Top 50 Quotes From The Witcher, Season 2, Episode 2

Fringilla: The White Flame wants to punish the very people who oppress yours.
Filavandrel: Thieving a thief merely makes you the latest thief.

- -I'm going to let you bake some more.
- -[whispering echo]
- I want your desperation crisp.
- You will beg me to take it from you.
- And I will.

- You took on that wooden beast.
- Let me take on yours!
- Oh!

Yennefer: I've never seen so many elves.
Filavandrel: I need to see her.
- I come bearing gifts.
Fringilla: What is this place?
- You keep behind me.
- You keep your mouths shut.

- but I know it's Ithlinne, our most sacred prophet, guiding us to safe havens.
- We will rebuild.
- Not meat, but it'll dull your hunger.
- I will not let us down.
- What has been need not always be.

- -Impossible.
- -Not as impossible as you finding meaning.
- -What did you ask for?
- -[horse neighs]
- -An end to this nonsense.
- -Oh, glib as ever.
- Uh--
- If she really is that evil, why did she let you go?

- Where are you?
- -[crashing]
- -[screaming]
- -[squeaking]
- -[woman sobbing]

- -[gasps]
- -Look alive, girl! We've got company.
- -What are you doing? Stay back.
- -Hey!
- Don't barge into a girl's room waving about a sword, you moron!
- -[gasping]
- -Stand guard outside.
- I was following fucking orders.
- Come on, let's go! Move it!

- I can't wait to grow old together.
- You, me, and her.
- The family we always dreamed of.
[voice whispering] That's a… very… pretty dream.
[voice fading] Pretty dream…

Danica: I should've known better than to bring my favorite whores to a witcher den!

Voleth: I'm going to let you bake some more. I want your desperation crisp. You will beg me to take it from you. And I will.

Yennefer: I'm also an elf. Is this how you treat your own?
Francesca: Do you sing our songs? Do you honor our elders? Have you ever shed a tear over anything elven? You are no elf.

- Every day increases the risk of being found.
- You don't lead our people any more,
- Filavandrel.
- Or has the White Robed One visited your dreams too?
- I'm doing everything I can to keep you safe.
- Once we find what we're looking for, we ship their heads back to Aretuza as a reminder of elven glory.

Yennefer: Istredd spoke of these. They look like Aretuza. Built by elves to honor the prophets. You set fire to them in the early wars.
Gage: Better lost to history than humans.

Vesemir: It's her first night here. What did you expect?
Geralt: I was hoping she'd do as I say.
Vesemir: Kids never do what you say.

- Last I checked… we were 20.
- Now?
- Maybe less.
- You sure we're safe here?
Geralt: Keep up.

- You've felt it since Sodden, haven't you?
- -[distorted] Or rather…
- -[wind whistles]
[girl and Ithlinne] …haven't felt it.
- But you'd rather be blind than see the truth.
- Remember this lesson, Piglet?

- Eskel.
- We need time.
- We can save you.
[strained] Eskel…
- Please… stop…
- -[snarling]
- -[whimpers]

- Finally, an honest response.
- -Ow!
- -We're stuck here together.
- Who knows, maybe we'll be friends yet again.
- We'll be saved.
- I have faith.
- Forget faith. We've got power.

- You can't hide from it.
- Eskel.
- -Eskel.
- -For the brothers.
- But you can find power and purpose.
- A chance to survive the horror.

- What will she live for now?
- Zeilil eip. Zeilil eip.
- Move, damn it!
- Fucking parlor tricks!
- Yes, denial!
[girl and Ithlinne] A tasty garnish.

- where I see the sun rise on a new elven kingdom.
- My guide's not Ithlinne. It's Emhyr.
- I can't see him. He's hooded.
- He just returned to Nilfgaard.
- He killed the Usurper.
- He saved me.
- And yours?

- He drank too much stramonium for that sting, I reckon.
- -Here!
- -[Vesemir] They all did.
- Get me another drink!
Vesemir: They won't remember anything by tomorrow.
- Certainly not how they got here.
[man] Wrong destination!

- Geralt!
- Give her to me.
- She's ours.
- -[horse neighing]
- -[wheels rumbling]

Filavandrel: You promised us Dol Blathanna. How much longer must we search in vain?
Francesca: Each sun sets on fewer elves. Our land is stained, our elders dead. Even our caves at the edge of the world have fallen to monsters. But we mustn't lose faith in a bright elven future. What has been need not always be.

- Who the hell are you?
- Princess Cirilla of Cintra.
- Pleasure to meet you.

Yennefer: Do she and I get a vote on joining your prayer circle?
Francesca: What do you think?

Violet: Power, that's what you live for.
Yennefer: That's your play? It's rather desperate.
Violet: You're the desperate one, Yennefer.

- -[Eskel] Princess.
- -[gasps]
- Eskel.
- I'm just exploring.
- Told Geralt I'd find a good room.
- Well, this… isn't a castle, Your Highness.
- They're all shitholes.

- Wouldn't be the first time mankind cried "witch" at the sight of elven power.
- My brother's right.
- These are our ancestors, kneeling, worshiping.
- Perhaps this deathless mother's one of the old gods.
- First you say it's Ithlinne, then it's one of the old gods.
- What designs would either have with two humans?

Danica: I hear that you have a daughter now. And I thought the softest thing about you was that you paid.
Geralt: She's not my daughter.
Danica: Oh. Well, in that case, I could take her in. She'd have the boys eating out of her hand...
[Geralt growls at her]
Danica: Ooh! And he says he's not a father.

Lambert: So, there I am, freezing my bollocks off in the middle of a grain field for the second straight night, when the farmer's wife comes sneaking out to tell me that I'm wasting my time. It wasn't a mora her husband saw leaving that room. No. It was the fucking field hand!
[Group laughs]
Lambert: Oh, and now she's wailing, "Oh, what are we gonna do?" "My husband won't pay you if you don't deliver a mora head!"
Lambert: So I pulled out my sword and I said... "Bet he'll pay double for the field hand's."

Francesca: [Speaking incantation] Behold the mother of forests, the deathless mother, nesting in dreams. Turn your back to the forest, hut, hut. Turn your front to me, hut, hut.

- You said you promised you wouldn't claim the child.
- I said, "Good. Still a big mistake."
- -I had to save her.
- -I know.
- And you knew I would call you out on it.
- Yeah.
- You brought her here anyway.

- Eskel.
- Go to bed.
- Hmm?

Ciri: How did you spend your days when you first came here?
Geralt: I was beaten and starved.

- -It has rats.
- -That's a good sign.
- -[crack]
- -[grunts]
- Means it's one of the warm ones.
- What's that?
- Stay here.
- -You know, in Cintra, I went to parties--
- -Cirilla.

- Is it over?
- We're safe now?
- Are you okay?
- I'm all right.
- Come with me.

- Sort of?
- I haven't crossed a leshy in a while.
- -Not in Kaedwen.
- -[Eskel] Well, count yourselves lucky.
- Unless you're aching for the sting of one of their fucking roots.
- Fire through the heart is the only thing that puts one down.
- -Six hours in, that didn't occur to you?
- -[scattered laughter]

- Stand guard until we've returned.
- -Francesca.
- -No.
- Gage, I swore I'd take care of you since we were children.
- Now let me take care of us all.
- Do she and I get a vote
- -on joining your prayer circle?
- -What do you think?

- Eskel?
[panting] Geralt.

- -The inscription.
- -[Yennefer] Wait.
- If you're wrong, if the dreams don't mean what you think--
- Behold the mother of forests, the deathless mother, nesting in dreams.
- -Turn your back to the forest, hut, hut.
- -[rumbling]
- Turn your front to me, hut, hut.

- A werewolf took a chunk out of Coen's arse. Eh?
- And what do you come back with?
- All I say is, when I find a princess…
- …the last thing I'm gonna do is… play knight.

- is dangerous.
- So's the man with the black-winged helmet.
- And you want to kill him?
- Yes.
- Why?
- I hate him.

- If you free us, perhaps we can work together. Figure out their meaning.
- You've been digging here for how long?
- Perhaps we're the key.
- -We've found something!
- -[gasps]
- Close.
- Very close.

Yennefer: [Looking at cave paintings] The Conjunction of the Spheres.
Fringilla: The heavens roared and the realms collided. Its survivors... lost and forsaken in a new world.
Filavandrel: New to *you*. It was ours.

- You don't frighten easily.
- There's times to stand still, and there's times to keep moving.
- Did that mantra help you escape Cintra?
- Geralt said I'd be protected here.
- It's hard to do when I don't know who I'm protecting.
- Or what I'm protecting her from.

Vesemir: When you told me you called the Law of Surprise, I told you, "Big mistake". You said you promised you wouldn't claim the child. I said, "Good. Still a big mistake".
Geralt: I had to save her.
Vesemir: I know. And you knew I would call you out on it.

Geralt: You were the last surviving witcher after Kaer Morhen fell. You and a batch of mutated orphans with nowhere else to go. Were you ready?
Vesemir: No.
Geralt: But you protected us anyway.
Vesemir: No. I taught you how to fend for yourselves.

- -Fuck.
- -[shivering]
[Fringilla murmurs] I don't want you…
[gasping] I said don't touch me.
- -Wake up.
- -[yelps]
- Don't touch me!