Top 1000 Quotes From The Last Kingdom

- They may butcher our bodies...
- Our souls are Odin's own.

- So answer me this. Where might this lord come from? Do I know of him?
- Should I fear him?
- You can be sure he will not be called uhtred, lord, if that is your meaning.
- My advice, lord, is to send ships and men to beamfleot.
- We shall maintain the peace.

- Hm?
- The men you will slaughter.
- You seem to take things when you want them.
- When you do, show mercy.
- To my uncle aelfric, who spent a lifetime wishing me dead?
- There is a power in forgiveness.
- Good.
- Then you may use it to forgive me.

- Welcome to coccham.
- Finan.
- Lord uhtred is at the fortress, the burh.
- If you fetch him, finan, we'll be waiting in the hall.
- I will, lord.
- The man must have a priest for each day of the year.
- Man: God be with you.

[Softly] Uhtred...
- Beocca!
Uhtred: Beocca!
- Make for the ship!
- They came from the sea gate.
- Destroy their ship!

- Lord! Lord! Lord!
- Run!

- I will never surrender.
- Kill me as I killed my father.
- That is the legacy of our line.
- Do this and your son will kill you.
- That is the destiny.
- No, it's not.

Aelswith: Who is it?
- It is me, father beocca.

- Ragnar is spent.
- That said, he will kill you.
- What? Why?
- He blames you for losing uhtred.
- Why? I merely opened his eyes.
- And he will close yours, for all time.
- I like you, aethelwold, but ragnar will kill you. Soon.

[Constantin laughs] Well, your father has not shown himself to be wise in judgment.
Aelfweard: We seem to be the ones...
- Hild, if we distract the remaining guard, can you get her to the sea gate and to safety with father pyrlig?
- Yes, I will need a torch to signal to him.
- You will need a weapon.
- I had hoped never to hold such a thing again.

- Aethelhelm shall be found and tried before saxons and Danes.
- We can forge a new union with daneland.
- For that, I am glad.
- I am sorry for osferth, even though I did not know him well.
- He was still your blood.
- You were his true brother.
- Yes. And I will avenge him.

Hild: Up. You've been asleep for a day or more.
[Grunts] I can do it.
- Take off your clothes.

- He believes we're at his mercy.
- It is not wise, brother.
Sigtryggr: But it is necessary, rognvaldr.
- Our people will paint the land with Saxon blood.
- If you're afraid, you may stand down.
- All who fight as brothers fight as one.
Sigtryggr: We attack from the high hill!

- Because of her love for god.
- God will never abandon her.
- You were being humped against your will.
- He sent you.
- Is the king likely to have been killed?
- The king is not our concern.
- If the king is dead, then wessex is dead.

- We need get no closer at this point.
- Lord!
- Drop the sail!
- Row inland and keep under the shadow of the cliff.
- How long do we wait for your son to send a sign?
- Until it comes.
- It is all the will of the gods now.

- Shh.
Sihtric: I'll get you out, be ready.
Finan: Come on, you bastards, you!
- Ha-ha!

- Not at the expense of the north.
- Aethelflaed would listen to uhtred now.
- As must we.
- And I gave your sister my word that I would keep aelfwynn safe.
- I will not sacrifice her as you do now!
- And nor will the mercian army.

Finan: Lord.
- Lord.

- How long...
- Before I am taken? Do you know?
- Is that something that you can see?

- Sigtryggr!
Sigtryggr: Get back!
Sigtryggr: Retreat! Get back!
Sigtryggr: Retreat! Fall back!
- Hold on!
- Sigtryggr!

- Push on!
- Aldhelm!
- Aldhelm!

- Do not forget your wife...
- Of strong, Dane stock.
- Why am I not surprised to hear you threaten a woman?
- Father beocca, please forgive me my sins.
- I shall leave you to your prayers.
- If indeed that is what you are here for.
- I shall watch out for you, father beocca... with my good eye.

- If I place someone to rule here who might forge a path to peace, someone who might not necessarily please the ealdormen, but whose popularity with the people might force them to accept it...
- Let us call him a lord and protector who would rule here just for a few years until things are less volatile.
- I wondered if that person should be you.

- Riders.
- Spears to the walls!
[Soldier] Spears to the walls!
Steapa: No man is to pass. No man.

- That's not what I heard.
- How is she?
- To bed?
- I imagine she squeals, like a big fat pig.
Finan: Stop it!
- Come on, uhtred!
- We were having a nice dinner.

- Drink enough water, then give me back the jug.
- After that point, do not drink anymore.
- Why?
- If the king cannot choose between his sons, it may be that we need to ensure aethelstan does not have a powerful friend.

- He is no fool. He will not wait for us to knock on his door.
- He will want to choose the place of battle and we cannot allow him that advantage.
- We each volunteer a man, you, me and bloodhair.
- Yes, lord.
- Will you speak to bloodhair or shall I?
- You.

- And I would rather be at the top of a hill than on the flat.
- I say we march to asec's hill.
- Take them both, make them secure.
- Lord.
- What is this?
- I have spoken the truth.
- I have spoken the truth. Father beocca.
Beocca: My lord, please.
- Beocca, help me! Beocca!
Beocca: Have faith!

- The king has questions about your loyalty.
- It's his way.
Aethelred: And he tells me you've been associating with those heathen Danes.
- Like this one here.
- Uhtred, we are needed elsewhere.
- Is he required between your legs, my dear?

- Give no ground!
- Where are the mercians!

- Instead you swore an oath to kill Danes.
- You know my reasons.
- We have been living in a palace.
- What happens if you find yourself facing young ragnar in battle?
- We fight.

- Swear to me.
- Swear to me you will not kill her.
- Take her captive.
- Make her face those she has wronged.
- Father, do not kill her.
- I will take no pleasure in it.
- It is just the way things must be.
- Open the gates!

- Alfred could marry me off to some ealdorman and you won't be here to stop it.
- What is funny?
- It would not be the first time a king has tried.
- You're not coming with me, it would be too dangerous for you.
- It is for you too.

- Princess! Stop her!
- After her!
Sigefrid: Stop her! After her!
- Where is he?
- Erik! Where is he?
- Lord, I do not know.
- I have not seen him outside of the hall!

- It was cold, so I lit a fire.
- I hope you don't mind.
- We have servants to light fires.
- Come.
- Sit.
- I do not have an appetite.

- I am grateful.
- Thank you.
- I would like to speak to lord uhtred.
- You cannot.
- I would like to serve him.
- You cannot! Now shut your mouth, before I fill it with my boot!

- You will have a guard at all times.
- You will be safe here.
- And my companions?
- My servants from the camp?
- Any woman who is not aethelflaed will have been killed or claimed.
- Claimed is most likely.
- There's a bucket in the corner.
- A royal bucket, no splinters.

- I will not send them to be slaughtered while cnut sets the terms of the battle!
- You will take a message to the Welsh king.
- Aethelflaed is expecting an army.
- We must deliver one.
- Iha ve taken cnut's sons as my prisoners and brought them to aethelflaed ..
- To be used as bait in the battle lknow is to come.
- Destiny is all/

- Quickly! Quickly, go to your positions!
- As fast as you can. We can hold them off.
- They are dogs. We are men!
- Quickly, carry on!
- Carry on!
- Go! Go!

- You will need me.
- That leaves uhtred.
- My sword is my brother's. No doubt.
- Then it is settled.
- The kingdom of wessex will surrender...
- Or burn.

- when we hump her all night.
- Come on, ragnar!
- Ragnar!
- I killed your father!
Brida: Get up!
Uhtred: Get up!
- Ragnar!
- I burned your mother!
- Go, ragnar!

- You will smite all of us?
- Yeah, most.
- Some of you might run away, hopefully.
- I've got... I've got a sword.
- A very sharp sword.
- Though I'd prefer it if you surrendered.
- Kill him!

- Only I can defeat uhtred.
- You know it to be true.
- I have never lied to you, sigurd.
- But what you wish for and who you wish for, it can never be real while haesten is alive.
- You must kill him.

- My men are restless.
- Hunting is not enough.
- I may go across the river, spill a little blood.
- Across the river is wessex.
- Then if I see Alfred, I will tell him that my brother is humping his daughter.
- I can see that you like her.
- I would like to ride her, yes.
- Then ride her.
- One tiny cock isn't going to hurt her.

- There is a plant that flowers in the courtyard.
- The purple blooms, when dissolved in water, are tasteless...
- And effective...
- Especially in children.
- Why would such a plant grow in the courtyard?
- It was planted there, should this situation ever arise.

- He says the gods sent men to save him.
- He always has a tale to tell.
- Do you know he pays sailors to say they fear him?
Sigtryggr: Better a lying rogue than a killer.
- You're too tender.
- Send him on his way.
- And break an oath of hospitality, my love?

- Uhtred and ragnar? Pagans.
- There is that risk, but firstly, uhtred is a warrior, a viking even, he will forever be restless.
- Perhaps.
- And secondly, should he turn his attention to bebbanburg and indeed to northumbria as a whole, then steapa is under instruction to kill him.

- If that is the path it sees for us.
- I wonder if destiny lost its hold on me when I left these lands.
- I have been free of pain for a while now and better for it.
- Perhaps pain is our choice, not destiny's.
- So tell me, uhtred.
- What would finally allow you to be free of your pain?

- A woman who knows the scripture.
- Mmm.
- Alfred's learning is strong in cent.
- Then you will do the clever thing and accept my offer.
- And if I do not?
[Laughs] I don't know.
- They always tend to comply.

- that I believe you are deserving of this moment.
- You are as good and true and faithful a man as your father.
- And for that, god will favor you.
- This is your destiny.
- Seize this moment.

- Get up!
- Let them see how we get thieves to tell the truth.
Finan: Come on!
[Beocca] Heave! Heave!
Finan: He's got it!
- He's got it! He's got it!
- Yes! Yes!

Burgred: I will.
- I will fight for mercia.
- You forget I am king and wield power like a king.
- Lord burgred...
- We have taken your son to wessex for religious instruction.
[Edward] He w17/ be cared for until his father finds better judgment.

- He has made you eager to learn.
- He has given you free will, hoping that you will find the courage to choose him above all else.
- And I believe, I truly believe, he will be rewarded.
- I have a message for guthrum.
- He's in the church.

- You sent aethelwold to kill ragnar?
- Because“.
- Because we're destined to be together.
- You know this.
- Please, my love.

- And yet we survived.
- I will not honor him.
- And nor should you, burgred, not after all that you've suffered.
- Suffice to say that I did all I could to persuade him to return sooner...
- But I failed.
- Trust me, the mercian guard feel your loss deeply.

- My exact written instruction shall follow.
- I want sigefrid and Erik out of lundene and soon.
- It will be done, lord. Thank you, lord.
- Steapa.
- Lord?
- Do you trust the ealdorrnan uhtred?
- With my life, lord.

Finan: And me.
- It was my bastard plan.
- And I shall wish you all the best of luck.
- If you get caught?
- Do nothing.
- Ragnar, think only of our blood feud and of thyra.
- I hope you're light on your feet, big man.

- but I will arrive late.
- As the Danes attack from the front,
- I will attack from the rear.
- My army against a fyrd of peasants, it'll be a slaughter and my men will survive.
- I can almost hear the screams of panic.

- Lord, I... I would never...
- You told me dunholm has no weaknesses.
- Yet last time I was there,
- I saw a door along the east wall.
- Access to a water spring.
- Yes, lord, but you could never bring an army through it.
- I would not be bringing an army.

- Follow us. We go north.
- Join them.
- No, we'll miss aelfwynn.
- Lady, do not be foolish. The sickness takes all, regardless of rank.
- I would rather be foolish than abandon my child.
- Do not ask again.

- I am the queen of eofen/vic.
- I am my father's daughter.
- Perhaps you're afraid the gods will favor me?
- You know nothing of the gods.
- Make the square.
- Do not do this, stiorra! Do not fight!

- I accept he will never know god...
- Icannot but if you sent him to beamfleot, if she saw him...
- You know I cannot.
- Perhaps her spirits would rise.
- She believes in him.
- Our belief is in god. In prayer.
- It is.
- I will leave you to your letters.

- Wolland!
- Did you miss me?
- Let's get him to bed.
- Prepare the chamber with no fire.
- That should keep his visit short.
- Bring him in!
- Hella, if he tries anything this time,
- I will cut his hands off myself.

- To Alfred, a man who would become king.
- Though not all agreed.
- I am my father's heir.
[U htred] I swore an oath to this king.
- An oath that lost me brida and prevented me from joining my brother ragnar.
- But destiny is all.

- Wake up!
- Take up your swords!
- Wake up!
- Death is coming!
- Aethelflaed is to be protected!
- With your lives!
- For god and the king!

- They will know nothing of the lord uhtred...
- Nor of your loyalty...
- Advice...
- Bravery...
- Courage...
- And insolence.

- My father demands that you let the hounds go hungry.
Sven: But if you don't...
- If you do not want that,
- I can tell father that...
- I have no brother.
- I have no brother.
- Get out.
- Get out!

- Guard: Behind you, behind you!
- Hild! Hild!
- Courage. We stand.
- Every man is to stand.

- Then you have my protection.
- Lord. Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Sihtric is with us now.
- He serves in king guthred's army.
- He behaves as if he were king.
- So do you need to shit or not?

- Jesus!
- Get the prisoners back with the pigs, bound!
- Sihtric!
- I will leave first light.
- But I will return.
- And if you are here still...
- Then I will kill you.

Yahya: It is the king.
- A king would choose a finer ship.
- Except for perhaps this one.
- My men disembark at the sea gate.
- A king arrives at a fortress through the front. [Laughs heartily]

- If he comes to the gate,
- I will speak to him.
- Why are we on the ramparts?
- To show Edward you are still alive.
- That is not what was discussed.
- Show her to the saxons.

- Princess!
Sigefrid: Princess!
Uhtred: Sigefrid!
- I'm here!
- Face me!

Alfred: You may choose.
- Your sword, uhtred.
- You can be a free man within my service.
- Ragnar goes free?
- He has earned it.
- Swear.
- I, uhtred of beb...
- It is the custom to kneel.

- She is so beautiful.
- She is too good for him.
- Why are we delaying?
- Did sihtric witness something at the graveside?
- Sihtric saw nothing.

- I could not leave, lord.
- You feared I could not rid myself of the curse?
- I did.
- I stayed here for the lady gisela, lord.
- This is her hall and there was no kinder, gentler lady.
- You clearly did not know the lady gisela.

Aethelstan: We should not have left rumcofa.
- Perhaps then osferth may still be with us.
- I wish to go back to my old life, uhtred.
- That time is over.
- Men look to you now as a leader.
- | wish they did not.

- That is what I said.
- The matter is closed.
- My lords, I have come a long way.
- I have offered my allegiance.
- Which is why you're allowed to breathe.
- If you have an argument, it's with me now.
- If business is done, we have ale to drink.
Ubba: And king egbert needs to sit.

- Sigtryggr!
- Sigtryggr!
- Open the gates.

- and he spoke of no one else who cared for him.
- Are you not the woman who humped aethelred for silver?
- I do not know who you speak of.
- Come.
[Gasps] Where are you taking me?
- Somewhere sigtryggr won't find you.
- You do not want to suffer your brother's fate.

- Oh, Jesus!
- Can you believe that?
- Give me your hand! Give me your hand!
- Give me your other hand!
- Pull! Pull up!

[Captain] Leave your posts!
- Rejoin the army!
- Wessex have stood down.
Finan: Edward's men no longer defend these walls.
- We ride.
- Open the gates.
[Guard] Lord. Yes, lord.

- Alfred used us to hurt father.
- Yes, but at least he led us to a Christian path.
- You perhaps.
- What heathen gave you that?
- None, I made it myself.
- As I say, I taught myself many things.
- My blood on this rune is to protect us on our journey.

Sigefrid: Princess!
- I see you, Princess!
- And I will kill you!
- I will have your head and your tits!
- Sigefrid!
- Sigefrid!

- Vibeke, we're ready.
- Show us who is honored.

- Spies north of here say the Scots have left a camp and march in this direction.
- How long until they reach bebbanburg?
Cynlaef: Unclear.
- It will depend on whether they stop to meet reinforcements or if that is the full force.
- And what of uhtred?
[Sighs] No word, no sighting.
- We cannot track him.

- Osferth, prepare to open the gates, finan with me.
- Uhtred, what is it?
- Who is it?
- Bloodhair, lord, with hostages.
- He wishes to negotiate?
- Possibly.

Alfred: We shall Bury the dead and pray for their souls.
- When you are ready...
- I would like to say a prayer for uhtred, son of uhtred.

- I am a Thorn in the side of the house of wessex.
- I am all that stands between them and a united eng/and.
- I/I/il/ Alfred's dream be fulfilled in my lifetime?
- And if so, who will rule here?
- I/I/il/ blood pre vail?
- Or will king slay king once again on the battlefield?

- Ragnar!
- Again?
- Yes.
- It's the last time, I promise.
- One more son, I swear.
- If it's not, I will take your cock.

- You follow her like Christian sheep?
- Where is his wife?
- Let me find her.
- Rognvaldr, no.
- Rognvaldr, no!
- Leave her be!

- Do not think of us, just run.
- Can you do that?
[Sighs] I'm just as good a fighter as any of your men.
Uhtred: You're also a greater prize.
- Aethelstan, if you're captured...
- Then I'll say the truth, that I'm no one.
- Not yet, no.

- Do not come forward!
- Do not shoot!

- Thank you.
- Quickly grab what you can and return to your posts.
- And keep an eye out for more Danish ships!
- I'd like somewhere quiet to dress.
- Are there ladies' quarters in the fortress?
- You may find your way down to the kitchen.
- There are some women there.

- I've known how to kill a curse since before you arrived at dunholm.
- I chose not to tell you, because I knew you wouldn't stay.
- So I wanted to see you suffer.
- I did love you, uhtred, but that has passed.
- I do not believe you.
- We are one, you and I.

- Lord! Breach!
- With me now!
- Steapa! To the gate!

Aldhelm: [Aethelred executes a messenger] Lord, you cannot simply execute your subjects as you please. This is the ninth century.

- I cannot place you.
- I'm presuming your fortress is one of strategic use.
- You've probably heard of it.
- It's called bebbanburg.
- You are the man that torments uhtred?
- I had expected someone different.

- They must have been too afraid to stop and fix the cart.
- Wrap it in cloth. Keep it safe.
- Let's move on.
- I want every Saxon dead by nightfall.
- Move on!
- Your man is here.
- I know it.

Finan: Put your back into it!
Finan: Come on! It's moving! Come on!
Finan: Can you get under it, lord?
- A little more.
Finan: Go on, lord!

- Who is there?
- It is aldhelm.
- Lady aethelflaed's absence has been noted by her husband.
- She should leave here before she is discovered.

- No? [Chuckles]
- You two, stay here and report which one dies first.
- And if they take too long to die, slit their throats like hogs.
[Man] Yes, haesten.
[Chuckles] Come, we return the queen to her palace and finally get to see how much king Edward really loves his mother.

- You want to kill me, uhtred ragnarson?
- That was the plan.
- You don't like me?
- I can be a funny man.

- I'm thinking of keeping them both, the boy and the girl.
- Can help your mother.
- Disagree?
- No.
- But we did kill his father.
- If he's an ealdorman, we could sell him for ransom.
- Perhaps.

- Even if it wasn't made for me,
- I can't blindly follow the king's command.
- That is something I understand.
- Yet I cannot believe he has left me to face this without him.
- I thought, somehow, he would find it in his heart.
- What do I tell my men?
- Tell them your brother is close behind us.
- They must believe we have a chance.

- Wessex.
- It must be wessex or steapa will have instruction to kill me, I'm sure.
- I need peace for a time.
- I need my woman.
- And what of thyra?
- Whatever else, she's safe.

- You will ensure no one follows.
- Not until Alfred himself knocks.
- Lord, on my oath, he will not harm you.
- But if he does harm you,
- I swear, I will kill him myself.
- Beocca, the door!

- Alert lord aelfric.
- He'll want to see this.

- The ships have been fired.
- Ah!
- It's him. I know it.
- Yes.
- You saw them dying on the hill.
- Did you not see a fire?
- I can only see what the runes allow.
- How many ships burn?
- I don't know. Many.
- They are planning something, they must be.

- and it was defeated by men who have now proven themselves to be warriors!
- This is our first victory, and it will not be our last!
- It will not be our last!
- So let's celebrate!

- I will need the help of...
- No!
- No, he's too young.
- Not his help. No, not his at all.
- Is by any piece of luck the trader haesten still in these lands?
- Uhtred, truly the gods are with you.
- Come.

- of how the Danes were vanquished.
- But I can help you put that right.
- I know how to defeat Edward.
- But if you kill me...
- Then it goes to the grave with me.
- All I'm asking is that you listen to what I have to say.
- And if it's not of value, then kill me.
[Chomping] I intend to.

Sigtryggr: You are still alive, then?
Rognvaldr: That's because of you.
Rognvaldr: Will you look?

- She is an angry woman.
Skade: Attack now!
Uhtred: What is your answer?
- I have a mind to kill her regardless.
- She tires me.
- He cannot do it, lord! He is cursed!
- Kill them all!
- You will not harm her again!

- I count a few more than 30 of the bastards.
- Fight, haesten, and you will lose men, many men, I guarantee it.
- I have many men.
- But you have just the one life!
- And I plan to take it.
- Move out!
- Dagfinn! Easy, easy!

- Tie them. Leave them to die, slowly.
- Sigtryggr wants you dead.
- Then take me to him.
- I will be happy to fight him.
- And give him the reputation as the man who killed the Dane-slayer?
- I want that honor to be mine.

Ceolwulf: What is this?
- Each time I talk of swords and Spears and yet you insist on speaking of unions and of ki...
- A cup of water for lord ceolwulf?
- A cup of water?
- I think perhaps a hole in the ground.

Cenric: Open the gates!
- Oh, my dearest girl, you've come home.
[Crying] Aelfwynn is dead.
- No, child.
- A miracle has occurred and you are mistaken in your heartbreak.
- Mama?

- Danes. I can smell their stench from here.
- Shall we attack or retreat?
- We are men of wealas. We attack!
- Form a line!
- Form a line!
- Slaughter them! Slaughter them all!

- Thyra.
- I forbid it.
Beocca: Please.
- Please...
- Let me help you.
- I am a friend.

- It is one of ours, lord.
- The flesh is rotten, but I know it, I'm sure.
- Go to the others!

- You have been brought here by fate, osferth.
- If all they have in Winchester is prayer, then they will need something more.
- We will go to Winchester.
- We will not.
- This is what you want to do, so why be childish about it?
- We will go when I have news.
- From beamfleot.

- A wise decision, lord.
- I think it would be right if your son were to travel with the delegation.
- Aelfweard is very fond of his aunt.
- Perhaps I could accompany him?
- He may be some comfort to his cousin aelfwynn.
- The poor girl.

- It's been half a day.
- Maybe he's scared of the priest.
- Vveleave!

- Then we must go where he will not find us.
Aelswith: In truth, it should comfort aelfwynn to see you.
Aelswith: Where is lady aelfwynn?
- How could you let her leave?
- I did not know.
Eadith: She has fled.
[Aelswith sighs] She has taken her horse.

- Who travels with you, nun?
- A trader bringing relics to lindisfarne.
- Name yourself.
- Haesten. Allow us to wait for the tide and you can have some spoils.
[Sighs] Wait here.

- in wanting to spare aethelflaed?
- Lord, you were a father before you were a king.
- But your reasons stand.
- She is wessex.
- She is the blood, the heart and the spirit of wessex.
- She cannot be humiliated.

- You've not looked me in the eye, not once.
- I am ashamed of what I became.

- I demand...
- That the sword-Danes unite and crush the anglo-saxons...
- It's not your place to make demands.
- It's enough that you've been heard.
- Excellent.

Uhtred: Morning.
Leofric: Sleep well?
Halig: He means did you hump well?
- I know what he means.
- Sleep well, lady?
Alfred: If I may speak to you all.

- Halt! halt!
- Wulfhere, I will have your guts, you traitorous bastard!
- This is our land!
[Man] Second!
- First in line, as you wished.
- Here they come.

- Of course.
- Do you swear?
- You are the man I trust most, uhtred of bebbanburg.
- I swear.
- I swear, lady.
- Then I shall dare to kiss you.

- then I am minded to bring her into this hall and allow each man here to take his turn.
- I swear, she will be tied to a cart and she will travel the kingdoms.
- Is that what you want... Saxon?
- Do not insult me.
- I'm not insulting you.
- Do not.

- I ask you not to fight for Edward, nor the crown.
- But to fight for yourselves and your forefathers!
- They are buried in the soil of wessex and mercia and they have become the soil!
- They are the land.
- And even as I speak, it is for them, we are fighting!

- So, when I kill him,
- I'm allowed to go free, that is the bargain?
- That is the bargain.
- Hear that, boltan? He plans to kill you.
- I do. Beware.
- I'm afraid, lord.
- Spare me this trial, I beg you.

- I have loved you.
- Don't pray for me.
- Did you hump her goodbye, arseling?
- I want to have left wessex by tonight.
Leofric: You're gonna have to ride faster than that, arseling.
- Hyathyah!

Finan: Pull!
Finan: Pull!
- Pull!
- Pull!
- Pull!
- Pull!

- The ealdormen have ordered that the gates be held closed.
- There is sickness here.
- Speak to my son.
- Of course, but I'm sure he'll not want you to be harmed.
- In fact, he might wish that you quit mercia altogether.
- Tell him I survived the swamps of athelney and am unafraid of the sickness.

[Man] Protect your king!
- [Qasdsi

- You're half naked, lord, you might catch a chill.
- This will not take long.
- Was it you? The fires?
- Must have been the gods.
- They're angry with you.
- First blood or to the death?

- So, what do we know of this Alfred?
- That he is sickly, he's weak.
- He wants to negotiate.
- Turns out that he's no warrior.
- But he beat you, guthrum.
Guthrum: Heh, heh, heh.
- So, what does it say?

- Calm down, sihtric.
- You will need your energy.

- in dismissing the matter of my servant oswald's wergild.
- He was a thief.
- His family will swear otherwise.
- My people will swear he was.
- And time will be wasted with no end.
- In that case, consider all matters resolved.
- Bless you.

- Who are they?
Uhtred: They belong to oswald.
- Their mother sends them hoping to shame me for killing their lying, thieving father.
- I see her plan is working.
- They're not the first to lose a parent.
- They'll live.

- You believe so?
- Yes.
- We should have approached him man on man, with honor.
- You think he knows it is a trick?
- Yes.
- Maybe.
- You don't know.
[Chuckles] No.

Earl: Wasp has lost its sting.
Ragnar the Younger: Yeah.
- Argh!
Earl: Ow!
Uhtred: Unh!
Ragnar the Younger: Are you sure he's a Saxon?
- He fights like a Dane.
Earl: Yeah.

- This does not mean the Princess is forgiven, uhtred.
- She is safe for now, no more than that.
- Leave! Go!

[Softly] Thank you for staying by my side.
- Your wife has commanded it.
- They all wish me dead, do they not?
- Why? Did I do something to offend my people?
- All of you, leave me alone... with...
- With eadith.

- There comes a point at which we cannot hide.
- We just have to pray that god is with us.
- You will stay here and not foolishly go out onto the battlefield?
- If the injured need my help I may...
- She will not.
- We know our role in this.
- Some moments men must face alone, and this is one.

- The memories will overwhelm you.
- It was a different life, beocca.
- I am a different woman.
- I'm with you, always.
Beocca: Riders.
- We should hide ourselves.

- Earl ragnar. I have a task for you.
- And you alone.
- Guard: Move it!
- Move!
- You are no longer a warrior.
- You belong to me now.

- There is nothing more useless than a dead spy.
- Finan?

- Receive your servant uhtred into the ranks of your devout saints and most bright angels.
- Let the water cleanse him so that he may know your wisdom to do what is just.
- Uhtred, you are now a child of god.
- Amen.
[All] Amen.

Uhtred: But his treason is known to the dying Alfred.
- Aethelwold's failings were born from my own.
- My brother who I loved.
- Who am I to take his son's life?
- The punishment...
- Is blinding.
Uhtred: Destiny is all!

- I swear I will not leave your side until we have found a way to help him.
- Or until you have killed me.
[Sniffs] Then we must find a way quickly, because I'm sure to kill you soon.

- Well, what did you see?
- What did they show you?
- What I saw is my business. Unh!
- I feel unwell.
- Here.

Leofric: Uhtred.
- The water is rising.

- Good journey then?
Uhtred: It was.
- I know what I must do now.
- Osferth?
- Lord.
- Are you still alive?
- Of course!

- Brochfael of gwent has not smiled once.
- Envy. Your victory is his loss, brother.
- Hm, perhaps.
- Perhaps the spoils are a little galling to him.

- But I promise, I will return.
- Uh-hmm.
- And when you do, you will be sleeping alone.
- You would do that to me?
- Oh, yes, I will do that to you...
- For a time.

- This place is ragnar's now.
- You have no need to hide.
- He and uhtred have wanted for so long to find you.
- You have shown incredible strength, thyra.
- I would say god-given.
- Bless you.

- He is cunning.
- Whilst you played lord and the saxons fought amongst themselves, he...
- Captured Winchester!
- No!
- Yes! Lady aelswith, you're going home!
- Take the girl, too.
- No.
- You will not fight it!

- Not a single one.
- Not a single man has answered my call.
- Then we wait.
- We must wait, lord.

- We hide here, wait for nightfall.
- I want the king and I want him alive, crawling on his knees!

- Please.
- Go. Go. Please.
- Iseult, you must prepare.
- It can only be tonight.
- She will be ready.
- Shh-shh-shh.

- I will tell you the truth, for I serve no one but myself.
- I have no allies here, and I'm part of no plan.

- It is good to see you safe, lady.
- Lord aldhelm.
- I shall advise the king you're here.

- A numb arse will be the least of our problems.
- We're good fighters.
- When we are all fit to fight.
- I have fought alongside your father for a while now.
- And he tends to come up with something...
- At the last minute.
- And many men are loyal to aethelflaed, even at their own cost.
- And no doubt the pair of them are devising a battle plan to save us all.

- Sihtric says we'll arrive at dunholm tomorrow.
- They've been watching us for most of the day.
- At least, I hope it's them.

- Maybe we know things you do not.
- These past weeks, there have been stories, mutilations.
- Raiders seen with white marking on their faces.
- I do not think that is the work of rognvaldr.
- They may speak it of him, but that does not make it true.
- Who then?

Sven: Pick it up.
- Pick it up!
- He... he's too weak.
- I will kill you.
- Uhtred, I am pleased that you will try.
- He is too weak!

- My companion and I have all we need.
- What news did he offer?
Pyrlig: Nothing of importance, but we should set out at once.
Brida: What's the hurry?
- Honestly...
- I cannot wait to escape this blasted cold.
- Besides, the sooner we meet with uhtred the better.

Finan: [raises cup] To Uhtred of Mercia! Finally, he can pay us some money!
Pyrlig: I very much doubt it.

- Someone should tell her father.
- That falls to me, as penance for ignoring his warnings about the Danes.
- Have him brought from the road to Scotland.
- She was dishonored in life, so she will be honored in death.
- We must ready both armies to extract justice from sigtryggr.
- His wife... for mine.

- But every lord is the hero of his own songs.
- I understand my absence.
- It will not be written that
- Alfred did stand on uhtred's shoulders...
- Many times.
- But I know it to be true.
- Thank you, lord.

- For the sake of the saxons, you must take Alfred's place.
- Only you can unite the two tribes.
- What Alfred could only wish for can be yours.
- Ours, my lord, my king.
- What I want is to be your queen.

- Aethelstan, my boy, what do you say?
- I will follow lord uhtred.
- Not sure things are going your way, lord king.
[Edward] I will brook no more defiance.
- No one will leave on penalty of execution!
[U htred] Destiny is all./

- So that you and aelfwynn would be safe.
- If I am ruler of mercia,
- I can protect you.
- I appreciate all you have done for us, uhtred. But it does not change my conviction that mercia needs a ruler who is independent of wessex.
- Apologies, I can return if you wish.
- I was just leaving, father.
- I know you will do what is right.

- That is where you belong...
- In a hole...
- In the ground. [Laughs]

- Keep them quiet!
- Elgin!
- Are you drunk?
- Now!
Finan: We kill 'em!
- Every bastard one of them!
- Man: To arms!
- Defend yourselves!
- Run!

- Do not do this for me.
- Do it for your descendants.
- Whatever I take will one day be yours.
- I'm not the warrior you seem to mistake me for.
- Why do you have this faith in me?
- Because I know that the spirit of our family is within you.
Uhtred: That will give you a strength that you do not know yet.

- You must end this silence.
- The priests will fetch men.
- Without men, safe passage to the south and frankia will be impossible.
- At best, our children would be taken as slaves.

- You must not tell anyone what has happened here.
- You're quiet today, father beocca.
- A sleepless night.
- Should I speak with thyra?
- Tell her you need your rest?
- You shall do no such thing.
- You will not talk of such matters.
- And what matters are those, father?
- I have said enough.
- You've all said enough.

- And why young ragnar will soon be going for Ireland.
Uhtred: You leave to fight?
Ragnar the Younger: To make my wealth.
- If you want land or silver, you have to take it.
- You made me proud today, uhtred.
- You made me proud.

- Not as a wife.
- No longer as a wife.
[Sighs] But you will always be half my life.
- And all of your madness, is what you said.
- It's true.

- Then you have to kill him.
- I must kill him?
- Than king aethelcod can walk into Alfred's camp and be welcomed as a friend?

[Dane] Stay back.
Uhtred: Finan!
- She's all right. Come on.
[U htred] Move!
Finan: Get back! Get back!
Uhtred: Move!
- Hold the line! Hold the lines!
[Dane] You heard him!

- Bastard Scots! Kill them!
- Slay them all!
- Don't spare a single one of them!
- Sons of whores!

- Lord, we should not do this.
- If she found us, so will they.
- Are you good with children?
- Not really.
- Excellent, neither are we.
- We go back!

- We need to be quick and discreet.
- Quick and discreet...
- We are off to the great north, you and I.
- I am to be Alfred's errand boy.
- He wants me away from Winchester...
- Aethelwold, I am not listening...
- He wants me dead even.
- That is the plan, I know it!

- We had no choice but to hide, and pray for a miracle.
- Iseult, my virgin queen, saved the king's son, but at a cost only she could see.
- She gave Alfred strength.
- With the king alive and well, there is hope for wessex.
- Destiny is all.

- I do not pretend it was easy.
- But you will not be alone.
Aelfwynn: I will be strong.
- I'll do as you wish.
- I'll serve as queen when you're gone.
- The witan will stand behind you.
- I am sure of it.

- Bnda.
- What have you done?
- Only what you could not!
- I'm sorry.
- I'm cold.

- Yes, and living the way she did put a poison in her flesh and robbed me of my most cherished gift.
- What is your plan for me?
- I have chosen you a husband.
- Someone you know.
- I will explain.

- You do not shit at your own table.
- Cornwalum.
- We take it from the britons.
- Do not say yes.
- Not yet. Think.
- I'll do the same.
- But why should odda be rewarded and not us?

- No more ground is to be lost!
Skorpa: Follow me!
Viking: Hey!
- God have mercy.

- you will remain inside your fortress...
- Songs will be sung about your cowardice.
- I shall pay for them to be written!
- I am no coward, Dane-slayer!
- If death is what you want, then you shall have it!
Finan: Lord, the job is done.

- Father, please.
- Come and sit by the fire.
- I bring word. From the king.
- He lives?
- Wessex lives and breathes, wulfhere.
- Thank god.

- A few days more, lord.
- It's your cart that's slowing us down.

- Listen to me. Talk.
- Prepare to be broken, as you tried to break me.

- This one.
Uhtred: This repair looks weakest.
- Try it.
- Too fast and too loud.
- I cannot hear anyone.
- I think haesten has got them to the shore.

- I was forced to.
- No one forced you. You begged us.
- And as I said, I'm not a Christian.
- And I'm yet to meet people who welcome traitors.
- So, be glad these men are dead, so they can't witness what you've become a part of.

- Did you hear that, bitch?
- Do you want to congratulate us?
- Oh, she cannot speak for thirst.
Rhodri: Hey, want a drink?
- Come on. Come on.
- {gasping} -[Men laughing]

- Thor strikes his hammer when he's displeased.
- But he will be appeased if we make another offering.
[Screams] No, please! Please, no!
- No!
Stiorra: I cannot hide any longer.
- I'm sorry.
- We cannot sit and wait to be saved.

- I see nothing on the river.
- It will soon be first light.
- Can you not speak.
- Very well.
- Ships afire!
- Ships afire!
- Fetch buckets and barrels!

- Should I hand you back to wessex?
- Unused but... tarnished?
- You wouldn't dare.
- We shall see.
- Lord!
- I am your wife.

- And I will never understand you, that is a fact, and one of increasing concern.
- And on top of this, my enemies now call you king.
- And they called you a weasel, lord.
- Neither is true.
- Impossible.

- That ram we have dragged, it will not work.
- It will not force open the gates.
- But it will work...
- In its own way.
- We rest. We wait.

[Grunts] Of course, I would slit her throat after she'd been ridden!
[Pants] Wait, uhtred.
- She's too well used to fight over.
Uhtred: Now I will kill you!

- Someone who cares for you very much.
- Cynlaef? He lives?
- He's been searching for you.
- I thought he was...
- Well, let us make haste.
- I fear lady aelswith's guard are near.
- Where is he? Where's cynlaef?
- This way, my lady.

- If this child is to live, then another, somewhere, must die.
- I will be taking a life, a stranger, an innocent.
- Iseult...
- This must be done.

- And, as lord of bebbanburg,
- I will provide for and protect you!
- And this cruel shit, who has hated you and mistreated you, will die.
- I've come home!
- Swear to me and you will have my oath.
- Aidan... you remember me?
- Who has your allegiance?

- marry this pretty bread-pudding of a boy.
- A fair description.
- Furthermore, he gets to hump the king's daughter all night long.
- Aethelwold, you will be quiet.
- It is the truth.
- You will be quiet.
- Or you will do what, irishman?
- Kill you in your sleep.

- I am a Dane for life.
- Mean it!
- I am a Dane for life.
- From this day onwards.
- From this day onwards.
- This means everything to me.

- It is you who are the great warrior, brother.
- What will you do now the fight is over?
- I'm going on a pilgrimage...
- And you can rule from the fortress in my absence.
- Play king for a while. You deserve it.
- You fought valiantly.
- Come on!

Edward's Soldier: I did not get to speak with you...
- I love you.
Edward's Soldier: I will protect all that we have achieved, sister.
- This I swear to you.

- The very day I'm told that my home is my own is the day I decide I must leave.

- Now you will crawl all the way to the palace where you will kiss the cross and lie flat down on your face.
- And then what?
- God and the king will forgive you.
- Go.
[Man 1] That's it.
[Man 2] Go on, then.
[Man 3] Get down.

[Man] In the name of the lord,
- I wish to be loyal...
- Your reign was brief, lord uhtred.
[Man] I offer myself...
- But in that time, you've served mercia well.
- We have the ruler we need.
- Yes, you do.

- Father beocca.
- I would like to speak with you.
- About prayer.

- I agree. It is unlikely he will arrive south by sea.
- Constantin is strategic. He will know how changeable the tides are, the risk of summer storms.
- All right, we stay with the plan.
- With luck, his full army will take days to gather.
- Onward.

- Stay back!
- Lord, stay back! It's the sickness.
- They're dying of the sickness!

- Look around you, eardwulf.
- Lord?
- Soon, all that you see will belong to mercia.
- Cnut's mistake for leaving will be our glory.

- Peace?
- Mere words used to mask your true motives.
- There can be no reconciliation.
- You wish to help me, father pyrlig?
- Then give uhtred a message if you live.
- Tell him I'm coming for him.

- I have purpose, lord.
- My child is with god and I am close to god.
- There is joy in my days, at times.
- Do not fear the Danes.
- You will be protected.
- My son will ensure that.

- A bargain has been made and not a good one.
- Say nothing.
- Uhtred and father pyrlig have gone to see how your lady is, lord.
- Then I will go to her.
- Hm-mm, no.
- You will wait here. You will sit.
- With me.

- He has my protection.
- And who will protect the rest of us?
- I've never seen him so angry.
- You'll clean mail, tend to the horses.
- Anything.
- You'll wipe our arses if I say so.
- Of course.
- And I'm gathering the moss and dock leaves as you speak, lord.

- Lord, you are with me, you will not desert me.
- I feel nothing, except your love.
- Iseult.
[Viking 2] Look out!
[Viking 1] Ah!

- She is married.
- Uhtred!
- Is she married?
[Muffled] Yes!
- He is a man of god!
- Say it one more time, priest, and I swear the devil will take you.
- You're nothing but a heathen and the bitch is married!

- What his daughter said is true.
- We cannot conquer this place while he lives.
- Edward can make other heirs.
- He cannot make another uhtred.
- Then perhaps we should tear him to pieces.
- Make the exchange.

- We must take her to a place of-of comfort.
- Let us go back to aegelesburg.
- No, but lord uhtred said...
- I know what uhtred said.
- But uhtred is not my master and we cannot stay here.
- We must get her to a healer in aegelesburg if she is to stand a chance.
[Quietly] Okay.
- Lord have mercy on us.

- Give me your strength, your heart and your wisdom.
- Give me your love, brother.
[Exhales] You shall always have mine.

- But it's the festival.
Uhtred: She thinks rumcofa shames mercia with its heathen ways.
- Uhtred! A ship, it's turned in from the sea, which we cannot identify.
- Then the soldiers will be ready.
- Why would anyone attack before the lady arrives?
- Line the riverbank. Prepare.

- They are not to approach the palace!
[Asser] Father, they will hack the likes of us to pieces.
Beocca: The king! Where is the king?
[Younger] The king will have to make his own arrangements.
- And what of me? Odda! Odda!
Uhtred: Leofric, this way!

- I would like to know.
- Steapa, my sword.
- One day, father...
- I hope that my path will eventually lead north, to bebbanburg...
- But now, I believe I am needed here.
- I will follow Edward Rex!

- Lord, I was there with the lady aethelflaed, finan, the boy, sihtric, osferth.
- Some others may have overheard possibly.
- Father, it is a worthy plan.
- I gave my word that...
- What you gave was not yours to give!
- Father...
- Say nothing!

- Guards!
- Cenric, stand down your men.
- Lady, I cannot. The king forbids it.
- I am told this is where my daughter's body is.
- This is where your king has led us.
- Cenric, please, in the name of Alfred, open the gates and stand down your men.

- Reputation.
- Follow me and you will have my sword and my oath.
- For whether you are Dane or Saxon,
- I swear I will die to protect each and every one of you.
- My mind is clear about what must be done.
- But I cannot do it without you.

- To the settlements until the winter.
- We must hide you away, while the men go to war.
- Any of you caught humping a Saxon will be executed on our return.

- Where is uhtred?
- We expect him with the men from rumcofa.
- I am the vanguard, but the king is sending his sister reinforcements.
- And yet I have heard nothing and seen less.
- The saxons will fight for you.
- You're no longer alone.
- Good.
- We meet these armies, take my homestead, kill the bitch.

- Hey, perhaps don't kill me just before departure.
- Move!
- Any word if the king will relent?
- He has shunned all his advisers.
Finan: He wouldn't turn swords on saxons, surely.
- Tell that to the mercian ealdormen.
- We leave at sunrise.

- and give me the satisfaction of divorce, but do not dare love her!
- On the day that Alfred dies,
- I shall become king of mercia...
- That very day.
- And I shall announce it here in Winchester.
- That is not aggression, that is fact!
- You will send for further guards.
- Fifty or more, immediately!

- To protect her people, to protect you, her only child.
- You're not just her hope for the future of this kingdom.
- You're her heart, aelfwynn.
- She thinks only of you.
- Come.
- She is eager to see you.

- Oh, god.
- It is her, skade, and her curse.
- It goes on and on.
- Could it not be just life?
- Death comes to us all.
- It is her. She must be recovered.
- We go to Alfred and to aethelred.
- We do?
- And we beg for an army.

- Will he attack or will he raid?
Uhtred: He will raid, lord.
- To assess your strength and readiness.
- It is you who must attack.
- Destroy his army and send a message to all northmen.
- My lord has eaten something that is not agreeing?
- Too much wine, lord?

- It is finan.
- And the mercians.
- We are an army!
- Glory shall be ours!

- Am I mistaken, or is that eadith?
Eadith: We are travelers and traders!
- Happy to pay the toll!

- I can't go back empty-handed.
- Give me something.
- I have nothing to give.
- Other than things I have seen...
- Words I have heard.
- And what have you heard?
- Lady aethelflaed is dying and will not see the spring.

- They are gone.
- We need to be gone ourselves.
- Put on a helmet. We are Danes.
- Again?
- You will not leave me.
- No, we will not.
- You are prisoners.

- She is married and it cannot be undone.
- Make her a widow.
- No!
- Gisela is married to aelfric, not to Aidan.
- I have a wife already.
- A different wife.
- Uhtred, I'm bored with this.
- Kill them all.

- If that is your command.
- I will need someone loyal to hold the border lands in northumbria.
- We confront the Scottish king on the road!
- We break his alliance with lord aethelhelm and make a bargain for aethelflaed's daughter.
- We retain northumbria for the Saxon people!

Man: Lord?
- Lord, when will you need assistance?

- The reckoning approaches.
- The gods are speaking.
- They guide the seer to choose amongst you.

- We will Bury him!
- As a warrior!
- He is feasting in the great halls with our fathers!
- Bury him.

- Where is she?
- Kill them all!
Uhtred: Enough!
- Come and face me.
- I have cnut's sons.
- You are lying.

Brida: Wessex, Mercians, all Christians. This will bring them together.
Haesten: Then you will have united the Saxons. Alfred would be very proud!

- not betray him.
- They know nothing of Alfred's weakness.
- But, uhtred, lord...
- Did he not ask you to do nothing?
- You will get down from your horse and you will return to Winchester.
- And if I refuse?
- Now, father pyrlig.

- I must take your eyes.
- Lady, no, be merciful.
- And your tongue.
- Bitch.
- I will kill...
- No. No.

- Once the last of bloodhair's men have sailed up the ouse, we will march on mercia and then wessex.

- Kill them! To the gate!
- We must get to the gate! Kill them!
- It is to the end!
- Next group, go! Glory or Valhalla!

- We must decide how best to gather the ransom.
- Yes, lord.
- This cannot be how it ends.
- Lord, you have said all you can say.
- And bravely.
- There's nothing more for you to do, so I beg you... do nothing.

- Are you lost, father?
- Not lost, but abandoned, lord.
- I'm returning to Winchester with an important message for Alfred.
- We're going to see Alfred.
- Climb onto the cart.
- You can help guard mercia's ransom.
- God bless you, lord, saviour of my blistered feet.

- Is the king really happy with his son living among soldiers?
- We tend not to mention that.
- No shame in being a bastard boy.
Aethelstan: Whoa!
- Yes, much has changed.
- No. Uhtred's still the same.
- What?
- He's not married either.

- I know the pain you feel.
- It's almost unbearable.
- Even for a queen.
- I will stay only for as long as you need me, for a moment or a year.
- He is dying.

- Rypere's group will strike first from the water.
- They look to the river and then...
- We kill them.
- But, lord, we are just 11.
- Rypere.
- Two each.
- We attack as soon as it's dark.

- In the meantime, find out what is said among the common people of my grandson aelfweard.
- No one speaks of him, lord.
- Then spread his name. For his protection.
- I have seen enough to know that when two boys have one claim, both cannot thrive.

- Ask him to bring the demands of the king.
- I will tell beocca that you are ready to talk and to listen.
- Be sure that you do.
- And it would help if you cut her throat.
- He cannot.
- He dare not.

- But to keep safe the people that you love.
- She said that is why you will always have the strength to stand up when others fall and to go on when those around you say it is hopeless.
- It is why these men love you...
- And will follow you wherever you go.
- As will I.

- There is no better time than now.
- We must take Alfred's lead and kill every bastard Dane and Northman in eofewvic.
- In the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit.
- I'm not saying grace!
- It is a battle cry!

- But not that of a mother.
- An agony I would not want for my own son.
- I would like to see them both.
- I can have it arranged.
- I am presuming you do not want anyone else to know.
- It would put the boy in danger.
- We both know that.

- Come now, aelfwynn.
- Let us visit the church together.
- Mother?
- You must rest.

- Let me die with honor here on the battlefield.
- You owe me that, uhtred.
- I want to be with ragnar. Please, uhtred.
[Softly] Please.
Rhodri: Take the pagan bitch!
Uhtred: Brida.

- But you have sworn an oath to god, father.
- What use is your mortal life if you disobey your conscience for fear of man's vengeance?
- You and I must protect the faith, father pyrlig.
- Aethelflaed is expecting an army.
- We must deliver one.

- Kill him, go on!
- Take the legs off him, lord!
Brida: Kill him!
- Uhtred! Lord! Here!
- His shoulder!
Finan: Yes, lord!

Steapa: Gather your weapons.
- Off your arses now and gather your weapons.
- Gather your weapons!
Edward: Steapa!
- We march, lord, to beamfleot.
- Come on. Make ready. We march!

- Uhtred ragnarson, keep your sword in its scabbard.
- Wise queen.
- She stays with me.
- She stays with me!
- Do nothing!

- My lady.
Aethelflaed: Ealdorman burgred.
- I have completed the letter that we spoke of.

- Kjartan!
- Where are you?!
- Shield!
- Wall!

- Good morning.
- My thanks for last night.

- Why are you telling me this?
- It is of no concern to me.
- They will make it your concern, uhtred.
- They will find a way and Edward shall become your charge.
- You are a king-maker, my friend and Alfred knows it.

- I cannot abandon her!
- The queen stays with me.
- You are a fool.
- You are a sinner and a heathen and I...
- I have lost my Patience with you.
- The fight will go ahead.
- May your soul receive its just reward.

- Who is a little too fond of himself.
- Will uhtred be coming to the wedding?
- Sadly, he will. I'm sure.
- I consider him to be our lucky charm.
- Now, now. There will be no mention of luck or charms.
- There is god's will and nothing more.
- Praise him.

- I may have been too emphatic in my encouragement of the king.
- Come, ride with me south.
- No! I will not flee the battle.
- I will stay where I may be of use to injured men.
- I am not suggesting we flee, but if you want to avert a slaughter, then follow.

- My sword's weight in silver.
- I agree I may have been robbed, but we like you, boy.
- We're going to keep you.
Uhtred: Does this mean I'm a Dane?
- It means you're uhtred ragnarson.
- You are a son to me now.
- Ah!

- Raise the fyrd! Raise the mercian guard!
[U htred] The king is rash in his determination to retake the town and w/I/ not listen to reason.
- Do not do this!
- Attack!
- No!
[U htred] Destiny is all./

Sihtric: Go, lord.
- Where is she?

- Stand down your men!
- Edward, stand down!
- Stand down!

- May the good lord protect me.
- Protect us all.

- Where are you going?
[Iseult] I need darkness.
- She needs darkness for what?
- To see.

- no more games, no more fighting over women!
- But that is tomorrow.
- Tonight... we drink as if there were no tomorrow!
- Woman: Lady.
- Have faith.
- It is tonight.

- Pull!
- Pull!
- Pull!
- Pull!
- Pull!
- One day, osbert, I will kill that bastard and savor it.

- He insisted you were told.
- And where to after beamfleot?
- I can't say.
- But it is hoped that you will join us there.
- Eilaf is resting, lord, in preparation for tonight.
- You... may wish to do the same.

- Lord, are you certain you will not use the carriage?
- I'm certain. We ride to aescengum.
- Steapa.

- And when he moves,
- I will have his balls. [Chuckles]
- 30 men is nothing.
- He is no longer a lord.
- He has no men, no silver, no land.
- Then be sure to win me, lord.
- And be sure to gift me prisoners.
- I have not seen a man beg for mercy for some time.

- He knows nothing.
- I doubt he'll remember.
- He will believe the story he hears first and he will kill you.
- If you could write, you could write to him.
- If he could read, heh.
- You've left us no choice.
- We must find ubba, and hope he believes you.

- We must watch the young aethelstan.
- Keep him close.
- There are those that have ambitions for the boy.
- You are now aelfweard's one true ally.
- Yes.
- Let us therefore pray my daughter's sacrifice may yet bear fruit.
- Keep an eye on aethelstan.

[Leader] Spare him!
- You want the silver?
- I have no interest in silver.
- We are looking for a Dane named brida.
- Too late. I killed her.
Brida: You did not!

- I saw them all, lord.
- I saw the lady skade.
- I saw uhtred ragnarson. The whole army.
- Every man and every sword with me.
- It's time!
- Horses!
[Man] Close the gates!

Pyrlig: To the woods!
- Hide there until it's safe to come back.
- These men will take you to the others.
- Do not be afraid.

- Is this because of the baptism?
- No.
- It is simply that god has called him away.
- I know you do not share his beliefs, but trust me...
- He is a young man you can be proud of.
- Will he come back?
- I hope so.

- Would he not wish to find uhtred?
- And he is more capable than father beocca.
- Yes.
- Yes.
Aelswith: Ragnar is a hostage.
- And a man of his word.
- Could he not remain a hostage whilst outside of Winchester?

- And not only for wessex.
- We have men here from northumbria, from mercia, from east anglia.
- And why are the pagans here?
- They want your wives for their pleasure.
- They want your children as their slaves.
- They want your homes as their own.
- But they do not know us!

- I fear your prayers have been wasted.
- Please, let my lord the king listen to the words of his servant.
- Please, let my lord listen to the words of...
- Lady aelswith...
- I am trying to make him hear me!

- It is a battle that no man can ignore, no man can stand by and watch.
- Every man must find a weapon and every man must fight!
- Wessex will always be the light.
- And no matter how heavy our swords become, we must fight, fight, fight, and keep on fighting until the victory is ours!

Hild: No! Let go of me!
- No! [Viking] Ha, ha, ha.
Hild: No! Get off... no!

- May it bring a time of healing for mercia.
- I fear my sister will not mourn him.
- With respect, lord king, your sister should follow the custom.
- She loves mercia, but she never loved its leader.
- Have aethelflaed confined until all this is settled.
- If only to save her offending the ealdormen by her lack of grief.

Uhtred: They will come, lord.
- We must continue on to the woodland and begin the fight.
- We cannot allow them into open ground.
- Then this may well be the place we die, uhtred.
- Or it may well be the place you become king, lord.
- A great king, like your father at ethandun.

- Perhaps is enough.
- We follow the way of turds.
Uhtred: Wait!
- You die before I do and my daughter will not forgive it.
- Uh, lord, this is a bad idea.
- The romans protected their buildings with ghosts.

- Uhtred, name your price!
- It will be done, I swear.
- I give you my word.
- Kill him and you kill yourself.
- Your word?!
- I swear! Believe me!
- You will take one ship and you will leave northumbria.
- One ship! You will not return!
- For my brother's life, this is done.

- Tell the king I shall meet him on the road to aescengum, or at the burh.
- Why? Where are you going?
- To my wife.
- Then on to see bloodhair for myself.
- You should seek the king's permission...
- For once.

- the brothers Erik and sigefrid.
- I know the brothers will seek revenge for what they lost.
- And that kjartan the cruel will not rest in his search for the dead horseman.
- Uhtred ragnarson is mine.
- Destiny is all.

- You chose her.
- You chose Alfred, and you left him.
- No, sihtric.
- I should kill you, but I want you to live with the pain of his death.
- He was your brother.

Cnut: Uhtred!
- Finally.
- Fight me.
- Fight me!

- You are.
- Safe journey.
- All the way back to frankia.
- Uhtred ragnarson.
- You will always have my respect.
- But do not forget you were raised as a Dane.

- We cannot just stand by and watch them die!
- What would uhtred do?
- He would allow his enemies to destroy one another.
- I gave him my word!
- Then what will you do, boy?
- You can either bleat or you can make a decision!
- What will you do?

- Come play with us.
Aethelflaed: In a moment.
- First I must talk to eadith.

- Pull and give him the peace of death!
Sverri: Pull!
- Pull!
Sverri: Pull!
Sverri: Pull!
- Pull!

- But she seemed herself.
- That is taking all her strength.
- No, no, no. You cannot tell him.
- He must not be distracted from this fight.
- I have never lied to him.
- I know.
- But sadly, it is not a burden you will have to bear for long.

- Release her and I will not kill him.
[Softly] Uhtred.
- Do you want to see him die?
- Let her go.
- Run.
- Run!

- He said that I should be king of wessex and that you, you should be a king, too.
- King of mercia. King of Saxon and Dane.
- What we have just witnessed, you believe it to be true?
- Now I must decide where my loyalties lie.
- Do not forget you were raised as a Dane.
- Destiny is all.

- Marry her.
- Marry her?
- You should marry her, father, and bed her.
- And then give thanks to god for giving us such a joy.
- Praise him, father.
- Praise him!
- But what if she refuses?

- But the king, he may need you.
- The king, in his wisdom, has all but banished him, father beocca.
Aldhelm: You should also raise the question of how the northmen came to know of aethelflaed's situation, of where she would be.
- Man: Move on.

- Look at me.
- You owe Alfred nothing.
- To him, your word means nothing, you are a pagan.
- Please.
- Uhtred ragnarson can never become uhtred of bebbanburg.
- Never.

- See, this one tells us how 20 men can fashion a palisade in under a day.
- It is all for our own protection.
- Mother, I'm so sorry.
- Please, do not pity me.
- I have a better life than many widows.
- And my new rooms are comfortable, if rather near the kitchens.
- Every time I return, there is a new insult.

- What she loves is your silver.
- Is that the name of his cock?
- I wish to marry her.
- I wish you to kill Danes and survive the night.
- We're the only chance the villagers have.
- They have begun.

- Do as you are told and as god commands!
- Beside her, as proxy.
- You'll stand in for lord aelfric.
- We shall dispense with the joining of hands. You may take her arm.
- I will not be party to this.
- I will not marry...
- And we shall dispense with the vows.

- Ah!
- Uhtred!
- Arseling!
Uhtred: I have your sword.

- No. Uhtred led, you followed.
- He's the ealdorman, he is to blame.
- I share the blame, lord.
- No, he is responsible.
- Irresponsible.
- He will pay with his life.
- For the last time, beg.
- No, I will not beg.
- I will fall to my knees for no man, no king and no Christian god.

- We are all mistaken and we are all proud.
- What men say is true.
- You behave as if you were still at your mother's tit.
- You will learn respect one day,
- I'm sure.
- Lord, it is over, is it not?
- It is.
- I have the king's trust!
- That's a warning!

- Thank you.
- Sleep well.
- Lord Abbot, the most holy Saint is safe and covered.
- Thank you, brother.
- Well, I will bid you goodnight.
- One other small matter.

- You still have family.
- I'm also your kin.
- We can build a new home.
- I knew love, father.
- I left a queen and now I have nothing.
- Edward's victory has been my undoing.

- Let us wait until you are a little better.
- Aelfwynn must be named as my successor.
- If she is on the throne, she will be protected.
- I will fetch lady aelfwynn.
Aelfwynn: He's here.
- He's here. Come look! Come!

- and I am imprisoned...
- At a time when my sister is seen only as a Dane.
- Is that not what she is?
Uhtred: An enemy.
- In a hole is where you belong.
Uhtred: Destiny is all!

- Quickly! Get back!
- One formation!
- Pull back! Protect your men! Keep tight!

- I get to Winchester at last.
Aelswith: Do not look on it.
- It is not the place I left.
- Be under no illusion. They will murder us.
- So, I suggest you say your prayers and thank the lord for the lives you've led.
- I will not. I'm not a Christian.

- We're here.
- Ground her ahead. Be ready.

Haesten: Here.
- There is some water in a flask here.
Eadith: But what are you doing?
- Don't worry. I will look after you.

- is Earl ragnar, the man I used to serve until he banished me.
- He has a slave, treats him well.
- This is a slave you're entitled to buy back if you wish to.
- Buy back?
- It's your nephew uhtred, lord.
- He lives.

- Then we must prevail now.
Cnut: Farmers and their families die in war. It's just the way of things.
- Danish settlers, Saxon children...
- They pay the price.
- Besides, if aethelred has left his people undefended, they will be easier to slaughter, and slaughter will bring Edward sooner.

Uhtred: Do we stop?
- No. Edward and his men will be half a day behind us at most.
- We must move faster to have any chance.

- Help!
Osferth: Where's the wound?
- Where is it?
- Oh, my god, oh, my god,
- I'm going to die! I'm going to die!
- It's all right.
- Don't let me die, finan!
[Softly] Shh, I'm here with you.

- Bury him.
- Lord king?
- It is done.

- This news is... unbearable.
- And yet we shall bear it.
- Both of us.
- My father faced death with a soul that was prepared.
- He knew his dream would outlive him and he did not grieve his loss.
- And nor shall I.

- My place is with the captives!
- Ah, die, then, ungrateful bitch!
- Edward has attacked us.
- Come with me.
- Uhtred.
- You betray me, all will suffer.

- lundene and all of its riches shall be yours.
- Believe me when I tell you the gods are with us!
- The gods are with us!
- Oarsmen: Pull!
- Pull!

- Thank you, father.
- Goodbye, pure and holy abbess.
- Goodbye, you bloodthirsty heathen.
- Take this.
- Turn it into hack-silver and pay for bribes along the way.
- Keep each other out of trouble.

Uhtred: This is good work.
- Thank you, my lord.
- There's a boat down river, lord.

Finan: Um...
- Is this the place?
- Yes.
- I'm not sure I can see Edward's camp.
- I'm not sure I can see anyone.
- He will be here.

- If it is agreeable with you,
- I would like to take charge of the boy and take him to bedwyn and raise him there, as I raised you.
- To follow your footsteps and those of Alfred's.
- Make the arrangements.
- I will ask uhtred to accompany you.

- What awaits us at loidis?
- We shall see.
- Need I remind you that first and foremost our purpose here is the king's business.
- Nothing has changed but our path, beocca.
- We shall see.

- This fortress will not fall!
- I will never yield my birthright, nor seek peace with those who attack us.
- We fight on, until they are all butchered.
- It's time we're heading south, osferth.
Aelfric: We fight on for bebbanburg!
- For bebbanburg!

- You do not understand.
- She's not a woman to own.
- It is she that must own a part of you.
- Her blood becomes your blood.
- We will speak again, I'm certain.
- Thank you, lord.

- I do not expect brida to comply, but I would hope stiorra might.
- What is it you want her to do?
- Tell her to swear to me, publicly, to bring comfort to the Danes that all is resolved between us.
- The people here have endured too much for that.
- We have all endured too much.

- What did you do to tame her?
- I treated her with respect and gave her love.
- After you slaughtered the man she cared for.
- I pity the bitch.
- Do not give me a reason to kill you.
- My friend.

Eilaf: Bjorn...
- You have blood.
- I have given you life.
- I have sent you a message.
- If it's peace that you want, you shall not have it until we hear you speak.

- How is the weasel?
- Still a man of wisdom and honor.
- Who promotes an ambitious soldier...
- Brave.
- Who rewards loyalty.
- I hear he takes your sister as his whore.
- Then you heard wrong, Dane.
- She's not a whore and he does not take her.

[Edward] Have you made your choice?
- I will accept.
- If I can rule as my own man.
- I've never wanted to control mercia.
- Only see it at peace.
- Good, then we are of one mind.
- At long last, I strike a bargain with uhtred of bebbanburg.
- That is a name from another life, but yes, for now, we strike a bargain.

Uhtred: Will the child die?
- Can you save him?
- There is a way...
- Though it is not a good way.
- If it is the only way, then you must.

- For the reason they risked their lives and crossed the seas.
- To make a homeland.
- Follow me and this I swear.
- You have my word...
- As a Saxon and as a Dane!

- I should kill him first.
[U htred] My brother has disowned me as a traitor.
- And it is true.
- You are no longer my brother!
Uhtred: I betrayed him by leaving him in the company of men without honour.
- Destiny is all!

- One day I will kill you.
- Storri will tell you othennise.
- And I am telling you the truth about ragnar.

- It will bring them all and the end will begin!
- What?
- I thought you welcomed the fire.
- Put the queen and the others back where they keep their dead king.
- She comes with me.
- [Gasps}

- Cnut.
- He wanted to lead the Danes...
- And he wanted ragnar's woman who used to be yours.
- He told aethelwold that ragnar would kill him.
- He guided the blade... [inhales]
- Into ragnar's heart.

- Well, what do you suggest, then, lady?
- That you give yourself over?
- Yes.
- Haesten speaks the truth. Why should
- I live when so many others have died?
- Haesten has never spoken the truth in his life!
- Do not say as much again! Never!
- Or those men have died for no reason.

Brida: We will never get an opportunity like this again.
- Winchester is weak and nobody realizes except us.
- You told me you would not ask your men to risk death...
- Unless for food, or land, or to protect their families.
- Winchester provides all things and more.
- And there is no risk.

- I will say nothing more than it is time we change these lands forever!
- It is time to begin a story that will be told amongst the living and by those in Valhalla forever more.
- It will be our song... and our story!
- Let it begin.
- Let's move out.

- Thyra.
- Thyra, please. Please.
- Please.
Sven: Thyra.
Thyra: Kill...
- Thyra!

- I do not wish to be confined.
- It's a chance to mourn.
- May I suggest you make this simple and comply?
- Lady aelswith...
- Good, a man I trust.
- Follow my next instructions...
- And I am sure you will be well rewarded.

- Pyrlig, find Edward.
- Tell him what has happened here.
- Yes, lord.
- We go ahead to Winchester.
- They will not take what is not theirs, not whilst I live!
[Pants] Lord!
- What?
- Run!
- Let's go.

- Aelfwynn, do not fear.
- They look at us and they see weak and feeble women, but therein lies our strength.
- Aethelhelm and his men are fools to underestimate us.

Uhtred: Brida!
- Show yourself!

- Don't just stand there looking idle.
- He has the weight of an ox!

Finan: Lord!
- I would not send you to be slaughtered.
- When I see you signal,
- I will approach the sea gate.
- He'll be looked after.
- He's blessed, as are you.
Finan: All right, come on.
- Uhtred.

- They will surrender or die...
- And then we move into the heart of wessex.
- Shield wall!
- Advance! One! Two!
[Man 1] Horseman approaching!
- Halt.
- Pick it up! You there, pick it up!

- And great division between Christian and Dane.
- I've observed you have not yet left mercia.
- I hope I have reassured you
- I'm not wholly impulsive.
- I need men here I can trust.
- Stay here and watch aethelhelm.
- If he has heard this much, he's going to hear much worse.

Aethelhelm: We should not act in haste.
Aldhelm: Maybe aethelred's right...
- Edward, you must not delay.
- Enough!
- I will decide how to respond to this affront and when!
- Not you, nor you, nor you will set the terms.
- And certainly not cnut.

- And you told me that you feared my father was to blame!
- For the blame is his!
- His disregard sent her to the pilgrims.
- I did not know!
- If I had known, never would I...
- Never!

- Hey! Good morning, Princess.
- Anyone who shits liquid will be left behind.

- Remember him?
- And that must be sven.
- This is wrong.
- We need to tell ragnar.
- They're between us and the hall.
- Then we go up and around.
- We leave the horses and run.
- In front of the door. That's it.

- I know that I have not always treated you kindly.
- For that, I am sorry.
- I was younger and more foolish.
- And, as for you,
- I hope that you can find some comfort.
- To live without being loved is a torture.
- Which is why you acted with so much cruelty?

- Were you due to hump an alehouse whore, lord?
- Aelflaed, continue to the palace.
- I was due to eat, nothing else.
- Yes, my lord.
- If people have been gossiping, they are wrong, as I hope they are wrong about
- Edward having a whore and children?

- You should.
- Although each person here, and more, heard your father bequeath his crown to Alfred.
- He must have been delirious.
- On which occasion?
- I am the son of the king.
- Do your duty.

- Are you ready for this?
- Uh... uh, yes.
- It has been a while since we went to fight.
Finan: Can't wait.
- I'm desperate to wield a sword again.

- Burnstone.
- Very pretty.
- Someone will buy it.
- Lord haesten. Lord haesten!
- You must see this.

- I am not looking for the monastery.
- Saxons are not welcome here, father.
- I know.
- But I've urgent business with king hywel.
- Are you Saxon?
- Well, I was born a briton.
- You will only find trouble here, brother.
- You will find more than trouble if you do not let me pass.

- I think you've been fooled, lord wihtgar.
- How did you get past my men?
- Are you shipwrecked Danes also?
Wihtgar: Torture them for answers.
- Show them what any sea raider would face.

- Do you ever think of your English life?
- Who you were before we came to ragnar?
- Do you?
- I think of who I...
- Shh.
Brida: Voices.
- Men below.

- There will be a ransom to pay.
- No. You will go to my lord and you will tell him that from this moment forth...
- Uhtred of bebbanburg is cursed.
- The witch holds his heart in her hands and she will...
- Squeeze it...
- And break it.

- I am aethelwold.
- Son of king aethelred and rightful king of wessex.
- Alfred stole my crown.
- This crown.
- As king...
- I am prepared to negotiate.

- I went against you, even.
- I shall accept any punishment you think necessary.
- Without my permission, you swore my men to a traitor.
- You led my armies into a battle I did not sanction.
- Your actions were not worthy of an aetheling.
- They were worthy of a king.

- Shields up.
- Shields together!
- Shield wall!
- I like it, arseling.
- I do.
- Now, kill the bastards!

- No, uhtred, you cannot.
- Retrieving his body means nothing now.
- His journey in this world has ended.
- He is left with thieves and traitors!
- He should lie beside thyra where his friends can grieve.
- Instead, I led him to die among strangers.

- Man: Erik.
- The city, we leave in your hands.
- It's ours. It must remain ours.
- I will ensure it.
- You have enough men. Keep them sober and do not kill for the fun of it.
[Chuckles] No, lord.
- You do me a great honour, lord, though I wish I was going with you.

- Tie them all together.
- Form a chain.
- Bind them tightly.
- If any object, march them into the river.
- Get this inside your belly, arseling.
- God knows you deserve it.

- You do not have a husband?
- My sister will marry when appropriate.
Guthred: Excellent.
- Well, hopefully we will be bonded for a long, long time.
- To peace.
- To peace.

- You are not the king.
- No, but I am anointed queen.
- And in Edward's absence, my will takes precedence.
- I will not fight against it.
- I simply ask that a soldier bring a prayer book to my room, so that I may reflect.

- Sihtric! Stay awake!
- Okay, look at me. You'll be fine.
Finan: Lambs waiting for the slaughter.
[Dane] Huh?
- I'll go.
Uhtred: Can you reach the knot?
Finan: The ropes are too tight.

[U htred] Destiny is all/
- I will miss you, uhtred ragnarson.

- He is set on war with the king and the Scots follow him.
- And when Christian realms turn on each other, I fear all is lost.
- You should leave here. Protect yourself.
- I will report your message.
- Lord aethelhelm, where will we find him?
- In a fortress north of here, name of bebbanburg.
- He is the guest of lord wihtgar.

- It does not matter where we fight!
- We have a thousand warriors!
- Jackdaw! Prepare the men to march!
- I will.
- And send men ahead to find them!
- We will follow... now!
- Cnut...
- Leave me!
- This way is foolishness, cnut!
Cnut: You find him, jackdaw!

- Skade! He must remain cursed!
- It's your duty!
- He has defeated you twice over!
- I belong to uhtred now!
- Never! I've tasted your blood!
- What you see is mine!
- Ragnar, he cannot be allowed to leave.
- Didn't mean to miss! Next time, I won't!
- The gates. Now. Let us be rid of them.

- Lord odda, I say this to you as your friend.
- Do nothing.
- If I do not see you again, uhtred of bebbanburg,
- I wish you good luck.
- Wherever fate may take you.
- Thank you, lord.

- Together we could rule from north to south.
- Hear it.
- Hear it.
- You men there, take her down and return her to the cell.
- Let her rest.
Skade: Good night, lord.

- He has taken my woman, my seer, he shames me. I'd like to slit his belly.
- Now is not the time.
- I would accept the fight of skill, with staffs. Skade as the prize.
- Bloodhair, now is not the time.
- My answer is no.

- It is about pain.
[Crowd chants] Three!
Wolland: An agony of burning that the flesh never forgets.
- Then we wait to see if the blood sickens.
[Crowd chants in unison] Four!
[Crowd chants in unison] Five!
[Crowd chants in unison] Six!

- The ale is good.
- It is.
- Very good.
- To the creators of fine ale!
- May god... bless them.
- May the gods bless them. Him.

- Have them brought to Winchester.
- Arrange for their welfare and education.
- Introduce them to god.
- Rest well, father beocca.
- Yes, lord.
- Rest well.

- Finan, where is osferth?
Uhtred: Finan!
- Tell us. Where is osferth?
- Make way for the king!
- Sigtryggr, let me lead a warrior band.
- Let me do more than buttress a shield wall.
- Let him join the vanguard. Walk out front.

- Form our lines.
- Form our lines!
- Shields up!
- Advance!
[Man] Come on!
- Forward.
- Hold the line. We work as one.
- Shield, block.

- Which one do you want?
- That one.
- All yours.
[Guard] Halt!

- He's a good man.
- He is my friend...
- And a traitor.
- May I go, lord?
- You are free to go.
- As my oath-man.

Uhtred: Aethelstan!
- Sihtric, get him to safety!
- You find sigtryggr,
- I'll deal with aethelhelm!

- There'll be plenty of ale and wine at this wedding,
- I suggest you refrain.
- You do not like me enjoying myself?
- I do not like you drunk.
- Perhaps this wedding will be followed by a funeral, a sobering enough thought.

Brida: At some point,
- I w/ll see you on the battlefield
- I won't hesitate to kill you.
- It does not mean you do not love me.
- Uhtred! Give me death.
- Vibeke is waiting for me.

[Guard] Lord king!
[Edward groans] One moment.

- Soldier: What's happening?
- Get the shields!
- Watch your backs!
- Rypere!
- Finan!

- You!
- You will go to my uncle, and when he asks of his wife, you will tell him she's in the bed of uhtred of bebbanburg.

Uhtred: ...And gave birth to cnut's child.
[U htred] But / fear that her anger towards me still haunts her.
- Blood has been shed. More will flow.
- I will take revenge on all those who have betrayed me and I will not rest until they suffer at my hand.
Uhtred: Destiny is all.

Finan: The harp string.
Eilaf: Welcome, bjorn.
- This is lord uhtred, who has sent a good many Dane to the place where you live.
- I do not live.
Eilaf: You have a message for lord uhtred.

- I cannot agree.
Sigtryggr: It is unclear what your choices are.
- Perhaps we should consider it.
Aethelflaed: He would be on my border!
- Edward, do not let him divide us.
- I will leave you to trade between yourselves.
- I'll find my daughter.

- The world needs more little cnuts.
Cnut: Brida!
- Hm?
Cnut: Come.
Cnut: Rest tonight. Prepare yourselves.
- There will be many sleepless nights ahead!
- But, at daybreak, we shall strike and blood will run!
- Mercia will burn!

- and is now dead.
- He... he was not fond of me.
- I now understand why my son spared you, uhtred of bebbanburg.
- You are a warrior.
- Have some ale.

- Haesten claims to be a friend to Alfred.
- He is not.
- Let the outlaw pass.
- No weapons.
- None at all.
- Lord aethelred, like you, we stand against the Danes.
- No weapons is the command, irishman, none at all.

Brida: No!
- You kill him.
- He's my kin.
Brida: He has betrayed our gods.
- He allowed the christians to take root here and poison our brothers.
- Kill him, hmm?

- I will need 20 horsemen...
- To take word to all men able to carry sword, hook or spear.
- The word is that Alfred is king.
- And will fight alongside the swords of wessex to his dying breath!

- Not here.
- Then I beg you for one last time, change your ways, uhtred.
- If you allow god into your heart, he will guide you.
- I can never become the man you want me to be.
- You could try.
- I would despise that man.
Leofric: Arseling!

- What news of our troops in lindcylne?
- The settlements that surround it are resisting, lord, but we will prevail.
- I should hope so.
- I want all of east anglia or our bargain does not hold.
- It would be a shame for your family to go unrewarded.
- After so much effort!

- until Edward has sworn he will not harm her.
- You will tell him what kind of a man he trusted.
- So, we fight for peace, lord... again.
- We cannot let them turn on each other.
- We do it?
- We do it.

- What did he whisper, skorpa, when he was leaving?
- I will tell you when I believe you need to know.
- How was I?
- As a warrior?
- Aethelwold, you are as much a warrior as you are a king.

- I fear you have become someone
- I cannot live without.
- You fear?
- Life without you...
- Fear no more.
- I'm here.
- Always.

- He will not allow me to fight.
- I would like you, warrior leofric, to teach me how to fight and I shall teach you how to...
Leofric: Go on.
- You will not forget to pay for this.
- Have I ever?
- Once or twice.

- He is?
- Then he will join us, when?
- He will join us in battle.
- My plan is that he will arrive to attack the saxons from the rear, once battle has begun.
- Good.

- But vengeance for tettenhall...
- It is not enough.
- I will go to find our allies to the north.
- They will fight the saxons.
- Then that is what you must do.
- I need ten men to escort me on my journey.
- You owe me that.
- You can have five.

[Sighs] Lord...
- They must have been told we were absent from Winchester.
- Lord, your presence in mercia was never hidden.
- Are you suggesting it is my fault?
- That I have failed my people worse than any king, hm?
- That I am more stupid and more foolish than any who came before me?

- freeing my enslaved sister, thyra.
- Let me help you.
- Having defeated the Danes,
- I married my love, gisela, and now all seems quiet.
- But for a warrior there can never be peace.
- Destiny is all.

- If they capture you, you do exactly this.
- Hey, careful, cnut!
- It means they like you.
- They're good boys, cnut.
- Yes.
- You're blessed.
- Come, they'll have taken down the camp without us.

- Now you sound like the girl who I chased through these woods and humped amongst these trees.
- The girl that I loved.
- She's there still.
- Is she?
- I can't find her.

- I think of gisela every morning I wake and every night before I sleep.
- I understand.

- Leofric!
- Up to your feet. Leofric!
- Leave him! Leave him!
- Close the gaps! Keep the wall tight!
- Forward! Three, two, one!
- No mercy!

- My sister would never forgive me.
- Kill me!
- Goodbye... osbert.
- Guthred, you should kill me or I will return, I swear!
- Guth red!
- Guthred, you should kill me!

- If the king seeks to threaten us, we retaliate...
- Even if it means fighting against those that I love.
- I never wanted to rend you from your family.
- I held the peace so I may hold you, unfractured.
- I am not fractured.
- And we are united.

- Uhtred! Get her out of here!
Aethelflaed: Erik, no!
- We need to go.
- Aethelflaed!

- To flee the palace and ally with a man who has done so much wrong to me and to wessex,
- I do not think I can forgive it.
- We have another son in your belly.
- Perhaps I should accept aelfweard is forfeit and allow him to range like a fugitive with aethelhelm.

- I wish to serve you as a warrior.
- Uhtred.
- Uhtred, you are wanted.
- The king!
- Enjoy the wedding feast.
- You. Find me again, bring a sword and lose your cross.
- Thank you, my lord. I will.

- You're a dead man!
- Fight me!
- I'll kill you! I'll kill you!
Aethelhelm: Get me away from here!
Finan: Fight me!
Sihtric: Pull back!
- Too many protect him!

- You will find us at the river ouse, one army.
- It was either you or bloodhair who killed ragnar.
- Brida, you cannot accept that his last night was spent with a whore and that she killed him.
- Who knows what goes on between a man and a woman?
- Ragnar did not appreciate nor deserve your love.

- I am your daughter.
- I was bred to follow honor.
- Do not make me do things that you would not.
- Swearing to the saxons pulled you from your destiny, made you the plaything of brida and the arseling of the house of wessex.
- What?
- That fate will not be mine.

- Perhaps I could be of use to her here.
- I am curious.
- Why did you reveal eardwulf as aethelred's murderer?
- Eardwulf may be my brother, but I knew what he did was wrong.
- I choose to be loyal to you and lord uhtred because I believe in what you and he are doing.

[Hywel] Dear god...
[Guard] Lord king?
[Hywel] God rest their souls.
- Quiet!

Sigefrid: Now it is clear.
- Each man has a right to see her.
- And every man will guard her with his life!
- She is our wealth.
- She belongs to us all!

- Pay every craftsman in the country to finish the job that that bastard king offa of mercia started centuries ago.
- A barrier between us and the saxons!
- And, in honor of our delicious friend here, I swear...
- The Saxon pigs will never set another foot in our beautiful land!
- Eat!

- We know you are here!
- We have seen your scouts!
Stiorra: Lady aelswith.
Finan: Do your worst!
- You'll get nothing out of us.

- Halig.
- Get in the boat!
- Lord, leave me here!

- I will always answer mercia's call with you on the throne.
- I know.

- This is it? This is where we find storri?
- I see him.
- Huh?
- The gods are with us.
- And this is from your wife?

- I know you.
- I know your face.
- It is a common enough face.
- You're of Winchester.

- Don't make her destroy you.
- I swear...
- I will kill you, bitch.
- Jackdaw, keep your hands on your sword and your eyes off her tits.
- She's cleverer than you.
- I heard that.

- They're attacking the rear!
- Defend the line! Move!
- Everyone! Attack! Attack!
Cnut: Move!
- Now!
- Kill every shit eating Saxon bastard!
Finan: There's just too many of the bastards!

- The witan has gathered and will hear your plea, lord.
- That is what you wanted.

- Give up uhtred, and the rest of you will live!
- All I want is the Dane-slayer!
- What you will get, haesten, is my sword up your hairy arse!
[Laughs] As you wish.
- You will die on your knees!
- Lord, where is Alfred's army?
- Why are they waiting?
- I want the head of uhtred ragnarson!

- Speak or you will die.
- It is buried.
- In the hall, beneath my throne.
- I'll need a small amount myse...

- Do we split her too?
- You have the tits, I'll have the arse.
- She's mine.
- You are here for the silver?
- It is beneath this seat.

- May god guide and protect him always.
- And may god surround him with strength and wisdom.
- Amen.
- Amen.
- Lord.
- I have orders to kill you, should you not leave the hall quietly.

- Lady, please...
- I do not want to be involved in any more plans to deceive the king.
- Except this one.
- I am not concerned about Edward.
- He seems to have come to his senses, at last.
- But why has my daughter taken leave of hers?

- Stay.
- Uhtred, he... sa... saved me once...
- Before, from sven, when he was your little boy.
- Yes, he would do that.

- We are not the same and never shall be.
- There is no backward step, my friend, for either of us.
- Birds have flown, horses have bolted.
- Kings will be made and kings will die.
- Because of you.

- Besides, for now, burgred has no men to fight for him.
- Do not provide him with a readymade fyrd.
- I agree.
- Shut the gates!
- Shut the gates!
- Close the gates!
- Get the gates closed!

- Some will take a while to recover.
- Perhaps you might... stay and care for them here at bebbanburg.
- Perhaps.
- I think that is an excellent idea.
- The sea air is very good for all manners of illness.
- I shall of course need rooms with a sea view.

- Kill anyone who looks like they cannot work!
- Fat ones we can sell as slaves. [Roars]

- The ealdorman uhtred may join the witan.
Pyrlig: Yes, lord.
- Lord.

- You belong to me now.
- And her mouth.
- Your path is the path I choose for you, uhtred ragnarson.
- And your spirit is mine to torment.
- Cover her eyes.
- We will take her with us to aescengum.

- Why would my sister endanger the peace so recklessly?
- Perhaps the lady aethelflaed has done what wessex should have done long ago and cut ties with the enemy within.
- No, this is not like her.
- And why has there been no word from pyrlig? [Breathes deeply]
- I will send a messenger to aegelesburg.
- We are missing something.

- Bail, you dogs!
- Release our chains! We'll work faster!
- Bail out or you'll go down with her!
- You want to live? You bail!

- Where are the prisoners being taken?
- To the hall, to be fed upon my orders.
- Come join us, lady aethelflaed.
- Hold your tongue, dagfinn, or I will cut it out!
- I do not like my enemies within my walls.
- I will leave you to your peace.

- It's all over the country, they say, he is dead!
- Alfred has shat his precious soul out of his arsehole!
- Ragnar! Alfred is dead!
- The Saxon shit is gone!
- Ragnar!
- Ragnar?
- Ragnar...

- Haesten says she is of the devil.
- Then it might be an idea to bar the door and burn the place down?
- Why not?
- To bloodhair she will be priceless.

Sihtric: Shut that door!
- My balls are freezing to nothing!
- Something's wrong.
[Osferth groans] Just go back to bed.
Osferth: Get some sleep. Lord uhtred might need us in the morning.
Aethelstan: There, did you see that?
- Wake up.
Sihtric: No, no, it's the ale. Your eyes are playing tricks on you. Just...

- Bloodhair, you do not yield.
- Do not yield.
Uhtred: Give them no ground!
- Give them nothing but your sword!
Aldhelm: They are running scared!
- They are beaten!

- Alfred could remove the debt.
- He has chosen not to.
- The amount owed is 2,000 shillings, lord.
- Damn him.
- Damn everything he stands for.
- Damn his church and his god.
- Lord, I don't like your blasphemy.
- My name is uhtred!

- Who are you, you piece of shit?
- You want me to spill your guts?
- Here I am, I am waiting.
- We'll send each of you to corpse hall!
- Hit the big bastard!
- Come and fight. Are you afraid?
- We stand our ground.
- We stand our ground.

- She's been taken by haesten.
- Then nothing has changed.
- We remain cursed still.
- I am cursed.
- It touches us all, lord.
- Itconfinues.

- We have them! Advance!
- Don't let them escape!
- Advance, you cowards!
- Kill them all! Do not let them escape!
[Gasps] What in god's name...
- Retreat!
- Retreat to bebbanburg!

Uhtred: Peace was secured with hostages, brida and ragnar, and by the Danish Earl's baptism and acceptance of the Christian god.
- As for uhtred the godless, my path led north, to blood feuds, to revenge, and to bebbanburg.
- Destiny is all...

- Clapa! With us!
- Clapa!
- We go!

- that I acted in the name of god.
- But god put love in your heart, for your first wife and this child.
- And I should not have ignored that.
- So, I ask for your forgiveness...
- And his.
- He needs your protection.

- Stiorra, get the children on the cart!
- We head north towards ceaster.
- Do you think we have enough?
- With children and a band of five?
- It's only until aethelflaed secures agreement from her brother.
- All will be made right.

- How do you know he won't simply turn you over to guthrum to pass on to ubba?
- You know nothing about him.
- I trust father beocca, and beocca is his priest.
- I said leave me.
- You were not on the ship with me!
- Go to Alfred, and I will watch him betray you!

- I'm trying to save you from a battle you will not win!
- Edward has twice the sliver, twice the armies.
- Now he has mercia...
- I am not afraid of a man who cannot even protect his own wife.
- Take me to the visionary.
- I must find out who spread these lies.

[Woman] That's what you get.
Man: Take it like a man.

- It is odda, lord.
- Prior to leaving Winchester, he sent a man, some man, with word to raise the fighting men of Devonshire.
- He has now met them on the road, lord.
- With the intention of doing what?
- He is marching against beamfleot.
- Yes, lord. He is.

- We must.
- I need to be inside the church.
- No, tonight we get drunk.
- I'll take you to the church myself.
- Or we sleep where we fall, ha, ha.
- And, uh...
- We must talk of the future.

- I see the new king is keeping you busy.
- He is.
- I do not know you.
- Where will I find the man uhtred?
- Lord uhtred will be that way, with the king's guard and the king, and half the townsfolk starved of interest.

- I think you suffer without my guidance.
- That is wolland.
- Show me those who follow you.
- This can be resolved.
- Strongest bow, sharpest spear
- -[Guard 2 shouting]
- He who rules heaven and earth
[guard 2] My lord!

- Who carried out this attack?
- We cannot be certain.
- But there have been rumors.
- Some say war is coming.
- These lands are no longer safe.
- Cynlaef may yet still live.
Aelswith: We cannot linger here any longer.
- I must get you to safety.

- That could save them if it comes to a fight.
- Uh, you do not have to do this.
- No, no, I will.
Finan: We will get you provisions.
- You cannot go empty-handed.
- They will close the gates.
- There will be no way out.
- I know. It will bring them comfort to know that you are here.

- Shield wall!
- Shield wall!

- Tell her I am here and take her there tonight.
- And if she refuses?
- If haesten prevents her?
- She will not refuse and haesten will not refuse her.
- You have never failed me, sihtric.
- I will see you at the tree.
- Let's go. Finan...

- You are certain of this?
- He is here, trust me.
- And beocca, what do we do with him.
- He is protecting an outlaw.
- Alfred can decide.
- Go. Go!

- Uhtred?
- He's gone. He's gone!

- Danes in here, go! Come on!
- Father, declare a sanctuary! Go!
- You'll be safe in here.
- Bresal, they are good people...
Young: Get off me!

- Where's ragnar? Is he here?
- He's almost ready to travel north.
- To kill kjartan?
- What do you care?
- The guards at the gates will be drunk.
- Your way is clear.
- Tell ragnar I am still his brother.
- I'll tell him you were here and that you left.
Leofric: Arseling.

- Your king could not choose between his sons.
- And so...
- Guards, bring in the prisoner!
- He has given us his greatest warrior in their place!
- Bring him to me.

- What!
- Lady aethelflaed will meet you in the garden.
- Do not turn me into a brothel-keeper.
- Oh, but you enjoy the savage life.
- Uhtred!
- Do your novices not know that?
- Ladders.

Uhtred: I am now called a traitor.
- I, brother asser, swear these oaths.
Uhtred: Alfred's court decided I should be executed.
- I request that he dies at my sword.
- You will fight to the death.
Uhtred: Destiny is all.

- Another person who cannot sleep?
- I am not in the king's favor tonight.
- I told him he should not turn his back on northumbria, and he was not pleased.
- No man enjoys hearing the truth from the woman he loves.
- Hmm.
- All the same, when it must be delivered, god is with us.

- With your help...
- I will find the words.
- The devil cannot win.
- The devil will not win.
- I will need a sword or an axe, a shield.
- This is a battle I will not watch.
- I need to fight, uhtred,
- 'til I can fight no more.

- Should we take a fight to the Scots, risking decades of conflict, or seek a solution that profits both sides yet denies uhtred his ancestral home?
- You do not have to answer, aethelstan.
[Edward] And yet he should.
- Since aelfweard has shown himself disloyal, aethelstan could be the king to face the Scots.
- What do you say, aethelstan?

- Only constantin of scotia, the true Christian king, has power to end Edward's tyranny.
- King constantin will be expecting a gift.
- We shall give him one.
- The ladyaelfi/I/ynn is without allies.
- You must retrieve her.

- Shield! Wall!
- Warriors at the north gate!
- Guard: Warriors at the north gate!
- To the end.

- Why must I be paraded like a prize?
- It is a show of unity, nothing more.
- Do this one thing and it is over.
- You can resume your life here, live as a lady.
- I know how hard this is, but pride is what drove brida to the darkness.

- So, the lady aethelflaed has returned to mercia.
- Do you think she's alone?
- If she is, the rest of the saxons will not be far behind.
- Take her and they are in our power.
- You will find aethelflaed and you will bring her to me.

- Then you must try harder...
- Because it is clear that lady aelswith is following a plan of her own.
- Then you must do something to stop her, before she turns the king from me and my son!
- I will do what I must. Trust me.
- I have not come this far to be thwarted by a bitter widow.

- Uhtred!
- You will walk and you will get up onto your horse!

- Wake up! You're in Valhalla!
- Wolland, get him to bed.

- I do want to live alongside you, father.
- It's just... coccham is small.
- And peaceful and safe.
- Could we not go to Winchester?
- We were happy there.
- Have those riders been following us?
- No. We are just on a trading route.

- Thank you.
- What's your name?

- Prove yourself, lord.
[Scoffs] Prove myself to a woman?
- And I will allow you inside me and my power inside you.
- Uhtred will come for me, and if you are to take his place, then you must first kill him.
- And then I am yours.

- To wessex, to beocca, and to the king's brother Alfred.
- Seen by the Danes as a Saxon and by saxons as a Dane, my word could not be trusted.
- But I am uhtred, son of uhtred, and destiny is all.

- You have shown me you're loyal. Good.
- Now I've shown you all I act with justice, you will come and welcome me in time.
- I set you free, Danes of jorvik.
- Open the gates. Open them!

- You were my husband's mistress and your brother killed aethelred.
- To allow you to remain here would make me look weak.
- I do not wish to punish you too harshly.
- I will arrange a place for you at the nunnery, where you can live and be safe.
- I would prefer to find my own way.
- May I say goodbye to aelfwynn?
- Yes.

- Christians will not harm you here.
- Ordinary christians do not hate Danes.
- And yet Edward will no longer let us thrive here!
- We will avenge you.
- We will avenge you.
- We have to go to war.

- Maybe just someone trying to frighten me.
- And are you frightened?
- No. But I expect worse.
- Lord, you're brooding.
- My wife thinks it's the change of the seasons getting to you.
- We have scouts at every lookout point from here to the burh at thelwall.
- Hey, hump the tall girl.

- Our ways with women are not the same as yours.
- I'm a man of honor.
- Perhaps I am misunderstood.
- You're a liar.
- Your plot is discovered and your other men captured.
- Tell me the truth of why you came to bebbanburg and I shall take only their lives.

- This is where you must force the Danes to fight.
- The fyrds will not be enough.
- I will need Edward's aid.
- When you're gone, I will speak to him.
- Your brother will not abandon you.
- Edward will be there.

Edward's Soldier: Your mother and I had a shared wish...
- To honor our father's desire for unity.
- I swear to you and to her...
- I will do all I can to ensure that comes to pass.
Aelswith: Please, let my lord king listen to the words of this servant.
- Please, let my lord listen to the words of this servant.

- I know Edward is your family, husband to your daughter!
- And that...
- That is the thing.
- Forgive me, lord king, for she was murdered!
- News of the queen's death had yet to reach my ears.
- Edward would have wessex believe it was Danes.

Ragnar the Younger: Then kill him.
- You're welcome to kill him.
- But you have to kill me first.
- I could happily manage without this.
- He's a Saxon. He's a traitor.
- He's an enemy.
- Well, to get to him, you have to kill me.
- My men, they will not follow you.

- You should eat.
- I should eat.
- But I don't want to eat alone.
- God has made me your wife.
- There must be a reason.
- God is good.

- my commitment to his prosperity has not waned.
- Eoferwic must remain Christian.
- You do me a great honor.
- You shall be my eyes, ears and voice, aethelwold.
- Hmm, a bold response.
- Yes, father, I thought so.

- Your husband's a fortunate man.
- He is not the man
- I would choose to be with.
- I cannot let her go.
- I will leave this place with Erik or I will not leave at all.
- Will you help me, please?
Uhtred: Destiny is all.

- Ragnar.
Brida: Their signal.
- It begins.
- Now?

- Come on. You need to drink to your first victory.
- This is the part where we usually enjoy the gratitude of the local women.
- If brida left any.

- Edward is your heir.
- If he lives, I would say it is a sign...
- Wessex will live.
- Shh.
- There is barely a heartbeat.
- Let me give the child to iseult.

- Lady aelswith?
- Leave me.
- Icannot leave me. lady...
- You need comfort.

- That is not true.
- I have not walked blindly.
- All your battles, all those you have killed.
- You chose them over your family and called it fate.
- What your destiny has brought me is pain and grief.
- So now my choice is to turn my back on you.
Stiorra: Hyah!

- I will give you one last charity.
- Release him without a horse.

- I cannot forget the boy held hostage with me in Winchester who offered the Danes his life for mine.
- There is talk of an uprising in rumcofa.
- People there found the men that slew the visionary.
- You need to go inside immediately.
- And you need to fetch the king... now.

- He held me underneath it for so long
- I nearly drowned while he prayed to his god.
- He saved my life as a boy...
- And as a man...
- Many times.
- He was like a father.

- Lord.
- Take back what belongs to you.
- You're safe now.
- You will go back to your rats' nest and tell anyone who cares to listen,
- "beyond lundene the river temes belongs to Alfred.
- And it's guarded by uhtred of bebbanburg."

- Lord god, give me strength and guidance to do your work.

- All I have done has been to protect him.
- He knows this.
- If he knew all, he would not stand by you.
- Tell him the worst of it.
- Tell him or I shall!
- Confess your sins and live, or die disgraced.

- The bride has been given her price?
- She will.
- You are witness.
Mildrith: Thank you, lord.
- If the betrothed couple would like to join me at the altar...
- And join hands.
Odda the Elder: Be brief.

Smith: [re: Uhtred's sword] It'll take some time to make her right, which means she'll be expensive.
Uhtred: If she's right, I'll pay in silver. How much?
Smith: Ten pieces, half now.
Uhtred: [laughs] Six, no more.
Smith: Eight, and I'll make her my finest.
Uhtred: Eight, and if she's not your finest, you'll be her first.

- Aethelwold's visit.
- What he said about my heroic wife.
- The chances of her meeting harm in one form or another.
- And you have decided what?
- I want her dead.
- And the child with her.

- The arrow would miss.
- Then you know nothing of the weapons of the desert.
- Put down the bow.
- Put down the bow!
- You've lost everything, osbert!
- I won't tell you again, put down the bow!

- I'm here to remind you that you're a woman and a hostage.
- I like the paleness of your skin.
- Show me. Take off your clothes.
- Does the lord Erik know that you're here?
- It was the lord Erik that sent me here.
- Now remove your clothes or I will rip them from you.

- Your daughter.
- Which you have refused.
- Because you know what it is to have your child used in a bargain!
- Stiorra is not a child.
- She is a young woman.
- So, we did not refuse.

Pyrlig: Lord king!
- Our scouts send good news!
- The lady of mercia has come.
- She brings an army!

Rognvaldr: Brother.
- It is as we hoped.
- We may have found a way across the ice.
- Then the gods have answered us.
- Tell the men.
- We rise before dawn and we attack them in their deepest sleep.
- When we cross over, make for the high ground.
- Strike down those saxons as they try to flee.

- During which time you will help my warriors understand that the heathens are but men, and in return, and in time, you shall have your own reward.
- Uhtred of bebbanburg.
- One year.

- I'm eardwulf.
Brida: Ah, yes.
- You're the arse-licker?
- I'd heard there were Danes in wealas and I was coming to talk to you.
- I don't talk to saxons, I kill them.
- You will change your mind when you hear what I have to say. I have something very valuable that I can share with you, something that will help... [grunts]

- He doesn't seem to like you much.
- That's Alfred's legacy.
- The man torments me still.

- You've barely washed, woman.
- You have been living with saxons for too long.
- How can I wash in dirty waters?
- The water is good.
- We are a long way from the city.

- You have just sworn you will not fight for northumbria.
- There are ways to take lands without fighting for them.
- Sigtryggr has shown us this.
- Northumbria is the last kingdom.
- Without it under one king and under Christ, there will be no england.

- into your heart again really so abhorrent that you are willing to give up...
- No.
- The opportunity to be ruler of mercia.
- Fine!
- Resolve all of this?
- I will get baptized... again!
- For the third time.
- Good.

- Hear me now. Wareham has fallen.
- We march at once.
- Every man is to be ready to do as the king asks.
- The Danes have taken the fortress.
- Wareham has fallen.
- We march at once.
- We could be slipping in blood and entrails before the day is out.

- Don't let them kill us.
- I've been told you are in charge.
Aethelhelm: I am not the king.
- I'm aware you're not the king.
- Would you like to fight or to yield?
- Yield.

- That is what he wants you to believe,
- I'm sure.
- It seems a rather grand strategy lord aethelred, and for what?
- He is here, among us!
- And under guard.
- Then let us get to the truth of the matter!
- Let us hear exactly why uhtred is here.

- Nothing can.
- But your daughter is at peace now.
- Maybe in finding peace of your own, you might repent.
Brida: I don't want your bread.
- I believe it was your bread to begin with.
Pyrlig: Should you change your mind.

- You will take this to lindisfarne?
- With your approval, lord king.
- You see, when I heard aalys was making the pilgrimage to the holy isle,
- I knew you'd like to make a king's blessing to their offering.
- It means so much to your people.
- Of course.
- God be with you on your journey.

Guthred: Uhtred is an ealdorman.
- He has land, in wessex.
- But he's born of northumbria, a deposed ealdorman whose ancestors were indeed kings.
- He believes himself to be your equal, lord.
- Perhaps more than equal.

- You are uhtred, son of uhtred.
- Lord of bebbanburg.
- It's time you remembered that.
- You kept the blade sharp.
- I knew you'd return.

- Changed myself.
- Things have happened to me.
- The gods chose to save me.
- We are never divided at feasting.
- We will feast, you and I.
- When you are sober, we will feast, hmm?

- What if he sees me, lord?
- What if...
- What if he knows that I am near?
- Then you shit yourself. [Chuckles]
- You will remain unseen and keep watch.
- Yes, lord.

- He was trusted by my father.
- He lives too well.
Leofric: I'm on my way to the barn.
- You can sleep in the house.
- I prefer the barn. Thank you.
- It is your wedding night.
- Good night, lady.
- Arseling.

- But it does help me shit.
- You will tell us how to help ragnar or I swear I will cut you cook to throat.
- I know exactly how to help him.
- Then say it!
- And nothing more!
- Very well!

- I was not a man to fight Danes, it was said.
- And which is true because
- I know the Danes will win. Heh, heh. Yes.
- Whereas... whereas Alfred...
- Alfred believes that he can win.
- Even now?
- Yes.
- He's wrong, of course, but his faith...
- That god will not desert him, will make him believe that he will win.

[Man] My lord king.
[Man] My lord.
[Man] Sire.
- My lord...
- He dares to walk amongst the fallen?
- Do not.
- There has been enough fighting.
- Your men need you.

- What news do you bring?
[Man] Lord aethelhelm is camped in a valley north of here, on the banks of a frozen lake.
- He has raised a vast army.
- Edward is on the road behind us.
- Find him and tell him where aethelhelm is camped.
- We must get to the lake.

- It is egbert's stone.
- Within these next few yards, we will know if we have an army...
- Of angels or otherwise.
- I will go alone.
- If no one is there, what then?
- I see.

- If you were wise, you'd strike a bargain for a longer peace.
- Your men have been defeated.
- You have no power to bargain.
- I can bring more men.
- Lost battles do not mean lost wars.
- I'm not afraid to fight you.

- You're sven kjartanson?
- You will answer me!
- What do you want with sven kjartanson?
- I've been sent to take the souls of both kjartan and his son.
- Attack.
- Attack!

- The lands are prosperous and fertile, as is the girl.
- Edward is dangerous and committed to expansion.
- He is haunted by this dream of his father's, to unite the kingdoms in one so-called england.
- If you do not strike now...
- The opportunity may not arise again.

Young: That day I asked her why you left us. And she said that you fought because you believed in a cause. Not for God, or the gods, or for Saxons, or for Danes, but to keep safe the people that you love. She said that is why you will always have the strength to stand up when others fall and to go on when those around you say it is hopeless. It is why these men love you and will follow you wherever you go... as will I.

- She would want you to be with her, uhtred.
- You must go to her.
- I thought one day we might...
- I thought there would be more...
- There is so much I should have said.
- There's still time.

- Uhtred!
- Take the horse.

- Come here, bitch!
- You see this? It belonged to cnut himself.
- No, it did not... you lying turd.
[Men raucously] Oh!
- Throw the Danish whore in the pit!

- Uhtred!
- Uhtred, do not fight alone!

- His purse is full, his fyrd number is
- 1,000 men or more and fortunately, his daughter is both fair and in good health.
- The king will approve.
- He will?
- Send for aethelhelm.
- Visit him if you must, but do not dwell on the matter.

- And Alfred is my king.
- You will be safe, travelling?
- Who will you be riding with?
- Two men.
- Warriors?
- Monks.
- But they will each be carrying a heavy cross.
- I will be safe. I have these.

[Iseult] Lord, I have prepared a tonic.
- For the pain.
- For the pain you suffer here.
- You pass blood? From your arse?
- It is nothing more than what grows from the earth, lord, drink it.

- We are oarsmen!
- Uhtred, pull for me. Aah!
- I need to piss. I'll return.
[Man] He'll return.
- Ragnar? Ragnar?

- I have to speak with him.
- No!
- At least not now.
- The Danes are defeated.
- Let us just enjoy the peace...
- Just for one night.
- I will do as you ask...
- Just for one night.

- You did.
- Then news came of the invasion and we returned to protect our people.
- After hundreds had already been slaughtered.
- I remember arriving at the battle...
- But I...
- Am I to recover?
Eardwulf: I'm assured that you will.

Uhtred: There will be no more than 30 raiders.
- We hide and we wait.
- We attack on my command, not before.
- You all heard the lord. We find cover.

- Ragnar rides with them, lord?
Odda: A Dane?
- You have doubts, odda?
Alfred: Then we shall air them.

- Which he will.
- He will want to know the truth.
- In the time between, we stay alive.
- We pass the time.
- Doing what?
Brida: Hm?
- Ow! [Yells]

- Forgive my sins, so that my soul can be saved, lord god.
Eadith: Have mercy!
- Who weeps for you?
- Who has this faith?
- She's a whore I once knew.
- She is nothing. Discard her.

- Why would I fight you?
- You will fight me, you piece of shit.
- For I am wessex. I am Saxon.
- I am for Alfred. And you, arseling, are a Dane and a traitor.
- Fight me!

- Lord! What are your orders?
- Lord?
- Did you see that?
- It came as the priest said.
- What, lord?
- Their god is with them.
- What are your orders?
- No, lord.

- If you wish to sit with me, you will respect me.
- Oh, I respect you very much.
- Though I do not wish to sit with you, brida. I wish to lie with you.
[Laughs] You should go while you still have a tongue in your head.
- I like that you are proud and strong and loyal...
- And I will go now.

- It is enough that humping me has lifted his spirits.
- So, you must tell him the news from mercia.
- Perhaps I should delay...
- You cannot put it off.
- I know you are afraid, but I have bought us some goodwill.
- I'm not afraid. I'm just...
- You are afraid and so am I.
- But I have done my part, brother.
- Now you do yours.

- My house is not your house.
- No, lord. I beg your pardon, lord.
- My land is not your land.
- Treat me as a fool again and I'll kill you.
- Yes, lord.
- I'll enjoy it.
- I believe you would.

Sable: They should reach Grimesby by Sunday, then Bebbanburg on the Day of Ascension.
Uhtred: [Uhtred looks confused] When is Ascension?
Sable: Ten days before Pentecost.
Sable: [Uhtred still looks confused. Sable makes a sour face] Two weeks from now.

- How is lord odda faring?
- Well, I hope.
- Frail.
- He's still very frail.
- The blow would have killed many a man.
[Alewold] Take consolation, lady, that should your land be confiscated, it is the church that'll benefit.

- How? By doing what?
- By travelling to the nunnery myself?
Sable: There is a second letter.
- I am to give it to you only if you agree with my lady's reasoning for not telling the king.
- It is a solution.

- Will you be resting with your family or with the animals?
- You chose the company of pigs and a goat over your wife and son?
- My wife's a good woman.
- She loves her god and it's hard for her to be with the like of me.
- If the marriage is to be ended, I must become used to life without my son.

- How long do we give him?
- As long as he needs.
- We'll know when the time comes.

- Heavens forbid...
- But should something final befall his daughter,
- I imagine that would weaken the pretend king further.
- I would guess you would imagine this weakening quite often, lord aethelwold.
- Nightly.

- but I will pay you well to leave wessex.
- That is what people will read.
- That Alfred sought peace.
- Alfred paid lords ubba and guthrum in silver in exchange for peace.
- It is I who is seeking an end to the fighting.
- That is what will be written.

- Do his men still bar the gate?
- Yes, and the mercians seem set on departure.
- I fear neither will back down.

[Man] Godwin.
- Brother godwin.
- Good morning.
[Godwin] Lord.
- Good morning.
- I would like to speak with you...
- For a moment.

Aelswith: I have come to wish you goodnight, lord.
- Rest well.
- Stay.
- Stay.

- At the ready!
- You trust this skorpa?
- We have no choice but to trust him.
- Now turn!
- You bastard Danes! You'll cry for your stinking whore mothers!

- Lord king!
Aldhelm: Shield wall!
[Edward] Pull back!
Aethelstan: Get back!
[Edward] Pull back!

- [Gasps}
Aethelhelm: This cannot be.
- Forget them!
- Protect me at all costs!
[Shouts] Shield wall!

- If wessex is incapable, we'll find the fugitives ourselves.
- This many people on the road, someone must have seen them.
- We'll soon find them, commander.
- Lord ludeca.
- I've heard news. There's sickness.
- Yes?
- It is spreading across mercia.
- Thank you. Let's go.

- Take her with you to Valhalla.
- Yes. I will meet you there.
- Argh!
- No. Oh, no.

- because I was in ragnar's charge,
- Alfred did blame ragnar.
- He was going to have him put on trial and then killed.
- The options given to me were to swear a second oath to Alfred or my brother's life.
- You didn't tell ragnar?

- Lady aelswith, forgive me...
- You appear to be going against the king's wishes.
- Father beocca?
- You may be needed.
- Get the door! Get the door!
[Man] Get back! Get back! It's falling!

- If you do not, I will become stronger.
- Blood has been shed. More will flow.
- I will take revenge on all of those who have betrayed me and I will not rest until they suffer at my hand.
[Pants] Do it!
- Or I will be your undoing.

- Leave me.
- Son of uhtred.

- Let me speak with him.
- Let me speak with the king.
- Go with this man.
- If he kills Danes, kill him.

- He is a man without a soul.
- Then I will be his soul.
- I will pray for him. I will ride beside him always and into battle.
- I will be his conduit to god.
- And if you fall in battle?
- With the help of your prayers,
- I shall become invincible, I'm sure.
- Brother asser...
- I should like you to be the first of my messengers.

- Come with me.
- My father will forgive you.
- And you will lead his men against beamfleot.
- I do not want his forgiveness.
- Then use his army! Use his men!
- And recover skade.
- I offer you a way to end this curse.

- You know this one well.
- Keep him out of my sight.
- Take them to the church. Feed them.
- Now you are where you belong.
- Now I'm with my brother.
- I will remind you what it is like to be a Dane and make you stay.
- Brida's here.

- {gasps} she says your daughter passed into the next life.
- And her body was taken to aegelesburg.

- How you go, as a Saxon hostage or as a viking warrior, becomes your choice.
- I'll do as you ask.
- But if my child is born while
- I'm captive, I ask that you send word.
- Of course.
- And should you die as a captive, rest assured, your debt shall die with you.

- Hild?
- Lord, she is a woman.
- I'm as good a horseman as anyone here.
- If it means more Danes will die, then I'll do it.
- Yes, hild.
- You will.

- This is a good place.
- We rest here for the night.
Eadith: You can sleep now.

- Any spare coins, lord? Any spare food?
- God would bless you, I'm sure.
- Are you travelling to Winchester?
- We are, lord. For the wedding.
- We shall see you there then!
- And a good day to you, lord!
- Miserable bastard.

- We tell the story and then what?
- We find a new lord to serve.
- I will not stand by and have everything that's mine taken from me.
- I'm going back.
- Where?
- To the beginning.

- No mercy! No mercy! No mercy!
- No mercy! No mercy! No mercy!
- Should I fail, you and hild are to take my horse and ride clear of here.
- You will not fall.
- Everything I have is packed in my bags. It's yours.
- You will not fail.
- I fight for you.

- He refuses to leave because he's making such good coin here.
- We've become quite the marketplace.
- I will find you.

- Stop looking impressed.
- You will push up the price.
- Has he given the signal?
- Lord.
- Nothing.

- we'll have all the silver we ever dreamed of.
- You will all be rewarded for your service, even you baby monk.
- Amen.
- How many men remain here?
- Not enough.
- We will ride to Winchester and raise an army.
- It's time for wessex to repay all that I have given.

- Beocca, I have been listening.
- If these men wish to look inside our home, then we should allow it.
- We have nothing to hide, nothing at all.
- Please. Come inside.
- Aethelwold?
Finan: Come on.

- Say it, lady aethelflaed, so that we may witness your oath.
- I swear... that as long as I hold the mercian throne,
- I will remain chaste.
Ludeca: Is the witan agreed?
[All] Agreed!
- Agreed!
- Then, lady aethelflaed, you may take the throne.

- Your husband is a fortunate man.
- My husband does not see me.
- Then he's blind or stupid.
- He is not blind.
- And he is not gentle, I would guess.
- He is the one who mistreats you?
- He is not the man
- I would choose to be with.

- I cannot do that.
Brida: But your god can.
- You're his voice! So speak! Give her back!
Brida: Give her back!
- Dear god, spare her!
- Put no more blood on her hands!
Pyrlig: She was born your servant.
- She need not die in torment.
- She can still repent and join her daughter in paradise.

- Stop! No more slaughter!
Uhtred: No more slaughter!
- Put down your swords!
- Sigtryggr must not be harmed!
Edward's Rider: Look around!
- Look at what his anger has wrought!
Uhtred: Aethelhelm is to blame!
- Put down your swords!
- It is over!

- This is no business of yours, witch.
Aelswith: Perhaps not of hers, but as aelfwynn is my granddaughter, it is most definitely business of mine.
- Lady aelswith, I did not recognize you.
- It is an honor to keep the company of your granddaughter.
- You may keep the silver as reward for finding her.

- I have everything I need and young ragnar will share in that good luck.
- We need to kill a chicken.
- But not the small one, she has a name.
- What is she called?
- I wouldn't be surprised if he humps it.
- Storri?

- I will prepare to return to coccham.
- You will not stay?
- No.
- Staying here and...
- Seeing you every day...
- And not being able to be with you, it is too painful.
- The price we are paying is great, but it is an oath that I had to make.
[Quivering] I will miss you, uhtred ragnarson.

- What can a man do to me?
- Nothing.
- For you have delivered my soul from death and my feet from stumbling...
- That I may walk before god.
- Something isn't right.

- You do not change, woman.
- I spared you for ragnar.

- Will eardwulf not kill you for this?
- He will try but he will not succeed.
- Go, lady.
- My brother cannot be controlled and will bring nothing but disaster.
- Find uhtred on the road to ceaster.
- Tell him to meet me at the ruins of Saint milburg's priory.
- Do this and I will ensure you never go penniless.

- You?
- I will not forget.
- You will always have my protection.
- I could not ask for more.
- And this...
- This is my gift to you.

- Go take a piss.
- Who is he?
- A thief, lord.

- I've never seen men like this before.
- I do not want this news to reach my brother whilst he's on holy pilgrimage.
- You will tell no one of these defeats.
- They are terrifying.
- What was that?
- Huh? Uh...
- Are you thirsty?

- There will be no argument, I swear.
- Open the gate!
[Man] Open the gate!
- They are here for one thing only.
- To speak of war and of Alfred.
- Lord. Aethelwold.

- He is here, lord!
- Uhtred is here!
- With me! Now!
Finan: Uhtred, run!
Sihtric: There are ships on the river!
Uhtred: To the river. Sihtric, you lead.

- Go on.
- Let me talk to him.
- Go on.
- How long have we been on the road, lord?
- Two days?
- And no sight of Edward's men.
- They do not know the land up here, lord.
- Children need their rest.
- Worried about your father's grandchildren, osferth? Huh?

- But he does not act with bad intent.
- I know.
- And I am grateful to him.
- He tests my faith, again and again.
- And each time, it grows stronger.
- That pleases me to hear.
- But what is also very clear to me now is that I must follow my calling...
- To serve god and only god.
- So, I must go.

- Please go to her. Speak with her.
- She will not listen to me.
- Her heart is broken, as is her spirit.
- I will pray for her instead.
- Why is she doing this?
- What made her so headstrong?
- Do you really not know?
- Lord, it's brida.

- Your husband would take great pleasure in punishing you for adultery, should you give him the excuse.
- He takes great pleasure in punishing me for whatever I do.
- So, I must try to live with a little happiness.
- Besides, I have good men to protect me.
- And I know you do not speak from envy.

- Look at her. She is dying.
- If she does, we will be blamed.
- There's sickness everywhere, eadith.
- Yes, and who gets accused?
- Sinners, people like me.
- You have not been shunned as I have.
- I will not take the risk.
- And I thought you were amongst the bravest of warriors.

- She knows that to return to eofennic means certain death.
- She's ruthless, but she's not foolish.
- Rest the horses. We will ride out again.
- Uhtred, you are summoned to the king.
- There is no news. That is the news.
- Nonetheless, his word stands. Come.

[Finan screams] Uhtred, the line is breaking!
Uhtred: Push back!
- Where is sigebriht?
- Lord! Horses! Horses!
Uhtred: It is aethelflaed! It is mercia!

[Guard] Open the gate!
Eardwulf: Halt!
- Make way!
[Man] Gently.
- Lift him. Careful.
- Have no fear. He will recover.

- He has chosen, uhtred, and I cannot go back on my word.
Uhtred: He is not the one to blame.
- Aethelhelm is responsible.
- And yet he has fled the battlefield.
- Aethelhelm worked to destroy the peace you created.
- If sigtryggr dies, he has won.
- Do not let him.

- The king wishes to pray on this matter.
- I wish you had remained with the Danes.

- Fetch the others, tell them brida is traveling north.
- I'll go ahead.
- Uhtred, no.
- Brida escaped.
- It was not your doing, you know that.
- You must stop blaming yourself.
- She did not escape.
- I let her go.

- Four hundred pieces of silver.
- An absurd sum.
- Is peredur a king or not?
- I will call for queen iseult.
- Lord, perhaps instead, you should take a moment and pray for guidance...
- Iseult!
- You are needed.

- Will he return?
- I doubt I will see him alive again.
- It is over for us.

- Tell him to find me.
- Erm, I think he may well be sitting at your table, father.
- Uhtred is here. I know it.
- Are any of your men sober?
- Some. They are with the horses.
- We should pay a visit you and I to father beocca's house.

- But those lands are as distant as ever.
- As is england, lord.
- The Danes will never leave these shores.
- Never.
- I will go to the lady aethelflaed's estate.
- She remains in danger, I believe.
- Lord king.

[Aelswith panting] Oh, dear god!
- We will need a priest.
- We've tried everything.
- She needs the final rites, lord.
- Find me every healer in town.
- Do not speak a word of this to anyone.
- Yes, lord. Come with me.
[Edward] Go.
- Do you think she will survive?

- And I can offer you more silver than you... [grunts softly]
- I have lived without the comfort of silver.
- I only want one thing and that you cannot give.
- What? Perhaps.
- Revenge.
- Oh. On whom?
- All of you.

- Remember, what we need more than silver is women!
- Red-haired women!
- To the shield wall that awaits us!
- To the joy of battle!
- And to the blood of the Scots! Yeah!

Ravn: It is not.
- I will give 120 pieces of silver for the boy.
Ravn: Heh, heh, heh. Not enough.
- Very well.
- Two hundred pieces.
- I agree to your terms.

- But you speak the truth.
- You are not yet ready, far from it.
- You gave your word without the means nor ability to keep it.
- Perhaps you will never be ready.
- Leave me.
- Father...
- I said, leave me.

- That is how you got where you are, lord aethelhelm.
- Lord, take this moment your god is offering you.
- Your father had a dream...
- And my father also knew when to say no to uhtred ragnarson.
- I am no longer the boy who can be bent to your will.
- This is not saying never, but now is not the time.

- It would be written that Alfred, frail and sick...
- Did find the strength to slay the warrior uhtred ragnarson.
- That will not happen.
- Because I lack the will?
- Because we are bonded.
- You cannot kill me, just as I cannot kill you.

- I should despise ragnar for whoring...
- But I can't.
- You loved him.
- More than he knew.
- The thought of him in he!
- Is not one I can bear.

Sigtryggr: Lock them up.
Sigtryggr: Do we hold the town?
- Soon enough.
- We have ripped out the Saxon heart.
- So, it begins!
- Ready yourselves.
- Take your positions.

- Male: He was crying like a baby so I just thumped him.
Guthred: Uhtred.
- Uhtred, will you join me, please?
Guthred: Please?

- Odda is loyal.
- We shall see for ourselves what is true.
Leofric: My lord.

- He fights for bebbanburg, not for himself, but for you...
- To give you the legacy he never had.
- I swear...
- He is a great man...
- And his blood runs in your veins.
- You should be proud to follow him.

- Just quiet rumors that she had died.
- That she was reborn.
- /hoped the silence meant that she had found peace.
- Most forgot her.
- I did not.
- And / knew, in time, she would return.

- giving you a very small and frankly slightly reckless opportunity to get in by the guards' room before they return.
- You're forgetting the bit where you sit on your ass.
- Yeah, I... I sit on my ass in the boat.
- Hmm.
- Get them out when the signal comes.
- Excellent, we're all agreed.

- Ready my men. Raise the fyrd!
- Raise the mercian guard!
- Raise the dead for all I care!
- Winchester will be retaken!

- Who will protect you, uhtred of bebbanburg?
- I do not need protection.
- You do.
- You do.
- You are carrying so much pain.
- I would have told you...

- He lied to me regarding the marriage.
- Are you referring to the debt?
- You know of it?
- It's not a secret.
- And I urge you to show him you accepted, especially as it is owed to the church.
- You must remain calm, uhtred, respectful.

[Man] Clear the way.
- Stand clear! It is the king!
Odda the Younger: I have to speak, lord.
- The axe cut deep.
- Even a king couldn't survive.
- We shall pray and we shall see.

- All you have is me.
- No.
- We go to him with our story and with his army, we avenge ragnar's death and we take back bebbanburg.
- It's that simple?
- Yes.
- Yes. Tsk, tsk.

- You might as well have a bell around your neck, boy.
Aethelstan: I'm sorry.
Uhtred: Look, bodies.
Uhtred: She came this way.
- Maybe we should fetch the others.

- Lord, I think you need to see this.
Sihtric: Who are they?
- The ealdormen.
Sihtric: Come!
- Who gave your orders?
Sihtric: Come on. Tell us!
- Uhtred, I know him.
Aethelstan: I saw him talking with the king last night.

- I need them alive...
- For now.
- Do you like this?
- Then I need your help.
Brida: I don't want his sword!
- I want him!
- You'll have your revenge, brida.
- Sigtryggr!

Sigtryggr: I will not harm you. Do not.
- I only wish to speak with you.
- Answer me truthfully and I will treat you kindly.
- I've heard of men's kindness and I do not want it. [Pants]
- I am the Dane who took Winchester.
- If I wanted to hump a woman,
- I would not need to use force.

- Remain unseen. Stand by the gate.
- Await my command.
- Let us view this victory from above, so we may preside over it.

- Excellent, lord.
- To permanency.
- Quick! Hide yourself!
Jonis: How may I serve you, sven kjartenssen?
- You will not waste my time, we will not speak of silver.
- We will talk of a man you know as osbert.

- How long? Before they come?
- They are near.
- You are facing death, for certain.
- You are wrong, jackdaw. I will not die.
- Osferth!
- The blood.

Uhtred: We will take them to aethelflaed in mercia.
- I remember watching you ride out from Winchester...
- Before you fought at the battle of fearnham.
- I remember.
- Your mother was there.
- It was the last time I saw her.

- I am the king. I do not follow.
- You are a king who is choosing not to lead.
- A choice so strange, I ask myself why.
- And I only have one conclusion.
- Fean
- I do not fear aethelhelm, constantin or...
- No, but you fear Alfred and his legacy.

Alfred: Odda is not a danger.
Uhtred: But who sits with odda?
Alfred: I will not hide.
Beocca: Lord. Hear the advice.
- You are a symbol of wessex, the standard around which our army will gather.
- You can't be put at risk.
- Very well.

- I should kill you now.
- I should take you piece by piece.
- No, please, spare me.
- Odin would forgive me I'm sure of it.
- I will be a changed man.
Uhtred: You will never change.
- You cannot change!
Beocca: Lord!
- Lord, I beg you.
- That he fears you is enough.
Beocca: Let him take that fear to kjartan.

- the young lady aelfwynn is not fit to rule.
- Does your master propose an alternative?
- He does indeed, lord burgred.
[U htred] Now I ride to be with my love.
- I pray that / reach her before it is too late.
- Destiny is all!

- His equal?
- Like the brothers,
- I am a lord of the north.
- I could easily become your rival.
- Yes.
- I ask that you make peace with me.
- I ask that you offer your sister in marriage.

- Will you hurry, sable!
- Ah, the monks.
- I'll fetch your silver.
- You leave for northumbria immediately.
- St. oswald's heart? Bloody long way to go for a piece of dried offal.
- Still, a few taverns to stop at along the way.
- Northumbria's a piss-hole place to waste a journey on.

- Close the gates.
- I do not wish to harm you.
[Guard] Stay where you are.
Uhtred: Stand clear.
[Guard] Don't move.
- After him!
Steapa: Uhtred!
- Every man with me!

- I must go to her.
- Uhtred, no.
- No, I must go to her!
- Uhtred she has gone!
- She's in the ground.
- It was days ago.
- She is gone.

- Do you think there will be war with wessex?
- Peace serves both kings better.
- We stay here, kiss arses, go home.
- That old goat's not of northumbria.
- Just another lord whose balls hang lower than his coin purse.
- Lord king.

King: Beocca... You should wash out your mouth.
Beocca: Yes Lord, I will. With ale.

- Lord aldhelm!
Eadith: She lives but her strength fades.
- She doesn't want her condition to be known until matters are resolved.
- She will need your help to enter the palace.

- But it may be the only compromise.
- The ealdormen will complain, but this time, do not treat them too harshly.
- Then you will find some redemption.
- I do not need redemption, either.
- Oh, my son, you do.
- If only for the sins of your mother.

- from eofenlvic, kjartan and bebbanburg.
- Bebbanburg and what lies within it belongs to no man but me.
- You are for yourself it would appear.
Guthred: Gisela?
- I would like you beside me at the negotiation.
- Uhtred, mine is the only voice that the brothers shall hear.

- More than that, she was the devil in disguise.
- It is what he would do.
- Hmm.
- Ale and women.
- And prayer.
- Absolutely.
- But in that order.

- Then she shall have it.
- For all that you have done, for all that you have shown me, thank you.
- You have given everything.
- You are the man I always hoped you would become.

- He was too reasonable.
- You underestimate how men crumble in the face of Alfred's widow.
- Anyway, fear not. Our guards are close.

- It's the beginning of our army.
- That is where we're headed.
- Uhtred, I will do everything I can to help.
- I will be at your side.
- I'll be a flea in Alfred's ear.
- Thank you.
- Your father would be a proud man.
- As am I.

- I do not know.
Uhtred: They're coming.
- Get into position!
Rhodri: Follow me!
- Mercians to the woods!
- To the woods!

- She needs you.
- Mercia needs you.
- Of course. It will be my honor.
- No one has served mercia more faithfully.
- We must act quickly.
- Thank you, aldhelm.

- If that is what you want, then yes!
- Fight me! We shall make the square!
- Haesten! No more!
- I will cut your heart from your chest!
- Prepare!
- I'm ready!
- I'm ready!
- We'll make the square then.

- I do not want to be here.
- I want to return to aegelesburg.
- Then we must travel before you grow too weak.
- I know not why the lord wills this.
- Yet, speak of it to no one.
[Sighs] I must tell my daughter. Aldhelm.

- If uhtred and ragnar's wish is to kill me, they can die trying at my gates.
- Was I not heard?
- Father, what can I do?
- Go to your wild whore.
- Tell her she need not feed her hounds.

Hild: I would like you to teach me how to fight. Swordcraft.
[Uhtred laughs] Skill.
- The Danes call it sword skill.
- Then I would like you to teach me sword skill.
- To help you kill men who stare?
- No, lord, to protect myself and those I care for.
- Yourself included.

Hakka: Pull, you bastards!
- Yah!
- Pull!
- We need to fly! Pull!

- Faith.
- Faith in those I love...
- For they will not abandon me.
- Lord, I beg of you.
- Amen.
- Amen.
- You! With me!

- Dampen the roofs.
- Protect the walls from fire.
- Then I will select a hostage...
- And we will see what they do.
[Dane] Hurry up, men!
- Make haste!
[Dane] Take it.

- and asks that you convey yourself to buccstan for Sunday.
- There you will meet with lady aelfwynn and marry her.
- Why have I been selected for this alliance?
- Because you're a nobody.
Aethelstan: If aelfwynn marries you, no ealdorman can force her hand.
- Then I will be honored to preserve the safety of the Princess.

- You will do it now, and save your friends.
- But, lord, my soul will be damned.
- Take your life like a warrior!
- And we shall ask for no more than food and ale.
- Lord, I swear. There is no silver.
- They're yours, to do with as you please.

- You like this one, huh?
- He's fast, very hard working.
- Bring another one.
- Over here!
- This one, one of my best.
- You? You like him?
- He's very strong, very young.
- Something for you, huh?
- Soldier: Horseman approaching!

- We have our proof, rypere.
- You will go to uhtred. Now.
- Why so many guards?
- Are you afraid of me?
- You're a prize, lady.
- Even when unwashed.
- She's the daughter of a king.
- You will all turn away.
- Show her the backs of your heads.
- Lord, where is the harm in looking?
- The back of your heads!

- Take them all.
Kjartan: Archers!
- Don't go up there. Wait for me.
Sigrid: Come. Come.
- Unh!
Sigrid: Ragnar.
- Close the doors.
- We have thyra. Let the rest burn.

- We're in the city.
- Make a square!
- Well, now I know what a turd feels like.

- Guards!
Brida: Take the priests.

- But mani is chased each night across the sky by hati the wolf.
- My mother did not want me to be chased by wolves.
- I saw the moon, the clear sky, and I wanted to share it.
- I'm glad you thought of me.
- It was either share it with you or with my brother.
- The choice was difficult, I admit.

- Because we cannot rush mercia into conflict with wessex.
- Stay with aethelflaed. Guard her quarters.
- No one is to enter without her permission.
- What about her brother?
- No one. You two, with me.
- Where, lord?
- To ensure aethelflaed will not have to rely on Edward's goodwill for her survival.

- while it's still in Saxon hands and before the brothers return.
- Hmm. I will speak with the Abbot.
- Lord, the Abbot is an Abbot.
- I am a warrior, you're a king.
- The Abbot and his dream is the reason I am king.
- I will speak to the Abbot...
- And my sister shall do her duty.

- Siege at Winchester, it is imprinted on my memory.
- And yet you lived and thrived aftennards.
- We were both...
- Younger men.
- My grandson barely slept for years aftennards.
- Well, I have removed the icicles from my balls and will be on my way.

Osferth: Hey, why do I always have to pretend to be the virgin?
Uhtred: Because no one would believe I am the virgin.

- Lord, I cannot do that.
Uhtred: I'm Alfred's messenger.
[Younger] I will not tell you again.
- Should any man try to kill me, that man is a traitor to the king.
[Younger] You will kill him.
- Alfred is no longer my king!
Leofric: I will not do it, lord.
[Elder] My son.
- Father, you will not interfere.

- Men! With me!
- Hold them!
- Men! With me!

Brida: It's done.
- She gave me peace.
- When I was with her, I felt it.
- I'm sure she would want you to find that feeling again.
- I can think of no better tribute.

- Are you certain she still lives?
- Iseult was certain.
- Then you should sleep.
- Hild.
- I would sleep easier lying next to a woman.
- Shall I fetch another bucket, lord?

- When the time is right,
- I swear I will be with you.
- I know.
- I can't believe I'm about to let you go.
- Lose you.
- You have been half my life.
- All of my madness.

- We take a hostage, a shield, a guarantee for your life.
- Who?
- I don't know.
- Someone he can't do without.
- Storri, his sorcerer.

- You will be mine once again.
- He is slow on his feet, he cannot win.
- He must not win.
- He will not win I swear.
- He cannot win.
- Never.

- Do not get yourself killed...
- Until aethelflaed is safe.
- That would be unfortunate.
- It would.
- And I would have had a wasted journey.
- Aethelflaed is important to the king and to all saxons.
- After she is safe, what then?
- Fate will decide.

[Sniffles] I know I must act.
- He must answer for his crimes.
[Sighs] But all my life,
- I have protected him.
- I do not know what to do.
- He does not deserve your mercy.
- Perhaps we could let the gods decide.

- What... what is it, lord?
- We must ride after brida.
- Now.
- Uh, lord, I must speak with you...
- Fetch father pyrlig.
- He will be with the townspeople.
- Then stay here and make sure the rest of the city is secured.

- Do you want a dog?
- Nobody wants you, dog.

- He is to be offered no safe harbor, no support.
- That is the word of the king, is it?
- If asked, he would deny it.
- Thought I was going after the young bastard.
- Yes.
- After you have finished playing messenger, you may return to rumcofa.

- We are restored!
- Remove the Saxon sign!

- You will watch the death of your boy.
- No!
- And all the fools who followed you to your doom.
- Don't! Finan, drop your swords! Now!
Wihtgar: This is the end, uhtred.
- Your name will be forgotten.
- -[Arrow whistles] {Gasps}

- I will get you out of here.
- But you will take me to your camp.
- You're no longer sworn to uhtred, boy?
- Uhtred is cursed and has lost his mind.
- I am at the mercy of gods, and this is their will.
- Are you with me or not?

- but only because Alfred lives.
- The very instant he dies, then fear and doubt will grow.
- The people will not wish their fate to be in the hands of a smooth-faced child.
- We must be ready.
- We must be ready.
- And we must be ruthless.

- Aelfweard, introduce lord aethelhelm to the guests on my behalf.
- Explain he is a respected elder of the family.
- Yes, father. Of course.
- I'm sure they'll love your stories from the old days.
- Well, perhaps I should advise her on making suitable alliances.
- Indeed. There's nothing worse than being landed with a spouse you come to detest.

- We shall pray together, my lord, for strength.
- Why does it have to be a sin?
- Already, it is a burden.
- It seems never to be about what I would wish to do, it is about what I must do.
- Ask god to give me the strength to wear the crown as well as you.

- I would say a hindrance.
- A wife?
- No, no. Never, no.
- She is restless.
- She is the devil on his shoulder, I fear.
- But he is fond of her.
- Yes, that is his way.
- We shall see.
- Thank you.
- My lord.

- You reek of death, lord.
- I do. Sadly, I do.
- Why sadly?
- Your life has been rich, you have reputation.
- There is more to be done.
- I must see that it is done.
- Ask your question.

- We have soldiers to feed.
- It could be a lean winter.
- All the more reason to celebrate while we can.
- It's blood month festival. [Chuckles]
- I need ale and you need to hump the tall girl from frisia.
- The tall girl from frisia's too tall.
Finan: It's border country, lord.
- You don't get to be too picky.

- I'm not warning you again!
[Osbert] Ships! There!
- Danes.
- The devil's turds.
- Are they traders?
- No. They come as vikings!
- We go!

- The warrior priest of rumcofa.
- He showed great courage.
- And made osferth proud.
- I have heard of your bravery.
- Let us drink to it.
- I bring news I do not wish to break.
- Brida has struck again.

- Just a little while longer, they need the taste of blood!
- They need use of their limbs.
- We need them to fight the saxons!
- Which will be soon, haesten, my friend!
- I can feel it. I can feel it in my balls!
Cnut: Come here! Come here!

- Look! A boat!
- Blessed Jesus, there's a bastard boat!

- Uhtred is dead?
- Uhtred is, by now, on his way to dunholm and then to bebbanburg perhaps.
- Where he is not, is wessex.
- Uhtred is no longer Alfred's sword.
- Uhtred is gone.
- Uhtred is a Dane.

- I have proof. His runes.
- Storri will be returned to you.
- Take his head from his shoulders.
- Guthrum, be quiet.
- Have them open the doors.
- I will release storri when I am clear of this place.
Ubba: You go nowhere.
- Then he dies. Your sorcerer dies.
- Have them open the doors.

- The charters of bebbanburg.
Beocca: Yeah, the land books. Yeah.
- You kept them safe.
- I have shown them to Alfred.
- He knows you are the ealdorman by right.
- I will continue to keep them safe, but, uhtred, you must behave like an ealdorman.

- Should we not stop and rest?
- I'm tired of the sight of my horse's head, his ears in particular.
- We need shelter and fire, boy.
- And there's no shelter here.
- We keep going.
- For a short time at least.

- A lady wants to meet you.
- Go to the garden.

- Who are you...
- And what will you do for the king?
- I am uhtred ragnarson.
- I'm here to fight for your king if he pays me what I'm worth.

- until I'm forced to marry someone I despise.
- I wanna live. That's all.
- As much as I would like it,
- I cannot take you with me.
- But your time will come,
- I'm certain of it.
- Take care, sister.
- You will always be in my thoughts.

[Guard] You, secure the gate! Secure it!
Uhtred: Oh no, no, not yet.

- There! There! There he is!
- Did I not say?
- What position is he taking?

- Not mine. Hers.
Rognvaldr: All Danes, all pure.
- Do not be afraid, brother.
- She's here to save us.
- Where are my men?
[Shouting] Where are my men?
[Shouting] Valhalla!

- Stay back!
- Dear god.
- We can swim through.
- No. I'd rather face them and die now.
- I'm not sweating and shitting in three days' time.
- I want to try. I am not ready to die.
- No, stiorra!

- To ragnar and to the Danes.
- Then we should go meet your men.
- Hurry!
- Go, all of you.
- I wish to be alone.
- All of you go!

- Why does constantin place his men here?
[In Scottish accent] We do not discuss what measures we take to ensure my lord is protected.
- King constantin?
- Your man strays where he is not wanted.
- He's no man of mine.

- I will say no more.
- Had I remained in wessex and refused to swear to Edward...
- Alfred would have had me killed.
- It was for aethelflaed that I came here.
- You are free to choose your own path.
- May god bless you and guide you.

- Throughout all my victories, defeats, loves and losses,
- I ha ve stayed true to my con viction thatl will one day return to bebbanburg and overthrow the man who will stop at nothing to have me killed...
- My uncle aelfric.
- Destiny is all.

- Mother, what happened to your plan to spirit aelfwynn away from mercia?
- It went awry, and so I bring grave news.
- Aelfwynn was captured on the road.
- By who?
- We are not certain, but one, at least, did not survive my wrath.
- We believe them to be hired men.
- We suspect an association with lord aethelhelm.

Brida: We sail for battle!
- Beloved friends, warriors...
- The time has come to save our people!
[Bride] To war!

- I will leave if you wish.
- I do not wish.
- But you cannot stay.
Uhtred: And if I'm quiet?
- We could both be quiet.

- From ragnar...
- And from me.
- I have always loved you.

- Edward, why...
- Please do not argue with me, mother.
- She is aethelflaed's child!
- I am aware of her bloodline.
- But I am also aware of lord aethelhelm.
- I will not react with haste to this provocation, nor chase him blindly.
- We do not even know where he is, so allow me to follow what I know to be the right path.

- Hiding from who?
- Her husband.
- He plans to have her killed.
- This is not my worry.
- She has guards, she has the king, she has steapa, even...
- She has asked for uhtred.

- No! I need one of them alive!
- Not you.

- Then I would hate for you to meet that which you dread.
- I should like to pray, alone.
- I have verses I must study.
- Perhaps there are some wise words in the book about the sort of man I am.
- Perhaps you do not know me as you think.

- What happened here with you? [Gasps]
- Which one of these is the farm girl from lewes?
- I am the visionary.
- A visionary, but you did not see us coming.
- Whose men are you?
- We were sent by king sigtryggr.

- that is all I know to be true.
- It's uhtred's intention to return to mercia.
- He asked me to petition the king to have his children follow.
- Now open the gates and let us rest.
- Hey, big man, we're guilty of being hungry and tired, my friend. That is all.
- Open the gates.

- Hmm, charming.
- Aethelhelm, I shall bring you into my confidence immediately.
- War is coming, your lands are under threat.
- Danes are marching in numbers from north to south.
- Let us pray for the strength and fortitude to defeat them once again.
- Join me.

- These are cnut's sons...
- You can go.
- You will leave cnut's bastards behind.
- I'm tired of the red-headed runts.
[Inhales] You can take them.

- Please, brothers.
- I know about your sins in grimesby.
- Don't let me speak of it to your Abbot.
- What do you want?
- Nothing but traveling companions.
- I swear to it, I mean you no harm.
- Are you any good in a fight?
- No.
- Good, they can kill you while we escape.

- Now I know what to do should it happen again.
- I... I will use my night bucket and a knife.
- You should.
- You are precious, lady.
- Sleep well.
- Safely.

- whereas you will travel from peasant to lord.
- I do not understand.
- Of course you don't, you're stupid.
- As I have been stupid.
- However, complete this next task, and your reward will be land and title, ealdorman offa.

- Halt!
- Let me strike the first blow.
Yahya: My lord!
- Soldiers approach from the south.
- How many?
- Many.
- I shall return. Wait.

[Brida] Two days. [Sniffs] Two days and still stiorra makes you suffer.
- I am here as a mother, to see a better future for our children.
- Daneland restored for Danes and Danes alone.
- Now, the gods gave us fair winds and calm seas to carry us here.
- For this, they deserve a sacrifice.
- Bring her forth.

- It prospers.
- In the heart of danelaw, it prospers.
Uhtred: I have a thirst, my friends.
Finan: Everyone here is as fat as a buttered bishop.
- A buttered bishop?
- A buttered bishop.
- Do you have a problem with that?

- Of course I'm afraid to fight you.
- We are not equals in swordcraft.
- So, if you agree to a fair fight...
- Ah, yes.
- You could never fight with honor.
- Honor does not win a fortress.

- Might I find the gates of heaven closed to me?
- Never, lord.
- Aethelwold is a man who believes himself to be king.
- He is a danger to Edward...
- To your own son.

- Ah, yes.
- They sit in my hall as we speak.
- They eat my food, they drink my wine, and ale...
- And they raise a cup...
- To the happy pair.
- May god help them.

- and we'll tell you what great plans we have for mercia.
- Hey, hey, hey. Stay awake.
Stiorra: Mmm!
- Mm.
- Not hers.
- She will have milk.
Stiorra: What?
- I'm not incurring the wrath of the lord and protector of mercia on his first day...

- pray for strength and to expunge these unholy thoughts that fill my mind.
- You want land in wessex?
- It's my way back to bebbanburg.
- Any silver you find under Alfred will be taken by the Danes, along with your life.
- They can't be beaten.
- Why are you doing this?
- I've said, wealth.

- God has not forsaken you, lord.
- Fetch aelswith, fetch his mother!
- The prayers of the whole of wessex have been answered.
Alfred: Indeed.
- Every mass, lord, every mass said by 100 priests or more has been heard.
- Look at him. Look at him, he is well.
- God is good. Praise him!
- Yes, praise him, father beocca.

[Men] Yes!
- We have swords in hand and the battle ahead of us!
- Land to be won, silver to be shared and saxons to kill!
- We are Danes, together!
- Together!
- Together!
Cnut: Together!

- Seize the land to the north until you reach the sea.
- And then we will see which Saxon kingdom is the greatest.
- And who should knee! To whom.

- He was a child then...
- A baby.
- A life passes so quickly.
- Edward, you shall fetch father beocca.
- We shall prepare for the first day...
- In a new land.

- Why do they stare?
- They think you're pretty.
- - huh.
- Or they have never seen a Dane so close.
- But they will.

- and in respect so he may lead in a godly manner.
- Beo...
- Beocca, he's cleansed.
- Amen.
- Uhtred, son of uhtred of bebbanburg, welcome to the Christian world.
- Behold your people and your land.

Uhtred: The path has gone.
Finan: Is there another way?
- Can we go back on ourselves?
- There's no time. The tide is turning.
- Men will be leaving their posts.
- You always wanted to die at bebbanburg.
Uhtred: Less talk. We climb.

- It was not his idea that we should go to Alfred for silver.
- It was you?
- It was.
- That all said, without you, lord, my brother would not be free.
- It's my fate.
- You should call me uhtred.

- You're too ready with anger.
- There's a bad spirit within you that needs to be exorcized.
- You should look to god.
- I'll pray for you.
- Humility is what you need.
- What I need, woman, is justice.

- My men tell me you are refusing to eat.
- I am. I would like to wash.
- You have a bowl, you have water.
- I would like to bathe.
- I would like to breathe cool air.
- I am beginning to feel sickly.
- My brother suggested you bathe inside a barrel in full view of all men.

- You and I can be everything together.
- I want you to believe in me, uhtred.
- I do.
- Like I believe in you, the warrior above all men.
- You're a king.
- Then you are my queen.

- Once or twice.
- That is true.
- The abbess has me shackled, lady!
- I'm her prisoner!
- Abbess hild, be sure to wash your hands.
- Winchester is a better place when you are here.
- Know that much.

- Bebbanburg was my reward from god for my constant and unwavering piety.
- Yes, indeed.
- Send out to whatever hovels the common people live in.
- Round up the farmers' sons.
- Will that work, lord?
- The farmers are not well-disposed to us.
- It will work if you hold a knife to the mothers' throats.

- Osferth...
- Fetch uhtred, tell him we have a guest.
- A woman.
- How can you tell it's a woman?
- You have to ask?
- Fetch uhtred.

- But her hand with mine will unite the two kingdoms and I will be the peacemaker who saves mercia.
- I promised my wife
- I would not act without her.
- Without a plan, king Edward will take your throne and mercia will be subsumed.
- Please, lord, just trust that I have mercia's best interests at heart.
- I'm begging you.
- Have I not always served you well?

Skade: Turn away!
- Only the women may look at me until I have told my lord what I have seen.

- Here you go.
Sihtric: Thank you.
- What was that?
Finan: King's men.
- When was the last time you saw your father?
- A long time ago.
- Well, you'll be a fair bit taller than him now, I'll bet.

- He must be treated as such.
- I will not go against you, lord.
- I could not.
- And so I ask you...
- Rescind what you have done.
- Lord king...

- Can he be trusted?
- Lord, are we sure of uhtred's position?
- Lord uhtred's position is that of an ealdorman of wessex.
- Lord, it is my own view he should be admitted.
Odda: And mine.
- Man: Allow him in.
Aelswith: Lord king.

- You have silver.
- You could easily buy the men to find her.
- Silver? For the honor of saving the blood of Alfred?
[Sighs] I merely suggest...
- Men should be paying me for the privilege of fighting in her name.
Aelswith: As ever, the lord provides.
- I have a job for you.

- And the others?
Uhtred: It is ubba. The big man.
- The chieftain, ubba, is with them?
- You said he was in the north.
Alfred: Now he is here.
- This is good.

- One month is not enough.
- That is my limit.
- You cannot take back the fortress.
- You know this.
- Food and ale for one month, no more.
- By which time, the sea storms will have arrived.
- God's storms.
- We will be gone within a month, beginning upon the delivery of food and ale.

- Who may live in these lands in peace.
[Edward] Lord uhtred of northumbria.
- I congratulate you on restoring your birthright.
- You honor your children and bring them solace and healing.
- May these lands be held by your descendants for all eternity.
- Let the sons of your sons profit for generations!

- Did you see that?
- There, look!
- It's the signal!
Finan: Move your arses!
Uhtred: Follow us along the rocks.
- The rest of you stay here until I call for the ship.

[Volunteers] Queen killers!
- Dane-loving scum!
- Do your duty and rid the cockles from the wheat!
- Stop it!
- Danes here! Christian there!
- Separate them.
Bresal: Dane! Saxon!

Stiorra: Leave him. It is done.
- Go and play.
- She is nothing to fear!
- She's here to rescue you, turn you back to the gods.
Rognvaldr: Do not fight them, brother.
- She has the power. Yield!

- We're running out of time, lord king.
- Tempers are fraying.
- Father pyrlig, how do the preparations proceed?
- Forgive me, but we should delay all ceremonies.
- They say the sickness is coming.
- People are abandoning their villages.
- It ravages worse than any Dane invader.
- We have to protect aegelesburg.

- Take the body down and clear all traces of this.
- Now!

- You will go to hell.
- Uhtred, look.
- A bridge.
- He's crossing to Valhalla.
- He's free.

- Cnut and only cnut.
- That's good enough.
- Less men at the camp.

- In those times, we hold steadfast to our lord and do not buckle.
- We may not survive this...
- But our kingdom will and that is all that matters.
- Our sense of history is who we are.
- It is how god separated us from the animals.
- And I will not be treated as an animal.

Aldhelm: Who did this to you?
[Panting] Bridal
[u htred] And now she has invaded eoferwic, spreading pain and terror through the city.
- Find stiorra!
[U htred] Destiny is all./
- Find stiorra! Find uhtred's daughter!

- Can you say the same?
- Er, uhtred, I am tired of listening to this squirrel's arse.
- Let me offer you a cup of ale.
- Come inside and sit with me.
- Let me convince you, I am for wessex.
- Hear me.
- Please.

- They have the higher ground.
- But I do not want to wait.
- So when do I attack?
- I'll cast the runes.
- Storri.
- I'll need a clear answer.
- I will get one.

- I gave him my word.
- He will die and you can call him a hero.
- The others are here.
- You must decide what you will tell them.

- I think we might be getting fed, lord.
- Call him osbert.
- More than you deserve. Be grateful.

Uhtred: Aethelstan!
Uhtred: Aethelstan!
- Aethelhelm! Why do you not fight?
- Aethelstan!

- Thirty will hold, few enough to feed.
- Do this for me?
- I'd rather be with you, but I'll do as you ask.
- Thank you.
Glenna: Come on, quickly.
- Up there, go on.
Beocca: Hurry, please.

- Do not move.
- I said... do not move.

- This... this is too much.
- It is barely enough.
- Mercia needs to be protected and I am sure you will do what needs to be done.
- My lady.
- You have been good to us.
- Just and fair.

- Help me.
- I want my son to remain untarnished by heathen ways.
- I wish him to be god's king.
- Pure.
- Lord, should you be walking unaided?
- While I can, I will.

- No. You're not ready.
- Take him to the alehouse.
- Celebrate his victory.
Sihtric: You had us worried there for a second, boy.
- Just a scratch. Come on!
Osferth: Tonight we dine in rumcofa.
- You're the one not ready.
[Finan laughs] He's still a virgin though!

- There's no more.
- We're going.
Sven: Come on.
Kjartan: Bring the horses.

- What are you doing? We will freeze.
- Niflheim is much colder than you will ever be.
- If ragnar suffers, then so shall we.
- There will be no comfort for you here.
- I'm going to sleep.
- Wrapped in fur?

- Dear god, no.
- Shield!
- Dear god of infinite mercy, not this.

- Are you prepared?
- I am.
- Yes.
- It is to the death, no matter how death occurs.
- May god choose his Victor.
- Swords.
- Begin!

Wolland: My queen.
Stiorra: Do not forget me on this, your final journey.
- Your blade and my heart will remain yours.
- Tonight all love is buried.

- Poor wretches.
- And us, father, what are we?
- We are fortunate, lord.
- We know god.
- Although granted,
- I'm in no hurry to meet him.
- Let us pray he feels the same.
[Man] Amen.

- If asked, he will deny it.
- Stiorra cannot stand by and let her people be murdered
[yelling] Bridal you will pay for this!
- Then show yourself!
[U htred] We must now enter the city by stealth and save my daughter.
- Destiny is all/

[Iestyn] Do you know what that is?
- It's a fort.
- Beating heart of this land they called bernicia.
- Bebbanburg.
- The lord who resides here is volatile, so be on your guard.
- What if he does not welcome us?
- Then we will not be welcomed home.
- And we will be forced to sail to frisia to sell your backside in return for food.

Sihtric: They are waiting to be slaughtered.
Uhtred: Lord?
- There will be no better time to fight than now.
- Uhtred, I'm thinking...
- We must attack.
- Lord, what I'm saying is good advice.
- We must attack tonight.
- Do you not hear me? I'm thinking.

- Wait! Please!
- I fought with you!
- No, you saw the tide turn and sought only to save yourself.
- I saved your life.
- We're brothers.
- We're blood.

- But we need to guard your life.
- How?
- I don't know.
- We should hump tonight.
- We should. It's written.
- That we should hump?
- Our destiny is to hump, tonight.

- Ready!
- They have the hill, we have the numbers and will of the gods.
- Odin's warriors!
Uhtred: We stand our ground!
- They will come onto us!
- And we will take their heads from their shoulders.
- No Saxon leaves this field alive!

- We must devise a plan of attack.
- Uhtred, you will leave us.
- You will leave.
- Oh, I will be happy to.
- Should you need me further, you will find me at the two cranes inn.

- Your horses belong to whom?
- Lord odda.
- You'll let us pass?
- You selling or buying?
- Selling. To the Danes.
- There is a peace.
- Did you not know?
- That odda has made a peace?
- No, I did not.

Ragnar: I didn't think so many would come.
- Ragnar!
- Rollo.
- What makes you think we're here for you?

Smith: [presenting the finished sword] I've given her some beauty, but she is a tool, no more, no less.
Uhtred: [examines it] She's exactly as I'd hoped. We said ten?
Smith: We said eight.
Uhtred: She's worth ten.
[gives him the remaining silver]
Uhtred: Thank you.
Smith: Thank you.

- I gave him my word!
- Then what will you do, boy?
- You can either bleat or you can make a decision!
- What will you do?
Uhtred: Destiny is all!
- Lord king, we cannot wait any longer.
- Lord king!

- Who was it who attacked your village?
- Danes?
[Hywel] Don't worry.
- We will right this wrong.
- The witan is gathered.

- Keep an eye on the ealdormen yourself.
- I will find out how long Edward intends to stay.
- My brother is finally trying to enact my father's will. We should welcome this.
- I know, but his authority is under threat and men under threat do not always act with wisdom.
- Show respect for the fallen of tettenhall!

- Kjartan, but also the brothers and the man who stole my land.
- My own uncle.
- That, I owe you.
- Uhtred of bebbanburg.
- Now I must get used to who I am.
- Enjoy.

- Fate had made me a Dane.
- And then fate brought betrayal.
- I will not stand by and have everything taken from me.
- Bebbanburg's mine!
- Destiny is all.
- Horses.

- He cursed you when?
- Along time ago, we were young. [Laughs]
- He threw a curse, I stuck a branch up his arse. It was that day.
- I've been a barren bitch ever since.

- {gasps}
- Father!
- No shame in having a Dane atop you, but, honestly, I've seen prettier.
- The Ridge, father!
- It's aethelred!
- Can they reach us?

- Drive them!
- They're tiring, can't fight back.
- We're winning, look.
[Man] We're winning.
- Follow!
- Drive on!
- Not yet! Not yet!

- I propose we send an army there of men from both wessex and mercia to maintain control.
- Agreed.
- A joint army sends a clear message that we are allies.
- After that, we can push north into northumbrian daneland.
- Together, I believe we can achieve our father's dream of a united land.

- Stop this! It is over.
- It is never over!

- as well as eardwulf's sister.
- The feelings thataethe/flaed and I have always held can no longer be contained.
- But for now, my duty draws me to the north once again.
- To bebbanburg!
- Destiny is all!

- In the mind of brother asser, she is a witch and yet you gladly drink her potions.
- It is a tonic.
- I can read you.
- You wish to put our child in the hands of the devil.
- Our prayers are not being answered.
- Is it any wonder we find ourselves living in a muddy puddle?

- And Edward alone is not the answer.
- You know this yourself, lord, which is why you hope, and pray perhaps, that uhtred will return.
- If that is the case, lord, then your prayers have been answered.
- He is here.
- You can have him found and executed, or you can speak with him.

- We can be enemies, or lovers.
- We can suffer or we can rule.
- Back of the line.
- Then you shall remain cursed.
- It's your choice.

- And remember we have a task ahead.
- Cousin, you are our leader now.
- I am hungry for blood and battle!
- Nothing has changed! We've lost a handful of men and nothing more than that!
- Nothing has changed.
- We march as soon as we're ready!

- Get out, you drunk bastard!
Leofric: Is he here?
- With a woman who's not his wife.
[Man] Drink it up.
- Your friend is here.

- For luck.
- Then I'll need a lock from you.
- Where's Alfred?
- Watching.
- Waiting for his army.
- I think I shall go and sit with him a while.
- You are fond of him now?

- He will assume you are lying and take aelfweard anyway.
- Are you lying?
[Softly] I do not know.
- Which of these two children is more precious to his heart?
- I'm the elder brother. I should be chosen.
- I will take them both.

- I would like to hear those reasons.
- I did not forget what guthred did to me.
- But if it means we have a greater chance of killing kjartan, if it means we find our sister, then I will do what Alfred asks.
- Kjartan falls, by my sword.
- He will, brother. He will.

- You will do as I command.
- You will raise the somerset fyrd.
- Lord, forgive my son. Please!
- I will not forgive what I have seen.
- You will raise the fyrd.
- Yes, lord.

- You no longer serve a purpose.
- Then with your permission, lord,
- I shall return to my estate and my wife at Devonshire, whilst it is still a Saxon estate.
- That would be for the best.
- Should you be needed you will be sent for.

- Ragnar is my child.
- Betray him and I will kill you.
- If you are now a Dane, you must undo the past.
- Undo the past, how?
- You must destroy Alfred.

- If the other hostages were killed, how did he survive?
- He was taken as a child by the Danes and he survived.
- We would do well to follow him.
- Follow him?
- Or listen to what he has to say, lord, is what I meant.

- Lord aethelhelm has many friends across the kingdoms.
- All of you know the young lady aelfwynn is not fit to rule.
- Does your master propose an alternative solution?
- He does indeed, lord burgred.
- One he trusts you will all find...
- Advantageous.

- Nose, face, teeth, the chin...
- Beard, eyebrows, ears, cheeks.
[Woman] Make way! Move!
- Stand back!
[Man] Who is it?
[Woman] Who is it? Children, stay back.
[Man] What have they done to him?

- Only guthrum can save you.
- Guthrum is your god now.
- Should I spare you?
- Please.
- Please.
- Go in peace.
- Find Alfred.

- Let them dream of the seer, let them turn on each other.
- A split may be to our advantage.
- And so I ask...
- When?
- Tonight.
- Now.

- Lord! A ship is near.
- Traders.
- Perhaps you'd like a moment to pray, lord?
- I'll need to watch the trader.
- Yes.
- Yes, I would like that.

- She could help your son.
- Thank you.
- If you help, then you better succeed.
- If the child dies, you will be blamed.
- We cannot do nothing.
Hild: That is not what I am saying.
- Iseult is a pagan and a woman.
- She will be blamed, regardless of her meaning well.

- I am needed.
- You are a whore to the crown of Alfred.
- He does not leave with skade.
- Ragnar, she belongs to me.
- Yes, bloodhair, you can fight for the witch... to the death.
- Agreed, we fight.
Uhtred: Destiny is all!

- I am blessed with two wives, two queens.
- Iseult is a shadow queen.
- You know what I require of you, of course you do.

- Who's been telling you this?
- Men, begging to live.
- Would say anything.
- That's where you'll go, to cynuit?
- Well, I have ships to repair, the coastline here has been murderous.

- Yes. If he should succeed in causing this distraction, we will move.
- In which direction, lord?
- Ready your men. Tell them nothing.
- Lord odda, with respect, you told us nothing.
- Ready your men.
- For battle?
- Ready your men.
- Each of you. Go.
- Prepare.

- I told you I would invite king Alfred's daughter, and she is here!
- I swear to the gods that this prize will not be sold cheaply.
- There will be wealth and glory for every man here!
- Yeah!

- Unlike saxons and Danes, the romans were clever.
- There, you have your answer.
- Now take his head off.
Pyrlig: Agreed, lord.
- And if you please, when it comes to me, with your sharpest axe and strongest man.
- You talk too much.
- I do. You should kill me swiftly.

- She's already been taken to Winchester.
- Who by?
- Erm, I think he called himself uhtred.
- Let us in!
- You two, search the grounds.
- The rest of you with me.

[Man] Lord, the cart is stuck.
- Release the horse from its harness and ride.
- Sihtric, your axe.

- Vvhoa.
Finan: Right, come on. Move.
- It's rognvaldr come to slaughter.
- Will you stop?
- You'll unsettle all the men.
- Rognvaldr is nothing.
- He's just a coward who buys reputation.
- Trust us. We've fought a lot of Danes.

Kjartan: The main thing is to keep the horses together here.
- Don't leave any weapons behind.
- Move those over and we'll look in the back.
- Don't leave anything in there.
- Just bring it all out.
Kjartan: A little bit more.

- That we are here with god!
- And this is our land!
- This is our land!
- Our wessex!
- This is our england!
- And we shall murder any heathen bastard that tries to take it!

- I would, if I believed you were sincere in accepting god into your heart.
- Do you worry if every child baptized is sincere in accepting god into their heart?
[Scoffs] I'm confident few of them are using it to lay claim to a throne.
- God is infinitely wise, is he not?
- He will know if I am sincere.
- Lord uhtred, come fonnard and receive god's grace.

- For all this bluster, he does not know when these scotsmen will come.
- He just hopes they do.
- Does your cousin uhtred still fight for the king of the saxons?
- Yes.
- Which is why we will not be leaving these walls whatever promises we have made, whatever alliance.

- Uhtred, listen to me, we serve ragnar best alive.
- We tell the story.
- I need to kill someone.
- No.
- And I choose him.
- Uhtred, no.
Kjartan: Come on!

- My sword is heavy.
- I must sit.
- There is wine in the jug, if you would pour it.

- Why is she not dead?
- She has beauty and power, osferth, over men who believe in their own reputation.
- But she is evil.
- He has promised her death!
- Pray for him.
- He'll need it.

- You are more than that.
- I know.
- And, hopefully, in time, things will change for us.
- I will go to Winchester to comfort my mother and come back here as soon as I can.
- Your men will return from the north soon.

- You must give in to fate.
- Attend his witan.
- Will you sleep alongside me tonight, under the furs?
- Sleep?
- Nothing more.
- I would like that.
- As the only other source of warmth would be a goat.

- It is Alfred.
- It is Alfred and the men of wessex!
- Steapa.
- Shield walls!
- Form a line!
- Advance!
- Advance!

- If he is to stand with Edward, what then?
- I have said!
- They must die.

- Wait, wait, wait!
- There is something I can give you.
- The name of the man that killed ragnar...
- Huh?
- Aethelwold!
- No.
- He held the dagger, but another whispered poison into his ear.

- Ragnar!
- Ragnar was weak...
- And I needed him to die!
- But my son... my son was innocent!
- Brida...
- Give me your seax!
- Give me your seax!

- smile and bless you.
- Let us pray that this union of Dane and Saxon can show that this is a land for all people.
- Under one god.
- Under one god, of course.
- Amen.
- Amen.
- Amen.

- What are you thinking?
- I have a way in. Follow me.
[U htred] Move.

- You will need silver to travel.
- A ship's fare.
- Yes.
- I would.
- Not much.
- You will never see this face again.

- Protect the gate!
Uhtred: Full force!
Uhtred: Full force, ragnar!
- Pull back! Pull back!
- Pull back!

- We live by god's laws.
- And he has bestowed on us uncountable blessings and untold mercies.
- Wessex is a sacred place, a place of home and harvest, of fairness, and pity.

Rognvaldr: She will forgive you.
- You!
- [Gasps} where is your mistress?
[Whimpering] I have not seen her, lord.
- She has left.
[Stiorra, whispering] This way.

- Danes!
- Danes!

- Every man to the ramparts!
Ragnar: Keep together!

Uhtred: Lord.
- I want to thank you for not abandoning me.
- I know that would have been a choice, a reasonable choice.
- I'll go to your estate now, to see mildrith and my son.

- I loved you, lord king.
- Heaven shall be your reward...
- And I pray that one day...
- We shall meet again.

- and peasants alike.
- They cry in the streets of Winchester.
- Then it begins.
- It begins.
- Sharpen your blades!
- It begins!

- You weakened me, brother.
- It should have been me who took the Princess and put her in the cage.
- Yes. You are right.
- I... did not think.
- You never think.
- Because I have you to think for me.

Cenric: ...Formation!
- Halt!

- We move!
Beocca: Can you smell the northern sea, boy, the northumbrian air?
Uhtred: I smell it and I feel it, father.
- It feels like home.
Beocca: That it does.

Brida: You're one of sigtryggr's men.
Brida: Who did this?
- Saxons. They slaughtered us.
[Gasping] We fought only to avenge our people.
Uhtred: Was uhtred ragnarson at the battle? Uhtred ragnarson?
- He fought with the saxons. [Gasping]

- Take his eye.
Kjartan: Yes.
- You can take his eye, but I want him here and I want him alive.
- I will take him piece by piece.
- I will make him suffer.
- Uhtred ragnarson is mine.

- Yes, lord.
- Steapa.
- Lord sigebriht.
- An approximation to a witan has gathered.
- The outlaws are required.
- What is an approximation to a witan?
- It's almost a witan but not quite.
- We must be without the king.

[Hoarse and softly] Guards, help!
[Softly] Help...
- Hel...

- The romans used this square for just that purpose. Combat.
- He would die too easily.
- Give him something to fight for.
- His freedom.
- Why?
- I'd rather watch him spill his guts than nailed to a piece of wood.
- Where's the fun in that?

- I've given her some beauty.
- But she is a tool, no more, no less.

- What's your name?
- Her name is aethelflaed, lord.
- You're her mother?
- No, lord.

- I have sacrificed enough for them.
- Well, I have sacrificed nothing.
- Please! I want to live amongst my mother's people, to find the part of myself that died when she was taken from me.
- Besides...
- Sigtryggr is gentle.
- He's a man of honor!

- There are worse places to defend.
- With a few more men, we would stand a chance.
- Follow me.

- So why do you allow him to... shame you?
- Cnut, you know nothing, so you will say nothing.
- Allow them to continue in peace.
- All the way to dunholm?
- That is where they're headed.

- The people here are volatile, the mood not favorable.
- Much pain is felt for the lady stiorra and I fear her grief could ferment more trouble.
- Add brida to that and...
- The air is poisoned. I understand.
- If sympathy for the young widow is the problem, that can be resolved.
- Summon lord uhtred.

- Drop your weapons, it's over.
- Shield!
Brida: Ragnar, no.
- No, ragnar, don't give him the chance.
- Burn the bastard! Ragnar!
Uhtred: Brida!
- You and me.
- Move!
- We make this square.

- Go. You're getting in my way.
- I love you.
- And I know it is hard.
- But we will return to them.
- I swear.

[Man] Yes.
- In three days, we slaughter him, his offspring and those who fight in his name.
- Tell the coward boy the battle place.
- Tell him sigtryggr will be waiting.
[Men chanting] Sigtryggr!

- I am to enter bebbanburg and you are to help me by distracting the household guard.
- No. [Laughs] No, absolutely not.
- Not today, not any day.
- It is an unwise choice.
- I will retake my lands and then we will return to punish you for this refusal.

[Quietly] We cannot go against the men of wessex.
- Be quiet now.
- They are our people, finan, are our friends.
- Osferth; Be quiet.
- Come on!

- So leave.
- And come to coccham, where I can protect you both.
- Unless you want to live a life of prayer and chastity.
- The ealdormen will not turn on us.
- Battle does not always bring reward, aethelflaed.
- This much I have learned.

- Before he concedes one square of wessex land.
- You are a pack of fools...
- Unknowingly, you have trapped yourselves within these walls.
- For once, the heathen are all in one place.
- And when the fire comes, as come it shall...
- We will watch your souls burn as we ascend!

- Lady?
- Please inform your family that I'll be travelling.
- We will leave for lord odda's estate.
- I would like you with me, but it is your decision.
- I know how important it is to be amongst the people who care for you.
- I would not wish to leave you.

- That is a kindness, but we have much to do.
- I have pilgrims
- I need to ferry to the island.
- Too many dangers present themselves to travelers here.
- Come into the fortress.
- A wedding feast is imminent and that is a delight we wish to share.
- My men will gather your cargo, though, of course we will take a tribute.

- Boltan! We need to be entertained!
- Are you man enough to kill a priest?

[Man] Boy.
- For the king.

- How have you strayed so far?
- Forging an alliance with mercia is everything.
- I did not intend to harm any child.
- But children should not be dragged into politics, Edward. We know this.
- The ones that are...
- Well, we know they rarely survive.

- Sigurd is blind. There can be no battle.
- Lord, you are both right and wrong.
- We wait, uhtred.
- Now...
- I wish to look at her.
- Skade.

- You will soon have need of a woman.
- You have not killed me, lord, because that will leave you cursed still.
- Until the end and beyond.
- Our paths are entwined and our fate is shared.
- He is here.

Beocca: "One may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.
- A cord of three is not so quickly broken."
- Now that you are bound together, uhtred and gisela,
- I can declare you man and wife.

Brida: So uhtred lives...
- Now rides with Edward?
- Yes.
- You were supposed to kill him.
- And I did not.
- Could you not find him sleeping?

- Lord, we are crossing into wessex.
- This stretch of river is protected by lord uhtred.
- You say you have trade there?
- I do, lord.
- Lord, please,
- I cannot risk losing my ship.
- You will keep your ship.
- It's easy enough to say it.

- Open the door, I wish to see my father.
- Open the door, or I'll have your balls for sling-shot.
- I am here to pray for my father, to be at his side.
- The king is dead.
- Why was I not called?
- I should have been at his side.
- You could not be found.
- I was sleeping in my chamber.

- What now, eh?
- Where are we left? In shit?
- Now we have time.
- How? You've made them want to kill us even more.
- We should attack.

- If you disagree with me, Saxon, then fight me!
- Kill him, ragnar, and be done with it!
- It is over! It is done.
- Take what belongs to you. Take your witch.
- She belongs to me!
- I shall see you across the battlefield.
- Have no doubt, I will kill you.
- Leave while you are still alive.
- Alfred needs his arse to be wiped!

- But I have no doubt that aegelesburg will soon be in mercian control once again.
- Open the gates for lord uhtred.
- There is no need for them to be closed any longer.
- My lord, open them and you have my word that the fyrd will not enter the town without invitation.
- There need be no conflict between us.

Aethelwold: What I ought to do is slit his gizzard. Unh!
Leofric: Say that to anyone but me, boy, and you'll be hanged.
- You are hurting royalty.
- You are lucky Alfred hasn't had you killed.
- God will not allow him.
- I like god.

- I am.
- I pray you are wrong.
- But I know the sight of you alone, would strike at the heart of both the doubters and heathen.
- Alfred, you will never leave me.

- but he had your mother killed to start a war with the Danes.
Aethelhelm: That is not true.
Aethelstan: All know it.
- And all are wrong!
- This has no truth? None at all?
- No, it does not. It is...
- There is a reason.

- There are two northmen, sigefrid and Erik, two godless brothers with a voracious appetite for land, silver, slaves and war.
- I want it known and I want them to know that god, Alfred and the ealdormen of wessex are watching.
- The day of reckoning will come.

- For aethelwold for taking his crown.
- Aethelwold is a fool, he could never be king.
- Your god is testing you.
- Lord, give Edward to iseult.
- If god will not cure Edward, what makes you think that he would allow a pagan to succeed?

- Lord!
- We are being pursued by sigefrid.
- The Danes are low in number and disorganized.
- My advice is that we kill them all.
- Steapa, put a guard around my daughter.
- Father, I want to fight them!
- You will do as I say!

- After everything I have done for mercia...
- To have risked my life for this reward, my child thrown to a man who will mistreat her?
- Perhaps it will teach her more deference than her mother has.
- Ride to saltwic. Fetch the lady aelfwynn.
- King Edward would like you to ensure no force is used.

- For king, yes, but not for silver.
- I need to raise an army and they get away further with every second!
- I'll not allow half these men or more to die.
[Iseult] I can give you what you need.
- There is more.
- Silver.

- You have my permission. No question.
- Thank you.
- And you have my protection.
- Always... abbess hild.
- You will always be too good a woman for god alone.
Uhtred: Alfred will be pleased.

- Brida. The horses are just there.
- Wait, there is another.
- We have to go. Come.
- Move, move, move, out of the way!
- Brida, the door.
- Wait.

- -Idont make no mistake, odda had 20 men or more ready to swear against you.
- I am here to tell you that I am better than you right now. I will kill you.
- A warriors' death is all I can give.
- Forgive me, but I am trying to forget you are my friend.
- As long as you understand.

Aethelstan: How much longer?
Stiorra: Again and I will not reply.
Uhtred: It is right at the end of this field.
- We should be able to see the cross any moment.

- This one schemes against us, father.
- He is a spy.

- You've seen it?
- Yes. I've seen her.
- But I will see her no more, the gift is fading.
- When this battle is done, uhtred, your path leads north.
- It will be time to face your past.
- And you'll be with me?

- The rest of the army will be inland looking for food.
- We kill the men, we burn the ships.
- You really believe skorpa will then go to guthrum?
- I do. One army, one battle.
- It's the only way, lord.
- It begins here, in these waters.
- You were brought here for this reason, lord.

- That is what we believe, is it not?
- That is what I say, lord.
- There will be reward enough, in heaven.
- You are a king before you are a father.
- I know my place.
- Now you will leave me.
- Lord.

- This is no storm.
- My mother and I came to this land on a ship that lost half of its crew to the sea.
- Waves taller than a barn swept them to their death.
- This is not a story I wish to hear.
- The real storm you will face will come at dunholm.

- I have recovered serpent-breath, and when you are able to stand,
- I shall return her. We will be leaving.
- I will decide when we're leaving.
- I am uhtred, son of uhtred.
- I will not be schooled by a nun.
- She is not wrong, lord. You have been drinking whole fields of barley.
- Nor will I be lectured by an arseling!

- to conquer these lands, even more to hold the ground.
- And so alliances must be forged, unions made.
- I am to be married?
- Once a suitable match has been made.
- I am ready to do my duty.

- So, he comes for us.
- And he is trapped by the thegn of a village up river.
- I would say we should kill him together, but one of us must remain here.
- Then, he is yours to kill, my friend.
- Go and make your reputation.
- We have a Dane-slayer to kill!

- If the lady aethelflaed throws herself into the path of the Danes, it will leave a path open for you.
- I've no need of a husband who used to be king!
- You must tell aethelred the truth and persuade him to defend his kingdom.
- If I tell him the truth, he will kill me. [Pants]
- I will do all I can to soften the blow.

- Excuse me, my lord,
- I am on an errand to my lord Alfred.
- The milk is for Alfred?
- It is.
- Not a word.
- Go on.

- Bnda!
- Ah! You should not have come for my children, brida.
- It's not like the little priest was using his cock.

- I fear he had been taken, or lost forever.
- Did uhtred bring him here?
- Apparently, even aegelesburg is better than the road.
- Had quite the adventure by all accounts.
- Then I thank him for it.
- I know you dislike him, but maybe Edward is right this time.
- Father pyrlig, what have I not been told?

- It did not have to be this way.
- Funny.
- That's what your son said when he begged to keep his balls.

Sihtric: Oh, thank you.
- You're an angel.
Osferth: Coming, lord.

[Edward] But you would not be.
- Because if eardwulf takes the title, the land he is owed becomes vacant.
- And those could be handed to you in exchange for your generous support.
- To the peacemaker.
- Peacemaker.
- To the peacemaker.

- He was a great man.
- He was my great friend.
- If you are indeed his son,
- I may need you.
- You may need me for what?
- I believe you need your bed, lord.
- And a pillow.

- Ready the men to march on wareham.
- You should know mildrith is a joy to plough.
- You're a heathen.
- And you're a virgin.
- No, I'm not.
- Yes, he is.

- Ignore it.
- Such disrespect.
- I wasn't fond of aethelred, but he was lord here.
- A curse upon the line of aethelred!

- Then free me from this bargain.
- No.
- Because I have given my word.
- I am being traded.
- That's just the way of things.
- You will be rich and well-cared for.
- It is not a terrible curse...
- You have no idea! None!

- It's a sign that he wishes to propose to the ealdormen and the mercian guard that I should be the successor.
- Do I have your loyalty?
- The guard are loyal to the leader of mercia.
- Good.
- Then finally order will be restored.

- Keep your formation!
- Lord.
- Man: Fire! Fire!
- Fire! Up there!
- Stand ready! It's a signal!
- It is a signal no doubt, lord.
- They will come.

- My wedding necklace. Do you like it?
- If any love for me remains inside your shrivelled heart, then take out your knife and kill me.

- Surely that is a good thing?
- We would not be marching to beamfleot in support of uhtred but to protect the kingdom.
- And to delay a greater battle and give me time.
- Time to become worthy of your crown.
- You should have approached me.

- Good morning, Hubert.
- I believe you now, there is no silver.
- So what else can you give me?

Stiorra: Father, sigtryggr is...
- His brother's betrayal, there's a shadow on him now.
Uhtred: His pride is wounded.
- He needs time to heal.
- It's not just his pride.
- I know you see it too.
- He needs your guidance.
- He'll listen to you.
- Will you stay?

- Storri is a piece of shit.
- He is.
- But he was ubba's seer, a sword Dane's seer.
- If any man will know how to reach a lost warrior, it is him.
- They have gone.
- We can be at the village in two days.
- Yeah.

- I did not say it was a good choice.
- Send men out to speak with them.
- If they return with heads on their shoulders, we know that the Scots might negotiate.
- I shall go myself.
- I am sick of sending men to slaughter.
- Which is why you will never lead, Aidan.

- I suspect he believes his army gives him the right.
- Let us not forget that mercia and wessex are allies.
- I would like to speak with my brother.
- The king is at prayer and says he does not wish to be disturbed.
- Please tell him I wish to see him.
- I will relay your message.

- Let them wag if it please them.
- You asked me some days ago if I agree with the payment of a ransom.
- I do not.
- If I had an army to call upon, a fyrd to raise,
- I would prove it.
- But I have not.

- The lady warrior, putting her strength to good use, I see.
- To think men died to defeat you.
- I wouldn't give you the satisfaction.
- You smell of shit.

- I know you.
- I know you are just.
- You're merciful.
- You will not condemn me.
- Choose!

- She puts the men of wessex and all the Christian kingdoms at risk!
- I demand you call her back.
- You will show loyalty to your king.
- I cannot swear loyalty to a plan that is misguided!
- Aethelflaed will summon the mercian fyrds to tettenhall.
- You mustjoin her.

[Man] We are trapped, lord!
- Lord, do we fight?

- We cannot use the Roman roads.
- We can make our way to my farmstead, from there, across covered ground to odda's.
- And that is the safest path, leofric?
- It is, lord.
- Let's return to the others.
- There is pain here for you, my love.

- This isn't part of the plunder.
- It's a holy cross.
- It goes back to the church.
- There'll be blessings.
- It's all ours.
- Home?
- Wessex. And our separate ways.
- There's a bishop I must see.

- The king demands the grain be shared fairly amongst the people.
- The king does not care for the people.
- Guards!
- Stand aside!
- With me!
- I would call this provocation.

- End of negotiation.
- You smell like you've shit yourself.
- I've not been well. Unh!
- I pledge to you my allegiance. Unh!

- You people will fight anyone for money, even yourselves.
- You lied to me.
- Think of the silver.
- The queen has seen your victory, so fight!
- He's a sword-Dane. A lord of war.
- If the lord of war wants to talk, may I suggest we listen.

Aelfwynn: I must...
- I have no polite word for it.
- Take a piss?
- That oak needs watering.
- Where she can be witnessed?
- It wouldn't do well to deliver your cargo soiled, would it?

- In favor of lady aethelflaed!
- Lady aethelflaed cannot rule mercia!
[U htred] Yet it was not without sacrifice.
- I swear that as long as I hold the mercian throne, I will remain chaste.
[Ludeca] Is the witan agreed?
[Witan] Agreed!
- Then, lady aethelflaed, take your throne.

- Nor a wife.
- This is why I'm stronger than you.
- Give me my children!
- I command it.
Sigtryggr: I will give you one of your sons if you retreat.
- And you may choose which.

- I need to wash away the taste of defeat.
- Sigefrid, we are not finished.
- Men will come.
- We will take eoferwic back.

- But try to use the mind inside this head.
Uhtred: Stay.
- You can be my priest at bebbanburg.
- You are in need of a priest, are you?
- Only if he is beocca.
Uhtred: Go carefully.

- Weland!
- Wh-where is weland?
- I do not see him. Weland!
- Weland!
- Ah. Weland.
- This... man here.
- Hit him.

- I will lead, but you owe me.
- You must lay flat and kiss the cross.
- Kiss my arse.
- Fate is testing me, but I will survive.
- Uhtred!
- Destiny is all.

- Do not be.
- I have failed.
- I let them take everything.
- You have not failed.
- I will take back eofennic.
- Danes will live there in peace for countless generations.

- We make this sacrifice to bring good fortune.
- Show us the moment is ripe for our voyage.
- The waves...
- To the waves!

- Do I have any choice in the matter?
- Do not be afraid.
- I do not intend violence, merely to bring peace.
- Where's bresal?
Glaedwine: There was a fight.
- He did not survive.
- I'm sorry, lord.
- I know he was a good friend to you.
- The men I truly count as friends do not die so easily.