Top 30 Quotes From Giovanni Ribisi

Frank Buffay Jr.: Hey, y'know, Alice is gonna be here so soon, you couldn't just like do me a favor and like, like hold them in?
Phoebe: Sorry Frank, I'm kinda in the middle of the last favor you asked me to do.

Narrator: So much has been said about the girls over the years. But we have never found an answer. It didn't matter in the end how old they had been, or that they were girls... but only that we had loved them... and that they hadn't heard us calling... still do not hear us calling them from out of those rooms... where they went to be alone for all time... and where we will never find the pieces to put them back together.

Phoebe: They may be a handful, but they sure are cute. Oh, god. The last time I babysat them, they did the funniest thing...
Frank Buffay Jr.: I haven't slept in *four years*

Narrator: What lingered after them was not life, but the most trivial list of mundane facts: a clock ticking on a wall, a room dim at noon, and the outrageousness of a human being thinking only of herself.

Narrator: Given Lux's failure to make curfew everyone expected a crackdown, but few anticipated it would be so drastic. The girls were taken out of school, and Mrs. Lisbon shut the house in maximum-security isolation.

John: The public don't like kidnapping.
Alvin: Who gives a damn what the public likes?
John: I do. I hide out among them. We gotta care what they think.

[Joey is trying to make Frank Jr. see sense]
Joey: Think about it... You're 18, she's 44. When you're 36, she's gonna be 88.
Frank Buffay Jr.: You think I don't know that?

Dr. Grace Augustine: [to Selfridge] Those trees were sacred to the Omaticaya in a way you can't imagine.
Selfridge: You know what? You throw a stick in the air around here it falls on some sacred fern, for Christ's sake!
Dr. Grace Augustine: I'm not talking about pagan voodoo here - I'm talking about something REAL and measurable in the biology of the forest.
Selfridge: Which is *what* exactly?
Dr. Grace Augustine: What we think we know - is that there's some kind of electrochemical communication between the roots of the trees. Like the synapses between neurons. Each tree has ten to the fourth connections to the trees around it, and there are ten to the twelfth trees on Pandora...
Selfridge: That's a lot, I'm guessing.
Dr. Grace Augustine: That's more connections than the human brain. You get it? It's a network - a global network. And the Na'vi can access it - they can upload and download data - memories - at sites like the one you just destroyed.
Selfridge: [after a stunned pause] What the HELL have you people been smoking out there?
[beginning to laugh]
Selfridge: They're just. Goddamn. Trees.
Dr. Grace Augustine: You need to wake up, Parker. The wealth of this world isn't in the ground - it's all around us. The Na'vi know that, and they're fighting to defend it. If you wanna share this world with them, *you* need to understand *them*.
Col. Quaritch: I think we understand them just fine. Thanks to Jake here.
[Jake and Grace share a look of horror as Quaritch begins to play Jake's video log]

Frank Buffay Jr.: [watching a documentary] Wow. Big Octopus.

Quaritch: [in a video log from his time as a human] In case you haven't figured it out yet, you're Colonel Miles Quatrich. Only younger, taller, bluer... and not nearly as good-looking. In two years, I fly a mission against the Navi's stronghold. The powers that be thought it prudent that I do this backup just in case. And if you are watching it, well... It means that I did get my ticket punched. Hey, Parker... just what the hell am I supposed to say now?
Selfridge: Just remind him how this works. Here.
[Adjusts the video log screen for a better view and shows him a capsule]
Selfridge: So see this? This is all your memories and your personality. We're going to send this back to Earth... where you're growing in a lab as we speak. We're going to imprint you with it, and then..
Quaritch: [talking over] Hey, hey, hey. Am I doing this, or are you doing this?
Selfridge: [pats his back and walks off] Hurry it up. Hurry it up.
Quaritch: Anyway, the idea... Is to get the minds of the saltiest on world operators. Yeah, like Corporal Wainfleet over there...
[Wainfleet gets out of the pod in the video pod and strikes a pose and the recom Wainfleet while watching says Hoorah]
Quaritch: and you're humble narrator into recombinant bodies. You're a recom now, Colonel... loaded with my memories and my charm. What you won't remember is my death because it hasn't happened yet and it ain't gonna.
[Wainfleet and Z-Dog agree]
Quaritch: Well whatever happened, if you're any clone of mine, you'll be looking for some payback. And Jake Sully would be at the top of that list. Remember kid, a marine can't be defeated. Oh, you can kill us but we'll just regroup in hell. Semper fi.
[ends video log]

Private: You wanna explain the math of this to me? I mean, where's the sense of riskin' the lives of the eight of us to save one guy?
Captain: Twenty degrees. Anybody wanna answer that?
Medic: Reiben, think about the poor bastard's mother.
Private: Hey, Doc, I got a mother, all right? I mean, you got a mother. Sarge's got a mother. I mean, shit, I bet even the captain's got a mother.
[he turns and looks at Miller, who has a bemused expression on his face]
Private: Well, maybe not the captain, but the rest of us got mothers.
Upham: "Theirs not to reason why, theirs but to do and die."
Mellish: La-la, la-la, la-la, la-la, la-la, la-la, la-la, la-la. What the fuck is that supposed to mean, Corporal, huh? We're all supposed to die, is that it?
Captain: Upham's talking about our duty as soldiers.
Upham: Yes, sir.
Captain: We all have orders, and we have to follow 'em. That supersedes everything, including your mothers.
Upham: Yes, sir. Thank you sir.
Private: Even if you think the mission's FUBAR, sir?
Captain: *Especially* if you think the mission's FUBAR.

Narrator: We knew that they knew everything about us,and that we couldn't fathom them at all.

Frank Buffay Jr.: [looking at his sleeping triplets] I love you so much...
[he strokes Frank Jr. Jr. and he moves slightly]
Frank Buffay Jr.: [quietly] Oh crap! Don't wake up! Don't wake up!

Narrator: We felt the imprisonment of being a girl, the way it made your mind active and dreamy. And how you ended up knowing what colors went together.

Moburg: This country was built on genocide and slavery. We killed all the black guys over here and then we shipped in new black guys of our own. And then we brought in Jesus like a bar of soap.

Medic: Actually, the trick to falling asleep is trying to stay awake.
Mellish: How is that, Wade?
Medic: Well, when my mother was an intern, she used to work late through the night... sleep through the day. So the only time we'd ever get to talk about anything is when she'd get home. So what I... I used to do, I used to lie in my bed and try to stay awake as long as I could, but it never worked 'cause... 'cause the harder I'd try, the faster I'd fall asleep.
Private: Yeah well, that wouldn't have mattered none in my house. My ma, she would've come home, shook me awake, chatted me up 'til dawn. I swear that woman was never too tired to talk.
Mellish: That was probably the only time she could get a word in.

Moburg: You can't fire me, you owe me money, and you better pay it or I'll go to the roof and turn this place into an insurance claim.

Narrator: No one could understand how Mrs. Lisbon and Mr. Lisbon, our math teacher, could produce such beautiful creatures.

Narrator: In the end, Parkie won because of the Cadillac, Kevin Head because he had the killer weed, and Joe Hill Conley because he won all the school prizes which Trip thought would impress Mr. and Mrs. Lisbon.

[Donny and Jessup leave the Hasbro panel with an unconscious Ted]
Donny: Come on, there's an empty supply room downstairs.
Tom: Is that him?
Donny: Uh, yeah, there was an issue, so he's unconscious now. This is him.
Tom: Jesus! Why did you bring him here?
Donny: Well, I've been following him around since yesterday. This was the only chance I could get him alone. I had to move fast.
[Guy and Rick appear behind them]
Guy: Hey, Ted!
[Donny and Jessup turn around]
Guy: Is that you?
Donny: Uh, yeah, he had a little too much to drink. He puked a pile of cotton all over this little girl in a, in a stroller, so we're gonna take him back and sober him up.
Guy: [pointing at them] Ah, rock on, Ted.
Donny: [pointing back] Eff yeah.
[Donny and Jessup proceed down the hallway]
Rick: Hey guys, be careful out there. Some nerd spilled his lunch.
[Guy trips a Starfleet Redshirt cosplayer]
Guy: Hey, watch that floor. Comes up fast, man.

Medic: Only thing is, sometimes she'd come home early, and I'd pretend to be asleep
Mellish: Who, your mom?
Medic: Yeah. She'd stand in the doorway looking at me... and I'd just keep my eyes shut. And I knew she just wanted to find out about my day - that she came home early... just to talk to me. And I still wouldn't move... I'd still pretend to just be asleep. I don't know why I did that.

Narrator: Collecting everything we could of theirs, the Lisbon girls wouldn't leave our minds but they were slipping away. The color of their eyes was fading along with the exact locations... of moles and dimples. From five, they had become four, and they were all the living and the dead, becoming shadows. We would have lost them completely if the girls hadn't contacted us.

[Ted runs away from Donny all over the New York Comic-Con, then he hides among a display of similar teddy bears. Donny sees the display]
Donny: You know, I really love that Neil Diamond. Especially that song they sing at the, uh, the Red Sox games. It's just so infectious. You just can't help but sing along.
Donny: [singing] Hands touching hands, reaching out, touching me, touching you, Sweet Caroline...
[Ted suddenly reacts to the song, giving himself away among the teddy bears]
Ted: Bah, bah, bah!
[Donny lunges at him]
Ted: Fuck! Crazy son of a bitch!
[Ted struggles to escape by punching Donny, but Donny punches back]
Vendor: Hey! What are you doing to that bear?
Donny: I'm sorry, I uh,
Vendor: You better be planning on buying that!
Donny: He just reminds me of when I was a kid.
Vendor: Yeah, that's great. $40.
Donny: Okay. I have $40 here.
[Donny gives the vendor his money before walking away with Ted]

Narrator: We knew the girls were really women in disguise, that they understood love, and even death, and that our job was merely to create the noise that seemed to fascinate them.

John: You piece of shit. Killing him at Fenway Park wasn't enough for you, huh? Huh, WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO NOW?
Donny: You don't deserve him, John. You never did. YOU NEVER DID!
John: I've been wanting to do this for a long time.
Ted: Aha! I fucking knew it!

Medic: We stopped the bleeding! We stopped the bleeding!
[a bullet hits the patient in the head]
Medic: Fuck! Just give us a fucking chance you son of a bitch! You son of a fucking cocksucker!

Narrator: We would never be sure of the sequence of events. We argue about it still.

Moburg: Maybe I can interest you gentlemen in something else.
Paul: Like what? Death?
Moburg: Like the most powerful drug in the history of narcotics. I'm not at liberty to discuss or disclose; all I can tell you is: this stuff is so powerful, they give it to communists.
Paul: Who does?
Moburg: The FBI.
Sala: Why would the FBI get communists high?
Moburg: That I can't help you with.

Moburg: [being examined] Is it Clap?
Paul: [grimacing] A standing ovation.

Moburg: Two of the best scoops you ever had came out of my brain and you'd better moderate your language or I'll go elsewhere.
Lotterman: Elsewhere where? You couldn't get work as a fly repellent. You're worthless, Moburg. The last onion in the jar.