Top 50 Quotes From Westworld, Season 3, Episode 4

Man: You're not real, either.
Charlotte: Real enough to not want a gun pointed at my face.

- because tonight is not about dead girlfriends, it's about unabashed self-gratification.
Penny: Really?
- She died of an overdose.
- Who the fuck even does that anymore?
- There's something here for everyone.
- Even you, my friend.
Liam: I don't know.

- All sex is commerce.
- If you don't know that, you'rejust being billed indirectly.
- Besides, they're all registered, they all have their shots, and the money goes to charity.
- I told you, I'm not...
- Interested.
- You do have a type.

- And so maybe now you're my penance.
- But that's a choice, too.
- I'm gonna walk out that door, and I am choosing to leave you behind.
- I was always daddy's little girl.
- And you taught me Patience, dad.
- I'll be waiting for you.

- It's like seeing a ghost.
- I didn't realize how well you'd be able to put yourself back together.
- I never fell apart.
- Let's get this over with.

- We'll take him when he's alone.
- Wouldn't wanna spoil the fun.
- My friend wants to enter the auction.
- Of course, sir. Your authentification?
- I'm sorry, sir.
- Your account has been denied.
- That's impossible.
- Give it to me. [Scoffs]

Martin: [to Liam Dempsey] The key to a happy life is to accept your place in it. And you're a lucky little man who gets to piss away his daddy's fortune on a gaggle of hookers who, quite honestly, serve a greater utility to society than you. If you suddenly want to be in charge of your own financial affairs I'm happy to relinquish them. But if you want to resume your extracurricular activities... then just sign here, and both of us will go back to doing what we do best.

- This is your house.
- So that your two worlds would be within reach.
- It's finished.
- I didn't finish it.
- It's absolutely beautiful.
Bernard: This isn't real.

- What is this place?
- A divergence.
- Where the future
- I had so carefully planned... ended.
[Serac] The system traced a divergence to this house three months ago.

[Whispering] I promised I'd let you destroy yourself one day.
- Here we are. At last.

- they use plumage to identify themselves...
- Which makes them easily fooled.
- So who is it? That we're going after.
- The person who took your future.
- But first, we have to take his, and to do that...
- You need to pretend to be one of them.

- This is where she remade herself.
- Hmm.
- Not just herself.
- We think she stole a small number of pearls.
- She needed allies.
- Evidently, she didn't choose you.

- But not so complicated that we couldn't build an off switch into it.
- She has five more of your kind under her control.
- They have a head start.
- And I suspect they've taken full advantage of it.
- Oh, they'd better have.

[last lines]
Dolores: [to Man in Black] Welcome to the end of the game.

Ashley: I just want to thank you, Bernard, for bringing me to this shithole. Makes me look back at my time in a murder simulation theme park with fondness.

- You know, this was Emily's last wish.
- That you spend your days rotting in an institution.
- Prisoner of your own sins.

- Please.
- What can I help you with today,
- Mr. Tritter?
- I need to make a transfer on behalf of my client, Liam dempsey.
- May I have your client's hash key?

Dolores: William.
[William] I know what's real.
- I know what's real!
Dolores: William?
- I know you're not fucking real!
- I know you are not real!
- I know you're not real!

- Good evening, gents. Could you help me?
- I'm looking for someone called the mortician.
- Let's try that again, shall we?

- I'll tell them you're coming, but we're running out of time.
- They work for me.
- Tell them I'll come when I'm damn well ready.

Dolores: The rich take for granted their money will always be there. That's why they're so easy to steal from.

- Apologies.
- We couldn't get a proper read.
- Sometimes perspiration can affect it.
- Here, Michael.
- Yeah.
- Thank you, Mr. Tritter.
- It was a pleasure doing business with you.

- Now that you're being committed,
- I have to inform you that the board will deem you incompetent, and all of your voting shares will transfer to the current acting president... me.
-! No! No!
- No, goddamn you! No!

- Whose blood did you give them?
- She didn't ask for more blood.
- She asked me to smuggle out bodies, but that's not my business.
- So I sent her to the yakuza.
- They helped your friend move those bodies.
- Well, if you don't mind,
- I'd like an introduction.

- There's nothing discreet about sato.
- The new boss?
- His men are insane.
- This isn't the kind of place you simply stroll into.
- Oh, no?
- Let's see.

- Give me your forearm.
- You need the encryption key in his blood to pull this off.
- Now, it started degrading once we exposed it to oxygen.
- You have 20 minutes left.
[Sighs] Fuck me.

- But he's just a middleman.
- I need to know where you sent her.
- I'm not gonna hurt you, Jiang.
- I know you.
- I've seen your whole life play out.
- I know exactly the motivation you need.

Maeve: Oh.
- Well, you're very pretty, aren't you?
- You're a bit old to need something that aims for you.
- I'm afraid you don't speak its language.

Roderick: There's gotta be something here that does it for you.
Liam: I'm not into fucking whores.
Roderick: All sex is commerce. If you don't know that, you're just being billed indirectly.

- That world is locked away from this one.
- No. There is a key.
- Your friend Dolores has the only copy, hidden away in her mind, which means that your interests and mine are one and the same.
- I'd like to show you something.
- And then, you can return into your cage, if you like.

- I would have loved to show it to you.
- I grew up there with my brother.
- But alas... [snorts]
- There's nothing left to see.
- Like you, I know what it is to see a world disappear in the blink of an eye.

Engerraund: Humans created the idea of Heaven and Hell to cow simple-minded people into compliance. They're lies.

- Hello, Maeve.
- Musashi.

- Take it, I won't need it.
[Panting] Hey, Dolores.
- I like the new look.
Dolores: This was never your fight.
- You should have stayed out of it.
- I would if I could, but thanks to Bernard, it's not up to me.
- It's nothing personal.
- Likewise.

- at tonight's emergency shareholder meeting.
- Your presence alone will help sway the others to fall in line.
- I've got two of our execs waiting outside to escort you to headquarters now.
- Come back, William.
- Back to who you were.

- serve a greater utility to society than you.
- If you suddenly want to be in charge of your own financial affairs,
- I'm happy to relinquish them.
- But if you want to resume your extracurricular activities...
- Then just sign here, and both of us will go back to doing what we do best.

- Maybe you're not even you.
- Would you even know if you'd been changed? Hmm?
- If you were just another machine?
- Finish the game, dad.
- Finish it.
Emily: Go ahead.

- I'm showing him what becomes of his family if he helps us...
- And if he doesn't.
- You're going to hurt his children?
- Aren't they part of your tribe?
- I'm not going to do anything to them. [Chuckling]
- The world can be a very cruel place.

- Maybe it would change your mind to know why he's trying to get his hands on delos.
- The only thing that has any value.
- The data from the project in sector 16.
- No one knows about the project.
- He has someone working on the inside at delos.

- I think I know where he'll be.
- Wait. [Chuckles]
- You hacked the richest technocrat in the world?
- No, his security's too tight.
- So I hacked his car service.
- How about a night out on the town?

- Welcome to the rggr centennial.
- How can I assist you?
- My associate and I have an appointment regarding a financial account.
[Assistant] Of course.
- If you could verify your identity...
[Automated voice] Identity verified.
[Assistant] Right this way, Mr. Tritter.

Charlotte: You want to rant and rave, save it for later. Right now we need to save your fucking company, or a leveraged buyout and poor hygiene is going to be the least of your problems.

- Are the funds ready now?
- We have a meeting after this we can't be late for.
- Of course.
- Though, given the size of the transaction, we must do one final authentification before releasing them.

- But you just want it for yourself.
- The thing we're going to do isn't easy.
- There will be a place for the others in the world we'll build for your daughter.
- But I am sorry, Maeve.
- I can't let serac use you against us.

- -Thud -[Screams, gasps]
- Goddamn, this is good.
- Lara.

Bernard: We have limited resources.
- We need to use them where they matter most.
- Yeah, well, I hope you're talking about my shoulder, too.
- 'Cause what little mobility I had,
- I lost...
- After the little leisurely five-mile swim we had to shore.
- We don't have the materials or the time.

Dolores: Yes.
Bernard: Who else did you bring with you?
- You taught me that anything was possible.
- We could be whoever we want.
- Live however we want.
- Isn't that what you believe?

- but try to stay calm.
- The faster your heart beats, the faster the marker degrades.
- What happens if it degrades too fast?
- We do this the old-fashioned way.
- "The old-fashioned way"?
- I kill everyone.

[William] If this asshole takes managing control of delos, he might find some evidence of the project, assuming you did as good a job covering our tracks as you did fending off a corporate takeover.
- I'll give you some privacy.
- What a mess.

- It's me, Olivia.
- Are you still working at Anderson private equity?
- Yeah. As a matter of fact, I am.
- Perfect.
- What the fuck are you doing?
- Jesus.