: Don't feel singled out, Mrs Hudson. I'm hardly in the dog one.
Dr. John Watson: The dog one?
Mrs. Hudson: I'm your landlady, not a plot device.
Dr. John Watson: D'you mean 'The Hound of the Baskervilles'?

- ”'I give in. I am yours.
- ”'But tell me, why did you look surprised
- III when you saw me this morning in Baghdad?'
- “because, ' said death,
- ”'i had an appointment with you tonight, iiii' 5na'”marra.

- I know you'll try to find me, but there is no point.
- Every move is random and not even Sherlock Holmes can anticipate the roll of a dice.
- I need to move the target far, faraway from you and Rosie, and then I'll come back, my darling.
- I swear, I will.

Dr. John Watson: [to Mycroft, regarding his eating habits] Well, now that you mention it, this level of consumption is incredibly injurious to your health, your heart...
Sherlock: No need to worry on that score, Watson.
Dr. John Watson: No?
Sherlock: There's only a large cavity where that organ should reside.
Mycroft: It's a family trait.
Sherlock: Oh, I wasn't being critical.

Dr. John Watson: [after DI Lestrade's recount of recent events] Extraordinary!
Mary: Impossible!
Sherlock: Superb! Suicide as street theatre; murder by corpse. Lestrade, you're spoiling us.

- Mycrofi': Codenames
- Antarctica, langdale, porlock and love.
- Ma ry: You 'd be amazed what a receptionist picks up.
- They know everything.
- Ajay: They said it was the English woman!
- Don't minute any of this.
- Ma ry: They know everything.

Dr. John Watson: [talking about his wife, Mary] Where did she go? She's always out these days.
Jane: Not unlike yourself... sir.
Dr. John Watson: I'm sorry?
Jane: Just observing, sir.
Dr. John Watson: Well, that's quite enough; nobody asked you to be observant.
Jane: Sorry, sir, I just meant you are hardly ever home together anymore, sir.
Dr. John Watson: You are dangerously close to impertinence. I shall have a word with my wife to have a word with you.
Jane: [with a bit irony] Very good, sir. And when will you be seeing her?

Sherlock: I saw you die. Why aren't you dead?
Professor: Because it's not the fall that kills you, Sherlock. Of all people, you should know that. It's not the fall. It's never the fall. It's the landing.

Molly: Oh, isn't HE observant now that Daddy's gone?
Dr. John Watson: I am observant in some ways, just as Holmes is quite blind in others.
Molly: Really?
Dr. John Watson: Yes. Really. Amazing what one has to do to get ahead in a man's world.
[tips his hat and exits]

- That's enough now, love.
- Daddy has things to do, I'm afraid.
- And you need to get to bed.
- Come on.

DI: Mrs. Hudson didn't seem to be talking.
Sherlock: I fear she has branched into literary criticism by mean of satire. It is a distressing trend in the modern landlady.

- But you can't outrun that forever.
- You need to remember that, so...
- I'm giving you a case, Sherlock.
- Might be the hardest case of your career.
- When I'm gone, if I'm gone...
- I need you to do something for me.

- John said if you were to come round, asking after him, offering to help...
- Yes?
- He said...
- That he'd rather have anyone but you.
- Anyone.

Professor: Dead is the new sexy.

- Mrs Hudson.
- Corfu till Saturday.
- Molly.
- Uh, yeah, I'll try.
- Well we should both stay and wait for her.
- No, you know that's not gonna happen.
- If there's more to this case, you're the one who needs to see it.
- Yeah, okay, you win.

Sherlock: We all have a past, Watson. Ghosts. They are the shadows that define our every sunny day.

- Look...
- Whatever's coming, whatever he's lined up,
- I'll know when it begins.
- I always know when the game is on.
- You know why?
- Why?
[In hales] Because I love it.

Sherlock: Between you and me, John, I always survive a fall.
Dr. John Watson: But how?
Sherlock: Elementary, my dear Watson.

- You understand nothing.
Sherlock: Well, before the police come in and spoil things, why don't we just enjoy the moment?
- Let me present Interpol's number one case.
- Too tough for them, too boring for me.
- The black Pearl of the borgias.

Sherlock: [when being confronted about his substance abuse] I'm not an addict, I'm a user. I alleviate boredom and occasionally heighten my thought processes.

- Lestrade: A week later...
- John: Yeah?
- Lestrade: Something really weird happens.
- Drunk driver, he's totally smashed.
- The cops are chasing him.
- And he turns into the drive of the welsborough house to try and get away.
- -[Siren wailing]
- Unfortunately...

Sherlock: May I ask, how is your husband this morning?
Lady: He refuses to speak about the matter. Obviously I have urged him to leave the house.
Sherlock: No, no, he must stay exactly where he is.
Lady: Well, you don't think he's in danger?
Sherlock: Oh, no, someone definitely wants to kill him, but that's good for us. You can't set a trap without bait.
Lady: My husband is not bait, Mr. Holmes.
Sherlock: No, but he could be if we play our cards right. Now listen: You must go home immediately. Dr Watson and I will follow on the next train. There's not a moment to lose. Sir Eustace is to die tonight.
Dr. John Watson: Holmes...
Sherlock: And we should... probably avoid that.
Dr. John Watson: Definitely.
Sherlock: [correcting himself] DEFINITELY avoid that.

Dr. John Watson: I... I thought I was losing you. I thought perhaps we were... neglecting each other.
Sherlock: Well, you're the one who moved out.
Dr. John Watson: [exasperated] I was talking to Mary.

Sherlock: [to a new client] Good afternoon. I'm Sherlock Holmes, This is my friend and colleague, Dr. Watson. You may speak freely in front of him, as he rarely understands a word.

Sherlock: Fear is wisdom in the face of danger. It is nothing to be ashamed of.

Mycroft: Sherlock, listen to me...
Sherlock: No, it only encourages you.
Mycroft: I'm not angry with you.
Sherlock: Oh, that's a relief, I was really worried. No... hold on, I really wasn't.
Mycroft: I was there for you before. I'll be there for you again. I'll always be there for you. This was my fault.
Sherlock: It was nothing to do with you.
Mycroft: A week in a prison cell, I should have realised.
Sherlock: Realised what?
Mycroft: That, in your case, solitary confinement is locking you up with your worst enemy.

- They'll send someone soon.
- "They"? Who are "they"?
- Seems to me we put an awful lot of faith in "they."
- Well, I've got something
- "they" would dearly love if only we could get out of here.
- I've got ammo.
- Ammo?

Sherlock: Then, come, Watson, come. The game is afoot.

Sherlock: [in his apartment, to Moriarty] For the sake of Mrs. Hudson's wallpaper, I must remind you that one false move with your finger and you will be dead.

- John: So many lies.
- I don't just mean you.

- Just another voice on the phone.
- And a codeword.
- Ammo.
- Ammo?
- Like ammunition.
- We went in, but then something went wrong.
- Something went really wrong.

Sherlock: [after Watson corrects his deduction] My Boswell is learning. They do grow up so fast.

Dr. John Watson: Holmes, against absolutely no opposition whatsoever, I am your closest friend.

- and she's under my protection.
- Who are you?
- I'm the man who's going to kill your friend.
- Who's Sherlock Holmes?
- Not a policeman.

Sherlock: [to Dr. Watson] And you're clearly acclimatized to never getting to the end of a sentence. We'll get along splendidly.

Mary: I'm part of a campaign, you know.
DI: Huh? Campaign?
Mary: Votes for women.
DI: And you, are you for or against?
Mary: Get out.

- You know, all the time I was there,
- I just kept picking up things.
- Little whispers, laughter, gossip.
- How the clever agents had been betrayed.
- Brought down by you!
- Me?

- We'll come back later.
- What would he do if he knew, huh?
- About the English woman.
- What would you do to a traitor?
- Maybe we'll tell him one day.
- If he lives that long. [Laughs]

Dr. John Watson: [handing Holmes the deerstalker] You're Sherlock Holmes. Wear the damn hat.

- Appointment in sumatra.
- The merchant goes to a different city, and is perfectly fine.
- Good night, mycroft.
- Then he becomes a pirate, for some reason.
Sherlock: Keep me informed.
- Of what?
- Absolutely no idea.

Dr. John Watson: Good Lord.
Sherlock: [shouting to Mrs. Hudson who is downstairs] Mrs Hudson, there is a woman in my sitting room. Is it intentional?
Mrs. Hudson: [replying from downstairs] She's a client, said you were out, insisted on waiting.
Dr. John Watson: Would you, uh... care to sit down?
Sherlock: Didn't you ask her what she wanted?
Mrs. Hudson: You ask her!
Sherlock: Why didn't YOU ask her?
Mrs. Hudson: How could I, what with me not talking and everything?
Sherlock: Oh.
Sherlock: [to Dr. Watson] For god's sake, give her some lines, she's perfectly capable of starving us.

Sherlock: Every great cause has martyrs. Every war has suicide missions, and, make no mistake, this is war. One half of the human race at war with the other. The invisible army hovering at our elbow, tending to our homes, raising our children, ignored, patronised, disregarded, not allowed so much as a vote, but an army nonetheless, ready to rise up in the best of causes, to put right an injustice as old as humanity itself. So you see, Watson, Mycroft was right. This is a war we must lose.

- How's your Latin, brother dear?
- My Latin?
- Amo, amas, amat.
- I love, you love, he loves, what...
- Not ammo as in ammunition, but amo meaning...
- You'd better be right, Sherlock.