Top 50 Quotes From The Outfit

Leonard: When a mistake's been made, I've always found it best to simply be up-front about it.
Francis: English, I didn't cut the boss' pants too short, I shot his son in the face.

- I'm not a tailor, ma'am.
- I'm a cutter.

Leonard: If we only allowed angels to be customers, soon we'd have no customers at all.

Leonard: Oh, yes.
- Knowing you, I'm quite confident you'd have seen to the burials of each and every one of those murderers.
- But then...
- You'd no longer be pretending to be one, would you?

- to the hope that tonight doesn't have any more twists in store?
- If the devil himself came crashing through the roof,
- I wouldn't be shocked right now.
- All right.
- All right. Belts and suspenders.
- Make sure they don't go nowhere.

- He's not?
- But what? What's the matter with him?
- Come on, spit it out.
- My pops can see the mangiest mutt on the street, and if he's got teeth sharp enough, he'll be eating with us at the dinner table.
- He's lost a lot of blood.
- He's probably light in the head.

Leonard: You cannot make something good until you understand who you're making it for. All clothing says something.

- Let's go.
- We'll swing by the house and pick up whoever's there to come with us.
- Hey, maybe we should just take a minute.
- My son is waiting.
- For what are we gonna take a goddamn minute?
- Let's get to it.

- I will. And when I go,
- I just don't want you to be all alone.
- I don't need you looking after me either.
- After all, you're not my... you know.
- Fair enough.
- Now, if you want that raise, first you have to learn what a bloody square looks like.

- and watched him die as he'd lived.
- Sorry he ever met me.
Leonard: Madame, you have nothing to fear from this man.
- Why is that?
- Because earlier this evening,
- I removed all the bullets from his gun.

- You cannot make something good until you understand who you're making it for.
- All clothing says something.
- I've had gentlemen walk into my shop and boast,
- ”oh, / don't care about what / wear. ”
- And assuming that's true, doesn't that say something too?

- that would've been me.
- Would've been you.
- You know that, right?
- Francis thinks he can make moves with my pops, my fucking pops...
- Without me.
- Fuck was that?
- Idont_.

Leonard: Pull him this way.
- Ow! Fuck!
- One more.
[Groans] Fuck!
- Fuck!
- Get my tweezers.

- What was that?
- That was Richie.
- He said he's in hiding from the la fontaines, but he has the tape and he wants you to go pick him up.
- 31st and halsted, 20 minutes.
- Before I could get any more details...
[Laughs] ...He was gone.

- That's right.
- You can take care of yourself.
- You're not my...
- You know.
- I do.
- My father was a shit, so y-y-y...
- Take that as a compliment.
- I will.

- Make the goddamn call.
- I'm not here.

- I'm at your service, sir.
- Where are the boys?
- Are we quite all in one piece, sir?
- Oh, it's not mine.
- We had to make a few stops on the way.
- Where are the boys?

- Oh, shit. Is that from the outfit?
- English, do me a favor.
- Why don't you go up front, check on your secretary for me, all right?
- Will you excuse me, gentlemen?
Richie: It's the outfit, man.
- It's his brass ring right here.
- Right, go ahead, open it up.
- See what it says.

- Go. Get the door.
- Take your sweet time bringing him back here.
- I need to clean this up.
- I don't know anything about lying.
- Subterfuge.
- You don't know how to say one thing when you mean something else?
- I thought you were English.

- I have to tell you...
- Spit it out.
- I'm the rat.
- I've been selling information to your enemies.
- And I let the federal bureau of investigation plant their bug here.

- You won't mind, will you, popping it in the post to your friend at the FBI?
- On your way to... [chuckles]
- Perhaps it's safest if...
- I don't know.
- But make it somewhere grand.

- Well, I'd want to burn that thing straightaway.
- So, you see, you've nothing to fear from your friend Francis.
- He's family.
- Well, almost.
- I haven't left him. Till now.
- English, get the door.

- La fontaine wants to make a deal.
- Tape for cash. One hour.
- I didn't know you spoke French.
- Francis, the number of things about me that you don't know...
- So what the fuck really happened to Richie?
- {gasps}

- You learn how to do all this on the row?
- Yes, sir.

- It's at the finishings that you must come to terms with the idea that perfection is a necessary goal...
- Precisely because it is unattainable.
- If you don't arm for perfection, you cannot make anything great.
- And yet, true perfection is impossrble.

- He ain't family."
- No, I'm the guy who took six marbles to save your father's life because family wasn't there.
- Yeah, fuck you! I run this crew.
Francis: No, your pops runs this crew.
- And I spend half of every day cleaning up your messes.
- You want to see me make a mess?

- Or is this a man of gray and brown, blending into the hurried crowd?
- Is this a man comfortable in his station?
- Or does he pine for grander things?
- And who would this man like to be?
- And who is he underneath?

- I'm guessing it's been quite an evening for you folks.
Leonard: Hazard of the trade, madame.
- Which one of you has my tape?
- Money first.
La: Please.

- Damn it, Richie.
- Why'd you make me do that?
- These are the last words you're gonna hear, so I hope you remember them in hell.
- You didn't die because you're dumb, because you're arrogant or because you're slow.
- It was because you're weak.

- This is a stupid fucking idea.
- You don't toss me a signal,
- I'm gonna come out firing indiscriminate-like.
- When la fontaine dies tonight,
- I'm not only leading our crew,
- I'm leading them into the outfit.
- It's the least I could do. For Roy.

- You know what I like about you?
- What?
- You're going places.
- Goddamn right I'm going places. Mmm.
- Whoa.
- Out that door.
- Oh, whoa.

- And today is the day that you don't need him anymore.
- You think I'm just gonna betray Roy boyle that easy?
- No, I don't think it's easy.
- I think option a is we all die.
- And option b is...
- You run the boyle organization.

- Right? The man has something to prove, and I figured the best thing in this situation was to stay right here in case you turned up.
- You figured wrong.
- Where exactly did he go?
- Well, he didn't give me an itinerary.

- So you thought that a bunch of fancy-pants in england couldn't appreciate the finer things, so you came to Chicago?
- Wow. You must fucking love red hots.
- I came to a place that isn't weighed down...
- With bitter history.
- And, yes, red hots are delicious.

- Where's the money?
- We're not showing you the tape until we see the money.
- Tape first.
La: How do I know what's on it?
- I've gotta listen.
Leonard: Well, it seems like you're just gonna have to trust us.
- We may be able to trust each other.

- I've spent my entire life watching you leeches suck this neighborhood dry.
- I am gonna love sitting in a café in Paris, reading all about your funeral.
- You stole the tape?
- No. That was me.

Richie: Why'd you come here then?
Leonard: The war.
Richie: What, Kruats bomb your place?
Leonard: Worse. They're called blue jeans.

[first lines]
Leonard: [narrating] To the naked eye, a suit appears to consist of two parts, a jacket and trousers. But those two seemingly solid parts are composed of four different fabrics. Cotton, silk, mohair, and wool. And those fabrics are cut into 38 separate pieces. The process of sizing, forming, conjoining those pieces, requires no fewer than 228 steps.
[puts his kettle on to boil]

- Finally, the customer says,
- ”it's my money, and I'm telling you, cut the sleeves. ”
- So what do ldo?
- Isa y, "yes, sir, ” and then I cut the shoulders.
- The customer, he comes back, tries on his suit
- ”it's perfect ” he says.
- ”that's exactly what / asked for. ”

- Any other killers in here
- I should know about?
- Only you.
- A tailor.
- Always listening, never talking.
- But nobody stopped to think,
- "what's going on in his head?"

- I came here to get away from all that violence.
- Get away from myself.
- My first day here, who did I meet?
- I suppose I put... put on these clothes to convince myself I'm civilized.
- I want so bad to be good.

- Good boy.
- Scissors.
- He'll be okay.

- Please, at least take that thing with you.
- Too many hard boys out there.
- You've been loyal customers.
- I depend upon you.
- Not once, not once have I ever asked about your business.
- Idontjudge.
- I just don't want to be involved in whatever it is you do.

- No, no, no.
- Came to you in a bad moment.
- You were a stand-up guy.
- Water?
- Sure.
- Yeah.

Leonard: I'm not a tailor; I'm a cutter.

Francis: Oh, are you a doctor now too?
Leonard: I was in the war.
Francis: At your age?
Leonard: The other war.

- I best go see if master Richie needs me.
- Ah.
- Speak of the devils.
- What's that now?
Leonard: Just an expression, sirs.
- Excuse me. I meant no offense.
- See you tomorrow.

- I'm sorry.
Francis: Move.
Roy: I am.
Francis: Sit her down.
- We'll clean up after.
Mable: I-I'm telling you the truth.
- All right, the last time that I saw Richie, h was inside this shop.
- I was closing up for the night.

Leonard: I want so bad to be good.

- Slowly with that.
- I got it.
- Who would do such a thing to your family?
- After everything your father's done for this neighborhood.
- My pops is this fucking neighborhood.
- 4ndeed.