The Best The Last Kingdom, Season 4, Episode 7 Quotes

- Listen to me. Talk.
- Prepare to be broken, as you tried to break me.

- {gasps} she says your daughter passed into the next life.
- And her body was taken to aegelesburg.

- We must take her to a place of-of comfort.
- Let us go back to aegelesburg.
- No, but lord uhtred said...
- I know what uhtred said.
- But uhtred is not my master and we cannot stay here.
- We must get her to a healer in aegelesburg if she is to stand a chance.
[Quietly] Okay.
- Lord have mercy on us.

Priest: In nomine pat/7's, et f/iil, et spiritus sancti...
- In nomine patris, et fi/il, et spiritus sancti...
- In nomine patris...

- that I acted in the name of god.
- But god put love in your heart, for your first wife and this child.
- And I should not have ignored that.
- So, I ask for your forgiveness...
- And his.
- He needs your protection.

- Ignore it.
- Such disrespect.
- I wasn't fond of aethelred, but he was lord here.
- A curse upon the line of aethelred!

- Guards!
- Cenric, stand down your men.
- Lady, I cannot. The king forbids it.
- I am told this is where my daughter's body is.
- This is where your king has led us.
- Cenric, please, in the name of Alfred, open the gates and stand down your men.

- The king demands the grain be shared fairly amongst the people.
- The king does not care for the people.
- Guards!
- Stand aside!
- With me!
- I would call this provocation.

- She's traveled a great distance.
- Take me to her.
- Did the king ask you to do this?
- Do not speak.
- Were you sworn to Alfred?
- Where will we have met?
- We have fought at beamfleot.

- If you do not seek to conquer, all will be resolved.
- Continue to care for mercia, find the right match for my granddaughter, and peace will come.
- Did we discover if uhtred has all the children from saltwic?
- He will not give us that information.
- Believe me, we tried to extract it.

Finan: [raises cup] To Uhtred of Mercia! Finally, he can pay us some money!
Pyrlig: I very much doubt it.

- What now?
- There's nothing for us here, finan.
- Where's my daughter?
- She's insisting on helping father pyrlig, and I've tried to dissuade her, but...
- She is too stubborn because she is my daughter?
[Both] Hm.
- Where is she?

- I fear he had been taken, or lost forever.
- Did uhtred bring him here?
- Apparently, even aegelesburg is better than the road.
- Had quite the adventure by all accounts.
- Then I thank him for it.
- I know you dislike him, but maybe Edward is right this time.
- Father pyrlig, what have I not been told?

- Don't turn away from me.
- This was done in your name.
- I did not order this, uhtred.
- Aethelhelm claims he acts for you.
- Look at me!

- But she has been struck by illness and may not survive.
- I fear she's getting worse.
- We must return to aege/esburg, re veal eardwu/f's treachery and we tell him what kind of a man he trusted.
- A new ruler must be found to bring peace, or all will be lost.
- Destiny is all./

- It is no lie. Eardwulf has near confessed it before his men.
- This was found on him.
- It belonged to lord aethelred and was stolen from his dying hand.
- Eardwulf has done many things to harm mercia.
- You all chose to turn your eyes from it.
- This is the consequence.

[Leader] Spare him!
- You want the silver?
- I have no interest in silver.
- We are looking for a Dane named brida.
- Too late. I killed her.
Brida: You did not!

Cenric: Open the gates!
- Oh, my dearest girl, you've come home.
[Crying] Aelfwynn is dead.
- No, child.
- A miracle has occurred and you are mistaken in your heartbreak.
- Mama?

- How do I know you are brida?
[Stammering] I fought with guthrum.
- I followed ragnar.
- I killed men at tettenhall...
- So, you have heard of Saxon battles.
- That does not make you brida.

- If I place someone to rule here who might forge a path to peace, someone who might not necessarily please the ealdormen, but whose popularity with the people might force them to accept it...
- Let us call him a lord and protector who would rule here just for a few years until things are less volatile.
- I wondered if that person should be you.

- And who do you belong to now, brida?
- No man. I am a warrior alone.
- You do not look like a warrior.
- Give me your sword and I will show you.
- Give you my sword? You might kill me.
- No, the brida I have heard of is cunning, so I will stay armed.
- If you are who you say you are, then show me.

- Kill anyone who looks like they cannot work!
- Fat ones we can sell as slaves. [Roars]

[Aelswith panting] Oh, dear god!
- We will need a priest.
- We've tried everything.
- She needs the final rites, lord.
- Find me every healer in town.
- Do not speak a word of this to anyone.
- Yes, lord. Come with me.
[Edward] Go.
- Do you think she will survive?

- Accept and your reputation will be restored and your men given status and wealth.
- And in a few years, you will be free to pursue whichever dreams you may have.
- I could give you the troops you need to retake the fortress you lost.
- And in return?
- I would be your king and expect your loyalty.

- I've never seen men like this before.
- I do not want this news to reach my brother whilst he's on holy pilgrimage.
- You will tell no one of these defeats.
- They are terrifying.
- What was that?
- Huh? Uh...
- Are you thirsty?

- Did you hear that, bitch?
- Do you want to congratulate us?
- Oh, she cannot speak for thirst.
Rhodri: Hey, want a drink?
- Come on. Come on.
- {gasping} -[Men laughing]

Burgred: I will.
- I will fight for mercia.
- You forget I am king and wield power like a king.
- Lord burgred...
- We have taken your son to wessex for religious instruction.
[Edward] He w17/ be cared for until his father finds better judgment.

- Look how he influences them.
Uhtred: Trust me.
- He will make them rise against you.
Uhtred: Mercian must not fight mercian.
- Anyone who wants grain must keep the peace.
- Finan, help me with the bags.
Finan: Lord.
- Bring him before me.
Pyrlig: Bless you.

- But it may be the only compromise.
- The ealdormen will complain, but this time, do not treat them too harshly.
- Then you will find some redemption.
- I do not need redemption, either.
- Oh, my son, you do.
- If only for the sins of your mother.

- Look at her. She is dying.
- If she does, we will be blamed.
- There's sickness everywhere, eadith.
- Yes, and who gets accused?
- Sinners, people like me.
- You have not been shunned as I have.
- I will not take the risk.
- And I thought you were amongst the bravest of warriors.

- There.
- Now she and I are both doomed.
- Aelfwynn?

- Tell me or I shall have you seized.
- I've done nothing wrong. You know this.
- Your actions have caused chaos, disturbed a smooth transition of power and launched an uprising amongst the ealdormen!
- So, even you will understand why I call you traitor.
- Take him away.

[Edward] Have you made your choice?
- I will accept.
- If I can rule as my own man.
- I've never wanted to control mercia.
- Only see it at peace.
- Good, then we are of one mind.
- At long last, I strike a bargain with uhtred of bebbanburg.
- That is a name from another life, but yes, for now, we strike a bargain.

Aldhelm: What is it?
- We're being followed. Come on!
Aldhelm: Go!
- Could we have been discovered?
Aldhelm: We cannot outrun them.
- We must hide. Hyah! Away!

- Must we extract this information from you the hard way?
- Can't you just tell us where lady aelfwynn is hiding?
- It's your choice.

- So, perhaps
- I should be unifying them myself...
- Rather than making a child do it for me.
- You are free to go, uhtred.
[Sighs] Return to aelfwynn.
- Reunite with my sister and keep them safe until the conflict passes.
- Matters may grow ugly here.
- It is best they do not see it.