The Best The Last Kingdom, Season 1, Episode 3 Quotes

- So, what do we know of this Alfred?
- That he is sickly, he's weak.
- He wants to negotiate.
- Turns out that he's no warrior.
- But he beat you, guthrum.
Guthrum: Heh, heh, heh.
- So, what does it say?

- Here it is.
- Leave us. My wife will help me.
- My lord.
- My privilege.
- Ensure it is repaired, and well.
- I'd be a lost fool without you.
- Heh. Fingers and thumbs.

- I would say a hindrance.
- A wife?
- No, no. Never, no.
- She is restless.
- She is the devil on his shoulder, I fear.
- But he is fond of her.
- Yes, that is his way.
- We shall see.
- Thank you.
- My lord.

- During which time you will help my warriors understand that the heathens are but men, and in return, and in time, you shall have your own reward.
- Uhtred of bebbanburg.
- One year.

- My lady. Forgive me.
- I was, hoping for a moment to discuss the ealdorman uhtred.
- Father, forgive me, but my lord is in need of rest.
- He is.
- You are, um...
- Forgive me.

- Good morning.
- My thanks for last night.

- Open the door, I wish to see my father.
- Open the door, or I'll have your balls for sling-shot.
- I am here to pray for my father, to be at his side.
- The king is dead.
- Why was I not called?
- I should have been at his side.
- You could not be found.
- I was sleeping in my chamber.

- Ragnar, we're with you.
- Then you will sail with me?
- I have sworn to Alfred.
- It means nothing.
- Well, if you have sworn...
- Then you must keep your word.

- Well, what did you see?
- What did they show you?
- What I saw is my business. Unh!
- I feel unwell.
- Here.

- Shields up.
- Shields together!
- Shield wall!
- I like it, arseling.
- I do.
- Now, kill the bastards!

- Negotiation.
- Silver.
- We will take his silver and his land.
Guthrum: And if he refuses?
Ubba: He will never refuse.
- He wants to live and he wants to be called king. Heh, heh, heh.

- And the others?
Uhtred: It is ubba. The big man.
- The chieftain, ubba, is with them?
- You said he was in the north.
Alfred: Now he is here.
- This is good.

- that if on his death bed your father were to name you as his successor, the witan would find it difficult to go against him.
- I believe your father would only be too happy to whisper in your ear, whether he was conscious or not.
- Your counsel will not be forgotten, young odda.
- Thank you, lord.

- Well, it would certainly bind him to the land, and indirectly to the church, to god.
- It would test him.
- It would.
- You would be in favour still?
- Of course.
- Anything for wessex.

- pray for strength and to expunge these unholy thoughts that fill my mind.
- You want land in wessex?
- It's my way back to bebbanburg.
- Any silver you find under Alfred will be taken by the Danes, along with your life.
- They can't be beaten.
- Why are you doing this?
- I've said, wealth.

Leofric: Thank you, lord.
Alfred: But, our lesser men, if they can know what a Dane knows, fear can be expelled with knowledge, regardless how sharp their teeth.

- Look at me.
- You owe Alfred nothing.
- To him, your word means nothing, you are a pagan.
- Please.
- Uhtred ragnarson can never become uhtred of bebbanburg.
- Never.

- To wessex, to beocca, and to the king's brother Alfred.
- Seen by the Danes as a Saxon and by saxons as a Dane, my word could not be trusted.
- But I am uhtred, son of uhtred, and destiny is all.

- We shall pray together, my lord, for strength.
- Why does it have to be a sin?
- Already, it is a burden.
- It seems never to be about what I would wish to do, it is about what I must do.
- Ask god to give me the strength to wear the crown as well as you.

- Excuse me, my lord,
- I am on an errand to my lord Alfred.
- The milk is for Alfred?
- It is.
- Not a word.
- Go on.

Uhtred: Unh!
Uhtred: Shields together!
- We hammer them with our shields!
- They are our defence and our weapon!
- We knock them off their feet!
- We are a wall!
[Leofric] Charge! [All] Argh!

- Do not think him na'ive.
- He will see right through you.
- He will see what I allow him to see.
- Look, uhtred, right now you are a warrior, not a thinker.
- Though, in time, this will come.
- You are much like your father, and he was both.
- You are Alfred's priest now, beocca.

- You should.
- Although each person here, and more, heard your father bequeath his crown to Alfred.
- He must have been delirious.
- On which occasion?
- I am the son of the king.
- Do your duty.

- Instead you swore an oath to kill Danes.
- You know my reasons.
- We have been living in a palace.
- What happens if you find yourself facing young ragnar in battle?
- We fight.

- Never leave his side. Amen.
[All] Amen.
- Allow him pure and holy thoughts, and the power to carry out your work on this earth as our king.
- Allow this anointing of Alfred to enable your will.
- You are god's king,
- Alfred of wessex.

- When the time is right,
- I swear I will be with you.
- I know.
- I can't believe I'm about to let you go.
- Lose you.
- You have been half my life.
- All of my madness.

- He'll send for you when he has scraped the mud and blood from his mail.
Brida: We will give thanks to Odin for our deliverance.
Beocca: Do that.
Brida: We are Danes!
[Guard] Show respect!
- Do it again, and I will cut you cock to throat.

- He will not allow me to fight.
- I would like you, warrior leofric, to teach me how to fight and I shall teach you how to...
Leofric: Go on.
- You will not forget to pay for this.
- Have I ever?
- Once or twice.

- Are you are offering me your sword or are you selling me your sword?
- To become an ealdorman you must possess land, that is the law.
- However, stand at my side during the negotiations ahead, help me read my enemy and in return we shall talk further of wealth and reward.

- but I will pay you well to leave wessex.
- That is what people will read.
- That Alfred sought peace.
- Alfred paid lords ubba and guthrum in silver in exchange for peace.
- It is I who is seeking an end to the fighting.
- That is what will be written.

[Man] Clear the way.
- Stand clear! It is the king!
Odda the Younger: I have to speak, lord.
- The axe cut deep.
- Even a king couldn't survive.
- We shall pray and we shall see.

- I won't become a Saxon woman,
- I won't wash, work the fields until I drop and cook.
- It won't come to that.
- That won't be my life.
- Alfred can help us. We'll use him...
- For shelter, and then for wealth.
- He has used you.
- And now he owes me.

- Where is she?
- I haven't heard her all morning.
- She'll not be far.
- Well, we're about to leave.
- I can see.
- I'll follow.

- You looking for company, girl?
- I prefer the company of the gods to stupid men.
- Another time, then?

[Man] Boy.
- For the king.

Aethelwold: What I ought to do is slit his gizzard. Unh!
Leofric: Say that to anyone but me, boy, and you'll be hanged.
- You are hurting royalty.
- You are lucky Alfred hasn't had you killed.
- God will not allow him.
- I like god.

- How do you know he won't simply turn you over to guthrum to pass on to ubba?
- You know nothing about him.
- I trust father beocca, and beocca is his priest.
- I said leave me.
- You were not on the ship with me!
- Go to Alfred, and I will watch him betray you!