The Best The Last Kingdom, Season 4, Episode 10 Quotes

- Let me speak with him.
- Let me speak with the king.
- Go with this man.
- If he kills Danes, kill him.

- Your king could not choose between his sons.
- And so...
- Guards, bring in the prisoner!
- He has given us his greatest warrior in their place!
- Bring him to me.

- You have just sworn you will not fight for northumbria.
- There are ways to take lands without fighting for them.
- Sigtryggr has shown us this.
- Northumbria is the last kingdom.
- Without it under one king and under Christ, there will be no england.

Uhtred: It is hard for a father to see his daughter go.
Young: But you were right, father.
- Sigtryggr is different.
Uhtred: Perhaps I was not so foolish.
- Or someone was guiding you.
- The gods like to see me fight.
- It is sport to them.

- Mother!
- Mother!
- Mother!

- You know nothing of how I suffered!
- I will not kill you, nor cnut's child.
- He is not cnut's. He is mine alone!
- And he will be loyal to me, as no man ever has!
- I will breed in him a hatred of all saxons.
- Then you condemn your child to a bloody death and that will undo you!

- He will assume you are lying and take aelfweard anyway.
- Are you lying?
[Softly] I do not know.
- Which of these two children is more precious to his heart?
- I'm the elder brother. I should be chosen.
- I will take them both.

- If you do not, I will become stronger.
- Blood has been shed. More will flow.
- I will take revenge on all of those who have betrayed me and I will not rest until they suffer at my hand.
[Pants] Do it!
- Or I will be your undoing.

- I have sacrificed enough for them.
- Well, I have sacrificed nothing.
- Please! I want to live amongst my mother's people, to find the part of myself that died when she was taken from me.
- Besides...
- Sigtryggr is gentle.
- He's a man of honor!

- There is a plant that flowers in the courtyard.
- The purple blooms, when dissolved in water, are tasteless...
- And effective...
- Especially in children.
- Why would such a plant grow in the courtyard?
- It was planted there, should this situation ever arise.

- I will not take orders from a Dane.
Sigtryggr: Let us talk, eye to eye!
- This is a game and I will not play.
- Tell him to surrender, or I will give the signal to burn them all.
- Bring the boys.
- Lord king!

- Dampen the roofs.
- Protect the walls from fire.
- Then I will select a hostage...
- And we will see what they do.
[Dane] Hurry up, men!
- Make haste!
[Dane] Take it.

[Dane] Stay back.
Uhtred: Finan!
- She's all right. Come on.
[U htred] Move!
Finan: Get back! Get back!
Uhtred: Move!
- Hold the line! Hold the lines!
[Dane] You heard him!

- I am grateful there is no screaming.
Aelswith: I fear that is because everyone is dead.
- We are being kept alive, so they can make a show of our deaths.
- Then if they try to take me,
- I shall throw myself upon their knives.
- I can show you a way with a piece of cloth.
- I have learned things in my life, which you do not know.

- King Edward sends you this message of intent!
- Leave the town, or on his command, these flames will...
- I knew what he was going to say.
- They're getting desperate.

- If you can delay the Danes until lady aethelflaed arrives, she will persuade Edward to endure a longer siege.
- You know that we can take back the town when they're depleted.
- That is not my plan, aldhelm.
- Ha! Told you.
- Why else would you make such a dangerous offer?
- Because I believe I can end this.

- I will return to my church, father.
- I curse myself for my headstrong children.
- What can I say? My blood is the blood of a stubborn bastard.

- Just leave.
- Have your child.
- Leave while you can.

Haesten: Here.
- There is some water in a flask here.
Eadith: But what are you doing?
- Don't worry. I will look after you.

- He's never failed!
- He never failed because good men followed him.
- But even he could not take on an army alone.
- It was unwise.
- It is painful to speak it, but your lord has lost a battle he could never win.
- There is no hope for him.

- We cannot hand Winchester over to the Danes for the life of one man.
[Edward] Indeed.
- Set the hay sacks close to the gates.
- Add shit and lime, so they may choke on the stench.
- We force men from the ramparts and into the streets, breach the gates and slaughter them!

- Raise the fyrd! Raise the mercian guard!
[U htred] The king is rash in his determination to retake the town and w/I/ not listen to reason.
- Do not do this!
- Attack!
- No!
[U htred] Destiny is all./

- Your daughter.
- Which you have refused.
- Because you know what it is to have your child used in a bargain!
- Stiorra is not a child.
- She is a young woman.
- So, we did not refuse.

- You are foolish.
- This could soon be over.
- Cowards.
- Liars and cowards all of you!
- Go in the north. You need good weather to go through there.
- Why don't you go up to eofen/vic?

- How did you like your first battle?
- I swear it will be my last.
- From now on,
- I will be staying in the tent.
- You showed the spirit of a true warrior.
- Perhaps my family honor is restored.
- If only those who cared for me were still here to see it.

- How long do we give him?
- As long as he needs.
- We'll know when the time comes.

- Stand down your men!
- Edward, stand down!
- Stand down!

Pyrlig: Lord king!
- Our scouts send good news!
- The lady of mercia has come.
- She brings an army!

- Yes.
- They are at the gates and I do not want to be here for the fight.
- And you are coming with me.
- No. No, no, I cannot.
- They will be slaughtered!
- Come with me.
- Many women have grown to appreciate my charms, given a year or so.

- Quickly! Get back!
- One formation!
- Pull back! Protect your men! Keep tight!

- Lower your weapons!
- Come!
- Talk to us at the gate!
- Come now!
- Your sons want to see their father!
- Lord, do not approach the gate.

- Sigtryggr! Stand down your men!
- Order the shield wall! Do it now!
- Did you get what you came for?
- Sigtryggr! Stand down your men!
- You can get what you came for!
- Shield wall!

- Drink enough water, then give me back the jug.
- After that point, do not drink anymore.
- Why?
- If the king cannot choose between his sons, it may be that we need to ensure aethelstan does not have a powerful friend.

- Sigtryggr, you wish to talk with us?
- There will be no negotiation until we see the captives.
- Welcome.

Cenric: ...Formation!
- Halt!

- She has taken eofennic and the Danes there have submitted to her rule.
- She now travels south with her army.
[Inhales and exhales] Let her not be shamed by weakness in her brother.
- Let her return to the land of her birth and find it cleansed of the Danes.
- Tell them it is decided.
- If they do not surrender,
- Winchester will burn!

- They have made provisions against fire, so, let us use smoke to conceal an attack.
- If god and the winds are in our favor, it will choke those guarding the gates and allow us to breach the walls.
- But if the wind turns, then we ourselves are smothered.
- Lady, I beg you.
- Give lord uhtred more time.
- Lord uhtred is already dead.

- I need them alive...
- For now.
- Do you like this?
- Then I need your help.
Brida: I don't want his sword!
- I want him!
- You'll have your revenge, brida.
- Sigtryggr!

- I cannot agree.
Sigtryggr: It is unclear what your choices are.
- Perhaps we should consider it.
Aethelflaed: He would be on my border!
- Edward, do not let him divide us.
- I will leave you to trade between yourselves.
- I'll find my daughter.

- Shield wall!
- Shield wall!

- Nor a wife.
- This is why I'm stronger than you.
- Give me my children!
- I command it.
Sigtryggr: I will give you one of your sons if you retreat.
- And you may choose which.

- What his daughter said is true.
- We cannot conquer this place while he lives.
- Edward can make other heirs.
- He cannot make another uhtred.
- Then perhaps we should tear him to pieces.
- Make the exchange.

- My place is with the captives!
- Ah, die, then, ungrateful bitch!
- Edward has attacked us.
- Come with me.
- Uhtred.
- You betray me, all will suffer.