Top 50 Quotes From The Last Kingdom, Season 1, Episode 7

- May I sit?
- Or will I spoil the gift of a last night of freedom?

- She was always angry.
- Now she is nasty.
- Either she has changed or I have changed.
- She once loved you.
- Not anymore.
- Even I could see that much.

- God has not forsaken you, lord.
- Fetch aelswith, fetch his mother!
- The prayers of the whole of wessex have been answered.
Alfred: Indeed.
- Every mass, lord, every mass said by 100 priests or more has been heard.
- Look at him. Look at him, he is well.
- God is good. Praise him!
- Yes, praise him, father beocca.

Hild: No! Let go of me!
- No! [Viking] Ha, ha, ha.
Hild: No! Get off... no!

- Where's ragnar? Is he here?
- He's almost ready to travel north.
- To kill kjartan?
- What do you care?
- The guards at the gates will be drunk.
- Your way is clear.
- Tell ragnar I am still his brother.
- I'll tell him you were here and that you left.
Leofric: Arseling.

- You did well. Why the tears?
- They are for the stranger's child.

- They are gone.
- We need to be gone ourselves.
- Put on a helmet. We are Danes.
- Again?
- You will not leave me.
- No, we will not.
- You are prisoners.

- She is a pagan.
- And yet she has helped the king.
- I am to trust a stranger with my child.
- There is good in iseult.

- The rest of the army will be inland looking for food.
- We kill the men, we burn the ships.
- You really believe skorpa will then go to guthrum?
- I do. One army, one battle.
- It's the only way, lord.
- It begins here, in these waters.
- You were brought here for this reason, lord.

- -Idont make no mistake, odda had 20 men or more ready to swear against you.
- I am here to tell you that I am better than you right now. I will kill you.
- A warriors' death is all I can give.
- Forgive me, but I am trying to forget you are my friend.
- As long as you understand.

- Are you prepared?
- I am.
- Yes.
- It is to the death, no matter how death occurs.
- May god choose his Victor.
- Swords.
- Begin!

- Ah!
- Uhtred!
- Arseling!
Uhtred: I have your sword.

- I know the pain you feel.
- It's almost unbearable.
- Even for a queen.
- I will stay only for as long as you need me, for a moment or a year.
- He is dying.

- And if today I die?
- I have not seen your death.
Beocca: Uhtred!
- Uhtred!
- The king wishes to speak to you.
- - about what?
- He is unsure what to wear this morning and needs your advice. With me.

Leofric: Uhtred.
- The water is rising.

- Every breath is an effort for him.
- I don't know whether to make him warm or keep him cool.
- Shh. we will...
- We will remain here until he is well.
Aelswith: Shh. Shh.
- Shh.

- They are not to approach the palace!
[Asser] Father, they will hack the likes of us to pieces.
Beocca: The king! Where is the king?
[Younger] The king will have to make his own arrangements.
- And what of me? Odda! Odda!
Uhtred: Leofric, this way!

- We hide here, wait for nightfall.
- I want the king and I want him alive, crawling on his knees!

[Iseult] Lord, I have prepared a tonic.
- For the pain.
- For the pain you suffer here.
- You pass blood? From your arse?
- It is nothing more than what grows from the earth, lord, drink it.

Guthrum: Follow me out front!
[Man 1] Keep away!
- Keep away!
- Stand back, I warn you.
- God will protect me.
- God will... ah!

- I am aethelwold.
- Son of king aethelred and rightful king of wessex.
- Alfred stole my crown.
- This crown.
- As king...
- I am prepared to negotiate.

- Who should I send?
- Out into the country with the news I am here.
- It would be your priests, all of them, each in a separate direction.
- Their prayers are needed here.
- Your son grows weaker despite their prayers.
- For that I am sorry.

- Who are you, you piece of shit?
- You want me to spill your guts?
- Here I am, I am waiting.
- We'll send each of you to corpse hall!
- Hit the big bastard!
- Come and fight. Are you afraid?
- We stand our ground.
- We stand our ground.

Uhtred: Will the child die?
- Can you save him?
- There is a way...
- Though it is not a good way.
- If it is the only way, then you must.

- I cannot abandon her!
- The queen stays with me.
- You are a fool.
- You are a sinner and a heathen and I...
- I have lost my Patience with you.
- The fight will go ahead.
- May your soul receive its just reward.

- You must end this silence.
- The priests will fetch men.
- Without men, safe passage to the south and frankia will be impossible.
- At best, our children would be taken as slaves.

- It is good?
- Oh, not at all.
- Thank you.
- There will be more tomorrow.
- He will become lost, I guarantee it.

Leofric: We are at the marshlands of the severn. The swamplands.
- I have never seen lands like this before.
[Man] Hurry. They've seen us.
- The boat won't wait.
- Priests.
[Man] Come quickly, we need to leave.
- In fear.
Hild: God preserve us.
- Time to fight, arseling.

- She is angry with me still, for sending away the priests.
Uhtred: Sending out the priests was the right thing, lord.
- Let us pray you are correct.
- If you will excuse me.
- If the child dies, it will take the fight from Alfred's bones...
- And we will never save ourselves.

- Lord, you are with me, you will not desert me.
- I feel nothing, except your love.
- Iseult.
[Viking 2] Look out!
[Viking 1] Ah!

Uhtred: I am now called a traitor.
- I, brother asser, swear these oaths.
Uhtred: Alfred's court decided I should be executed.
- I request that he dies at my sword.
- You will fight to the death.
Uhtred: Destiny is all.

- They need to give chase and they need to believe they can reach us.
- We stand our ground until the very last moment.
- Then we stay on the safe path and let the land half kill them before we attack.
- And if they do reach us?
- Ready?
- Remember, don't kill them, just make them mad.

- End of negotiation.
- You smell like you've shit yourself.
- I've not been well. Unh!
- I pledge to you my allegiance. Unh!

- Go, quickly.
Wulfhere: Hee-yah!
- There'll be nothing left in the stables but horse shit!
- Let's go this way.

- If we took Alfred, he could teach you.
- Only a fool would march an army into a swampland.
- Are you that fool?
- Are you that fool, ragnar?
- No, I am not.
- Then we wait.

- Get out, you drunk bastard!
Leofric: Is he here?
- With a woman who's not his wife.
[Man] Drink it up.
- Your friend is here.

- Father, please.
- Come and sit by the fire.
- I bring word. From the king.
- He lives?
- Wessex lives and breathes, wulfhere.
- Thank god.

- Only guthrum can save you.
- Guthrum is your god now.
- Should I spare you?
- Please.
- Please.
- Go in peace.
- Find Alfred.

- Lady aelswith?
- Leave me.
- Icannot leave me. lady...
- You need comfort.

- and take away any and all fever and sickness.
- Restore health and strength to the child and to his ever watchful parents.
- Amen.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Aelswith: Shh-shh-shh.

- If guthrum were Christian and not pagan, there would be no war.
- But he's not.
- You do well to remember I am king.
- King of what? Look around you.
- He is our king.
- Like every kingdom before it, wessex has fallen.
- He's Alfred, a man.
- King of nothing.

- Where are you going?
[Iseult] I need darkness.
- She needs darkness for what?
- To see.

- May god have mercy on each of us.
- Where is he taking him?
- Am I allowed to know?
- To iseult.
- God is watching.

Alfred: Brother asser, I wish you well on your return to cornwalum.
- You do not wish to see the outcome?
- No, I do not.
- My dear, will you ask the nurses to fetch the children?
- I wish to walk with them.
[Man 1] Unh! [Man 2] Unh!

- Please.
- Go. Go. Please.
- Iseult, you must prepare.
- It can only be tonight.
- She will be ready.
- Shh-shh-shh.

- In the mind of brother asser, she is a witch and yet you gladly drink her potions.
- It is a tonic.
- I can read you.
- You wish to put our child in the hands of the devil.
- Our prayers are not being answered.
- Is it any wonder we find ourselves living in a muddy puddle?

- For aethelwold for taking his crown.
- Aethelwold is a fool, he could never be king.
- Your god is testing you.
- Lord, give Edward to iseult.
- If god will not cure Edward, what makes you think that he would allow a pagan to succeed?

- Edward is your heir.
- If he lives, I would say it is a sign...
- Wessex will live.
- Shh.
- There is barely a heartbeat.
- Let me give the child to iseult.

- She could help your son.
- Thank you.
- If you help, then you better succeed.
- If the child dies, you will be blamed.
- We cannot do nothing.
Hild: That is not what I am saying.
- Iseult is a pagan and a woman.
- She will be blamed, regardless of her meaning well.

- God loves her.
- Someone's got to.
- It's been good to have you as my friend.
- I'll make your death quick and painless.
- And then hump my queen?
- And your wife.
- But you will be without your balls.
- I will see you tomorrow morning.
- - you will.