The Best Wesley Mann Quotes

Geraldine: [dragged to her flailing] Get your hands off me! Let go!
[comes upon Dreyfus, sobbing with his back to her]
Geraldine: Oh what are you crying about!
Purdy: [turns around with a bloody hole in the middle of his face] They cut off my nose!

Geraldine: [sees a man dragged away screaming in terror] What was that about?
Purdy: Courtroom B. The judge is supposed to be real hard.
Geraldine: So what're you up for?
Purdy: Felonious auto sales.
Geraldine: What, you sold somebody a hot Studebaker?
Purdy: No, I turned the odometer back on a car I sold a guy.
Geraldine: [sarcastically] Well that ought to get you 10 years.
Purdy: I hope so. This is a very strict town.

Rose: [Rose is in a rural Minnesota bus station on her way home to St Olaf for Mother's Day] You know, I think I had almost forgotten what real cold feels like. I guess I've gotten used to tropical weather.
Jacob: You here all the way from Nebraska?
Rose: Miami.
Jacob: Miami. Is that closer to Omaha or Lincoln?
Rose: Gee, it's great to be home. They told me in Minneapolis that I could change buses here for St Olaf?
Jacob: That's right.
Rose: How much is it?
Jacob: You want the express, or the yokel?
Rose: Don't you mean 'local'?
Jacob: No, ma'am, I mean yokel. On the yokel, a family of first cousins plays banjo music as the passengers get on and off.
Rose: Do they take requests?
Jacob: No.
Rose: Give me the express.