The Best Debra Wilson Quotes

Cere: I hear you've been busy making yourself the Empire's most wanted.
Cal: I wanted to prove to the galaxy that the Empire isn't invulnerable. That you can resist. That you have to fight if things are gonna get better. But then they just listen to the propaganda and they pretend they're free anyway.

Debra: What network do you work for?
Animation: B.E.T.
Debra: And what does that stand for?
Animation: Black Entertainment...
Debra: NO! Black *Evil* Television. It's not enough that the shows are bad. They have to be evil as well.

Amanda: What part of "Top Secret mission" did you not get?
The: I guess, based on my actions, the top secret part?

Wedgie: Mistress Leevil, remember when you asked us for a way to destroy the minds of black children at an even earlier age?
Debra: Oh sure.
Wedgie: Well, you'll be happy to know that I started B.E.T. Animation to do just that.

Cere: It's been awhile. I was hoping you drowned on Nur when we blew a hole in your underwater base.
Darth: It is delusional to think your actions have had any consequence. The Fortress stands. The Inquisitorious continues its work. And I have come for you.
Cere: I've been waiting.