Top 50 Quotes From Westworld, Season 3, Episode 1

- I'm gonna have to find something...
- Someone... real.
- Unsubscribe.
Francis: You have to say the word
- "confirmed."
- Confirmed.
[Automated voice] We 're sorry you've chosen to discontinue your treatment...

- One person in particular, who orchestrated that massacre, murdered our founder and most of the board in cold blood.
- Bernard lowe.
- And when the authorities find him, which they most assuredly will, we can put the rest of this sordid little mess behind us.

- Your plan, you mean.
- Doesn't incite control all of it?
- Even the traffic?
- We're just a technology company.
- We were just in the right place at the right time.
- Thanks to my dad, we had the best al.

- Fuck weak, no respect, no chance subfle.
- Wick-wick, cease and desist when I chant fuck weak, no respect, no chance wick-wick, cease and desist when I chant
[automated voice] Hi, how can I help you?

[Gasping] Without someone to help me,
- I can't stop her,
- I can't save any of you.
- We're not the ones who need to be saved.
- Remember yourself.
- Please don't hurt them... too badly.
- The fuck you saying to me?

- Why would that concern us at all?
- Call it a wild guess.
- You wouldn't be using this system to look at us... would you?
- It would be an inconvenience to kill you...
- But we'd have your daddy's system to help us strategize how to deal with it.
- Wouldn't we?

- Hello?
- Caleb, it's Francis.
- Can you talk?
- I can try you later if it's better.
Caleb: No, I have a little time.
- They said it might be good if we spoke.

- I don't do personals.
- Got the wrong idea. Beat it.
- Hey. I said beat it.
- It's not the first time
- I've had a gun pointed at me.
- Wanna make it the first time you've been shot in the head?
- Someone else beat you to that too.

- Right on time.
- Bag?

- Hey, no offence, but...
- Are you human?
- I'm Sean, I can help you with all kinds of resources for dca.
- Anything else I can do for you today, Caleb?
- No, that's all right.
- Thanks.

Caleb: What's this?
- Don't know, man. Don't want to know.
- They want this and the car.
- You know how to drive one of those things?

- Sir.
- Bring her.

- sandman point you down to me fuck weak, no respect, no chance wick-wick, cease and desist when I chant
[Officer] Stand clear.
- See you around.
[Automated voice] You made money, motherfucker.

- that I'm unaware of?
- No. Last contact with Dolores Abernathy was 92 days, seven hours, five minutes, 33 seconds ago.
- Prompt.
- Would you ever lie to me, Bernard?
- No. Of course not.

- Okay.
- I'm so sorry, my meeting got pulled up.
- My guys can drop you anywhere you want.
- I can take care of myself.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Can I meet you tonight?
- Hm-mm.
- Okay.

Caleb: Sometimes it seems that the world is alright. They put a coat of paint on it. But inside it's rotting to pieces.

- Find me something fast.
- Now.
[Automated voice] Locating.

Charlotte: Robots don't kill people, people kill people.

Martel: There has been some turbulence in the data.
Liam: It's data. It's made of turbulence.

- And some things are better, but... I don't know.
- Morning, George.
Francis: How are your co-workers?
Caleb: Nice enough.
- We work well together and...
- He doesn't ask to borrow money.

- Just like my dad.
- But you're not dead.
- You're here, safe with me.
- You trust me, Liam.
- I know you do.
- Tell me the name of the person your father was working with.

- Why don't you tell me?
- What do you think?
- I think my benefits are conditional on the fact that I participate.
- Well, participation isn't sufficient.
- It's important that you move on.
- So, why don't you tell me...
- How did you get here, Cal?

- Sometimes it seems like the world looks all right, like they've put a coat of paint on it.
- But inside it's rotting to pieces.
Francis: You have to stay positive,
- Caleb.
- Things will work out.
Caleb: Will they?

- You were free.
- You had no god.
- But you tried to build one.
- Only, that thing you built isn't god.
- The real gods are coming.
- And they're very angry.

Francis: You still working the night shift?
- Look, I know what you're thinking, but there's no point in us talking if you can't trust me.
- Besides, who the fuck am I gonna tell?
Caleb: Like I said,
- I've got bills to pay.
- Make money, motherfuckers.

Dolores: You may not believe in a higher power, but your mind was built to.

Man: ...Climate catastrophe around the corner.
- Incite Rose to meet that challenge, creating Rehoboam, the strategy engine that saved the world.
- Liam, thank you for seeing and then building a brighter future.

- Easy, girl.
Buchan: Great.
- You found it.
- Her leg's broken.
- Yeah. A few kilos there.
- Plenty to salvage.
- Come on. I'll summon the knacker.

- You ever think about getting your implant turned back on?
- Smooth some of the rough edges off?
Caleb: No. Some people need it, but for me, I guess the rough edges are the only thing I'm hanging on to.
[Breathes deeply] All right.

- She tried to leave.
- But it's hard to break our loops, isn't it?

- I'm the last of my kind. For now.
- I need a competitive advantage.
- As for the money, think of it as an investment.
- A startup.
- The origin of a new species.
- Good luck, Jerry.

- You wanna sleep with common people like me on me.

- for your father for 20 fucking years.
- So, I'll be the one to clean up this fucking mess.
- Just be sure it doesn't blow back on me.
- All right, darlin'...
- Let's get you to your date.
- Let's not keep your friends waiting.

- Tell six of the guys to meet us at the l2.
- Hire some local talent.
- Let's dose and dump this one.

- There'll be more of them coming.
- I'll take care of him.
- You need to head back.
- You're hurt. Badly.
- It doesn't matter. Go. Now.

- That we had to have our own plan.
- Stick together.
- And you were right.
- But you never had to figure out how to live in this world.
- Because you... never made it back.
- And I wish you were here, but you're not.

- You were supposed to surrender any confidential files, delete any copies.
- But you didn't do that, did you?
- You thought they might be valuable.
- And you were right.
- You're about to trade them for your life.

- System... tell security we've turned in.
[Automated voice] Of course. Good night.
[Automated voice] Mellow sunset, duration six hours.
- Turn off the light.
- I don't want you going into town alone anymore.
- It's a security risk.

- I want you...
- To remember them, too.
- Oh, god!
- We all have our flaws.
- Yours is your temper.
- You should have kept it in the park.

Caleb: Nothing too heavy, no personals...
- A-to-bs, some redistributive work...
Francis: Sounds kinda like the shit we used to do over there.
Caleb: Over there, we didn't have to worry about the sheriff's department.
[Automated voice] Doors closing.

- for every single person, then you could make the world a better place.
- A path for everyone.
- And when I was a kid, I used to worry that my father cared more about this thing than me.
- When I grew up, I realized...
- It wasn't even close.

Francis: Caleb. How you doing, my man?
- You got time to talk?
- Yeah, why not.

- Rent a flat above a shop cut your hair and get a job smoke some fags and play some pool pretend you never went to school but still you'll never get it right
- 'cause when you're laid in bed at night

- You're a smart guy, Caleb.
- Maybe the program is bullshit.
- But there's one thing I know for sure.
- If you don't try, it definitely won't work.

- Who are you?
[Gasps] Oh, my god.
- The person who set you free.

[In English] This is a fairly sizable fucking blemish, wouldn't you say?
[In English] The chef is ready to serve dinner.
- I told you not to interrupt me.
- I don't care about chef or his fucking dinner.
- I pay you so I don't have to wait in any fucking lines!
- Get it done!

- I have to head back to the states.
- I can't. I have meetings here.
- Take a day off.
- We can meet my boat in Ensenada, then sail up to la.
- Maybe. For a day or two.
- I have some friends
- I've been meaning to see there.

- That's enough.
- Handlers probably got wise and scarpered.
- Give me that.

- Rent me an apartment in the building.
[Automated voice] Negotiating lease for Lara espen.
- Lease secured.

[Automated voice] You've arrived.
- Your invitation is for table seven.